A short history of trans people's long fight for equality | Samy Nour Younes

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • Transgender activist and TED Resident Samy Nour Younes shares the remarkable, centuries-old history of the trans community, filled with courageous stories, inspiring triumphs -- and a fight for civil rights that's been raging for a long time. "Imagine how the conversation would shift if we acknowledge just how long trans people have been demanding equality," he says.
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Comments • 673

  • Justin Lawson Isett
    Justin Lawson Isett Month ago +1

    Love Samy. What a beautiful soul.

  • ugetridofit
    ugetridofit Month ago +1

    You are forcing your ways into our lives. My kids grade school had a Transgender day!! Can you freaking believe that!!! Where Transgenders came in and taught the class about it. Really? You going to force my normal kid to listen, and sit on your lap. I was so livid about this. I will respect you guys when you understand that you are not normal, and you should NOT push your crap down our kids throats. I am all for everyone wanting to be who they are, UNTIL you try to force it upon me.

  • Gaunter O'Dimm
    Gaunter O'Dimm Month ago

    I support any activism that destroys the BS that religion has forced us to believe BUT the problem is I'm also Anti-SJW....Imagine the swings I go through whenever I listen to anything like this!😂

  • Livin Gunk
    Livin Gunk Month ago +1

    There are only two genders.its so simple.

  • Joshua murphy
    Joshua murphy 2 months ago +1

    Being transgender is linked to depression and suicide. We shouldn't celebrate it, we should help these people so they can live full happy lives.

    • Joshua murphy
      Joshua murphy Month ago

      @Lena Green Well first, I am using statistical data. You're giving me one person's experience. You don't represent an entire group. Secondly, you're expecting me to take your word that everything your saying is 100% true. People do lie. Thirdly, as I said long term you may change your mind. Regardless, I wish you the best in all things.

    • Lena Green
      Lena Green Month ago

      @Joshua murphy Hi. Actual trans person here. In my childhood I was bullied and beaten for being "different", my family refused to acknowledge who I was, and I was incapable of finding companionship (as a minor set of examples). I sat up every night with a knife to my wrists and/or a bottle of pills, willing myself to be strong enough to just fucking end it all. I ended up in two hospital psych wards and a short term facility for suicidal ideation and self harm.
      Now the people in my life accept me, I'm well into my transition, have had a year of hormones, and I'm happily engaged to the man of my dreams. I'm 5 months clean from self harm, and my minor alcoholism that i took to to cope is all but gone. I haven't thought about suicide as an option in months.
      Remind me how being accepted doesn't help?

    • Joshua murphy
      Joshua murphy 2 months ago

      @Raconian Moon Thats just simply untrue. Short term perhaps but with long term follow up it actually has the opposite effect and suicide and depression rates significantly raise. We're talking suicide rates higher than those of Jewish people in camps during WW2. Accepting a person with schizophrenia does not help them. Accepting anyone with a mental illness does not help them. These people need real help and it's mindsets like yours that stop them from getting the help they need to live happy and full lives. They can still choose whatever lifestyle they want but they should be happy while doing it.

    • Raconian Moon
      Raconian Moon 2 months ago

      The suicide/depression rates are directly tied to not accepting them. If the trans person is accepted statistically symptoms of depression decrease by 71% and suicide attempts go down by 65%. The best way to help them is to accept them

  • Funky Channel
    Funky Channel 3 months ago +13

    I love how so many people who disagree with transgender, reply to all the comments supporting trans rights. Now I don't know how a trans person feels, so I don't want to judge them just because I`m taught to disagree, the fact they have courage to undergo surgeries to be who they wanna be, tells me it isn't a choice. I`m gay, and as I was hitting puberty and stuff, I realized I was gay, but now looking at my old pics of me as a 5 or 10 year old, I literally have seen me posing girly, like gay. I`m muslim, so I wasn't taught or even knew about lgbtq+, I was born gay.

    • Kenzo Suzuki
      Kenzo Suzuki 2 months ago

      Have you told your parents yet? If so, was it good/bad? I agree with everything you are saying. None of my business, Especially as a gay man myself. It takes nothing to be kind. It's free in fact 😎

  • awcc47thp
    awcc47thp 3 months ago +3

    I have no idea what politically correct is anymore

  • SA
    SA 3 months ago +14


  • ᴏɴɪᴏɴ ᴋɴɪɢʜᴛ

    why is there more likes than dislikes!?

