Joe Rogan Talks Kardashian Surgeries

  • Опубликовано: 16 сен 2017
  • Joe Rogan discusses Kim Kardashian's fake butt and the numerous cosmetic surgeries of Kylie Jenner.

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  • Only One
    Only One Час назад

    Ummm JLo did not make ass cool my man that there was Selena Quintanilla 🇲🇽 then J lo played her in selena's movie

  • Tee Matt-Hughes
    Tee Matt-Hughes 6 часов назад

    "That's not an ass that's a tumour" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sara R
    Sara R 7 часов назад

    Also the way these guys talk about women is fucking disgusting.

  • Sara R
    Sara R 7 часов назад

    The Kylie Jenner transformation is honestly heart breaking. She even stated before how she doesn’t like being in the limelight because it’s a lot of pressure. Pressure to be perfect, pressure to look like your older beautiful sisters.

  • CrunchyB
    CrunchyB 7 часов назад

    Damn this dude is touche, straightforward, it’s totally what I'm speaking inside without moving my mouth

  • Mary Kelly
    Mary Kelly 14 часов назад

    Did Joe intend to say “disasster?”

  • John Blaine
    John Blaine 16 часов назад


  • Ima Pig
    Ima Pig 16 часов назад


  • Tu lampara encendida
    Tu lampara encendida 16 часов назад

    This is scary AF! Because they had the surgeries of an MTF...what does that mean?

  • Raw Vegan Psychic
    Raw Vegan Psychic 16 часов назад

    Kardashians are all gross and absolutely fake.

  • Ashley Warner
    Ashley Warner 17 часов назад

    I love Joe Rogan

  • Letiz B.
    Letiz B. 17 часов назад

    how did that idiot with the blue jacket get there...

  • CLAUDE Emile
    CLAUDE Emile 17 часов назад

    They just destroying themselves sad

  • Truth Saviour
    Truth Saviour 19 часов назад

    Why are so many people who are not black credit nice asses with Jennifer Lopez.
    Black women have always been known for their asses and curves.
    Wow, can't we just be honest for once.

  • Amy Bruch
    Amy Bruch 19 часов назад +1

    The Kardashian family are seriously mentally ill.

  • Magic Bean
    Magic Bean 22 часа назад

    Lmao full diaper tumor

  • Amina Siffoi
    Amina Siffoi 23 часа назад

    Thank you very much, I’ve been saying that Kylie was doing surgery to look like kim

  • Amina Siffoi
    Amina Siffoi 23 часа назад

    I like this show!!!!

  • Espiranza Alvarado
    Espiranza Alvarado День назад

    She's deceiving everybody

  • PN Craft
    PN Craft День назад

    I hate the Kardashians to the bone but honestly i found that video so degrading n disgusting ....any other women just felt uncomfortable by these dudes talking about these women's bodies ? im not saying only the kardashian j lo and iggy as well ....cant explain it but felt insulted somehow and actually bad for them even tho i dont like any of them.... Nobody knows what a woman is going thru all women have insecurities and self esteem issues....maybe kylie did that cuz dudes like those dudes called her "ugly" before the surgeries......theses guys are assholes....i came for a quick laugh and some tea but ended up feeling like shit.....

  • Alexander Brown
    Alexander Brown День назад

    I feel uncomfortable with all this ass talk.

  • Fumes Grim
    Fumes Grim День назад

    this is so gross and judgy ffs

  • veronica Walker
    veronica Walker День назад

    Omg facts....big ass...lil leg....don't match....who talking all this facts .... diaper ass ...stuff ass...u can go on n on..I like him...who u

  • Josefa Lagicere
    Josefa Lagicere День назад

    I’m not a Kim K fan but the way that guy is talking is disgusting and I wonder why the lady announcer isn’t offended by how that man is talking and describing those ladies like that..... typical testosterone driven little minded man, like damn! let those ladies do what they want to THEIR body

  • Elizabeth Nunes
    Elizabeth Nunes День назад

    "Naw, it encourages me" 😂😂😂

  • Terrence Smith
    Terrence Smith День назад

    Wow. They are literally spending an hour, discussing the details or woman's body. Judging them. Let's see their ass

