Playing Guitar for Famous Youtubers Ft. Jared Dines, TuxBird, Cob, Soup, McNasty & Jaayy

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
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Comments • 2 493

  • R6S : [WaruMa] DJDraconix

    How does his guitar make Killing in the name of sound so cool?

  • Andrew Cadorna
    Andrew Cadorna 2 days ago

    "Let's go to Dooo's house and kill him"

  • GamingTeam69
    GamingTeam69 3 days ago

    4:57 I know this and I don't even watch Harry Potter! 😂

  • Imagine
    Imagine 3 days ago +1

    Its the USSR Anthem not the Russian national anthem you uncultured swine

  • Jonathan Nguyen
    Jonathan Nguyen 4 days ago

    Who is jayy

  • JakeB2002
    JakeB2002 4 days ago

    it was not the russian national anthem. It was the national anthem of the USSR

  • Assassinboy1679
    Assassinboy1679 4 days ago

    Wait a moment are those team selection songs pokemon ranger sounds?!

  • Die - Hearts
    Die - Hearts 4 days ago


  • freshavocadooLivevlogs

    bring in the dickey boii for a vid

  • 4 biddenpig
    4 biddenpig 5 days ago

    Am i the only one who tought the led zepplin one sounded like kickstart my heart?

  • Forza Automotive
    Forza Automotive 6 days ago

    Whenever enter sandman plays I would 100% guess it instantly every time

  • Atzin899
    Atzin899 6 days ago

    The last one was not the Russian national anthem that was the USSR anthem

  • Hiim1813
    Hiim1813 6 days ago

    i know none of these people

  • Jbuz WHSK
    Jbuz WHSK 6 days ago

    Soup won it was the USSR national anthem

  • James Cimfl
    James Cimfl 6 days ago

    7:35 I used to listen to Metallica a lot so i got it right. anyone else ever watch Beavis and butthead. I only mentioned it because Beavis or butthead (I forgot which one don't judge me its been a while since I watched it) wore a Metallica shirt.

  • Killjoy414
    Killjoy414 7 days ago

    Is no one gonna mention cob opening cases

  • Jaz Velez
    Jaz Velez 7 days ago +1

    I thought when he said "Now im gonna play rock and electronic songs" I thought about Fullmetal Alchemist the anime

  • Half-Heart Hero
    Half-Heart Hero 8 days ago +3

    OBJECTION! The first song was the Mii Channel theme, not Wii Shop theme.

  • Mati 10120
    Mati 10120 8 days ago +2

    11:10 actually it's the USSR anthem. But its close enough so it counts

  • Allan Lopez
    Allan Lopez 9 days ago

    anyone else wish he kept playing megalovania

  • אריק נורמן
    אריק נורמן 9 days ago

    Hah i swear to god i sung whole lotta love like five seconds before he played it

  • tolakos_z
    tolakos_z 10 days ago +1

    its the mii chanel not wii shop Chanel

  • septo ninja
    septo ninja 10 days ago

    As long as they say Wii theme its supposedly correct, but be more picky and say Wii plaza theme, its the mii creator theme, the Wii shop theme is the fast one,

  • John Douglas Racing Video

    Dooo...d, I watch Jared's channel all the time. Really awesome to see him in this video.

  • My Music Playlist
    My Music Playlist 10 days ago

    Congrats on 2 mill

  • TheBoss 101
    TheBoss 101 10 days ago

    its the ussr not the Russian national anthem

  • Supernova71288
    Supernova71288 10 days ago +1

    Omg, we need more of these. This was great.

  • Feature Gaming
    Feature Gaming 10 days ago

    bruh i thjought the last one was we are the champions lol

  • Kieran Giger
    Kieran Giger 10 days ago +2

    I was playing by myself by trying to pause and say the names by myself im not lonely you are

    EDIT : I won the meme theme

  • Blue Jolt
    Blue Jolt 10 days ago +1

    Did the doo actually send his friends a jar of his toe nails i hope not but they sounded so confident and sure so idk

  • Nathan Locke
    Nathan Locke 10 days ago

    5:00 **You're kidding me right**

  • Relentless
    Relentless 12 days ago

    the first song was actually the Mii Creator Theme Dumbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssss

  • Kelton Canada
    Kelton Canada 12 days ago

    Where is soup from

  • A guy with random convictions

    Video evidence that fucking birds is of higher cultural class than doing men.

