• Published on May 18, 2019
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  • Quang Tran
    Quang Tran  2 months ago +156

    Its official.. ALL FAST FOOD (Fried Chicken Spots in Vietnam) Has been reviewed on this channel here.... Should we do another round of fried chicken review or what!?! Hahah QUANG COOK ____________________!!!

    • ImNajar
      ImNajar 4 days ago

      Notification Quang

    • Virgil W
      Virgil W Month ago

      I don't know how to see yourself bro but to me, you are a Master Chef!!! You helped me step my fried chicken game up .

    • zuychan
      zuychan Month ago


    • Adam Fowler
      Adam Fowler Month ago


  • Fahad The giant
    Fahad The giant 2 hours ago

    بل على عظتك

  • David Reedman
    David Reedman 6 days ago


  • Ray Bai
    Ray Bai Month ago

    Wait what.. 7:05 ??

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Month ago

    Please do more close up bites!

  • Ron 93
    Ron 93 Month ago

    TWO adverts at the start ?

  • Khánh An Hồ
    Khánh An Hồ Month ago

    Lotteria is from Korea dude

  • Tan Lanh Dinh
    Tan Lanh Dinh Month ago

    Dirty joke ahead

    I bet if I got a big boner he would come and eat my pee pee since he likes drum sticks and you know what they can resemble

  • BAKA Luna GMS
    BAKA Luna GMS Month ago

    damn fried chicken at mcdoanlds?? :o

  • devonte swann
    devonte swann Month ago

    She seems like a really great and nice person quang I’m happy for u😁

  • Nickelodeon Nickelodeon ll Boomerang Cartoon Network Disney

    Hey Quang Tran make a Little Caesars video in Vietnam

  • League of Legends noice

    I eat pho smush because I’m Vietnam so yeah, oxtail fam.

  • damianraver
    damianraver Month ago

    Man I miss mc donalds wings. We always bought them when they were still served in the US. Crispy, crunchy, perfectly cooked, and perfectly salted. I miss them!

  • damianraver
    damianraver Month ago

    Hahah quang found someone who can clean chicken bones with him.
    Cartilage is the best part!!

  • Younnng B
    Younnng B Month ago

    Nobody wants to hear somebody smack food in their ear while they’re enjoying their meal

  • Younnng B
    Younnng B Month ago

    If i was eating with you, I’d be turned off and lose my appetite so quickly by the way you eat.

  • Younnng B
    Younnng B Month ago

    Be respectful to the people around you, when you’re alone eat as messy and loud as you want but if you’re eating with others the least you can do is eat respectfully for the people around you.

  • Younnng B
    Younnng B Month ago +2

    There’s 3 other people sitting at the table with you and you’re literally the one one smacking and slurping your food, even the guy eating the noodles isn’t smacking and slurping nearly as loud as you.

    • Deesylistics B
      Deesylistics B Month ago

      Younnng B you don’t like don’t watch the video it’s that simple. Don’t tell him how to live his life

  • Younnng B
    Younnng B Month ago +1

    Quit eating so rudely in front of guest... I’m sure they would enjoy their meal more if you weren’t fucking smacking and slurping. Learn some table manners nigga

  • Splash Attack TCG
    Splash Attack TCG Month ago


  • Wassup Cuhz
    Wassup Cuhz Month ago

    This man Quan said “He’s saying the chicken wings are better than the drums, I say nah, I say nah, the chicken wings are better” boiiiii you trippin, trippin!

  • mercgurl80
    mercgurl80 Month ago

    Damn I miss fried apple pie. McDonald’s back in the day had fried apple pies in the US. When they changed to baked apple pies in the early 2000s (to be more health conscious 🤨🙄), that was the end of an era. Asian McDonald’s locations are so lucky.

  • FoodforThought
    FoodforThought Month ago +1

    Disappointed to see that your manners and how are you eat haven't improved. You really need to try to eat like a civilised human being. I feel so sorry for anyone in the vicinity of you while you are eating. You will put them off their food, don't you realise that, or you don't care?

  • isa dang
    isa dang Month ago

    I just imagine chicken grease all over his camera lol

  • Donny Mello
    Donny Mello Month ago

    Sure would like some wings from McDonald's

  • Sbunlimited
    Sbunlimited Month ago

    The apple pies are like that in london too at least for me

  • Miguel Torres
    Miguel Torres Month ago

    You’re Annoying

    MR. RIDICULIOUS Month ago

    18:31 the man said the n word

  • Wynne Tu
    Wynne Tu Month ago

    Make more cooking vids pls 😀

  • Last K1ng
    Last K1ng Month ago +1

    No one:

    Quant: mhm mhm mhm

  • Amal El khouja
    Amal El khouja Month ago

    * want

  • Amal El khouja
    Amal El khouja Month ago

    Quang to be honest not really enjoying your videos in Vietnam, I wish you would show us foods in Vietnam that we wouldn't know about or all the traditional foods there. Love you what you to succeed and be greater

  • Puggles_Rule
    Puggles_Rule Month ago

    I’m still used to him eating in his car.. xd

  • sweet HONEY
    sweet HONEY Month ago

    is it hard orderin in vietnam

  • Bwa_Gwap
    Bwa_Gwap Month ago

    You eat to fast

  • Mike Lang
    Mike Lang Month ago

    Cookbook time

  • Cameron Yuen
    Cameron Yuen Month ago

    I like the close up bite.

