Mar 20, 2017 Sean Spicer White House Briefing-Full Event

  • Опубликовано: 20 мар 2017
  • White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer talks about the House Intelligence Committee hearing into Russia's interference with the US elections. He comments about FBI director James Comey saying there is no evidence to back up President Donald Trump's claim that President Barack Obama tapped phones at Trump tower. He is also asked about Trump's frequent golfing and trips to Florida at taxpayer expense.

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  • loopba
    loopba Год назад

    Spicer will spend a few more years on earth, and then all of eternity burning in hell. He will at least be granted an eternity of gum to eat.

  • Teresa Young
    Teresa Young Год назад

    Sean SpicerGirl, he has one of those voices that makes you want to reach out and touch him with a blunt obtuse angled implement.

  • XaphillyatedX
    XaphillyatedX Год назад

    disgusting, contradictory, and deplorable

  • Brian Kehew
    Brian Kehew Год назад +1

    How does it feel to be a TRAPPED animal, Spicer? Hurts to watch, but will look amazing in our future historical context!

  • Mohammed Miara
    Mohammed Miara Год назад

    Holy shit I would rather work for Walmart than have to do Spicy's job

  • Vinky
    Vinky Год назад +1

    This sick fuck gets off on being rude to the press and lying.

  • shane mack
    shane mack Год назад +2

    McCarthyism is back!

  • MUFASA King
    MUFASA King Год назад +2

    Can't believe nothing from this guy. Why is Trump hiding behind these people?

  • benita benett
    benita benett Год назад +3

    trump will lie as with the birth movement shame.

  • no el
    no el Год назад +4

    this would be funny if it wasn't so sad

  • Prufrock
    Prufrock Год назад

    'Duplicity' a Freudian slip at 3130 perhaps.

  • Paul deTorch
    Paul deTorch Год назад

    I pity this guy...honestly.

  • rubs troll
    rubs troll Год назад

    Trump is Jesus.

  • bob tucker
    bob tucker Год назад +2

    Spicey has a tough job. Deep down, hes probably regretting taking this job. lol

  • Tommy Capps
    Tommy Capps Год назад +1

    Finally an honest, hard working , making America GREAT again President that loves our country! Can't wait to see all the good things that will happen in America because of his GREAT leadership.

  • Sandra S
    Sandra S Год назад +3

    Spicer is stuttering a lot due to nerves. He is seeing the future of this administration. It will get harder and harder to lie as more facts come out.

  • Sandra S
    Sandra S Год назад +3

    The house of cards is starting to fall!

  • Creative Life
    Creative Life Год назад +3

    Spicer's "arguments" for Trump's golfing hypocrisy and his expensive, almost every weekend trip to Florida are classic. Lol!! I swear his breath must stink from all of the sh*t coming out of it. Smh

  • Trump the Traitor
    Trump the Traitor Год назад +5

    this guy is actually defending a traitor to the American people

  • thv2101
    thv2101 Год назад +1

    "The conclusion of a collusion is an illusion caused my mass-delusion--and there's absolutely no confusion about that conclusion..." It's a bit like the idiot who has an absolute belief that there's no such thing as absolutes ... Jeeeeezus s**t!! 4 years? It'll be a miracle if this abomination of an administration lasts 4 MONTHS! Btw, is it humanly possibly for any member of this clown posse to answer a question without mentioning Hillary Clinton, at least once?

  • Co0k3i
    Co0k3i Год назад +2

    on one hand I like this. It's like drama tv, it's entertaining. like every week there's something new and Spicer just makes it better. It's like the character who knows this is all bad but he does his best to create the best b.s. but then I remember this is real life and I love this country and it hurts me physically to see this going on and I cringe when Trump tweets. It's like "please stop, just shhhh. You won, kay? you did it! No need to burn everyone else"

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung Год назад +1

    What a joke. When is Soicer going to walk away? His reputation is gone.

