PTERANODON BREAKOUT and SKINS!!! - Return to Jurassic Park Showcase DLC

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • In this video we go over all the skins for the Pteranodon as well as what happens when the aviary breaks and the Pteranodons escape.
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    Jurassic World Evolution allows you to create your own dinosaur island. Create all the dinosaurs you want from the film franchises and even ones never seen before. Build your parks on the five islands, taking on contracts and progressing the story to keep expanding your parks.
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Comments • 221

  • Malik Twitchell
    Malik Twitchell 11 days ago

    Pteranadon's is still on the island

  • Tyler Borland
    Tyler Borland 15 days ago

    I was kind of hoping that the pteranodons would attack the guests instead of going straight to the sky.

  • Adrian Moss
    Adrian Moss 18 days ago

    Every time I look at my tv when I’m playing Jurassic world Evolution it says Dino danger

    • Sala Gamer
      Sala Gamer 11 days ago

      Sometimes it’s because you have to many dangerous carnivores in a tight enclosed space

  • Gonna Die_Alone
    Gonna Die_Alone 20 days ago

    I think you’d like ark survival evolved

  • Jr Perry
    Jr Perry 23 days ago

    Imagine if a few minutes later a pterodactyl carcass that’s scorched fall from the sky

  • Cayden Afterkirk
    Cayden Afterkirk 23 days ago

    Cgjgttreesrssddttyuutttuyytpeseeee adv b CD rpo pro am rpo qm tareq r ett 7yessssss

  • Coconut —
    Coconut — 23 days ago

    How short this video was made me feel weird.

  • little wolfe
    little wolfe 26 days ago

    Is the dimorfidom are real dino [I can't spell their name so if you could correct me on that too]

  • XxMelanieKittyXxX
    XxMelanieKittyXxX 27 days ago

    so now i know why theres so many aviaries...

  • Ult1mate Charm3r
    Ult1mate Charm3r 27 days ago +1

    You should see what happens after a tornado hits a raptor pen...

  • Kenjay Ferrilus
    Kenjay Ferrilus 27 days ago

    The gaming beaver I bet my voice kind of sound like yours but I'm your biggest fan

  • Dailydrone28
    Dailydrone28 29 days ago

    I’ve been waiting for 2 years for this

  • King Ammonite
    King Ammonite 29 days ago +1

    I wish the pteranodons were a little bit more hostile and could attack guests, but instead they do what real pteranodons would do and are like “I’m a peace out pals!” Pteranodons in real life didn’t really fight anything and weren’t strong enough to pick up humans but this is Jurassic Park, and in Jurassic Park they should be a whole lot more hostile.

  • Liam Colotti
    Liam Colotti 29 days ago

    That’s also a twister not a hurricane

  • Liam Colotti
    Liam Colotti 29 days ago

    The term for flying reptiles is pterosaurs, pteranodon is a pterosaur as well as Quetzalcoatlus, dimorphodon, and pterodactyl, also none of the movies have had a pterodactyl!

  • Ticko bat Crump
    Ticko bat Crump Month ago

    Who’s in for other sky creatures for a sky battle royale

  • Ticko bat Crump
    Ticko bat Crump Month ago

    Can u delete the cage and let them free
    Also I think the mousssuar would be like this

  • BorgAssimilator
    BorgAssimilator Month ago

    1:06 Lol XD
    5:52 Tornado time. :)
    7:37 Pteranodons escaping.
    9:19 Remember the tornado broke the fences. ;)

  • a1 Kurd
    a1 Kurd Month ago

    Is the DLC free?

  • Eva Bawden
    Eva Bawden Month ago

    Behaves PLEASE PLAY DINOSOUR SIMULATOR on ROBLOX I'M begging you! It's had A LOT of updates and changed alot! Please I'd be very happy to watch! PLEASE READ THIS BEAVES

  • Kamden Black The awesomeness

    An fighting features for homocephale and compsagnathus

  • Kamden Black The awesomeness

    An they can hunt compys

  • Kamden Black The awesomeness

    An fighting features for pterodon an dimorph

  • Kamden Black The awesomeness

    They need to do an update an their in development to make the dimorphidon and to make kill features for pterodon and dimorph so they can attack people and dinosaurs

  • djjdh djhd
    djjdh djhd Month ago

    Why all the coop have peteralondon

  • ravenjehuty
    ravenjehuty Month ago

    just wait, they'll release another dlc with more flying dino types and they'll update the game so that when the cages break they flying dinos will break out and start attacking guests! all for the price take of $15.00 (not an ad, just calling it now in case it happens in the future...)