    ADONIS 3 months ago +4


  • Nischala Yenigalla
    Nischala Yenigalla 4 months ago +5

    Equality shouldn't just be about male or female. It should be about every individual and the respect they deserve.

  • 胖虎的蔑视
    胖虎的蔑视 4 months ago +5

    For transgender people, I neither advocate nor oppose, but we must maintain respect.

  • Henry Tompkinson
    Henry Tompkinson 4 months ago +1

    I'm still not convinced that transexuality isn't the result of a mental illness. Is there anything that can correct or confirm this?

    • Joshi :3
      Joshi :3 3 months ago +2

      Maybe the statement from the *WHO* , which says that it is indeed *not* linked to mental illness.

  • Empathic Paradox
    Empathic Paradox 4 months ago +1

    There is no such thing as "transgendered" although there is this vile phenomena of butchers (plastic surgeons) who charge tens of thousands to sculpt (carve) ones flesh into a new shape... When one of these "surgeons" carve up a females face to make them look "younger" did they really make them younger? Or is it simply for the look because we all know the butcher cant make people young but they can rearrange a face.... Its exactly the same with "transgenderism", its just a look. These people were equal before they employed a butcher now they are just the "butchered"

    • Empathic Paradox
      Empathic Paradox 2 months ago

      @Joshi :3 that is not science that is "new ageism". "body dismorphia" is a psychological problem and a brain is a brain, its impossible for a brain to be either "male or female".we have different chromosomes, genetics, hormonal differences, physical differences and most blatantly ANATOMICALLY different....

    • Joshi :3
      Joshi :3 3 months ago

      But most of transgender people undergo severe body dysphoria before they transition. And their brains are identical to the gender they identify as, and not the brains of the gender they were assigned at birth.

  • John McVoy
    John McVoy 4 months ago

    Transgendring is against the Nature and the Holy Bible. Satanists!

  • Shh Snek
    Shh Snek 4 months ago +7

    Gender studies are non-scieintific thing. Non-binar people are just looking for a reason to suffer. That's it.

    • Shh Snek
      Shh Snek 3 months ago +1

      @Joshi :3 here is why gender studies are rubbish en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_method
      True research should be able to be repeated, control groups should be as well. Gender studies don't apply these criterias.
      I mean, if human being with particular type of genital that was born by father (human male) and mother (human female) thinks he or she is an elf or a hoover he or she actually don't stop being a human with particular gender. It's not scientists' goal to learn and explore people's imagination. It's psychiatrist's goal

    • Joshi :3
      Joshi :3 3 months ago

      Oh yeah, that must be it. And thanks for the sources you (didn't) put in your comment. They really prove your point...

  • FlyingPaladin
    FlyingPaladin 4 months ago +7

    Two genders

  • Mr. Derek Gets it!
    Mr. Derek Gets it! 4 months ago

    THE COLUMBINE SHOOTERS MOM GETS A CLIP. That loser should be jailed! No comments allowed so I'll leave a comment on every video! DO NOT CELEBRATE LOSER PARENTS THAT STOOD IN THE WAY OF HELP, when parents are responsible for their kids actions then we will see less death! SICKENING TO APPLAUD COLUMBINES SHOOTERS MOM SHAME,

  • Sang SB
    Sang SB 4 months ago +3

    TED is dying. Unsubscribed.

    • Aidid Rashed Efat
      Aidid Rashed Efat 4 months ago +2

      Good to see people like you trying to die out of ignorance

  • Hammod Elbatal
    Hammod Elbatal 4 months ago

    Really Spreading of Colonialism made transphobia? how about Islamic laws AKA Sharia been killing trans and gays since the dawn of history?

  • B Welkinator
    B Welkinator 4 months ago +5

    Down votes because TED once again is pushing the acceptance of ill-conceived (non)progressive identity politics. "Divide and conquer."

  • the way
    the way 4 months ago +1


    • Aaron Rosenberg
      Aaron Rosenberg 4 months ago +1

      Bold assertions (via caps-lock) aren't made true because they're insisted. Name-calling further strips your comment of integrity. Oh, well.

