• Published on Jun 10, 2019
    Films Included :
    00:00 Ford v Ferrari
    02:25 Men in Black 4
    02:55 Shaft
    04:38 Fast and Furious 9 Hobbs and Shaw
    05:08 Spider Man Far From Home
    06:10 The Lion King
    06:38 Ad Astra
    09:13 Cold Blood
    11:45 Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark
  • Film & AnimationFilm & Animation

Comments • 270

  • ballerboy doyoueven
    ballerboy doyoueven 23 days ago

    Shaft said Don Lemon looking ass hahahahahahaha

  • Chaitali Das
    Chaitali Das 23 days ago

    The last one 😯😯😯😯

  • Najah Abodaya
    Najah Abodaya 24 days ago

  • IIPixel
    IIPixel 24 days ago +3

    Love the little thor joke with the hammer in MIB. Very clever

  • El Didith
    El Didith 25 days ago

    I will eat those all. Cant wait!!

  • Nooi
    Nooi 25 days ago +2

    May possibly be the best movie Brad Pitt has starred in.

  • Andrew Mc kenna
    Andrew Mc kenna 26 days ago

    If liv Tyler is in a movie u know the world is in trouble

  • Laura Walsh
    Laura Walsh 26 days ago +1

    Best line at 4:40 from SHAFT......LOL!!!

  • L Seshomaru
    L Seshomaru 26 days ago +1

    i liked the abridged version about brad pitt in space. don't need to watch the whole thing now.

  • aloma alber
    aloma alber 26 days ago +1

    True story! Shelby! (Ford v.Ferrari) yes! and if you can find it the film "Tucker".

  • Angelica Barkum
    Angelica Barkum 26 days ago

    Lol he wasn't ready haha. Got that man crying aha

  • Bonzie Daisy
    Bonzie Daisy 28 days ago

    I will never watch matt damon again. Turned his back on the USA.

  • Games & Graphics
    Games & Graphics 28 days ago +1

    9:13 "Cold Blood" is more like a sequel to "Léon: The Professional"

  • Catatonic Galaxy
    Catatonic Galaxy 29 days ago

    Fukin bout time s0me good movies are coming out... terminator , ford vs , peanutbutter falkin, ad astra

  • Lim Jun Yoong
    Lim Jun Yoong Month ago

    oh Batman

  • Blessing Sungai
    Blessing Sungai Month ago

    Horror movies don't scare me at all, they shud try harder

  • Steve Birks
    Steve Birks Month ago +1

    Ford GT40 a Beautiful Speed Machine that kicked ass
    Just a shame that the chassi frame was prone to rust over time !

    • aloma alber
      aloma alber 26 days ago

      was only needed for the object lesson, that looks like a fab movie about an American who could work in a garbage and do it! Also if you get a chance to see a film called "Tucker" find it, it also is about cars! Best to you, and think of something! and do it! you can and you will!

  • Punch Gt
    Punch Gt Month ago

    Fast n furious Looks GOOD

  • Gr apes
    Gr apes Month ago

    Cold Blood
    So He wasn't promoted from the pink panther😏😏

  • likingplayz lolipop lolipop play lolipoplolipop

    the banana split?

  • fex144
    fex144 Month ago

    The plague of CGI

  • Serena White
    Serena White Month ago

    Le twins 2:38

  • Tyna Ackles
    Tyna Ackles Month ago +8

    @2:38 the twins from the thumbnail

  • chris napolion
    chris napolion Month ago


  • SwErVedUpWeSt
    SwErVedUpWeSt Month ago

    Does anyone know where the thumbnail pic is from?

  • OSIRI5
    OSIRI5 Month ago +3

    3:05 weird seeing him with out an eye patch

  • Nina Peterson
    Nina Peterson Month ago +1

    Ford vs Ferrari - FORD FORD FORD

  • SomeRandomHacker
    SomeRandomHacker Month ago

    Can’t wait for Hobbs and Shaw

  • Corey Goldwaves
    Corey Goldwaves Month ago

    All bullshit movies that I don't care about. Where is the movie from the thumbnail...the two brothas whose eyes are lit up? That's why I clicked it.

  • Mauricio Valencia
    Mauricio Valencia Month ago +2

    I love cars so I cant wait to see Ford vs Ferrari

  • Hayden Walker
    Hayden Walker Month ago

    I’m I the only one seeing Thor vibes in the MIB trailer?