  • Trump the Traitor
    Trump the Traitor Год назад +12

    Trump For Prison 2017 🇺🇸

  • MrSmackmybitchup
    MrSmackmybitchup Год назад +3

    It's amazing how much he can say without actually saying anything...the guy just speaks in riddles!

  • Trump the Traitor
    Trump the Traitor Год назад +5

    scum bag

  • Otis Hall
    Otis Hall Год назад +1

    Boy he show beat the fuck out of that Bush.

  • Mikeyjohnson Johnson
    Mikeyjohnson Johnson Год назад +3

    he so fake trump yes man

  • Russia
    Russia Год назад +4

    Sean Spicer is tangled in Trump's nutsack. He sounds so stupid.

  • Batet Galadima
    Batet Galadima Год назад +1

    at least wear proper fitting suits and matching ties

  • rant404
    rant404 Год назад +2

    Sean "Spicy" Spicer is the Baghdad Bob of Washington, D.C.

  • Sha B
    Sha B Год назад +3

    And why is Trump meeting with Bill Gates to find a way to stop diseases and not with CDC. I guess he's gonna eliminate their (CDC) job positions too. Gates do give money but he also gave a speech on population control... depopulation! What a joke...regardless of race, creed, nationality...WE'RE ALL IN TROUBLE!!!!

    • LoosH
      LoosH Год назад

      sa google it

  • Thomas Fox
    Thomas Fox Год назад +6

    It's so fun watching these colluding scumbags squirm. Trump has been tweeting like a cornered animal all day so you know they are really feeling the heat now. I say crank it up & smoke these low-lives out! LMFAO!

  • Kenneth Moore
    Kenneth Moore Год назад +3

    People say that blacks lie, this white guy is a real lying professional. How can he keep this up. Maybe he goes to church After work to ask God to forgive Him.

    • steve mayala
      steve mayala Год назад

      Kenneth Moore who the hell says blacks lie ... and who in their right mind even listens to that... bro you need some self love...

    • thv2101
      thv2101 Год назад +3

      Kenneth Moore, "people" don't say that blacks like--only the racist scum among us do that. Like, say--Donald Trump and his ilk.

  • Kenneth Moore
    Kenneth Moore Год назад +17

    I have never seen a White Haus press Sprecher lie so much like this guy. How does he sleep at night.

    • Mohzart
      Mohzart Год назад

      Keeping campaign promises don't mean the promises were at all good. Plus, he really isn't keeping to his promises at all.

    • Daryl
      Daryl Год назад +1 my dimwitted friend, Trump is a breath of fresh air...only a low IQ drooling imbecile would claim otherwise. All his campaign promises are being kept, unlike Pinokio Obama who had pretty speeches that never came true.

    • WileyCoyote69
      WileyCoyote69 Год назад

      Well now I know what mask to get for next Halloween. A Soros mask. Clearly he terrifies you. You know. Like the Boogeyman!
      Also, pretty funny seeing you put "truth" in the same sentence as "Trump". It's like you don't have ears to hear that the man lies in virtually every sentence he utters--contradicting himself not only between speeches, but sometimes in concurrent SENTENCES. "Don't take what he says seriously" is the defense now being used by the defenders with the biggest hard-ons for him. Because you know... that's what you want in a President. A total inability of the general public to tell when we're supposed to treat what he says with authority vs. the million other times when we're just supposed to accept that an hour later Sean Spicer is going to say something totally different and attribute it to Trump, then Kellyanne Conjob will say something even more different the next weekend on the Sunday shows and attribute it to Trump, then Trump himself will ignore both of them and double or triple down on his lie.
      Yup. That's all Soros' fault! Clear as day!

    • Daryl
      Daryl Год назад

      Fake anti-trump mobs??? You are correct, they are fake. They pretend to be protesters when in reality between the Ford Foundation and George Soros, millions have been paid to them in the last few months to create conflict, violence, and anarchy. The left has on 78 occasions publically called for violence and using any means needed to get Trump impeached. It is you that is spreading rumor and gossip while I am seeking truth.

