• Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Rugs pop up was so much fun! Hope everyone is having an awesome day comment below if you want to play some PUBG Mobile with me!
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  • aidin hatam
    aidin hatam 23 days ago

    is he persian?

  • Darin Hutchins
    Darin Hutchins 25 days ago

    Pubg mobile is better than pubg on console. Thats a fact. Not better than the pc version though. Pc over everything. But pubg mobile on a good phone is legit. I play with friends that don't have a pc and I end up playing mobile pubg more than I do the pc version. Crazy. Tencent just needs to fix a few issues in Game and it would be a perfect game.

  • iIEt3B- YT
    iIEt3B- YT 26 days ago

    Bruh u are 1Million subs

  • Gabriel lopez
    Gabriel lopez 27 days ago

    Hi and bye

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas 29 days ago

    Love ur channel and I love ur laugh and ur the best and i love ur voice and ur cute nikan

  • Not cloak
    Not cloak 29 days ago +1

    I wonder if nikan even makes money

  • John Smith
    John Smith 29 days ago

    Nikan I've been following you for awhile and I know just how much that 1m subs means to you keep grinding bro.

  • Not Jeremy
    Not Jeremy 29 days ago +1

    That title and thumbnail was the biggest clickbait I've seen since 2017

  • Marcus Stacy
    Marcus Stacy 29 days ago

    Yo been watchin since day 1

  • Advanced Surgical Group INC

    Did you record with a potato

  • Heiper
    Heiper Month ago

    What is that intro song Nikan?

  • zNonos
    zNonos Month ago

    It was great meeting you there ❤️💕

  • Adrian Gucxii
    Adrian Gucxii Month ago

    I got 14 kills And a victory on my first ever pub g game like 3 days ago

  • ÅlwaysChasingMecas krue

    Its Santa ana ca my boy

    MR. SILENT KILLER Month ago

    ERICKBRAVO my pubg name

  • The Silent Arrow 7
    The Silent Arrow 7 Month ago


  • Josephperez0720
    Josephperez0720 Month ago

    Did you put up the marshmallow poster that my brother gave you

  • Damien Nava
    Damien Nava Month ago

    Lamo most people didnt even know who u were

  • kevin debruyne55
    kevin debruyne55 Month ago

    Pista looking sharp 💙🔥

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh Month ago +16

    Idk why nikan barely gets views

    • BLITZ28
      BLITZ28 21 day ago

      Mandeep Singh that’s true

  • watsupgardener s
    watsupgardener s Month ago

    You've taken advertising to an extreme over half the video was a fucking advert

  • Erica Ntiamoah-Mensah
    Erica Ntiamoah-Mensah Month ago +2

    What was the suprise
    FYI: I’m not a hater I just literally didn’t see the suprise

  • GamerBoy 313
    GamerBoy 313 Month ago


  • flopp
    flopp Month ago

    Did you just play an ad thats 50% of the video? Desperate times huh?

  • Notify Klipz
    Notify Klipz Month ago

    Glad you hit 1Mil subs bro

  • CraZy Trooper
    CraZy Trooper Month ago

    Legend says Nikan doesn't heart comments

  • DarkMaster
    DarkMaster Month ago

    Hi 👋

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz Month ago

    U didn't respond to my banana chant wtf faze minion

  • Derpy
    Derpy Month ago

    bro all these rich ass mother fuckers buying super cars while other people are starving in the streets. like im 17 with my own house and i cant even afford a $1000 car. i have worked 20x harder than any of these cod boys. 70+ hours a week working two jobs. i get no rest.

  • M O B
    M O B Month ago

    Were Nikan’s subs bought? 1M with 7k views in 3 hrs shit doesn’t add up

  • effspot drop the mixtape 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Half of the vid was a fuckin ad dislike

  • effspot drop the mixtape 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    So you have ovr a million subs but cant even get 100k video views

  • Bape Plug
    Bape Plug Month ago +4

    How tf you get killed and lose the game 😅 dam your squad must hate you. That one guy that tries to be a pro😅

  • Smiley
    Smiley Month ago

    Wtff, so fortunate, i cant even afford a car at all, imagine being 17 and having ur license but cant even afford a $5,000 car smh

  • Ishmam
    Ishmam Month ago +1

    Yoo u jus hit 1 mil subs🔥

  • Its Pacc
    Its Pacc Month ago

    Love you bro so underatted bc u were the u bro, stay up

  • Random Account
    Random Account Month ago

    CONGRATS ON 1M btw the pop up was so long ago and ur uploading it now lol

  • JAG
    JAG Month ago

    Your a relavent

  • David James
    David James Month ago

    You should collab with Faze Rug and do a crazy video

  • Harvey Stevenson x
    Harvey Stevenson x Month ago +16

    Rose's are red.
    Violets are blue.
    James Charles touched you.
    Like to undo.

  • Caballero Vlogz
    Caballero Vlogz Month ago +1

    I was there and I vlogged it . It’s on my channel😂😂😂

  • Chase chadwick
    Chase chadwick Month ago

    Half your vid is an ad on pub g u sell out

  • Ryan Langley
    Ryan Langley Month ago

    whats the intro song?

  • Aloha LegendZz
    Aloha LegendZz Month ago +1

    take a shot every time nikan says super

  • Abraham Calderon
    Abraham Calderon Month ago +1

    Bro posted the video an hour ago and cant even get 10k likes with the amount of subs he has

  • Ekyam Zeel
    Ekyam Zeel Month ago +2


  • YFN Danbo
    YFN Danbo Month ago


  • Chick-fil -a
    Chick-fil -a Month ago +1

    Luv your vids Nikan keep up the good work‼️🖤

  • FixDylann
    FixDylann Month ago +1

    How can I play pubg mobile with ps4 control?

  • If your reading this your gay

    Who came Bc it said faze rug🤣 finally he’s going to get sum views

    • oh boots
      oh boots 29 days ago

      Wow so many views he just got....

    • Chick-fil -a
      Chick-fil -a 29 days ago

      Yeah he's totally getting sum views

    • K
      K Month ago

      Yeah wow, so many views

  • NBA Talk By:Lishan
    NBA Talk By:Lishan Month ago

    i want a farari so bad

  • Zeke
    Zeke Month ago +5

    Suprises Rug with Ferrari...
    My what a Beaut 😍😍

    • Zeke
      Zeke Month ago

      I know I seen Rugs Video a long time ago

    • Johannes Will.
      Johannes Will. Month ago +1

      Hes not suprising him with that

  • Diego E Torres
    Diego E Torres Month ago

    My name in pubg Mobile is 900 C

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay Month ago +1

    Lit intro nikan 😎

  • Luis Vallarta
    Luis Vallarta Month ago +1

    LETS GOOOO #fazeup ! 🤪

  • Chrisblond
    Chrisblond Month ago

    1m subs nice nikan

  • Josh Dillon
    Josh Dillon Month ago +1

    Well done nikan #FaZeUP

  • yotonoys
    yotonoys Month ago

    wtf this is so old

  • 0xy Apollo
    0xy Apollo Month ago

    Where my faze fans at

  • Ashal Malik
    Ashal Malik Month ago +3

    The first 10 seconds gave me goosebumps🔥