3 mystery riddles (Part#15) | Murder mystery riddles | Who did it? | Can you solve it?

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  • Funny Riddles and brain teasers for kids, can you solve it?
    3 riddles popular on crime | Murder mystery riddles | Who did it?
    Total: 3 riddles

    Riddle#1 (Who killed the dog?)
    A man named Steve Johnson was very fond of animals. At his house, he had a dog, a cat and a parrot as pets. He would daily spend a lot of time with his lovely pets. All the members of the family, including the servants, used to be jealous of the pets because the attention they would get from the owner Steve. On one Friday afternoon when Steve was in his office, his favorite pet, his dog Buzo was found dead in the garden. When Steve was informed about the incident, he immediately rushed back to home. Steve was so furious about the incident that he decided to call a private detective. Private detective John reached Steve's home.
    After reaching Steve's home, detective John meets Mrs. Johnson and asks:
    Detective John: Could you tell me what happened?
    Mrs. Johnson: I was sleeping at the time of murder.
    Detective John: Are you aware of what the servants were doing at the time of murder?
    Mrs. Johnson: Sure. I will tell you all that I know.
    Mrs. Johnson: The maid was cleaning the rooms.
    Mrs. Johnson: The chef was making lunch.
    Mrs. Johnson: Our son Peter was watching his favorite cartoon show on the television.
    After listening to Mrs. Johnson, Detective John tells Mr. Johnson the name of the possible suspects. Who do you think is responsible for killing the dog?
    1) Mrs. Johnson 2) The maid 3) The chef 4) Peter
    Riddle#2 (Smart smuggler)
    Every day, a man used to cross the international border on a bicycle with two bags of sand. The border check post officer smelt something suspicious about the cyclist but he wasn't sure. One day, the border officer got a tip that the cyclist is smuggling something across the border.
    So the border officer stopped him at the check post.
    Officer: We have got a tip from our sources that you are smuggling something out of the country. We need to inspect you.
    Cyclist: Sure officer. You can search thoroughly.
    The officer checked him and found that he was only carrying two bags of sand. As the officer could not find any evidence, he allowed him to cross the border. Once again the cyclist was able to smuggle what he had been smuggling daily. So, exactly what was the man smuggling?

    Riddle#3 (Who is the thief?)
    Mr. Richard Smith lived in a mansion in Greenland city with his beautiful wife and his 4 sons. Greenland city recently bore the brunt of a severe hurricane which nearly devastated the entire city. There were no electricity since last week and all the power backups had failed. One day in the evening, Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith had gone to another city for purchasing the groceries. Mr. Smith had kept a $ 100 bill on the table in the living room and forgot to take it. While Mr. Smith was away someone steals the note. When Mr. Smith returned he found that the bill has been stolen.
    Mr. Smith called all of his four sons and interrogated them. The sons gave following testimony of what they were doing at that time:
    1) 1st son Jimmy: I was tired after playing football, I was taking bath.
    2) 2nd son Elvis: I was mowing the lawn as the grass was too big.
    3) 3rd son Jason: I was watching my favorite cartoon show on the TV.
    4) 4th son Peter: I wanted to have boiled eggs so I was boiling them.
    Who stole the money?
    1) Jimmy 2) Elvis 3) Jason 4) Peter
    Answer: Jason stole the money. How could Jason watch the television when there was no electricity and all the power backups had failed? Certainly his explanation cannot be true and he is the thief.
    "Corruption" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
    "Deadly Roulette" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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