The Basics of Video Creation using Video Pad Pro (Professional) by NCH Software Part 1

  • Published on Jun 24, 2020
  • Newly added part 2

    If you have never used Video Pad Pro I will help you get your first video imported, edited, exported and ready for upload. We will keep it simple and cover some of the most basic features like titles, editing clips, transitions between scenes, fading in and fading out. Thanks for watching!

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  • Coffee, Computers and More

    Here is the link to part 2!

    • 👑𝑺𝑼𝑳𝑻𝑨𝑵👑
      👑𝑺𝑼𝑳𝑻𝑨𝑵👑 Month ago

      Is this 100% free?

    • Gary Ryan
      Gary Ryan 3 months ago +1

      Can you help me please . How do I get it back to the original screen like you are showing . I did some thing and now all I have is one big screen . Appreciate all help

    • Bel Arevalo
      Bel Arevalo 4 months ago +1

      Hi Sir! Thank you for this one!! Bery informative. Sending love from PH

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  7 months ago

      @Tin Man That is a good question. When I loaded my 4K footage it was an MP4 or DVI clip so I’m going to say No. Check the NCH website to see which video formats are compatible.

    • Tin Man
      Tin Man 7 months ago +1

      Can it shoot 4k and 6k raw?

  • Neil James Thompson
    Neil James Thompson Year ago +96

    There are a lot of really bad Videopad tutorials on here, but this is a great example of how it should be done. Clear, easy to listen to and follow. Great job Travis!

  • Samuel Seager
    Samuel Seager Year ago +20

    A perfect tutorial. Well paced, very nicely explained, and you covered just the essentials to get started. As a bonus your voice was not overly annoying. Good job!

  • Marie Jeanelle Gaite
    Marie Jeanelle Gaite 9 months ago +1

    Hi Travis, just have a questions about the timeline view. The video and music in the timeline view right under the sequence 1 tab is too small, it used to be bigger just like how it is in your video, but I dont know how to adjust it so that the gray space where it says "drag and drop your vide, text and image clips here to overlay" and also the "drag and drop your audio clips here to mix" will be smaller. And it will make the view of video track 1 and audio track 1 bigger.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  9 months ago

      All of the black border lines between the boxes can be made bigger or smaller by clicking and draggin them up, down or left, right. That shoud help adjust box size. Also, if you save your work, extit and come back into the program you should see the size reset.

  • Sadaf Chowdhury
    Sadaf Chowdhury Year ago +5

    Just finished part 1, moving on to part 2! Safe to say this was the best video made on videopad tutorial by a large margin! Your videos were really short, simple and informative. Bro, you owe me my first yt video!

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago +1

      Thanks for watching! Yeah, they run for a while but I had so much to cover in the first part. Thank you for the compliment and thanks for watching!

  • Spy Bug
    Spy Bug Year ago +2

    You definitely have a talent for tutorials... wish this would have been around before I had to stumble around trying to figure this out on my own.
    I learned a lot of new things watching your video and am getting ready for part two. Video Pad has everything I need, I love the process of creating videos. BUT! It freezes and locks up my PC every time I use it. I have to use the task manager to shut down the computer. (I've tried Taskm > file > new task run explorer.exe) Still locked up! - Fortunately, it usually saves & reloads when I'm up and running. A great program...I just have to solve the freeze up.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago +1

      Be sure to check out my advanced features video for Video Pad Pro! As for the system freezing, do you have your PC with all updates installed? I know it would cost money but you may be better off paying for a fresh download of the program and get the newest version.

  • Jeri Preston
    Jeri Preston Year ago +3

    Great tutorial! I have a question about overlaying videos and images. In your example, the coffee video you placed in the upper right hand corner, is there a way to blur the edges of these overlays so there isn't such a stark difference between the overlay and base project?

    • Jeri Preston
      Jeri Preston Year ago

      @Coffee, Computers and More Excellent - I'll give it a go and thank you! Looking forward to learning anything you discover about the topic.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago +1

      When you insert the second video using the “motion” effect there is a little windows that pops up that allows you to modify the Picture in Picture you are seeing. There may be an additional effect that you can select from the effects box that show up on your screen. I will try to see if I can find you an option today because I know you can do more than just insert a second video on the program.