  • Sarry Helway
    Sarry Helway Month ago

    I hate life bc I can’t get it 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Dark Dragon
    Dark Dragon Month ago

    Gb can you please play the isle again, I really miss it

  • Mr. Tractorbooger
    Mr. Tractorbooger Month ago +8

    Dinosaur: I don’t feel like eating this human

  • Taten Wilsey
    Taten Wilsey Month ago

    we know that they could fly , so , what are you going to do when there
    in a battle royale.

  • K Fields
    K Fields Month ago

    I just got this add-on today!

  • StarLight TheRobot
    StarLight TheRobot Month ago

    Beaver: *just sits there and lets the threat go on with 2 low health dinos*

  • dino terminator
    dino terminator Month ago

    The cameras shots look like security cams

  • GodzillaKingOfTheMonsters 2019

    There should be a Welcome to Jurassic World
    New animation for Trex and Irex fight
    New trex skin
    New raptor skins
    New creature
    Aggresive to
    Indominus Rex
    Dinos now can go to main street
    New pigs
    Scared from
    New people
    Henry Wu
    Like if u agree

  • Jake Dragon2009
    Jake Dragon2009 Month ago +1

    Awww it's over. :(

  • Bradley McDaniel
    Bradley McDaniel Month ago +1

    It's a TORNADO :P The entire storm is either a Tropical Storm or a Hurricane (Depending on intensity) but the column of rotating air that reaches the ground and destroys everything in its path: that's a tornado.

  • JDMod789
    JDMod789 Month ago

    Is there any way I can download this into my PlayStation 4 console? If so, any helpful advice would certainly be most appreciated.

  • Guerrero Flores
    Guerrero Flores Month ago

    I just finished return to jurrasic park

  • Matthew Benoit
    Matthew Benoit Month ago

    beaver ur calling a tornado a hurricane a hurricane is a light storm not heavy

  • Noel Dylan
    Noel Dylan Month ago

    I wish that pteranodons would go for guest and pick hem up and drop them and if a pteranodon landed in a large carnivore exhibit it would chase it a the pteranodon would try to fly off and the carnivore would bite it and throw it down and eat it
    kill guest by picking it up and dropping them and then landing and eat them

  • MasterWolf
    MasterWolf Month ago

    I wish the pteranodons would attack humans when escaped or at least stay on the island not too high in the sky

  • Professor McGonagall

    Its a thornado not a hurricane

  • undead dodo
    undead dodo Month ago

    do u ever think they'll add a view where your a quest so u can walk around your own zoo

  • Job Besselsen
    Job Besselsen Month ago +1

    Can you get buildings from this dlc in the normal game?

  • Sebastian Christensen

    Please give us moee plsnet zoo

  • Awkward Gaming
    Awkward Gaming Month ago

    Anyone who plays dokkan

  • Yeetosaurus yeet
    Yeetosaurus yeet Month ago +1

    Can you put out more planet zoo vids please?

  • jasper bos
    jasper bos Month ago +1

    Bever make a planet zoo video

  • Hypro
    Hypro Month ago


  • Julian Gameplays
    Julian Gameplays Month ago

    I kinda wish the pteranodons would attack the guests by picking them up and throwing them to the ground

  • Jay Mishra
    Jay Mishra Month ago

    breing back zoo planet and mincraft dinosaurs

  • cool noob 43
    cool noob 43 Month ago

    Pls make a funny montage again

  • Fang
    Fang Month ago +3

    8:21 Ptera is like: I have to go now my planet needs me.
    James: But that's what the last one said?
    Ptera: Don't question my logic!

  • RNJR green
    RNJR green Month ago

    the one thing i'll say that sucks about this DLC is that you can't have two T-REXS in the same enclosure, the thing that we need to allow two is in the Dr.Wu DLC and that doesn't cover the JP era.

  • Camilo Iribarren
    Camilo Iribarren Month ago

    My god, it’s a bird cage.
    For what?

  • Jesse Clayton
    Jesse Clayton Month ago

    Peppa dinosaur

  • Derpinity YT
    Derpinity YT Month ago

    I’ll be at school at 10:00 am today
    Dang it


    Hey beaver I would luv for u to make another planet zoo that's one of my fav games on the channel mate 👌

  • gabriverse vlogs
    gabriverse vlogs Month ago

    Pecky eye's

    MRBIZCUIT 15 Month ago

    Do you ship apparel to South Africa?