  • The ArmChairCritique
    The ArmChairCritique 4 months ago +1

    I don't agree with gender theory, but that doesn't mean i or anyone can go out of their way to be hateful. There are ways to have constructive conversation without being unnecessarily rude; and that goes for both sides

    • Pink_Pariah
      Pink_Pariah 4 months ago


    • Aaron Rosenberg
      Aaron Rosenberg 4 months ago +3

      @The ArmChairCritique The mental disorder is called gender dysphoria. Transitioning is the treatment.

      It seems that gender identity is something you'd rather not try to understand, and so to you, if someone's gender identity does not match their genitalia, they have have a mental disorder. The very term denotes something is inherently "wrong" with them. That is untrue. We've learned from history, however, that there is plenty wrong with the willful ignorance that leads to misclassification.

    • The ArmChairCritique
      The ArmChairCritique 4 months ago

      @Nazli Aydin I'm not saying they're faking I'm saying its a mental disorder similar to something like MPD or bipolarism. And, in my expirience, the main reason why people reject that assessment is due to stigma around Mental disorders/illness. And just to reitterate, just because someone has some disorder it in no way makes them less than

    • Nazli Aydin
      Nazli Aydin 4 months ago +2

      @The ArmChairCritique there have been scientific studies that prove that trans people's brains work more like the gender they identify as rather than the gender they were born with. And if people were for some reason faking that they were born in the wrong body, then they wouldn't do things like commit suicide over it. If they were faking it they'd just get over themselves and continue their life as the gender they were assigned at birth.

    • The ArmChairCritique
      The ArmChairCritique 4 months ago +1

      @Aaron Rosenberg btw gender theory is the entire basis on which people try to legitamise trans ideology. Trans people ARE human being who do deserve our respect and help, but perpetuating a falsehood is just wrong

  • Vishnu narayanan
    Vishnu narayanan 4 months ago +3

    Yes, there was no inequality between genders and trans untill the British came.

  • Andy Holmes
    Andy Holmes 4 months ago

    Hey everybody, let's give up our freedom of speech in order to protect trans perversion!

    • Andy Holmes
      Andy Holmes 4 months ago

      @Aaron Rosenberg What are you claiming I don't understand about perverts?

    • Aaron Rosenberg
      Aaron Rosenberg 4 months ago +1

      Hey everybody, let's beg the question with words like "perversion" because why should we try to understand people who are not like us!

  • Charles Stafford
    Charles Stafford 4 months ago +6

    the victim-identity is strong with this one.

  • anatoli p
    anatoli p 4 months ago +3

    Transvestite population is less than 0.1 percent of the whole human population (and way less than 1 percent as far left SJW's claim , who also have the tendency to inflate numbers to get more privileges) . Gender dysphoria is a mental illness emancipated by the far left to get more votes , and what next ? pedophilia ? bipolar disorder ? or maybe even apes with human rights ?

    • Lars T.
      Lars T. 4 months ago

      Imagine being as delusional as the person who wrote this lmao

  • Tango Theo
    Tango Theo 4 months ago +1

    RUclip stahp :(

  • Lizzy4Rizzy
    Lizzy4Rizzy 4 months ago +1

    Very informative!

  • Grumzz
    Grumzz 4 months ago

    males are masculine.
    females are feminine.
    when a woman has masculine qualities she is no longer feminine like woman

    • Grumzz
      Grumzz 4 months ago

      @Lee Ara but i happens to be true.

    • Aaron Rosenberg
      Aaron Rosenberg 4 months ago +2

      Your comments seem to come from a very constricted/sheltered upbringing. Get out into the world. There's no binary.

    • Lee Ara
      Lee Ara 4 months ago +1

      lol this is just stupid

  • Jonny Lupus
    Jonny Lupus 4 months ago +7

    I know not all transgenders have gender dysphoria, but we still can't act like this is normal. Sure it will never go away, but that doesn't make it normal. It's biologically and psychologically abnormal, and to teach kids they might want reassignment surgery is one of the worst things this movement has done.
    Another terrible thing: firing people for using the 'wrong' pronouns. Not as bad, but still wrong.