  • Thomas Witwicki
    Thomas Witwicki Year ago +3

    Well done! I just started using VideoPad in the past week, and this video has been of immense help. Now I'll go back to my video clips that I'm making to illustrate gardening techniques and use some of the effects you've described. Many thanks and I've subscribed.

    • person
      person 6 months ago

      if u need a activation key lmk

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      Glad to help, thanks for watching and welcome to the channel! I may make another part in the near future!

  • john kneeland
    john kneeland Year ago +1

    Just so people know, with the free version of VideoPad, you can just bring in the .mov files that every video recorder creates. With the so-called Pro version, they have to be mp4s. Makes no sense, but you can convert your .mov files into mp4s using the windows 10 trim function.

  • ian g marshall
    ian g marshall 8 months ago +4

    Hello there Travis, Many thanks, much appreciate all the vital tips you give us... What would be the difference - when EXPORTING the project - in observing the process you give us (TimeCode @ 20:00)
    which seems totally logical, and just hitting the 'export to You Tube button' the program gives us in the export list? Cheers

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  8 months ago

      The reason why is that I save all of my videos on an external and second internal hard drive on my computer. By doing a traditional export I have a copy of my video that I can save wherever it may be necessary. Uploading to RUclip is fine but you get less initial creative options vs. using the RUclip creator studio but at least Video Pad gives you the option.

  • Emilija Stamenkovic
    Emilija Stamenkovic 4 months ago +1

    I just found this channel and am glad I did as am going through looking for video software that's not so expensive and not to complex, this looks like a perfect fit but I have a question, when you upgrade your licence is it monthly fee, or you buy it out right? Thank you for great tutorial sir👍

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  4 months ago +1

      You pay one price and are allowed to load it to one computer. The only thing extra you pay are extra editing features but that is only if you want them. But you get quite a bit to start with. What you see me use in this video is what is included in the version that I bought without buying anything extra.

  • Robin Lane Lowe
    Robin Lane Lowe Year ago +1

    This is a fabulous tutorial ❤ thank you so so much. I've had this program for about a year and you still had tips and tricks I didn't know about. Thanks again. I just subscribed ☺

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      @Robin Lane Lowe I will do that! Thanks!!

    • Robin Lane Lowe
      Robin Lane Lowe Year ago +1

      @Coffee, Computers and More and I will watch that too...and a part 3 if you post. You are sooo easy to follow and I appreciate that. I'm old and technology is not my friend ha. If you ever need some cleaning motivation 😁 I've got it for you on my channel. Happy Sunday

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago +1

      Thanks for watching! I've done a part 2 now and may do a part 3!

  • Scott Ouellette
    Scott Ouellette Year ago +2

    I have to say, this was a well made tutorial. I've been making videos for my youtube channel on Windows Movie Maker for over ten years and I've recently bought a new computer with Windows 10 (which doesn't support movie maker) So I bought VideoPad, but found it to be very overwhelming. Your video helped a great deal, thank you very much!! Scott.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      Enjoy part 2!

    • Scott Ouellette
      Scott Ouellette Year ago

      @Coffee, Computers and More Oh yes, baby steps! I do like the way VideoPad is set up, and I've been using WavePad for well over ten years, so that helps when using VideoPad. Thank you again!

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      Glad to help. The key is to only focus on the features you need and then slowly learn how to do more. I agree. When I first used it I was coming over from Cyber Video or Cyber DVD so the transition wasn’t too rough.

  • Judy Blair
    Judy Blair Year ago +1

    So helpful. I'm a beginner and learned the little bit that I need to know in about 10 minutes. Thank you!

  • Melanie Stack
    Melanie Stack 7 months ago +1

    Thanks for the great overview. You make it look easy. I am feeling a little less intimated and ready to give it a try.

  • Leander Mendoza
    Leander Mendoza 2 months ago +1

    Great video! Thanks! I do have a question on editing a simple music video. It is basically a choir singing one song but I had 3 cameras taking the video so I have 3 video files. I also recorded the audio separately so I can have a good clean audio file. I just don't know how to splice up the 3 videos to form one video. Would you be able to help? Thanks!

    • Leander Mendoza
      Leander Mendoza 2 months ago

      @Coffee, Computers and More Thank you for your reply and input. I actually applied the same concept as you did with your video except I had to align all three videos so that the audio are synced. I attempted to delete one segment and was pleased to see that the remaining clips didn't move out of place which was my concern would happen. So I continued cutting and deleting the segments that I didn't want and I was able to actually create a continuous video with the separate audio file synced! Your video really helped. Thank you!!!