  • Chelsea Keniston
    Chelsea Keniston День назад

    Body shaming at its finest

  • Denya Gantenbein
    Denya Gantenbein День назад

    Hateful ugly old men trying to get back at women

  • awo aba egyirba asibu
    awo aba egyirba asibu День назад


  • Denya Gantenbein
    Denya Gantenbein День назад

    Kim Kardashian is a woman and mother of three. What a piece of shit ugly ass old faggot this Joe is disrespecting her like this. I hope he gets penile cancer

  • Lola Vala
    Lola Vala День назад

    Thank u for this , so sick of kkks fake everything out there

  • Victoria LoveCraft
    Victoria LoveCraft День назад +1

    Full diaper, hah. Younger sisters looked very cute and innocent before plastic surgeries. Now world went crazy. These guys are funny.

  • Shamya Heflin
    Shamya Heflin День назад

    "She doesn't workout"😂😂I've said that for year's about them.

  • Steve Lion
    Steve Lion День назад +2

    7:30 "Skull reconstruction" one of my forehead veins almost popped when I heard that 😀😂

  • m k
    m k День назад

    and it's crazy she still denys getting her ass done. ur thighs don't match baby

  • Allfa FeNiX
    Allfa FeNiX День назад

    4:50 did u see that? I seen the prono haha a lol

  • Sophia D
    Sophia D День назад

    I believe Kim was lil curvy before. Her first as surgery was fat injections then eventually a fat transfer aka Brazilian butt lift. From legs to ass. After the birth of north actually I think saint idk one of em... she had the graft from her waist to hips. Her nose surgery is very obvious. Jlo leg matches her ass. Why do I know all this? Since I was ten I had insecurities. I always had that jlo type body since that age I hit puberty SUPER early. at the time the Paris Hilton body was in (atleast where I lived in Orange County) I wanted to make my legs skinny and keep everything else. Till I saw those pics of Kim. I’ve looked into countless surgeries and realized omg. They are more fake then we think. I’m all into surgery but I’m honestly not sure if I can accept them saying they are all real. Everyone has a right to their privacy but cmon dude. It’s not right to lie when you have that much of an influence.

  • red mercury
    red mercury День назад

    here is the thing, you men cant differentiate between real and real fake. kylie was a muppet before that surgery and you men sexy handsome fine ass men are out there having babies with this thing!!! dont you feel like youre lying to yourselves just a little bit?? it would bother me to no end if i new a guy was ugly as balls before his miraculous surgery to turn him into prince charming. i just, i couldnt do it!!! there is no way in hell i would do that to myself or my unborn children NO. this person has some serious insecurities and psychological problems. it serves you assholes right if you get with a ''fine ass creation of a chick'' and find out she was a man. im just sayin. STOP BEING SO FUKING SHALLOW. stop getting with these girls who have nothing but a fake ass and a fake ass FFAAAACE TO BRING TO THE TABLE. your future children will suffer for it. may they all be ugly little muppets.

  • Rebekah Powers
    Rebekah Powers День назад

    Full diaper kmsl

  • Rita Sahafzadeh Sherkat
    Rita Sahafzadeh Sherkat День назад

    I mean, let's put aside the fakeness of kardashian's, which is obvious. But these guys are "Ass experts"? Like have you got a license? And who do you think you are to sit on your chair, say" open photos of that chick's ass" and then rate them from fake (kardashians) to juicy(J. Lo) ? Get a life! Educate yourself and talk about important things!

  • Didi G
    Didi G День назад

    In 10 years big asses will be out, all these implant and fat transfer chicks will need reductions. Disgusting

  • Adrianne 411
    Adrianne 411 День назад

    OMG at 10:55 when he got to the "Frankenstein in a lab.." was the funniest thing I've heard all year! LOL!!!!!!

  • Ebony Watts
    Ebony Watts День назад

    Love it...tell me how u really feel white boys😂 all facts

  • Joel Baker
    Joel Baker 2 дня назад

    I think they're fake ass vain lil cunts.. and girls and looser men worship them.. meanwhile they hate normal people.. think of us as as poor trash while u people worship they're asses..LITERALLY 👍welcome to America

  • Michelle Gauthier
    Michelle Gauthier 2 дня назад

    Kim had a few procedures of fat injections into her butt. Why she won't admit it is stupid when it's obvious that's not her natural butt. Just look at pics from 15 yrs ago. She had a small butt then.