  • Jaspis V
    Jaspis V 13 days ago

    Doo you accepted the Russian national anthem when what you played was the USSR national anthem. I'm sad for both you and the person who guessed that.

  • wall-e V
    wall-e V 13 days ago +4

    11:19 moment of socialism

    very good dooo

  • Alex Holyoake
    Alex Holyoake 13 days ago

    Can you play weakness by Jeremy zucker it's my favourite song also I really like a song called stop asking me to play hotline bling by thedooo

  • Jonathan Kleven
    Jonathan Kleven 13 days ago

    I saw this when you dropped it, and i am still uncontrollably pissed at the fact that tux said «Wii shop theme» AND YOU GAVE IT TO HIM

  • Dominant Dong
    Dominant Dong 13 days ago

    he the called the Mii Editor theme the wii shop theme REEE

  • XboxBruh
    XboxBruh 13 days ago

    That wasn’t the Russian anthem it was the soviet anthem

  • Artefato perdido de Magic

    sv_cheats 0

  • NuclearSake
    NuclearSake 14 days ago +4

    I'm waiting for part 4.
    I hanging, don't leave me.

  • an angry shadow 2
    an angry shadow 2 14 days ago

    I thought the last one was we are the champions.

  • Peter Roger
    Peter Roger 15 days ago

    Damm so fun

  • ThatOneGuy42
    ThatOneGuy42 15 days ago

    6:23 *guarantee

  • Epic Sundae
    Epic Sundae 16 days ago

    Как же я сейчас смеюсь , господи 10/10

  • Dale
    Dale 18 days ago

    But what's the outro song?

  • Basilisk
    Basilisk 18 days ago +1

    That sneaky little “cum” 5:00

  • Rayhan Hatake
    Rayhan Hatake 18 days ago

    Am new to your. Channel and the way you play i know you mimic the soundz of songx you hear like me but am not on you level no way

  • Никита Ивкин

    Когда Гимн РФ - мем

  • Exert.77
    Exert.77 19 days ago

    epic ngl

  • Triston Taylor
    Triston Taylor 19 days ago +1

    When missionaries come to my door

  • דג הזהב הגדול גולדלין

    Why you stoped playing magalovenia so soon i want to hear it

  • Nick
    Nick 19 days ago +2

    Bird Sex, you win the merch. Men Sex, you win the Toe nails

    *I think we all know who the real winners are*

  • Mihailo Milovanović
    Mihailo Milovanović 20 days ago

    what workshop map is this

  • Elizabeth Thompson
    Elizabeth Thompson 20 days ago


  • LiL car crash
    LiL car crash 20 days ago

    11:06 to be honest i thougt it was we are the champions

  • Seth J
    Seth J 20 days ago

    I'm selling Nmd_xr1 Triple Black size 9 for $150 on the Goat app buy now!

  • David Crodz
    David Crodz 21 day ago

    8:43 name of the song, sounds so familiar

  • Corey Taylor
    Corey Taylor 21 day ago

    I just need a loop of soup saying enter sandman 7:44

  • Pequito Grande
    Pequito Grande 21 day ago

    This is the most hilarious video I have seen...I have laughed almost the entire time it was playing....Thank you TheDooo

  • gamer lunatic
    gamer lunatic 21 day ago

    Did they actually get the toenails

  • mcking theking
    mcking theking 22 days ago

    The first song was the mii theme song

  • Aidan Fails
    Aidan Fails 22 days ago

    It wasn't called Harry Potter you should've killed him. It was hedwig's theme stupid

  • ExoT.Plush
    ExoT.Plush 22 days ago


  • Oliver Coomara
    Oliver Coomara 23 days ago +1

    I want a full cover of sneaky snitch. It sounded so good. FULLY CLEAN THOUGH!!!

  • Sr. Apollo
    Sr. Apollo 23 days ago


  • Bailey Kenyon
    Bailey Kenyon 24 days ago


  • Leev
    Leev 24 days ago

    McNastys mic OMG SHUT UP

  • adrian fuks
    adrian fuks 25 days ago

    Tetris is not the name of the song XDDD

  • 불수의근
    불수의근 25 days ago

    i don't play fortnite!

  • Matthew Franco
    Matthew Franco 25 days ago +1

    Ily bby

  • Brody Dahms
    Brody Dahms 25 days ago

    *nerd voice* Actually it's tetris theme A form the game on the NES.

  • The Hentai Entrepreneur

    Ok when you dropping pube hair

  • sealapse
    sealapse 26 days ago

    'led zepplin'