Alternate Future of Europe in Countryballs (2018-2033)

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    0:00 Der Königsgrätzer Marsch
    0:10 Evan Blue This Time It-s Different
    2:42 Audiomachine - Blitzkrieg
    6:22 Revolt Production Music - Xenos [Epic Massive Hybrid Action]
    9:16 Position Music - Lossless (Adam Peters)
    12:10 Glory Oath & Blood - Domination (Epic Powerful Heroic Action)
    15:03 Twelve Titans Music - Gravity Wave (Epic Powerful Dramatic Trailer)
    18:11 Revolt Production Music - Neogenesis [Epic Action Music]
    21:15 Position Music - Next To Fight (Epic Massive Hybrid Action)
    22:14 ♫ Epic Music ♪♬ - Rapture (Copyright and Royalty Free)
    23:52 Zack Hemsey - The Way
    27:18 Position Music - Next to fight
    29:10 Metal Gear Music - 06 The World Needs Only One Big Boss!
    30:53 Flag- & anthem- of Prussia (1525-1947)

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  • ByUmut PW
    ByUmut PW 10 months ago +627

    %95 Turks not Arab
    %5 other

    • mustafa eroğlu
      mustafa eroğlu 19 days ago

      Hepinizi skm bi bitmediniz ha

    • World ops 4 Hot chicken
      World ops 4 Hot chicken 3 months ago


    • Adamın Biri
      Adamın Biri 3 months ago

      @ByUmut PW there are no arabs and there are recently 3.4 million syrians in turkey
      What a loser cant even know what is happening in his own country

    • Buraktayシ
      Buraktayシ 3 months ago

      @ByUmut PW you have not brain bro turks not arab

    • Omar Rashid
      Omar Rashid 3 months ago

      kurdish are older thant arab and turk and islams

  • gabryfigu23
    gabryfigu23 2 hours ago

    7:24 that is sicily

  • HaerWoueg
    HaerWoueg 2 hours ago

    0:22 : United kingdom is far more the US puppet than European Union. LOL !

  • pelmeenide kokkutulek
    pelmeenide kokkutulek 13 hours ago

    Estonia: im leaving nato

  • General Czechia
    General Czechia 3 days ago

    Czech & Slovkas were vibing the whole time

  • Dete Dete
    Dete Dete 3 days ago

    :2033 corona virus i in all world i gona kill all peoples :cure now its ready to kill corona virus :corona virus nani :cure i creeper reeeeeeeee!!!

  • Dete Dete
    Dete Dete 3 days ago

    :coronavirus:2019. Haha i corona virus i gona kill all

  • Ponfe ESP
    Ponfe ESP 4 days ago

    well, first of all catalonia will never leave spain not because spain will be in problem but beccause spain know that catalonia will have problems

  • Alex Playz
    Alex Playz 4 days ago

    Switzerland 🇨🇭 is eating popcorn seeing a movie

  • Pau Petitpierre Camps

    Freedoom for Catalonia.

  • Θανάσης Αθανασόπουλος

    Catalonia: I will never surrender
    Also Catalonia: surrenders after 5 secons

  • nic hi
    nic hi 6 days ago

    And now 2020 we have corona

  • Enkla trick shots
    Enkla trick shots 6 days ago

    Israel not is round

  • Wolf Games
    Wolf Games 6 days ago

    2:13 America does not think that

  • rafi haque
    rafi haque 6 days ago

    what does da mean russia said it

  • Ahmet Çınar
    Ahmet Çınar 7 days ago


  • Hugo Calabuig
    Hugo Calabuig 7 days ago

    Why in all alternative futur cataluña is not from Spain?

