• Published on Aug 29, 2019
  • Here are my must have Student Tech Essentials for 2019! Big thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring today's episode. Go to to get a free trial and 10% off your first purchase
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    Tech List
    Aer SF Pack:
    Huawei Mediapad Lite:
    Huawei Watch GT:
    Microsoft Surface Studio 2:
    Huawei Matebook X:
    Huawei Matebook X Pro:
    Microsoft Surface Pro:
    MacBook Air:
    Huawei P30 Pro:
    Galaxy Note 10+:
    Oppo Reno:
    Orange Pen:

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  • dean
    dean 3 months ago +28

    Omg I’ve been looking for the huawei watch everywhere. My friend won one at one of our work events and she says the battery is the most amazing ever. I’ve been trying to find it somewhere to buy it and am having little to no luck!!

    • Swerve
      Swerve 26 days ago

      Karl Conrad

    • Hadi Naseer
      Hadi Naseer Month ago

      Karl brooo he isn’t replying so announce again

    • Das Licht der Gerechtigkeit
      Das Licht der Gerechtigkeit 2 months ago

      @Karl Conrad Well if he doesnt want it, I would take it :DDD

    • Karl Conrad
      Karl Conrad  2 months ago +10

      Hey Dean, Congrats! You won this episode - Please reply to this message with your email and we can coordinate the shipment of your item :) THANKSS AGAIN!

  • #Frenky #
    #Frenky # 23 hours ago

    You show everithing great episode ☺️ that mac air is my favourite 😍

  • Its Jonna
    Its Jonna Day ago

    Love this series and video!!! Great job bro!

  • Lloyd Sato
    Lloyd Sato Day ago

    What the actual fck. I am gonna be bankrupt

  • Gideon Wolbrink
    Gideon Wolbrink 8 days ago

    Sweet looking watch

  • Jake Mayhew
    Jake Mayhew 9 days ago

    Huawei mate book pro would be class as I’m going back to school and could really use it, cheers

  • Apinan Yogaratnam
    Apinan Yogaratnam 10 days ago

    awesome video. -Canada

  • Gurjot Singh
    Gurjot Singh 11 days ago

    Bro can you giveaway to India. I from India please giveaway something ti me bro

  • Tajul islam
    Tajul islam 15 days ago


  • AS - 07JN - Beatty Fleming Sr PS (1503)

    I really need a new phone more than anything This phone is 7 years old and cracked

    OMG AHMED 17 days ago +1

    Just went to store and bought all what u said lol.

  • Jacobo Barron
    Jacobo Barron 19 days ago


  • WolfTrap
    WolfTrap 20 days ago

    Yo we are not millionaires in school

  • Rainyyy_ OcE
    Rainyyy_ OcE 21 day ago


  • Deformal !!!!
    Deformal !!!! 22 days ago

    Yes yes the best tech for students is the the best and expensive tech available out there.

  • Àãřýäń Pěŕëřã

    Would love to win a new smart watch 🤩

  • Mohim Forever
    Mohim Forever 24 days ago +1

    Note 10+ is my favorite
    It's best yo

  • Koen Schutyser
    Koen Schutyser 24 days ago

    Hehehe gimme the Huawei smartwatch 😁

  • Link Shaw
    Link Shaw 24 days ago

    u have a great arm!

  • Aiman Azri
    Aiman Azri 26 days ago


  • Romeo Marroquin
    Romeo Marroquin 26 days ago

    dumb ass video

  • Last name of Obama
    Last name of Obama 27 days ago

    This video called me poor for 7mins

  • Nuno Levs
    Nuno Levs 28 days ago

    nothing for your european fellers :(

  • Gautam Vijan
    Gautam Vijan 29 days ago

    This guy looks like Jeff Atkins Form 13 reasons why🙄

  • Greta Thunberg
    Greta Thunberg Month ago +2

    What are these essentials for rich people?

  • Michael Quilaquil
    Michael Quilaquil Month ago

    Anything will do bruh!✌🏻
    IG: @itsmichael34

  • Michael Quilaquil
    Michael Quilaquil Month ago

    Huawei watch please!
    IG: @itsmichael34

  • Hamed Adefuwa
    Hamed Adefuwa Month ago +1

    this is not student related at all, what a ridiculous video. atleast hes a man utd fan

  • Zac Evans
    Zac Evans Month ago

    Yooo where did you get those samsung notebooks???

  • Abdur Rahim
    Abdur Rahim Month ago

    Amazing video as usual!Also I wouldnt mind a christmas gift haha

  • vishnu ps
    vishnu ps Month ago

    Karl as always u r video presentation was awsome .
    The beat item was laptop and the pixel phone .
    I wish i win in this ... Game

  • Being Human
    Being Human Month ago

    Hope i win

  • Lucas
    Lucas Month ago


  • Hadi Naseer
    Hadi Naseer Month ago


  • Brian Nkundukize
    Brian Nkundukize Month ago

    This tech looks so I can hardly breath

  • Shanolin.S.Sethunath

    awesome bro

  • Tom James
    Tom James Month ago

    Support your local glory hunter mate

  • guyisku58
    guyisku58 Month ago

    Awesome selections! See you on your next video!

  • Reece Young
    Reece Young Month ago

    What bout us UK lads?

  • michael lora
    michael lora Month ago

    Hola .

  • Maeli Barnett-Arsenault

    I'm new to your channel & I already like your presenting style & your videos in general! Would love to win some awesome tech!

  • Study Collab: Jas
    Study Collab: Jas Month ago

    Hey I have done all the things you told to do
    I love the both things. These are awesome.
    Love it

  • Gage Acre
    Gage Acre Month ago

    Watched your new vid

  • Evarist Njau
    Evarist Njau Month ago +1

    Nice en amazing video bro I'm waiting fr my lucky day

  • Ariel Bautista
    Ariel Bautista Month ago

    Wow that great for a student...

  • Ben Dykins
    Ben Dykins Month ago

    Where did he get the Xbox one s skin from?

  • Isman Ibra official
    Isman Ibra official 2 months ago

    Please if you enjoyed my channel video support me subscribe like comments thanks 🙏

  • Phú Phạm Hoàng
    Phú Phạm Hoàng 2 months ago

    Wrist watch check?

  • Owen Rodrigues
    Owen Rodrigues 2 months ago

    Hey that watch looks awesome

  • S.k creation
    S.k creation 2 months ago


  • Jagan Godservice
    Jagan Godservice 2 months ago

    essentials are but bit more price

  • sahil pasha
    sahil pasha 2 months ago +2

    Yo bro its a dream for every student .to get this kind of stuff .....
    This vidoe is amazing

  • Yuhua Qiu
    Yuhua Qiu 2 months ago +1

    Man I would love to get my hands on some Huawei tech

  • Durgesh Chuhan
    Durgesh Chuhan 2 months ago

    Jio ka mobile kitne mein mil jayegi

  • Durgesh Chuhan
    Durgesh Chuhan 2 months ago


  • erwin millo
    erwin millo 2 months ago

    i would be happy if i ill have an Oppo Reno phone 😭

  • armaan modi
    armaan modi 2 months ago

    Favourite is definitely Galaxy note 10+! Nice vid Karl! 🍊🍊🍊

  • Roberto Muniz
    Roberto Muniz 2 months ago +1

    Big help for the “tech” commuter everyday carry

  • Kaiden Cymbaluk
    Kaiden Cymbaluk 2 months ago

    Cool vid

  • Adrian Nino
    Adrian Nino 2 months ago

    The matebook looks so good!