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  2 months ago +1

      That is a tough one and I don’t have an answer for you. There may be an option to allow a segment of video to play over another one. The only way that I would know how to do it would be to drop your multiple clips on video track 1, video track 2, video track 3, etc and delete the portions from track 2 and track 3 and track 4 that you don’t want to see and on those portions you don’t delete, the program will play that particular portion of the video track. You can also mute the audio on those other tracks. You just need to be sure that the tracks all start at the same place on the timeline.

  • Emad Shifan
    Emad Shifan Year ago +3

    You are the best 🙌! I was going to start editing my videos and no one explained how to use this software better than you! I cannot express how thankful I am! THANKS ALOT!

  • The Bricklayers Channel

    Thanks, I am in the process of uploading bricklaying videos, this vid really helped a lot. Simple and too the point and showed me actually how to add text, fade in and out, upload, save and all sorts, thanks again

  • We-Are-Electric
    We-Are-Electric Year ago +1

    Excellent video. Went through lots of videos yesterday to try to find one that would get me to a point where I could make basic content and get it uploaded. Every video I watched I soon found was poor.
    I then found your video and in a couple of hours of watching and trying the software alongside with my own videos and pictures I am confident I am in a position to produce a video and get it uploaded.

    If anyone reading this is looking to get started with Video Pad then this is the video to watch first.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      Enjoy part 2!

    • We-Are-Electric
      We-Are-Electric Year ago

      @Coffee, Computers and More I'll await it.
      Just don't make it too complicated !

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      @We-Are-Electric Thank you for the feedback and I think I will make a part 2! Thank you for watching!

    • We-Are-Electric
      We-Are-Electric Year ago +1

      @Coffee, Computers and More It's not long winded,it covers enough detail for someone new to the software. It is easy for someone familiar with the software to get casual with the mouse - so it is not always 100% clear what they are selecting. The number of times I have seen a mouse cursor whizzing round the screen and I have no idea what the person is clicking on. People presenting videos often miss the point completely and the video is rendered useless
      very quickly. When I see a video like that I just move to the next one quickly and try that instead..After all, your video was less than half an hour and has got me to the point where I am confident of getting my first video together.. I managed to emulate most of it on the first pass - revisiting it again to cover a couple of points that didn't work so easily first time. I've spent less time on your video than I have watching other videos that I have given up on. I hope this post will encourage others to stop at this video and watch it through. A second video on more use of text and also putting your own voice over at different points of the video probably covers most of what I ever see on RUclip videos.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      Thank you for watching! I'm a bit long winded but I wanted to cover the most important details so you could at least get a video finished.

  • Vidya Krishna Swamy
    Vidya Krishna Swamy 2 months ago +1

    Hi there, thank you so much for your help. As i tried to use it, i found the following issues. Would you please guide a) The video i recorded on phone and transferred to videopad editor on laptop somehow appears very small when finally exported to mp4. So its like a tiny bit on the whole youtube screen. How may i rectify that? b) Is there any check to do on phone before we start recording for youtube, so that it appears neat and complete as a mp4 video c) If there is a video (with audio) and i want that to be on a low volume while i play another audio/call for action during the same timeline, I see only option for muting the linked audio. Which means the video I am playing cannot be muted and only the audio has to be muted. How do I get this done? Thanks in advance.

  • DRB
    DRB 8 months ago +1

    Great video! When I try bringing in images on Video Pad they usually turn out blurring. I tried a 1500 x1500 image and it looks blurry and and amateur. If anyone knows why I sure would like you to post it here.

  • Aussie Walker
    Aussie Walker 9 months ago +2

    Hi Travis, Ive had my VP for a few months and rarely use it. After watching your video I think I will use it now! Thanks for your video! 😀

  • Constantin198413
    Constantin198413 11 months ago +1

    ive been looking for a user friendly program for simple editing and you sir have answered the call with this video . ! you EARNED your likes and subscribe ! THANK YOU !

  • Debra Berry
    Debra Berry Year ago +6

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have watched this video twice, the second time I took notes. Your demo and instructions are on point and were easy to follow.