  • Darius Sabau
    Darius Sabau 9 days ago

    Patceran Yhingi are You from Romania

    • Darius Sabau
      Darius Sabau 9 days ago

      @Patceran Mapper oh ok

    • Patceran Mapper
      Patceran Mapper  9 days ago

      @Darius Sabau Da is also "yes" in Russian

    • Darius Sabau
      Darius Sabau 9 days ago

      @Patceran Mapper oh and I asked If Your from Romania because at 28:44 Tsardom of Russia Say Da and da in Romania means yes

    • Patceran Mapper
      Patceran Mapper  9 days ago

      @Darius Sabau no

    • Darius Sabau
      Darius Sabau 9 days ago

      @Patceran Mapper what is nein

  • Mehmet Cihat Okcu
    Mehmet Cihat Okcu 9 days ago

    This is soo bad

    MERT YILDIRIM 12 days ago

    We are not arab man

  • Ryder Nigga
    Ryder Nigga 12 days ago

    Algeria + Western Sahara = LOVE

    TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ 13 days ago +1

    Turkey is not Arabic TURKS ARE TURKS Turkey is free and Turkey dont like terrorizm

  • Truls-Magnus Tor Ola Fiallo Lokrheim

    What the heck is Irak, i thought it was Iraq

  • türk gamer
    türk gamer 14 days ago

    Lies!!!!!! Turkey not arab and helping terror lieeeeee

  • MeliksahDrk
    MeliksahDrk 14 days ago

    Turks not arab and Turks hate is You are ok?

  • ozer korkmaz
    ozer korkmaz 15 days ago +2

    My brain after watching this: 0 IQ left.
    Also my brain: WTH TURKEY HATES ARAB

    • Patceran Mapper
      Patceran Mapper  15 days ago

      Then don't watch my videos and we are both fine
      To increase your IQ you can watch Idealistic Mapper.

  • Katherine Imperial czech ball

    Lol czechia and slovakia being like: we are so innocent!

  • Katherine Imperial czech ball

    Nobody is talking about coronavirus lol

  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul 15 days ago

    Slovakia would never fight against Russia...but it´s nice

  • Doki Show
    Doki Show 16 days ago

    Turks are not arabs lmfao

  • Chesta Kamal
    Chesta Kamal 16 days ago

    and Austria also starts the third world war XD

    ANTOINNE HOLLOWAY 17 days ago

    you bullshit how dare underaste my country its morroco not marroco u fucking b

  • NEDA_gameplay
    NEDA_gameplay 17 days ago

    "Kebab help me !!" XDD🤣🤣 nor respect

  • Scorpio Red
    Scorpio Red 17 days ago


  • Revano Atmantha
    Revano Atmantha 17 days ago


    Switzerland in this entire video: I am peace

  • Revano Atmantha
    Revano Atmantha 17 days ago


  • The Soviet Unicorn
    The Soviet Unicorn 17 days ago

    That moment when Russia becomes more democratic the USA

  • Francisco Javier García Pérez

    3:37, Portugal selling illegal memes

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 19 days ago

    You know that liechtenstein uses the swiss army right😂

  • Mckenna Frederiks-pokemon

    You changed germany into your youtube channel. Do you like germany?

  • Noticias colegio Dulce Nombre de Jesús Oviedo

    a little unrealistic,how did catalonia have spanish lands? 3:49

  • bobiger Bob
    bobiger Bob 20 days ago

    Bist du deutsch

    • bobiger Bob
      bobiger Bob 20 days ago

      @Patceran Mapper Die schau ich mir natürlich an

    • Patceran Mapper
      Patceran Mapper  20 days ago

      @bobiger Bob danke
      Magst du mal die neuen Episoden sehen die sind um einiges besser geworden :)

    • bobiger Bob
      bobiger Bob 20 days ago

      @Patceran Mapper endlich ein extrem guter mapping yter der auch deutsch ist

    • Patceran Mapper
      Patceran Mapper  20 days ago


  • EricProEvolution
    EricProEvolution 21 day ago

    It's really fake and ofensive your created history of Spain

  • EricProEvolution
    EricProEvolution 21 day ago

    3:00 que es eso

  • EricProEvolution
    EricProEvolution 21 day ago

    My from is spain,SPAIN IS THE BEST

  • Rares Romănu
    Rares Romănu 21 day ago

    28:42 romanian word

  • Charlike Mike Reagent

    Pure insanity. Yea, France and Germany waited until somehow tiny Catalonia managed to get half of the Span, okay, good luck :D This doesn't make any sense.

  • Hell_Razer_gaming-_-
    Hell_Razer_gaming-_- 23 days ago

    Israel will never be loved by arabs how did the make a war together?