    • Jonny Lupus
      Jonny Lupus 3 months ago +1

      ​@Ellie Currently that is actually fake news. Letting transgenders get knifed up and pumped with hormones does not help the suicide rate at all. Some might not, but the risk is still there. It's better to treat the mind instead. That would "make the situation better". And this is especially a problem when so many have regretted reassignment, and there are kids out there thinking they'll die if they don't have it right away.

    • Ellie
      Ellie 3 months ago

      Currently the only proven way to improve trans people's mental health is to let them transition. Whether you like it or not, it's the only proven way to make the situation better

    • Kai Xia
      Kai Xia 4 months ago

      But for a lot of trans people, their dysphoria doesn't alleviate until they go through reassignment surgery? Plus they don't have to do ALL of the kinds of surgery available - some people just take hormones, some go through bottom surgery, some do top, it's good to educate about the options they have.

  • Jonny Lupus
    Jonny Lupus 4 months ago +22

    *insert comment observing flamewar in comments trying to look clever*

  • r l
    r l 4 months ago +20

    great overview - so true about how learning of trans people in history can give you confidence to live your truth.
    and i'm sorry, but the people who disliked this video need to grow up. trans people are only "suddenly everywhere" because mainstream society has finally deigned to acknowledge we exist......like i know that's a lot for some more reactionary viewers to take but, as we aren't going away anytime soon, y'all are just going to have to deal with it.

    • Wes
      Wes Month ago


    • r l
      r l 4 months ago +3

      @L M if the existence of trans people offends your delicate sensibilities so much, why are you on this video?

    • r l
      r l 4 months ago +2

      @L M you clearly know nothing about this issue. i'm not watching your conspiracy theory bullshit. please go outside.

    • John Marra
      John Marra 4 months ago +2

      L M ....wooooooooooow. wow.

  • D T
    D T 4 months ago +6

    The only reason this video is getting dislikes is because people are tired of hearing about this topic. No other fringe group of people who also feel alienated and misunderstood gets this amount of coverage and people are tired of it. Life's tough, everyone struggles; be nice to one another, the end.

    • Lee Ara
      Lee Ara 4 months ago +3

      this is some major bullshit. I know barely any source that represents transgender people. TED talk has a lot of videos to a lot of different topics and only the minority is about lgbt / feminism etc., videos which people don't have to watch by the way, yet they always get a ridiculous amount of likes. I doubt you will constantly hear about this topic if you are not actively looking for it. And if yes, please enlighten me, in what amazing, liberal world do you live?

  • Zhou Xi
    Zhou Xi 4 months ago +13

    Trans people: *exist*
    Alt-right: “not in my backyard!”

  • Thahir Ahmed
    Thahir Ahmed 4 months ago +3

    So indigenous people are even better than these stupid Americans than I thought

  • What_are_we_doing ?
    What_are_we_doing ? 4 months ago

    Who said they aren't??? Just be normal

  • Jeremy Harden
    Jeremy Harden 4 months ago +8

    They just need mental health not equality

    • Lee Ara
      Lee Ara 2 months ago

      @Andy Holmes ? What has the one thing to do with the other?

    • Andy Holmes
      Andy Holmes 2 months ago

      @Copper On Fire Perversion shouldn't be pampered.

    • Andy Holmes
      Andy Holmes 2 months ago

      @Lee Ara Satanists deserve to be mistreated, especially when claiming to be oppressed.

    • Copper On Fire
      Copper On Fire 3 months ago

      Andy Holmes And how do you know it’s Bs? Have you transitioned yourself? Care to share your story?

    • Lee Ara
      Lee Ara 4 months ago +4

      @L M The suicidal rate isn't high because the people are mentally unhealthy because of their transsexuality, it's because they get bullied and rejected their whole lives. Fucking intellect amoeba. The suicidal rate goes down for transgender people who transitioned (which is recommended by doctors and actual professionals) but it's still worryingly high because they are still mistreated from society, family and so on. To not see the connection there just means you are highly ignorant of human behavior.

  • Maria DC
    Maria DC 4 months ago +4

    i don’t get why so many people dislike this vid

    • Andy Holmes
      Andy Holmes 4 months ago

      Read the "Gay Revolutionary", by Michael Swift.