  • snowdogg106
    snowdogg106 11 days ago

    Hello, I have a question how do you move the position of the overlay webcam to a different place on scene in case it is blocking important text or imaging cold you please do a tutorial on that or point to a video with a guide kind regards

  • Scott Ouellette
    Scott Ouellette Year ago +1

    If I may ask a question...I'll be adding a video of me playing guitar, and a separate recording/file of me playing the music. When I drop the video file in, the audio is obviously included. Is it possible to delete the original audio file, or do you just mute it. Then, is it possible to add the new audio file? I've had very little luck doing this simple task. Thank you.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      Enjoy part 2!

    • Scott Ouellette
      Scott Ouellette Year ago

      @Coffee, Computers and More Thank you very much for that, I'll give it a try.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      I would just mute it and drop the new audio track above it onto the timeline. There may be a way to delete just the audio but I have never done that before

  • WAI Channel
    WAI Channel 6 months ago +2

    Thank you very much for the tutorial which is very clear and very useful especially for video makers ^__^

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith 2 months ago +1

    I doubt I can say more than's been said already but this IS the finest tutorial video I've ever seen. You got my subscribe that's for sure.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  2 months ago

      Thanks for watching! I may go back to the part 2 tutorial and see what comments made and put together a part 3

  • Jo Dell Stevenson
    Jo Dell Stevenson 4 months ago

    Thank you so much. This has taught me more than the tutorials from the program.

  • 加园小静
    加园小静 Year ago +1

    very clear and easy to follow, thank you for good job!

  • Nikah Gatchalian
    Nikah Gatchalian 11 days ago

    Nice tutorial! I just have a question on how to have a clear resolution. I made one and the outcome was kinda blurry.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  10 days ago

      When you go to export it, try choosing a 1080P 45fps or 60fps setting. You may be choosing 720 or less resolution.

  • Bits n PCs
    Bits n PCs Year ago +2

    Thanks for being short and sweet. You covered a lot of topics without any waste of time. Really appreciate that.

  • Elite
    Elite 9 months ago +3

    Thank you very much for this! ^^ I am making videos, but I am not posting them, I am watching them myself and my family can watch them as well. So, I got an editing app, which was VideoPad, and I was like "How on earth do I use this?" so, thank you very much.

  • Dennis Seisun
    Dennis Seisun Year ago +4

    Definitely one of the best tutorials. Thank you.

  • Smileys Got A Gun
    Smileys Got A Gun 6 months ago +1

    This video is better than the tutorial videos that Videopad provide! One question - how can I put in background music and still have the original audio playing. Can't seem to work out how to have two audios if that makes sense. Basically I want my gaming video with all its original sounds playing with a little background music playing in the background

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  6 months ago

      You can drop your audio on a separate track on the production timeline. Click on the audio track and you can turn the volume of the music down so you can hear it at any level you prefer.

  • Alan Kwiatkowski
    Alan Kwiatkowski Year ago +1

    You sir are a life saver....great lesson. Sub+

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      Thanks! And when you have time check out my part 2 where I show more advanced features of the program!

  • Ashley Parisio
    Ashley Parisio Year ago +2

    Great, helpful video! When I place an image (i.e. your coffee image) into the timeline where you show us to, it doesn't give me an option at all to add a transition. Do you know what I'm doing wrong?

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      Enjoy part 2!

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      Glad to help!

    • Ashley Parisio
      Ashley Parisio Year ago +1

      @Coffee, Computers and More Can you believe I tried that, but I guess I didn't zoom in enough, HA! Thank you so much for responding, it cured my frustration! :)

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago +1

      Use the slider at the bottom to zoom in on the timeline and that will show you the little transition boxes you click to add transitions. The other option is to click on one side of the image on the timeline and drag it to make it longer, this also brings up the transition mini boxes, but also makes the photo stay in your video longer.

  • Isabel Cone
    Isabel Cone Year ago +5

    I would love an advanced version of this! ((voice effects, zooming out, etc)) I can''t find any that show the advanced features!

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago +2

      Here ya go!

    • travisp11
      travisp11 Year ago +3

      I think I’m gonna film a part two this weekend so hang in there. I have been making a list of stuff people want to learn and will see what I can do!

  • Uno Tratanti
    Uno Tratanti Year ago +2

    Just an amazing explanation, i found it super useful, Thanks a LOT!!!