    • WileyCoyote69
      WileyCoyote69 Год назад

      +ThaiChina Malay Interesting how you not only feel you have to make up fake violent anti-Trump "mobs", you also had to totally conflate and intentionally confuse and muddy the distinction between the VERBAL attacks +Teresa Young mentioned and these invented violent protesters.
      Typical tactics. Distorting what people say, so you can invent a hook for a counteract.

  • Clara Adams
    Clara Adams Год назад +6

    Truly sad to see Republicans wanting power so badly that they are willing to commit treason with America's greatest adversary, RUSSIA. We The People want them all locked up!

    • Marc LaClear
      Marc LaClear Год назад +5

      Take your tin foil off your head and prove your allegations.

    • cfreetenor
      cfreetenor Год назад +2

      Clara Adams The 80's called, they want their foreign policy back

  • Malca's Grace
    Malca's Grace Год назад


  • Debbie's Back Porch
    Debbie's Back Porch Год назад +5

    He must have watched a different hearing than I did.

  • owl lee
    owl lee Год назад

    is his hair roll back alittle XD?!

  • Cameron
    Cameron Год назад +11

    Spicer is a hypocrite. He defends Trump's position on the wiretapping, claiming that it is still an ongoing investigation, alluding to the possibility that it did even though there is no evidence to support it. Then does an about face on the issue of any collusion between the Trump administration and Russia, claiming that (@ the 10 min mark), you can continue to search for something that isn't there but it won't matter.
    Edit: changed idiot to hypocrite

    • Creative Life
      Creative Life Год назад

      Cameron Inglis Thought the same and I actually felt the "what the hell" manifest on my face. Lol!! I was like, but you just said... Smh

    • Cameron
      Cameron Год назад

      @ 15:25 they ask Spicer about the blatant hypocrisy
      Edit:needed to correct the time stamp

  • Susan Trigg
    Susan Trigg Год назад +5

    He needs a new line of employment!

  • NgaiOlaudah
    NgaiOlaudah Год назад +4

    THIS IS A SPINNING ASS HAT NOT A SITTING AND NEITHER A GOOD White House Press Secretary!!! This is a freakish departure from the norm AND a clown who used to have an Easter Bunny suit which is the ONLY thing he can do perhaps... entertaining little children!

    • kalidesu
      kalidesu Год назад

      The toady media all put their hands up like little children, no chocolate eggs for you.

  • rumbellefever
    rumbellefever Год назад +9

    Sean Spicer is just about the rudest person around....When this is all over with...He needs to leave the country!! Good Grief....Who would actually want to hire him after all his lies and lack of integrity!!!...!!!! :( :( :(

    • John Tatum
      John Tatum Год назад +1

      Bill Gates is responsible for Common Core which is why liberals cannot have a conversation without profanity.

    • John Tatum
      John Tatum Год назад +3

      Actually if he is rude...which he is not...he would fit in well with the rude trolls in this comment section.

    • Tarpon pride
      Tarpon pride Год назад +1


    • Bob Pratt
      Bob Pratt Год назад +3

      So 1) Bet Bill Gates asked Trump why he reinstated the stupid Gag Rule, risking women's health around the world. 2) The Administration's total face plant today is Really Bad for Judge Gorsuch. Bummer those folks spent all that $$ on TV ads and it's all gone to waste thanks to little fingers and a cell phone.

    • Creative Life
      Creative Life Год назад +1

      rumbellefever He really is. Smh I swear, if I were a journalist, I'd just punch him in the face and leave. Lol! He is pitiful.

  • Robert England
    Robert England Год назад +1

    "on Health Care and it's negative impacts on Industry" @5:25 Kinda says it all.

  • bobtheborg
    bobtheborg Год назад +1

    Baghdad Bob would be proud.