  • anonymous 44
    anonymous 44 Month ago +1

    Future wife approves

  • Julia Chu
    Julia Chu Month ago

    Quang Tran aka Dr. fried chicken.

  • Isabel Shanar
    Isabel Shanar Month ago

    The McDonald’s in Texas are disgusting.... the chicken nuggets are grey and have air holes in it... 🕳

  • Mentor Beats
    Mentor Beats Month ago


  • Nafiur Rahman
    Nafiur Rahman Month ago

    Can you do a draw my life video?

  • Jackie
    Jackie Month ago

    QT seems like a nice guy BUT romantic wise ehhhh make a romantic date like roses nd shit lol

  • Jackie
    Jackie Month ago +2

    Plot twist: he is actually gay but they forcing him to marry a woman for cultural reasons

  • Jackie
    Jackie Month ago

    Lotteria means lottery in spanish lol

  • Ed K
    Ed K Month ago

    Have you tried the best Pho in Vietnam? Would love to see that.

  • Ramesh Rame
    Ramesh Rame Month ago

    I liked ur individual video only

  • jervez911
    jervez911 Month ago

    Needing more QT recipes man. Appreciate the content. Thank you for taking the time out to cut these vids even though you're not at home. They aren't really my cup of ramen but still shows your appreciation to your fans.

  • Bente Wap
    Bente Wap Month ago

    Quang can you make your own version of fried rice and mukbang it hehe 😊

  • Udodinachi Igwe
    Udodinachi Igwe Month ago

    Takes him 1.14 seconds and I eat other half still good tho

  • Exotic. Moddest
    Exotic. Moddest Month ago

    I wish he can make me a chicken sandwich he literally the best cook🤕🤕

  • Too Poor to have opinions on the Rich

    I remember in 95 they did have chicken in McDonalds back in the BX.

  • Ez Winz
    Ez Winz Month ago

    I could feed this dude shit and he would be like ummmm hmmmmm that’s good

  • Venom T
    Venom T Month ago

    i don't have fried chicken in america at mcdonald's i wish we did. also they change apple pie i wish they went back to the fried ones

  • roomforthefiiixins
    roomforthefiiixins Month ago

    Sorry man but I expected your Vietnam food tour to be a lot better than this. Every video has been almost exactly the same. Fast food, sitting and eating awkwardly next to your girlfriend for 20+ minutes, etc. Disappointing

  • Ken Ching
    Ken Ching Month ago

    He playin mobile legends haha

  • asmr. DMbites
    asmr. DMbites Month ago

    Looks good!! We don’t have fried chicken from McDonald’s as well. 😭😊

  • Smiely101
    Smiely101 Month ago +3

    I like your interactions w/ your girl better in this video

  • globalHell
    globalHell Month ago

    I'm pretty sure Heinz supplies the tomato sauce for McDonalds. Most of the world anyways

  • carl serrano
    carl serrano Month ago +1

    When can i comr by quang haha😂😂

  • Gtex_ legend
    Gtex_ legend Month ago

    bruh what life is your brother in law living?

  • Donn Pineda
    Donn Pineda Month ago

    Burger king deep fry theirs

  • Silverreploid CLE
    Silverreploid CLE Month ago +1

    Chicken and life is such a beautiful thing.. don't you think? XD I love this!

  • ChivaVert
    ChivaVert Month ago +4

    “in vietnam vietnam vietnam vietnam vietnam vietnam vietnam vietnam vietnam vietnam” same vids over and over no thought or creativeness.

  • nafis karim
    nafis karim Month ago

    ramadan feast

  • mikaelzoo
    mikaelzoo Month ago +1

    It’d called MIGHTY WINGS!!! They had it in America for a limited time. It was sold at 20 piece for 4.99$

  • Heneral Abs Supremo

    Im fasting right now and torturing myself at the same time watching this

  • Steven Nguyen
    Steven Nguyen Month ago

    Maybe start trying local delicacies once you're done with fast food...thats available all around the world

  • Hunter Lor
    Hunter Lor Month ago

    Hey Quang been here since 300k love all ur video's and enjoying. But in my opinion you have gone down hill, i hate it when u label 2-6 video's with "Future wife" it just shows desperation for content or more attention. Can you throwback an old modern of yourself, like if you cooking? Sorry, i dont want this as a hate comment. But I want some original content y'know? Again love your videos, keep ur good work, cuz im pumped!

  • kingzay 17
    kingzay 17 Month ago