    • Mmm K
      Mmm K 4 months ago +5

      @Dan Wruck You really think that? I don't think it's an "agenda". It's just people asking for equal rights. Sheesh.

    • Fallen Mango
      Fallen Mango 4 months ago +6

      @Dan Wruck That really sucks, cause life is just gonna keep getting harder and harder for you with that additude.

    • Maria DC
      Maria DC 4 months ago +3

      Dan Wruck it wouldn’t be hard for trans people if they felt more socially accepted maybe?

    • Dan Wruck
      Dan Wruck 4 months ago +6

      Because people are waking up to the fact that an agenda is being shoved down our throats...and we don't like it

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago +1

    When islam finishes taking over the world the trans thing will be over .

  • pedromolina779
    pedromolina779 4 months ago +5

    I did not subscribe to this channel to see social activism or feminism, while now its the main topic, this is not what this channel once was, and therefore I'm unsubscribing, it makes me sad because your content was really good

  • Sparky Mularkey
    Sparky Mularkey 4 months ago +18

    Great work, Samy! Informational and heartfelt. Thank you!

  • Captain Anopheles
    Captain Anopheles 4 months ago +2

    Good news everyone! Your public displays of ignorant virtue have been noted. Now you may return to beating your wife or whatever it is you do in the squalor of your private spaces. Have a glorious day.

    • Pink_Pariah
      Pink_Pariah 4 months ago

      @Comrade Ivan Isn't that quite the display of your double standard? "Haha, your feelings are hurt, snowflake- oh, you might agree with me? nvm"

    • Comrade Ivan
      Comrade Ivan 4 months ago

      Very passive aggressive there. What hurt your feelings so much, and while I go to my private space, why don't you squirm into your safe space?
      EDIT: Seen some of your replies and I'm not totally sure what group of people you're referring to in this. Apologies if you're sane.

  • MostlyLoveOfMusic
    MostlyLoveOfMusic 4 months ago +23

    I have no idea why reasonable people would dislike this video...

    • Joshua murphy
      Joshua murphy 2 months ago +1

      I believe it's because identity politics are a waste of human energy. Identifying by your lifestyle or sexuality is a sad life. It's a very unimportant topic in the bigger picture.

    • Copper On Fire
      Copper On Fire 3 months ago

      GodKingVivec I smell lies or self hatred. You know that folks who transition usually pass quite well in society. Aka blend witch I think is a great thing. One only has to share if they feel like it. Otherwise they are just living their lives. Where it can get crazy is the non binary aspect. As I can see how folks can find that confusing. Not saying 1 or the other is better. All things evolve what makes us think people don’t ?

    • GodKingVivec
      GodKingVivec 4 months ago +1

      @Kai Xia It harms the person with the illness, Id certainly consider having a disease that makes you want to mutilate yourself harmful to the person, and violent and unstable when someone denies your false reality to be pretty harmful to others too. This disease has roots in schitzophrenia and depression and has created the highest suicide rate in a demographic of people since jews were in the concentration camps, thats extremely harmful. And maybe its not a huge inconvenience, but if someone doesnt want to participate in your game, forcing them by law and trying to thought/speech police them is a massive problem. By the way, I know all this because I am a trans person who DOESNT have all the psycho parts that modern trans people have. Im not delusional enough to believe I am a woman, or try to force others to refer to me as such. Im also not willing to mutilate myself to get a pointless, nonfunctioning, cheaply made, facsimile of a vagina. And I certainly dont feel like getting into a violent mob or suicidal because people dont want to pretend there are more than 2 genders.

    • Kai Xia
      Kai Xia 4 months ago +2

      @GodKingVivec idk, have you thought of letting people do what they want because it's none of your business? Whatever "delusion" or "illness" this is doesn't harm anyone at all, if they want to be referred to as a guy or a girl or anything then they can, you're not going to be severely inconvenienced if you call someone by their preferred gender.

    • GodKingVivec
      GodKingVivec 4 months ago +1

      Because not everyone wants to promote delusion and mental illnesses. Some of us care and simply get accused of being hateful.

  • Eric Schoen
    Eric Schoen 4 months ago +14

    I have been the first one to point out when trans people on this channel make leaps in logic with forceful assumptions. This guy/girl (not assuming) created a flawless chain of logic to argue his/her point. (That trans people are not a modern phenomenon). I’d like to see him/her again to possibly tackle different arguments. 10 out of 10.

