the misfits go on vacation (BAD IDEA)

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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  • Fitz
    Fitz 5 months ago +39801

    this is why i never upload

  • The yeet King
    The yeet King 17 hours ago

    1:11 the inner shell of the fleshlight

  • US Soga
    US Soga Day ago +1

    My Fat as laying on my bed
    The misfits just randomly going to Fiji

  • Angelica Gonzalez
    Angelica Gonzalez 2 days ago +1

    Fug The age limet

  • xSuper Novax
    xSuper Novax 3 days ago +1

    Has swagger just been jacking off in a hotel room for the duration of the time they were there?

  • Cute Baby Animals Awesomeness

    I feel as if Fitz is the only adult here.

  • Its S71X
    Its S71X 4 days ago

    Why at 49 does Matt look like a fuckin nugget

  • Lukas taimalie
    Lukas taimalie 6 days ago

    Bru swagger has a beard look closer to his face when they are face timing

  • Jakesmate
    Jakesmate 6 days ago

    3:17 bruh, is zuckles on Crack?

  • iMrEpicGoat
    iMrEpicGoat 6 days ago

    6:26 in my country that means dickdick

  • Mr _0zz
    Mr _0zz 6 days ago +1

    10:05 swaggers face a little exposed

  • HappyGlowWorm
    HappyGlowWorm 6 days ago +3

    Boy leg underpants are for girls. At least where I'm from

  • M!LK
    M!LK 6 days ago

    5:47 that t shirt is 170 dollars

  • Charles Ford
    Charles Ford 6 days ago

    Hurley is the type of guy that can flex in any outfit and look good in everything

  • Jack McDowell
    Jack McDowell 7 days ago

    Is toby actually bi or whatever, or is it just a meme?

  • harm
    harm 7 days ago

    This shit is so gay...
    I love this cunt

  • Jacob Jusino
    Jacob Jusino 7 days ago

    What's that song that is used at 4:16?

  • Pasta Boi
    Pasta Boi 7 days ago

    the song at 7:50 is wii by camstra

  • Romain Gannon
    Romain Gannon 8 days ago

    3:31 im speechless

  • Yeet Chan
    Yeet Chan 8 days ago

    Pose for the camera aaaaannd... go!

  • Deanna Celestino
    Deanna Celestino 8 days ago +1

    Someone tell me who Hurley is and what his @!?

  • John Tong
    John Tong 8 days ago


  • Melquisedec Quijada
    Melquisedec Quijada 9 days ago

    Why tf is this aged restrcited

  • SweetLiesTodd
    SweetLiesTodd 9 days ago +1

    "That's you in 5 years after i break your legs"
    *and scene*

  • No Justice
    No Justice 9 days ago

    who else jacked off to swagger in the tub?

  • cris. cray
    cris. cray 9 days ago

    You guys should go to Chernobyl for a va cay

  • itstimefor pizza
    itstimefor pizza 9 days ago

    What's the song @4:18

  • Eyeless Katt
    Eyeless Katt 12 days ago

    :l (Breaks a sweat) Fuck that's hot(Me realizing i said that out loud) AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh! 10:35

  • The Holy Knight
    The Holy Knight 12 days ago

    Honestly I'd fuck Tobes, like, full homo.

  • mad max
    mad max 12 days ago

    Who want to see swaggers face

  • Cameron Wheeler
    Cameron Wheeler 12 days ago

    0:21 long ass fingers

  • Tasmanian Tortoise
    Tasmanian Tortoise 13 days ago

    Oh hey they made that water company into a real thing

  • SoNumb.
    SoNumb. 13 days ago

    You need grizzy in there soon

  • Anthony Pazarena
    Anthony Pazarena 13 days ago

    Why is it age Restricted I can’t watch this bloody cunt 😭

  • TheyCallMeKarma ツ
    TheyCallMeKarma ツ 13 days ago

    11:24 "this is the bomb" -swaggersouls

  • Lumine Plays
    Lumine Plays 14 days ago


  • Josh Knight
    Josh Knight 14 days ago

    3:21 when I try to cook fish...

  • Chugg Bunglar
    Chugg Bunglar 15 days ago +1

    That censoring couldnt hide swagger's identity! We can clearly see he's white *and* a dude!

  • ZeUs ML
    ZeUs ML 15 days ago

    As misfits video Age RESTRICTED?!

  • ZOMBIE killer
    ZOMBIE killer 16 days ago

    I remember most of this from the podcast

  • MidniteGamz
    MidniteGamz 17 days ago

    4:10 I love the way Toby’s tits jiggle

  • Joe Gibbons
    Joe Gibbons 18 days ago

    Misfits sponsored by gfuel I think not

  • Kyle ONeill
    Kyle ONeill 18 days ago

    This was really fucking gay

  • Maxx Hilton
    Maxx Hilton 18 days ago +2

    My mom was about to in the slow motion of Toby so I fast forwarded so my mom didn’t think I was gay

  • bb opne
    bb opne 18 days ago

    Me: 10:38

  • Rylee Sheddy
    Rylee Sheddy 19 days ago

    This is the definition of fat fetish

  • Morgenrot.
    Morgenrot. 19 days ago

    Jesus toby lol

  • Lilfindude 557
    Lilfindude 557 19 days ago

    I click on a sidemen video:advert
    I click on a CourageJD video :advert
    I click on a misfits video: This content is age restricted

  • Mara Rose
    Mara Rose 19 days ago

    Bro actually. Im australian and ive been watching the misfits for ages. Are they ALL australian?! If so, how tf did i never fucking realize this? I knew one or two of them sounded australian but i assumed it was the same deal as with vanossgaming and his friend group, how they were in different places in the world n just skyped n met up occasionally. Im seriously a dumbass arent i?

  • GamerZ505
    GamerZ505 19 days ago

    what us the song in the video?

  • mixtapes666x
    mixtapes666x 19 days ago

    @fitz how many moles (tobacco and weed) did you snap(clearing a bowl while using a bong), in order to lose all of dat big boy weight?

  • Mason Hill
    Mason Hill 19 days ago

    3:20 😆

  • miix gawd
    miix gawd 20 days ago

    What is swaggers beard like??

  • Deathbladefire 2007
    Deathbladefire 2007 22 days ago +1

    Age restricted...


  • DiJays O.T.U
    DiJays O.T.U 22 days ago

    Windy City tho

  • Lucky Streams
    Lucky Streams 23 days ago

    I have almost the exact same attitude as Swagger

  • Brixida_ kiwi
    Brixida_ kiwi 23 days ago

    Why doesn’t swagger want to show his face?

  • Moonmooons28 :P
    Moonmooons28 :P 23 days ago +1

    RUclip literally just recommended me a video I can't watch... fantastic.

  • AcE Aerow
    AcE Aerow 23 days ago

    fitz looks sad

  • Wildhog
    Wildhog 24 days ago +2

    Not even lying, when swagger was blurred in the bathroom, he looked like hitler