Happy Together - "Train to Entertainment" [ENG/2016.08.18]

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- Ep.461 : Sunny of Girls’ Generation, Solji of EXID, Chahee of MelodyDay, Solbin of Laboum and Yerin of GFriend visit the Happy House. In today’s episode, every idol except for Sunny tries hard to get on the train that heads to the variety shows. Stay tuned for the stories and secrets that will be revealed exclusively on Happy Together.
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Длительность: 1:17:5
Комментарии: 1115

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Автор madzboring ( назад)
im simple, i see sunny i click

Автор Milka Ajeng ( назад)
Kim Sejeong!!! 😍

Автор whobad ( назад)
This is my first time seeing Solbin, she is utter perfection!!

Автор moises park ( назад)
solbin, pretty

Автор bich mai ( назад)
They were so wet at the last part. Poor them! I don't like this part.

Автор moises park ( назад)
HAHAHA. they are all beautiful¡ and funny

Автор Muhd Faz ( назад)
i love sunny because is the cut

Автор DeAd ( назад)
i actually watched the whole video which i have no interest in... BECAUSE OF SUNNY! and she nailed it

Автор Christeene Iv ( назад)
oh my Sunny its so pretty and sexy too she did really well just like always our bright and beautiful Sunny~ah <3

Автор fransisca steffi ( назад)
solbin looks like girl's day hyeri.

Автор Sanya West ( назад)
Did anyone else noticed how Sunny took 10 steps back to give the rookies the spotlight???? She has been known to choose rookies & new members of a group as her partner so they could get enough screen-time and I see that will never changed. She took the time to guide them yet never take away their shine. She is God's gift to mankind. As much as the host went on & on about Snsd she never once bathe in that glory yet spread it to all the other girls.I loved her words of wisdom about jealousy in a popular (about how ones popularity is the groups popularity) & not changing the group dance. She really need to open a school to guide up & coming young girls who wish to survive in the Kpop world. I don't know how a person like her who was born with everything, one who is among the greatest group to hit the Kpop scene be so humble & kind. In the words of Kara's Hara, "with knowing who she was one would think she's stuck up but she's everything but." She's kind, caring and supportive, words we've heard times and times again from just about anyone who ever had to comment on Lee Soonkyu aka Sunny. I want nothing else in life but to meet this amazing young lady one day. This is my dream.

Автор Ahmad Ibrahim Abdul Hali ( назад)
Solbin Laboum is really pretty and funny

Автор danax2007 ( назад)
Sunny is wearing high heels and still looks smaller than the others. She's really tiny.

Автор Kathleen Victoria ( назад)
Rest in Peace Sejeong's Grandpa

Автор zierka13 ( назад)
Sunny so laid back like an ahjumma with her grandkids, SNSD true stan

Автор Cinder Fall ( назад)
you dont need any reason to watch this eps.. haha..

Автор yoonaddicted sone ( назад)
Sunny got Jessica's part..

Автор yoonaddicted sone ( назад)
Came here because of Sunny

Автор Nicole Khor ( назад)
I love sejeong!!! 💓💓
although ioi is over but there are still gugudan and her solo😍
God Sejeong 4ever!

Автор Faez Fadzel ( назад)
sejeong has a warm personality to her, which i find different fro other girls😍

Автор Katie Pedro ( назад)
37:40 is that lazy town theme song

Автор Katie Pedro ( назад)
Solbin reminds me of Sohye. So cute.

Автор Father Louis Williams Suga Adams Jr. III ( назад)
solbin should meet jin

Автор Day Green ( назад)
Having watching this episode made me realised how each individual is precious and special in their own way. How much sweat and tears have they shed to be able to survived in the harsh industry. The up and down that they all have experienced cannot be imagined by my mind.