  • Noelia Noliz
    Noelia Noliz 2 дня назад

    Whenever someone says "You have a Kardashian booty" it disgusts me and makes me want to go to the gym right then and there. I consider it the biggest insult to be compared to their monstrous troll bodies. They are so disprapotionate, it is laughable. I wish I could be nice about this but I simply cannot. 😣

  • Alena Badon
    Alena Badon 2 дня назад

    I don’t support body shaming but Joe has me fucking dyingggg

  • Destiny tran
    Destiny tran 2 дня назад

    Jesus, talk about ads? Lol

  • Arieyanna Nelson
    Arieyanna Nelson 2 дня назад

    My first time here & he likes ass 😂😂 I'm dying over here I see your an ass man🤗🤗💀

  • Beesah sterling
    Beesah sterling 2 дня назад

    Worst looking butt pic

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall 2 дня назад

    Lol Joe rogan I feel ya bruh.. Ain't no one like a chick wit a fake ass.. It's fukn gross looking...

  • Jonathan Nagel
    Jonathan Nagel 2 дня назад

    Anyone who injects fat into any part of their body has some serious issues. Stop trying to be something your not..

    FIGHTFANNERD9 2 дня назад

    google Nancy momoland butt

    FIGHTFANNERD9 2 дня назад +1

    Best natural big Butt goes to Nancy from momoland ...look her up better then jlo

  • Kim Moore
    Kim Moore 2 дня назад

    When your ass is real and you workout consistently and do tons of squats . You won’t have cellulite. Real asses look great especially on women of color who naturally have fat asses

  • bg mck
    bg mck 2 дня назад

    Take a shot Everytime Joe says ass.....

  • Fam 1st
    Fam 1st 2 дня назад

    Ahh that booty tho fo real. Y'all stupid white hoes can get bruh. They be loving it in they stinkhole bruh we all did that shit lol

  • Lee Steal
    Lee Steal 3 дня назад

    Yep. It's all about Kim.

  • Se A
    Se A 3 дня назад +1

    They may be right, but something about the character of these people talking bothers me A LOT!
    They're not only haters, but bullies.
    And the woman laughing all the time is happy for another woman being dragged down like this.
    Sorry, but I totally hate their energy!

  • sarah Harvey
    sarah Harvey 3 дня назад

    Big butts are gross! I come from a big family of women that have big butts and small waists. I’m not a fan. I would prefer a small round butt that fits better in clothes 😂😜

  • stop the haters
    stop the haters 3 дня назад

    Only in America would people focus on people's asses (/how someone else looks) while people starve and die living like rats... This is disgusting. Fuck off

  • DR G
    DR G 3 дня назад


  • Alyne
    Alyne 3 дня назад

    How many kids has Kim Kartrashion had?

  • Rebekah Powers
    Rebekah Powers 3 дня назад

    This dood is funny talking about this dam diaper,he said a full diaper

  • Lgac123 Lgac123
    Lgac123 Lgac123 4 дня назад

    Lol do you think kim watched this vid thats why she started working out with that new trainer 😂

  • Genevieve Rachelle
    Genevieve Rachelle 4 дня назад

    JLo doesn’t need the ass to be talented or hot, but she’s blessed with it anyway. Good for her.

  • T Lashon K
    T Lashon K 4 дня назад

    The only thing Joe Rogan has told the truth about

  • Mel S
    Mel S 4 дня назад

    Kylie gives the ugly/average girl hope. Its fucking gold

  • Mel S
    Mel S 4 дня назад

    "Jlo made asses cool"

  • Doug Quaid
    Doug Quaid 4 дня назад

    I'd cover her fake ass

  • anoniem moet
    anoniem moet 4 дня назад

    It's silicone injections

  • Ms. Alpha J
    Ms. Alpha J 4 дня назад

    Love it. Tell the truth and shame all whores ...

  • Kristen Almonte
    Kristen Almonte 4 дня назад

    Totally agree. I would rather tone my butt in the gym than that shit!

  • Kells Otts
    Kells Otts 4 дня назад


  • bob tony
    bob tony 4 дня назад +10

    maybe stop giving them attention, then all of this would stop?