  • Duffy Elmer
    Duffy Elmer 4 months ago +3

    Trans people are "suddenly everywhere" because the large and well-funded queer activism organizations won the landmark right for homosexual marriage in the US and had to pivot to a new campaign in order to justify their existence to their donors. Without a new moral crusade, the money stops coming in.

    • Garth Leach
      Garth Leach 4 months ago

      Run into me in a dark parking lot and find out.@Fallen Mango

    • Andy Holmes
      Andy Holmes 4 months ago

      @Fallen Mango It takes one to know one.

    • Fallen Mango
      Fallen Mango 4 months ago

      Wow. What a horrible person you are.

  • Sarah 13
    Sarah 13 4 months ago +5

    "Multiple genders" :)))) sorry, how many?:)))

    • Lee Ara
      Lee Ara 4 months ago +1

      @L M "Go serve some time as a transmale in a male prison, then we'll talk."
      You are not a good person. No matter what you think of yourself. A good person would not say something like this.

    • Lee Ara
      Lee Ara 4 months ago +1

      @L M the thing is, you aren't ignoring me. You aren't ignoring any of this, yet apparently it's so unimportant. Then go and don't bother us who are supportive. You have wasted quite some time here already, yours and ours.

    • Lee Ara
      Lee Ara 4 months ago +1

      @L M So what you are basically saying is that language dictates how you live your life and what moral values you have. Got it. If ya wanna make it so simple for you, go ahead. Just don't hurt other people while doing so, only because you're too lazy to get behind a second concept.

    • Lee Ara
      Lee Ara 4 months ago

      @L M So many words and yet you still avoided the point. Well done, this is your only accomplishment today.

    • Lee Ara
      Lee Ara 4 months ago +4

      @L M you are not very bright, are you? Languages are invented by us, it's just a concept we all believe in. And language is different for every culture and country. Their point was that the English language assigns gendered pronouns to objects, although it doesn't make much sense in the sense of gender as we know it. In German for instance, and in many other languages "it" is barely used at all for objects, in those languages all objects have been assigned a gendered pronoun, but why? Why's the sun female in German, die Sonne, but male in French, le soleil? He, she, one border further and it's all different. He and she, male and female, that is pretty plain and basic. Some cultures and countries understand the concept of third genders and embraced it in their language as naturally as English speakers do it with "he" and "she". Are they wrong just because their concept of language differs from the one you are speaking? How do you know that you aren't the person in the wrong who speaks a language lacking in words to describe actually existing things?
      The point was an intelligent one, you just completely missed it.

  • Abondend Hope
    Abondend Hope 4 months ago +1

    Glorifying mental delusion.

  • Himanshu Verma
    Himanshu Verma 4 months ago +2

    Born with a vagina: women
    Born with a penis: men
    Then comes few people who are born with some genetic born defects.
    Anything other than that is just mental illness.

  • Nicocomedia
    Nicocomedia 4 months ago +1

    Trans on Ted cool. Nicoco

  • nhall00195
    nhall00195 4 months ago +13

    Look at all the thumbs down...people are sick of this crap

    • Lars T.
      Lars T. 4 months ago

      @anatoli p ah yes, insulting mentally ill people (they're not mentally ill but it doesn't matter) and calling them freaks, just like the nazis did. you must be so proud of yourself

    • nhall00195
      nhall00195 4 months ago +1

      S H people don’t have to accept your bullshit...doesn’t make them “phobic”

    • anatoli p
      anatoli p 4 months ago +3

      @S H Yes people are transphobic no one like mentally ill anatomically healthy self deformed freaks.

    • S H
      S H 4 months ago +4

      You mean people are transphobic.

  • Cameron Alexander
    Cameron Alexander 4 months ago +20

    Thank you, TED, for making this video.

    • Mmm K
      Mmm K 4 months ago

      @Sarah 13 No, it's to help educate people, unlike you, that are open to common sense. smdh

    • Sarah 13
      Sarah 13 4 months ago +3

      Did you needed? Or it s just ok for your gay soul?

  • Alexandria Musick
    Alexandria Musick 4 months ago +13

    Thank you.