  • Hell_Razer_gaming-_-
    Hell_Razer_gaming-_- 23 days ago

    I am from lebanon 🇱🇧🇱🇧

  • Valentin Hermanns
    Valentin Hermanns 23 days ago

    EU shall be united in the real world for Bruxelle,🇪🇺❤🇪🇺❤🇪🇺❤🇪🇺❤🇪🇺❤🇪🇺❤🇪🇺❤🇪🇺❤🇪🇺❤🇪🇺❤🇪🇺❤

  • Sory MC
    Sory MC 23 days ago

    TURKEY ARAB Mmhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Kurucz Dávid
    Kurucz Dávid 25 days ago

    Don't forget Transilvania, and Upper Hungary (and of course) the attached Hungarian populated areas attach to Hungary! DOWN WITH TRIANON!!

    • Patceran Mapper
      Patceran Mapper  20 days ago +1

      In the new Hungarian Republic in 2060, I have northern transylvania and Southern Slowakia to hungary

  • Fireball
    Fireball 25 days ago +1

    Cyprus is a part of NATO

    FPM PLANTA 26 days ago

    27:18 That was not very freedom of america!

  • Fiona Peci
    Fiona Peci 27 days ago

    When America wouldn’t help Albania or Kosovo.It would help Turkey,Austria,Germany,France and much other Countrys.And Serbia doesn’t have a right to took Kosovo from Albania because Kosovo and Albania are going to together in year 2025.

  • Liza Achia
    Liza Achia 28 days ago

    21:56 Hungary exists Germany attacked Poland Hungary in the same coalition as Germany

  • Dle Latino
    Dle Latino 28 days ago

    Your turning every country into a monarch

    GHOST Month ago

    Me as a syrian : Hold up wait a minute so iam now turkish?🧐

  • pingvin gamer
    pingvin gamer Month ago

    Im so happy hungary didn t died

  • TheFatCat Gaming
    TheFatCat Gaming Month ago

    braincells lost:6049858599
    reason: *United KIngdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland*

  • Amir Golmyemi
    Amir Golmyemi Month ago

    But now
    Turks are leaving syria
    You will have your empire in your dreams turks
    From iran

  • tien vo
    tien vo Month ago

    I just love how swisserland is so neutral

  • franek 123
    franek 123 Month ago

    Why did poland germany and other countries left NATO wtf

  • Çeçenistanlı Yağız


  • Duckling boi
    Duckling boi Month ago +1

    even tho this is an alternate future the part where spain tried annexing catalonia but failed is so unrealistic

  • AngelinaJamie [GD]
    AngelinaJamie [GD] Month ago

    What the hell is the music?

  • anonymous
    anonymous Month ago

    You offented me bitch 🖕

  • C & C Miller
    C & C Miller Month ago


    Syria : it's rewind time

  • Meme Addiction
    Meme Addiction Month ago

    Cmon nobody cares.about midle east

  • Zyane Go
    Zyane Go Month ago +2

    Since when is "Anschluss" a Englisch Word?

  • Leak'S
    Leak'S Month ago

    So you telling me that morocco was supported by all arab league but when spain suported sahrawi’s he got his ass kicked ? 🤣🤣🤣 dude review ur logic homie

  • vYr
    vYr Month ago

    spanish civil war 2 electric boogaloo

  • 73 Ttda
    73 Ttda Month ago


  • TheRedDinosaur VN
    TheRedDinosaur VN Month ago

    Natives american: excuse me what the fuck?

  • Michael Yeo
    Michael Yeo Month ago

    Crimea is with Ukraine because Ukraine touches it, russia did not (nearly)touches it

  • Nem Gam Boi
    Nem Gam Boi Month ago

    Bosnia wouldnt join nato because of republika srpska

  • Nem Gam Boi
    Nem Gam Boi Month ago

    Kosovo is actually sebia

  • Mina Raimi
    Mina Raimi Month ago

    This is not good

  • Games Boy
    Games Boy Month ago +1

    Why you bully poland

  • Adorable101
    Adorable101 Month ago

    *World War three happens*
    Switzerland relaxing