    • Didi G
      Didi G День назад

      bob tony they get attention anyway he is just telling the truth

  • Brynn Irish
    Brynn Irish 4 дня назад

    Fuck off joe Rogan. You don’t have the right to go on live radio and talk about a woman’s body like you own it.

  • selah
    selah 4 дня назад

    Her ass looks weird round all the way round ass suppose to be a upside down heart shape thanks kyle i needed a laugh...

    MISS WEALTHY 4 дня назад

    Blame Hollyweird for the brainwashing

  • Olivia Daniella
    Olivia Daniella 4 дня назад

    Jlos butt is gross too!!!! 🤮

  • james77
    james77 4 дня назад

    I hate big ass

  • Stygian Girl
    Stygian Girl 4 дня назад

    Ass camel 😭😂🤣😂

  • All Time Productions
    All Time Productions 4 дня назад

    Joe Rogan all those things you're saying or true but what about your little man boobs in your tight little grey shirt do some push-ups man

  • straight jacket
    straight jacket 4 дня назад

    Those guys are full of shit. Those chicks are fine. Guys will fuck anything. I seen it a million times.

  • Princess Miliani
    Princess Miliani 5 дней назад

    wow i never knew that about kylie sad to say because im not perfect but coming from a blind and deaf mother i learned to love myself and everyone no matter what they look like. and trust my mom is beautiful thick and loves to go out more than me 😂😂

  • LoveFromK
    LoveFromK 5 дней назад

    What they’re saying isn’t accurate. Kylie Jenner hasn’t had surgery on her face. It’s cheek, chin, jawline and lip filler. Not going under the knife.
    Also there’s plenty of videos that show Kim’s body doesn’t look like those photos you were shaming.
    I agree they have had a lot done but no need to fabricate xx

  • Dr. Manhattan
    Dr. Manhattan 5 дней назад

    Kim is fukn nasty ass beeooch....she needs to dissapear

  • jerry chavez
    jerry chavez 5 дней назад

    I call it a blob-o bag-o shit-o ass. Or, u could go with a dumpy frumpy dimply baggy saggy pile o shit ass?

  • Artist Adriana
    Artist Adriana 5 дней назад

    You would think since it's fake shouldn't it be perfect I mean she must of paid a lot right? So why does it look like she got her butt done on Mexico

  • jerry chavez
    jerry chavez 5 дней назад

    But, don't u mean disASSter Joe?

  • iknowthetruth4eve r
    iknowthetruth4eve r 5 дней назад

    Joes like. Bitch you had one job.

  • Pri Marcus
    Pri Marcus 5 дней назад

    When you see their ass going back and forth like a waterbed doesn't that freak you out?
    No, it encourages me!
    😂😂👏👏 lol

  • Joe trees
    Joe trees 5 дней назад

    chin shaved down!!!! "at 16!!!!" lmao. what are we doing here?!?!

  • ThruTheLookingGlass
    ThruTheLookingGlass 5 дней назад

    The douche in the second half of the video is exactly what’s wrong with our society.

  • LightsCamera Ashley
    LightsCamera Ashley 5 дней назад

    Hold up Kim Kardashian DID NOT make having big butt cool please stop giving her credit for things that were popin before her time. Black women and Hispanics women been slaying with their REAL “got it from my mama” curves before people was paying for it

  • LightsCamera Ashley
    LightsCamera Ashley 5 дней назад

    “Wtf is that?! That’s a rumor!” 😂😂💀💀I’m crying this guy is not holding back

  • Carmen Rae
    Carmen Rae 5 дней назад

    Joe Rogan likes his women like he likes his bros..lots of muscles.

  • Dj Twilight Zone
    Dj Twilight Zone 5 дней назад

    7:51 "what the fuck are we doing" LMFAO

  • Pearl Chiappine
    Pearl Chiappine 5 дней назад

    That whole family is plastic!!!! But its their choice!!!!

  • Pearl Chiappine
    Pearl Chiappine 5 дней назад

    Not a butt impact its fat transfer!!!!!!!!

  • Tifalaw77
    Tifalaw77 5 дней назад

    Ahem. No offense to J Lo but, J Lo made asses cool to NON black people. Black people /women have culturally appreciated/ had big asses since Eden! It simply put become more palatable to the “masses” on a J Lo / Kim K.