  • Buff Knuckles
    Buff Knuckles 4 months ago +14

    Transgender-ism was and always will be a mental illness. Despite the WHO removing it from its list of mental diseases, there is no quality scientific literature free from conflicting interests which point towards it being a healthy aspect of an individual's life.
    Not only is it now deemed politically incorrect to discuss (let alone experiment with/investigate) the origins and effects of gender dysphoria under controlled clinical environments, it is now portrayed as discriminatory and "trans-phobic" to express views which conflict predominantly politically-left opinions.
    This issue is beyond an emotional or political debate and is indeed a scientific one. Look at the statistics, people suffering from gender dysphoria not only have higher rates of severe depression and anxiety, but also a suicide rate of 40%. Of course, correlation does not always imply causation and common a argument regarding the contributing factors of these symptoms commonly associated with other mental disorders is that these symptoms manifest as a result of societal expectations/pressures. This appears to be a logically sound argument but when you realize the suicide rate (40%) is comparable to Jews in concentration camps, black slaves and exceeds those of soldiers in the front line, its clear that environmental stress is obviously not the only reason; unless you're proposing the idea that trans-individuals are being treated worse than black slaves and are under more pressure than soldiers in combat.
    This is NOT discrimination. This is taking initiative and understanding that we are not doing these individuals any good by humoring them and feeding them false information that their disorder does not need to be treated or cured.
    Of course there is a camp of people who acknowledge gender dysphoria as an illness with transitioning being the only effective cure. This is absolutely absurd, because in exchange for a marginal decrease in the prevalence of suicides and depression, we are mutilating the bodies of these sick people and pumping them full of steroids that shave years off of their lives and manifest a whole array of health ramifications.
    Is this really how we as humans tend to those who are unfortunate enough to be sick?

    • Z zz
      Z zz 4 months ago


    • Kenzo Suzuki
      Kenzo Suzuki 4 months ago +3

      @Andy Holmes Trans people are Not allowed in the military! Also, Funds where cut to help homeless trans youth. A new law that allows health care workers to deny lgbtq people healthcare because religion (scumbags like you) just to name A FEW . So far 32 laws and actions have been taken while Trump is president to systematically deny/take away Trans (LGBTQ) peoples rights. But you think all trans people worship Satan so clearly you will not even bother to understand this. You are the one that needs mental help.

    • Andy Holmes
      Andy Holmes 4 months ago

      @BloodyKitten How are trans systemically discriminated against?

    • BloodyKitten
      BloodyKitten 4 months ago +1

      however I agree that there is an "issue in their minds," namely dysporia

    • BloodyKitten
      BloodyKitten 4 months ago +4

      @Aliensbeing systemically discriminated against ≠ having your feelings hurt

    SMOKEMIST 4 months ago +3

    maan only wish ben shapiro would just roll up in here shut this guy up hahhaha

    • Alex Mac
      Alex Mac 4 months ago +3

      Andy Holmes resorting to insults already? They’re not insane, as you would know if you actually did your research. (Conspiracy Theory sites don’t count)
      For one, they are barred from serving in the military. But the main issue facing trans people is the lack of protection for their rights, and the discrimination they face.

    • Andy Holmes
      Andy Holmes 4 months ago

      @Alex Mac Yes, they are insane, and so are you. What rights don't they have?

    • Alex Mac
      Alex Mac 4 months ago +2

      Andy Holmes expect they don’t have the same rights as other people, and they’re not insane, as you would know if you actually cared about the truth, rather than make stuff up.

    • Andy Holmes
      Andy Holmes 4 months ago

      @Fallen Mango Trans people already have the same rights as everyone else, no one is trying to take them away. Why do transgenders need more rights, and need to take away everyone else's to get them? It's quite obvious to anyone with common sense, that these sick people only want to abuse those 'rights', to rule over the rest of us.

    • Fallen Mango
      Fallen Mango 4 months ago +1

      @Andy HolmesThis response makes no sense in this context. You're the one trying to take away the rights of trans people. In fact, I specifically used myself as an example demonstrating why we don't try to make things illegal because of our irrational fears.