  • Purushottam Sharma
    Purushottam Sharma 5 months ago +1

    Thank you so much sir. We got your explanation, explained systematically. 😜
    You too take care. 😊

  • John Smith
    John Smith 11 months ago +2

    Great just bloody great
    I owned this WavePad Editor for about a year there might be like a few days left till it expires
    I have learned SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH in 25 mins from you

  • david kaz mbolela
    david kaz mbolela Year ago +1

    Great tutorial I learned a lot in this short video.. other tutorials were very confusing Thanks

  • 杰夫Jeff
    杰夫Jeff 5 months ago +2

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial :)
    Do you know the video maximum length that NCH VidepPad can to compose ?

    • 杰夫Jeff
      杰夫Jeff 5 months ago

      @Coffee, Computers and More thank you

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  5 months ago +1

      I've read 3-4 hours but be prepared for some long processing or export times unless you have a powerful computer.

  • Icemvn
    Icemvn 10 months ago +1

    hey there i record videos on 120fps and 120HZ and it seems the software previews at 60fps making the video very distorted.. is there anyway to change that to make the quality clearer?

  • Harris Torrices
    Harris Torrices 10 months ago +1

    Brilliant tutorial presentation. Very clear. Good job. Thanks

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 5 months ago +1

    this was a very good tutorial, nice job. It really helped

  • KidNdadGaming
    KidNdadGaming 10 months ago +1

    A very educational video. Thanks alot for the help mate!

  • Matthew Glosenger
    Matthew Glosenger 10 months ago +2

    Ok, so I liked the video for what it was but my particular problem is that, when I add an audio file, I can seem to get it to sync with the video.

    If I’m working on audio, my video disappears and vice versa.

    I saw you don’t have many videos on this but could you help me out?

    Please! 😁

  • Magikman Chronicles Podcast

    Thank you for helping me learn the basics and helping me get my podcast going better with your help

  • OurLifeInFrames
    OurLifeInFrames 9 months ago +5

    Would you know the exact dimensions of an image that can fit perfect on the screen without scaling or distorting the image? TIA

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  9 months ago

      I would guess that 1920x1080 would fit the screen with no mods given the resolution of the program I am running produces 1080p video.

  • Lonewolf9 Weight Loss
    Lonewolf9 Weight Loss 23 days ago

    Thank you so much sir! So very helpful 💯🙏😃👍

  • Anne Rendel
    Anne Rendel Year ago +1

    Hi, is there an option where I can crop a video clip and add multiple videos playing at the same time? if yes, how do I do that. Thanks in advance.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      Enjoy part 2

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      If you use the special effects motion option that I did when I added picture in picture in my video you can do that. You can drop multiple videos on the same clip but must manually size them to all fit the same frame. There may be a different way but that is the only way that I know how to do it. Also check all of the options on the Effects/Video Effects tab

  • The Only Guilty Man in Shawshank

    Great video... I just purchased Video Pad Pro and this has been very helpful. Thank you!

  • Barb Vibes
    Barb Vibes Year ago +1

    Good Job, simple and well done. Thank you

  • Josh F
    Josh F 9 months ago +1

    This was super helpful, thank you!

  • Inside Me
    Inside Me Year ago +1

    Thank you! Your explanation so clear and so cool. I hope you make another video If possible.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      Enjoy part 2!

    • Inside Me
      Inside Me Year ago +1

      @Coffee, Computers and More
      Thankfully for support!
      I used to export 2 videos it's OK. And after that it allows me to save only.
      VideoPad didn't ask me to upgrade but it ask me 3 different types.
      1, Ask to purchase.
      2, Enter cord if already purchased.
      3, Use demo version.
      when I use demo version it was not possible to export anymore.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago +1

      @Inside Me I thought that you could make at least 1 video within the first 7 days but they may have changed that option. When you go to export does it ask for you to upgrade?

    • Inside Me
      Inside Me Year ago +1

      @Coffee, Computers and More I think I have problems when exporting video. This program's not allowed me to export video without pro-version. Can I export video without purchasing?

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago +1

      I definitley need to look into some of the advanced features.

  • Jessa Balbuena
    Jessa Balbuena 4 months ago

    Hi! I was about to purchase the license but do you have an idea what's the use of plugins?

  • Laurie Holland
    Laurie Holland 11 months ago +1

    This was a really great tutorial!

