Don't Laugh News Challenge: Get In My Belly!

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
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    Shukri Abdi and Tao Yang report on summertime fun while Jess does the impression of her life.

    ALLY: agbeardsley
    GRANT: grantob
    KATIE: katiemarovitch
    LILY: LilyD
    TAO: tyang209
    TRAPP: mikewtrapp
    RAPH: chestangraphael
    REKHA: rekhalshankar
    BRENNAN: brennanlm
    SAM: samreich
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    Jessica Ross
    Mike Trapp
    Shukri Abdi
    Tao Yang
    Director - Michael Schaubach
    Writer - Grant O'Brien
    Producer - Ebony Hardin
    Production Coordinator - Justin Cyrul
    Director of Photography - Dyron Pacheco
    Production Designer - Rick Mader
    HMU - Denise Valentine
    Sound Mixer - Chris Bennett of BoTown Sound
    Editor - Michael McAlister
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Comments • 415

  • CollegeHumor
    CollegeHumor  28 days ago +67

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    • Kiri Kiri
      Kiri Kiri 12 days ago

      *Please hit me up for this job. Could really do so much better at selling the news reporter character. I would of fabulously executed the role of reporter Jess* 😂😂😂

    • The Self-Worth Habit
      The Self-Worth Habit 27 days ago

      Ew could you not use a super fatphobic character/ punchline from the early 00s. Your honey booboo inspired series is bad enough. Thought you guys were cool

    • gozzilla177
      gozzilla177 28 days ago +2

      I liked your old joke comments better, we already got ads for drop out in the video after all......

  • Lord Gaben
    Lord Gaben 4 days ago

    well you see mr powers, I love gooooooooold

  • Vraisairs
    Vraisairs 4 days ago

    Trapp killed it

  • Lionmakerfan Awesome
    Lionmakerfan Awesome 13 days ago


  • Tony Hu
    Tony Hu 14 days ago

    I’m sorry but where in the script does Jess need to be talking in British accent

  • Dan Nation
    Dan Nation 15 days ago +1

    Ok, um actually moment. It's Pittsburgh. With an H. DON'T FORGET OUR H.

  • # Banaron #
    # Banaron # 16 days ago

    Golda meir broke me goddamit🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeremy Benoit
    Jeremy Benoit 18 days ago

    I finally broke when Tao explained the taste of the Poon-Tang Pie

  • larhonda41
    larhonda41 18 days ago

    If that was an attempt at a scottish accent im offended for scotland.

  • ___ Anthony
    ___ Anthony 18 days ago


  • Mai Taniyama
    Mai Taniyama 19 days ago

    Love the Frasier reference, even if no one else did

  • king of games and anime

    did they tell Jess she had to say her lines like Shrek or did she make that decision on her own?

  • Flabby PigLegs
    Flabby PigLegs 19 days ago

    I mean is it even fair for Jess?

  • maxjosephwheeler
    maxjosephwheeler 19 days ago

    *This channel was way better back in 07 and 09, please fix it eventually.*

  • Clint Hobson
    Clint Hobson 20 days ago

    Geez, never play poker with Trapp...

  • Kristopher Johnson
    Kristopher Johnson 20 days ago

    God....that was terrible.

  • Kristy M
    Kristy M 20 days ago

    The only reason I know where Marquette is is because I live in the same state as it lol

  • Toby Ryberg
    Toby Ryberg 20 days ago

    *IT'S KEGGY*

  • Harvey Willing
    Harvey Willing 20 days ago

    Brennan, Grant, Mike, Katie

  • shane larkin
    shane larkin 20 days ago

    the end card is a great idea 👍

  • Alookks
    Alookks 21 day ago

    i love shukri omg

  • Adam Nordmark
    Adam Nordmark 21 day ago

    That's got to be the worst Scottish accent ever

  • TheRumpletiltskin
    TheRumpletiltskin 21 day ago

    i love this series.

  • Jesse Wallis
    Jesse Wallis 23 days ago

    “At best a libertarian”? What’s worst than that? Other than a person who ACTUALLY beats coins out of begging orphan’s hands...