Автор Queen Kanna ( назад)
50:51 they mentioned a wrong name. It's supposed to be PARK SEO JOON not Seo Kang Joon x'D oh well.. not a big deal anyway :D

Автор CAT ( назад)
SUNNY <3333

Автор sgecko7 ( назад)
I remember seeing Sejeong for the first time in a Talents For Sale ep and wondered where they got that girl cuz she somehow caught my attention there... and that was months before I even knew IOI existed. I watched that ep just because Sistar was in it, but I ended up being a fan of her

Автор Stan talent! Stan HotShot, Block B, and Topp Dogg! ( назад)
I've listened to Gugudang and I really like their songs but I haven't learned their names or picked a bias...but I think Sejeong might be my bias now😂

Автор Thomas Anderson ( назад)
Honestly, Sunny was one of the most natural idol, I have seen, on variety shows. Remember when SNSD was at their debut, Sunny was everywhere doing variety shows. I wish they do some similar concept to Invincible Youth with a new crop of girlgroups again.

Автор Jefte Hilomen ( назад)
Came Here to watch Chahee again 😍😍😍

Автор Syakirin57 ( назад)
SOLJI!... :D

Автор IM THE BEST ( назад)
when sunny know solji is sunbaenim. hahahhaaha

Автор smooothiebomb ( назад)
sunny is such a good sunbae for these girls <3

Автор Crazyblue 10 ( назад)
there's no subtitles for me

Автор Jean Jackob ( назад)
God Sejeong! <3

Автор frostier ( назад)
Sejeong is sooo funny..
and.. thanks, Sunny. You're like a leader, mother, and teacher ^^

Автор Belle ( назад)
Solbin is so pretty

Автор Eun2Bi 97 ( назад)
Came here for Yerin, left laughing my butt off from all of the other 5 girls. 😂😂

Автор Cat Leeground ( назад)
When sunny shouted sejeong's name during the dance part, it reminded me of yuri at weekly idol😂

Автор OtakuForever Paige ( назад)
>w< Sunny was in heels during Gee~ She looked so happy about it being her chance to shine again with her song.

Автор MakeNow_GT ( назад)
the fact that sunny is the only one wearing a hills in the dance portion

Автор yangyolover ( назад)
the dance part when everyone is in shoes but sunny in heels hahaha. Sunny shows how once again she is the legendary variety queen

Автор Louisa Meisy ( назад)
"i'm a daughter of my mom & dad"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор AS - RNON ( назад)
19:17 very funny 😂, what's her name this girl?

Автор Que Anh ( назад)
Sejeong's ideal man is so similar to Taeyeon's!!! Old man and funny, not necessary to be handsome!!! They both act like an ahjuma, funny, sing well, and do not like acting cute!! Love them both ♡

Автор TapAndDab ( назад)
So Solji Is Actually More Senior And Experienced Than Sunny When Sunny Bow To Her With Everyone ,Solji Respected Sunny And Bow back to her Since Solji Think Sunny is more of a senior.Thats Something Good To Talk About

Автор Yuri Kwon ( назад)

Автор Jweel Es ( назад)
But seriously I fell in love with solji in this video 😍😍💔

Автор jiminspark ( назад)

Автор taejvngxox ( назад)
17:33 12:07

Автор Dec Sa ( назад)
solji cute

Автор Eric Mesias ( назад)
Please sunny dye your hair again it's fun seeing you with different hair colors

Автор Tmar Abdo ( назад)
i want to know that weesung song please that suho sing ??

Автор Lab Andor ( назад)
When yerin talked about her ideal type I couldn't help but think of BI (Kim Hanbin). Don't worry i know I'm a biased stan

Автор Anamika Routray ( назад)
These girls together are my squad goals<3

Автор Multifandom piece of trash ( назад)
50:50 PARK SEO JOON ❤️️❤️️

Автор Its Sya ( назад)
This one is really fun. Cant stop laughing watching this. And during sejeong mentioned her grandpa i cried too. Lots of emotion in one episode 😂

Автор xy ng ( назад)
sejeong gives me a feeling of apink eunji

Автор doan linh ( назад)
14:61 :)))

Автор Jace ( назад)
dude on the middle left manspreading hardcore lol the other two have no room omg

Автор blehs ( назад)
came here for sunny and fell in love with sejeong 😍💖💖

Автор eun jiwon ( назад)
I dont know, but I saw seo jeong will be the IT girl, she will gain her popularity through variety show. Especially she'll be hosting get it beauty, cannot wait!! So cute and bubbly, love her <3

Автор 3yaimd1usik ( назад)
partida pa itong si sunny at baka heels nung sumayaw hahahaha GOOOO SUNKYU ❤

Автор vngee lxccv ( назад)
sejeong sejeong <3

Автор antonio djunaidi ( назад)
Only came here because of SNSD Sunny..