  • Truus
    Truus 9 months ago +1

    thanks Travis for this explanation really good , I am new at this but you gave me the confidence that i will learn this and it will not be such a big struggle that i thought it whold be, ha ha ha LOL

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    I love this software cheers for showing us how to use it

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    Excellent explanation!!!! Thank you!

  • Deano MOOD
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    I just downloaded this app and I am definitely going to be looking up to this video as I try to get used to this app.

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    this video was very helpful. I was able to edit my video get it uploaded right after watching this. Note I haven't done video in about 8 years. thanks for the help.

  • Vidya Krishna Swamy
    Vidya Krishna Swamy 2 months ago +1

    Thank you so much . A very well done video. How do I get subscribe and like icons to include in the video? How do I add them in the video?

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  2 months ago

      That is actually done through RUclip when you upload. You end the end screen subscribe button and video options

  • Scelusia
    Scelusia 11 months ago +1

    Thank you, good sir.
    Gonna watch this and part 2 later tonight!

  • PompeyMatt17
    PompeyMatt17 11 months ago +2

    UPDATE - Just tried the licence key and it as long as you're MOVING software from one pc to another you can re enter your original licence key. I did it and got "Registration Successful" and I'm now running a licenced version on my new PC

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    Thanks a lot, it really added value to me.

  • PompeyMatt17
    PompeyMatt17 11 months ago +2

    I copied the source files from my old XP machine to my new W10 machine and it works so far. NCH seem to say that'll work unless you try and run both.....I've created new videos on my W10 machine but admittedly not rendered them yet to see if there's a watermark on the final video..

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    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  10 months ago

      @Perfectly Imperfect Junk Journals be sure to export your video in a format that you tube will accept. I upload my video to RUclip using the RUclip studio. I don’t upload to RUclip using the video pad pro software directly. You may be trying to upload an un exported video
      File which may explain why you get the file error.

    • Perfectly Imperfect Junk Journals
      Perfectly Imperfect Junk Journals 10 months ago +1

      Hi again I combined three videos and to do a voice over the video, I deleted the original audio and clicked on RECORD which allowed me to do Video Over. This allowed me to watch the video and while I recorded. :) Maybe I gave you a new tool. :)

    • Perfectly Imperfect Junk Journals
      Perfectly Imperfect Junk Journals 10 months ago

      Ok I will try and work on it. Thank you.

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  10 months ago +1

      You can record your voice and save a voice track directly to the video using the voice recording function. You can use that newly recorded voice track to play over the video you are showing. Be sure to check out my part 2 in the series!

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    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  10 months ago +2

      You can use the free version for a few days and get to the point where you export your first video before you have to pay. The free version is just a teaser as they lock some of the features out. Thanks for watching!

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    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  8 months ago

      I'm not sure as I don't upload straight to RUclip. I usually do a screen shot and then crop down my image for thumbnails.

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    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      @dont worry glad to help!

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      @dont worry your welcome!

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    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      You can always open up a past project that you worked on by creating a save file. All you need to do is be sure to keep the previous clips around of the video you want to edit, open the save file and add any additional footage that you wish, export a final copy and you are good to go

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    is alright with me, no doubt it makes quality videos, but the encoding
    process is very slow, too slow, it may be worth it at times to sacrifice
    time for quality, but the time it takes to make a video can be a big
    factor, 4 hours to make a video a lot of people will not find it acceptable...........

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  8 months ago

      @redredboston222 elecelec176 It can also depend on the hardware you are running the program on.

    • redredboston222 elecelec176
      redredboston222 elecelec176 8 months ago +1

      @Coffee, Computers and More if your making a 2 hour video that 4hours,
      double the time that you stated, of course how many options you insert
      into the video will extend the process time. be well my friend

    • Coffee, Computers and More
      Coffee, Computers and More  8 months ago

      You make some solid points and I do agree across the board. As for encoding, I really think it depends on the computer. The export time for me is usually double the length of the video itself so I can work with that.

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      Coffee, Computers and More  Year ago

      I dont think you can. The only thing you can do is either have a fade in or click on the film clip you want to modify and click on "Video Effects" and apply one of those to the clip but that still wont allow transition effects instead of fade in. You could drag and drop an all black screen shot into the beginning of your video and have that last just a few seconds and then have it transition into your first recorded clip. The viewers probably wouldnt pick up on the dead space at the start of the video.

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