  • Dr. P. Wellington
    Dr. P. Wellington 23 days ago

    I got like -500 points from the start

  • Theta Sigma
    Theta Sigma 23 days ago +7

    Welcome back to No Laugh News, the show where everything is made up and the points don’t matter.

  • Konichiwa!
    Konichiwa! 23 days ago

    I feel like someone on the writing team doesnt like jess

  • Sloan A
    Sloan A 24 days ago

    jess being bad at impressions is by far the funniest thing in my feed today tysm

  • Peter Santen
    Peter Santen 24 days ago

    I'm looking through the comments... Pleeeeeeeease tell me someone else here saw that Austin Powers reference?! I mean come on. every line she says is straight from the movie. Also, I died a little each time she talked in that *Scottish* accent.

  • Rowan
    Rowan 24 days ago

    I got an a ad for this show and I thought it was the video at first

  • coolbeans15
    coolbeans15 24 days ago +1

    I like Shukri

  • Sh33p
    Sh33p 24 days ago

    You guys moved all the good parts about CH onto dropout.

  • Jonathan Tatler
    Jonathan Tatler 24 days ago

    How did I get to this crap?

  • Adam TheGoodGuy
    Adam TheGoodGuy 24 days ago

    Was Jess high?

  • Warren Stephens
    Warren Stephens 24 days ago

    I count it as a win if I can just keep up with Trapp.

  • Stephen B
    Stephen B 25 days ago

    Well we know they'll be shit on the onion.

  • El Kudos
    El Kudos 25 days ago +18

    Trapp is being clever, with lips shut, he's venting it through a low powered smile.
    That's what a psychopath like him would do.

  • redmadhatter03
    redmadhatter03 25 days ago

    Shukri was enunciating so vigorously I can see the muscles on the side of her head moving

  • Sam Cooper
    Sam Cooper 25 days ago

    I have to assume that Jess was required to do the accent. Which she failed at spectacularly

  • Xx Selena xX
    Xx Selena xX 25 days ago

    Need more grape fruits in the world

  • Bharath Kumar
    Bharath Kumar 25 days ago

    We need more keep em coming lol...

  • MrJay06
    MrJay06 25 days ago

    The news challenges are one of my favorite segments that you all do.

  • uaw0782
    uaw0782 25 days ago

    Tao looks extra shining in this video

  • mary gasky
    mary gasky 25 days ago

    My Mom’s name is Golda 😂😂

  • Hi Someone
    Hi Someone 26 days ago

    Marquette university is in Wisconsin

  • Victoria P. Kirk
    Victoria P. Kirk 26 days ago

    Katie, Brendan, Trapp, and....who else is unbreakable? Def not shruki or amanda lol

  • DoctorLazers
    DoctorLazers 26 days ago

    Wow, these are usually good but this was just staggeringly unfunny.

  • evn
    evn 26 days ago

    I like it when the subtitles don't have spaces because it spoils it,,

  • DaveMusic
    DaveMusic 26 days ago

    Please never stop making these

  • Shadowhunters Unite
    Shadowhunters Unite 26 days ago

    Golda Meir... please tell me in not the only one who got that reference

  • Mr Green
    Mr Green 26 days ago +1

    Lmao!!! Rookies Lmao!
    Do they know the rules

  • Jerry
    Jerry 26 days ago

    Tao saying “Cherry pie” sounds sexy to hear 😎

  • Nylak Otter
    Nylak Otter 27 days ago

    I enjoyed the Frasier reference.

  • Kaila Bohler
    Kaila Bohler 27 days ago

    Jess literally got Fat Bastard’s script from Austin Powers. Bravo for not losing.

  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye 27 days ago

    We still demand a Katie-Brennan one-on-one faceoff! And my money is still on Katie!

  • LightningGmr
    LightningGmr 27 days ago

    I see Jess I click like

  • princess00
    princess00 27 days ago

    I eat because I’m unhappy and I’m unhappy because we eat 😂😂😂😂

  • Adam Root
    Adam Root 27 days ago

    Marquette's in Michigan man, c'mon!

  • Avital Lichtenfeld
    Avital Lichtenfeld 27 days ago +1

    Seriously?! Golda Meir?! Like this if you actually know who that is!

  • Vincenzo Foglia
    Vincenzo Foglia 27 days ago

    Mmmmm gotta love me some prince me pie