Anyone same ??

Автор oreos are life ( назад)
While Hyeongyeong was doing the zombie dance, her hair kind of resembled TWICE's Dahyun during SIXTEEN.

Автор PeiShi Lee ( назад)

Автор once x starlight ( назад)
wow how could they do it and remember it with eight tries im so proud of them

Автор appa's tongue technology infires me ( назад)
Ughh wearing a peel off mask is extremely while watching this.... 😳😭

Автор Hông Thư Trần ( назад)
sejeong ah~, don't cry baby
32:20 i like your smile and LAUGH ~~~~ TOOO =))))))))))))))))) LMAO, ok i admit she's definitely an ajusshi

Автор Alya Bin Hussain ( назад)
Saeho and sunny reunion 😂🙏🏻☄️🤗

Автор Bells Hell ( назад)
Just a quick correction, at 50:51, the actor that appears in the photoshoot alongside Solbin (Solbi?) isn't Seo KangJoon (acted in Cheese in the Trap), it's Park SeoJoon (actor from She Was Pretty & more recently, Hwarang).

Автор Bells Hell ( назад)
Just a quick correction, at 50:51, the actor that appears in the photoshoot alongside Solbin (Solbi?) isn't Seo KangJoon (acted in Cheese in the Trap), it's Park SeoJoon (actor from She Was Pretty & more recently, Hwarang).

Автор Catherine Remillete ( назад)
So cute~

Автор Julia Shoji ( назад)

Автор nakaharaindria ( назад)
I don't know much about Sejeong, I only know that she became well-known because she's part of I.O.I and also a member of gugudan. Even then I don't know much about I.O.I and I also only know gugudan because they're VIXX's "sister" group. But after watching her in this episode, I feel like she's a very lovely and caring girl. I love her attitude. I hope she can be more successful in the future. :)

Автор Ace of Emperor ( назад)
da*n i'm here again :')

Автор The Otp Sailor ( назад)
I feel kinda bad for our solji

Автор Marot Gozar ( назад)
"sunny's part....
jessica 's part..."

Автор IISweetzII ( назад)
I just realized they asked about Me Gustas Tu and then showed Rough lmao

Автор sloth 289 ( назад)
i like interaction between sunny and sejeong ^^

Автор run buddy ( назад)
You should put sejeong pf gugudan as part of guests

Автор 방탄 MY ( назад)
Sejeong ahh~ You don't have to try so hard to be cute, you're just cute and charming just the way you are.

Автор Devon Rex ( назад)
Oh God it's bouncing.

Автор Tarnado Lim ( назад)

Автор Kacang Panjang ( назад)
why i cant view the subtittle😭😭😭...plis help me

Автор Ardent Wisteria ( назад)
Omg i love these girls!

Автор Angel ( назад)
yerin and solji <3 of course my snsd queen sunny <3

Автор army buddy eunkook ( назад)
buddy or sone,please like this comment

Автор Paula Choi ( назад)
These girls though. It's kinda cool how they got to dance together at the end, their outfits were great :P
PS. I wonder if they still keep in touch, like Sejeong and Chahee seemed to bond a lot over the filming XD

Автор David Lopez ( назад)

Автор toberemembered ( назад)
50:51 That's Park Seo Joon, not Seo Kang Joon XD

Автор Joshua Fisher ( назад)
When Sunny gave her consultation on how to do her part better, you can definitely tell she has been doing this for years. xD

"Okay, let's add this, do this, and do this."

*Pink haired girl does it and her adlibs improve*

"Shit, see? I'm the best."

Автор Juan Gonzalez ( назад)
Solbin looks a lot like Tia from Chocolat.

Автор taejvngxox ( назад)

Автор Hoseoks Dimples ( назад)
I came for yerin but damn solbin is gorgeous

Автор Margaret Nicole Matias ( назад)
poor sejeong :( her grandfather is now dead :(

Автор Charlotte G ( назад)
its so weird how you can decipher those who have a natural star quality vs those who maybe dont/have to force it..

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