  • elizabeth lane
    elizabeth lane 4 months ago

    If they want to live that way let them but do not force me with your so called pronouns , stay away from our innocent children in schools when you want to shove it down their throats at the age of 4/5 that they can be boy /girl or girl/boy … You want to be a pretend woman go ahead but you have no idea what a real woman goes through when she first gets her monthly the pains and cramps that she has to go through every month and ovulation, being pregnant, breast feeding , giving birth, going through the menopause , so please you have no idea what it is like being a woman and not forgetting they are also destroying woman's sports and the boys scouts … What real woman has to have her vagina built every ten years? what woman has to take hormones for the rest of her life? so please enough of the LGBTQ I am sick of it, just stay out of our way of living and we will stay out of yours.

    MARRY THE NIGHT 4 months ago +4

    Caitlyn Jenner : "As we all know, even you have XY chromosomes doesn't mean you are a male"
    *Biology and hundreds of years of research have left the chat*

    • Fallen Mango
      Fallen Mango 4 months ago +1

      The scientific consensus states the transgenderism is valid.

  • Username11
    Username11 4 months ago +1

    Hate of people who identify themselves as trans is very wrong, but transitioning and entertaining gender dysphoria is not rational.

    • Username11
      Username11 4 months ago

      Court Whal hey man thanks for replying to me, I just wanted to say the thing that stops me from agreeing is that disorders like my OCD give me irrational thoughts and anxiety and I can only relieve them by giving I into their demands for compulsion, or by waiting and exposing my self to them (ERP therapy) until they go away. Lifestyle change like exercise sleep healthy eating, and medication help me to reduce my symptoms, and trusting what I know over what I feel. I know the two aren’t exactly the same but it seems like a logical inconsistency to tell someone they can change (which I believe to be well intended lying) in order to reduce symptoms. I think there should be different ways of treatment that are researched because I think they’re more ethical. We probably have different viewpoints regarding this but I think it’s good to have a dialogue. A couple of my closest friends identify themselves as transgender and I love them very much I know we all just want what’s best for people

    • Andy Holmes
      Andy Holmes 4 months ago

      Hate of people is wrong, but not their behavior.

    • an artist
      an artist 4 months ago +1

      Transition is a form of therapy that heals the disorder.....

  • Marshall L. Monti
    Marshall L. Monti 4 months ago +27

    This is why I can't stand people who say learning history isn't important.

    • Dan Wruck
      Dan Wruck 4 months ago

      @Flame Fusion you got that right!

    • Flame Fusion
      Flame Fusion 4 months ago +9

      @Butter box and school teaches 90% of fake history

  • Some1 Human
    Some1 Human 4 months ago +1

    I don't read the Bible much myself, but I recommend trans to at least not ignore it. Even a verse a day is fine
    Edit: Let me rephrase that. I recommend everyone to read the Bible. But seriously.

    • Aliens
      Aliens 4 months ago

      L M Yeah, like Israel’s reunification. I never really delve into prophecy territory because they can just dismiss it as a coincidence.

    • Aliens
      Aliens 4 months ago +1

      @Some1 Human I agree. People don't give Christianity a chance because of a lack of evidence. The need of evidence is essentially the opposite of what God wants: Faith. The faith of a child. Blessed are those who don't see yet still believe.

    • Some1 Human
      Some1 Human 4 months ago

      @JenModding Glad you read it at least. I think if you can keep reading the Bible, you will be able to find most answers.
      I'm still learning too, my goal is to read the whole Bible before I finish highschool.
      So far, I've only read a few books. But i will most likely restart because I need to really understand what God is trying to tell me.

    • JenModding
      JenModding 4 months ago

      @Some1 Human The Bible is a very interesting book/set of many books. I have a lot of disagreements with it but a number of agreements as well, it's an interesting read and a very impressive piece of writings.
      People say God isn't real in general, it's not targeted specifically at Christianity, maybe they're right maybe they're wrong, but a lot of them did give Christianity a chance, I know a lot of them were raised Christian.

    • Some1 Human
      Some1 Human 4 months ago

      @JenModding . It doesn't talk about (trans) it talks about males and females.
      But yeah, I'm just recommending people to read the Bible. Why? Cause people say Christianity isn't real. I get annoyed because they never even gave it a chance.
      Not just a few minutes. Actually (trying) to understand the Bible.