    • et
      et Month ago

      thumb down for acting as if you are some clairvoyant, gifted sage who happened to see the most obvious, intentional joke of the trailer.

  • 2damecuteUK
    2damecuteUK Month ago

    So they remade goosebumps ‘scary stories’

    • Edwin Tang
      Edwin Tang 26 days ago

      The Scary Stories book series actually predates the goosebump series by about 10 years. They were a lot of fun to read as a kid. Creepy art.

  • scottw3268
    scottw3268 Month ago

    Sam Jackson is the best sayer of motherfucker the world will ever see

  • MDdred
    MDdred Month ago


  • Mike Trout
    Mike Trout Month ago


  • Tobias Hermansson
    Tobias Hermansson Month ago

    I was here

  • Beth Bray
    Beth Bray Month ago


  • Buff The Nazi Slayer
    Buff The Nazi Slayer Month ago +11

    Professor Hulk: Sees MIB 4 trailer
    "These are confusing times."

  • Albert Mag
    Albert Mag Month ago

    Holy crap there is some killer movies bout to bust into our reality...

  • Kit Katt
    Kit Katt Month ago +2

    I cant even handle the cartoon version of The Lion King and they think for a damn second im about to watch the 3d version? So I can watch him die more realistically >:/ NO!

  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee Month ago +4

    So the whole thumbnail is just cliccbait huh?😒

  • joejudo27
    joejudo27 Month ago +1

    Screw helll o wood

  • rickos1234
    rickos1234 Month ago

    What’s the thumbnail film ????

  • Joshua Gaudreault
    Joshua Gaudreault Month ago

    REALLY?!?! A MOVIE ABOUT A LADDER TO SPACE? jesus f i dont understand....

  • Joshua Gaudreault
    Joshua Gaudreault Month ago

    Marvel sucks ass

  • Joshua Gaudreault
    Joshua Gaudreault Month ago +1

    wow hollywood fkin blows... ford ad disguised as a movie, reboot of MIB where one of the agents is CLEARLY going to be an alien, a new SHAFT movie like HUH?!?! gross....

  • Sofia Taylor
    Sofia Taylor Month ago

    Last one is the best!

  • Guiseppe Rae
    Guiseppe Rae Month ago

    If I'm not mistaken... Doesn't the " Jingle Man " ( I know I probably heard it wrong but that's what I'm sticking to, lol ) look alot like " Pale Man " from Pan's Labyrinth ? I mean he kinda did the same thing with Abe Saipan and the creature from Shape Of Water... Either way I absolutely LOVE Guillermo Del Toro ! I'm hoping he comes out with more work sooner than later.

  • Internet Cheeze
    Internet Cheeze Month ago

    Fast and Furious is not the same without Paul Walker

  • Sabrenda Eskreeta
    Sabrenda Eskreeta Month ago +4


  • Sabrenda Eskreeta
    Sabrenda Eskreeta Month ago

    Is this who the game Turbo(wreck it ralph) is based off of? His outfit looks exactly the same (matt damon, christian bale movie)

  • Cap n' Iron
    Cap n' Iron Month ago

    Next movie Honda vs. Mitsubishi

  • andria gamgoneishvili
    andria gamgoneishvili Month ago +26

    the first trailer
    lamborgini: am i joke to you

    • B. Stone
      B. Stone 27 days ago +2

      uhhh yes; they only have 1 Le Mans win and that wasn't even for another 29 years after this movie takes place... no competition.

  • Johannes Siska
    Johannes Siska Month ago +1

    7:10 he should burn to death right there

  • Panay MPS Police
    Panay MPS Police Month ago +4

    oh thor and valkryie team up

  • God
    God Month ago

    Ford, v-rarri

  • Angouono Fanel
    Angouono Fanel Month ago

    I'm looking for the thumbail

  • Me First
    Me First Month ago +2

    is that nadal and tom holland at the start? ;))

    • Laura Walsh
      Laura Walsh 26 days ago

      Was wondering myself if I was looking at a very young Tom Holland.....these movies look great!!!

  • A Maximum AMV最大的心灵

    Who else thought that the thumbnail was gonna be cronachls

  • IslanderMunch!
    IslanderMunch! Month ago +1

    Shaft and Spiderman

  • carlos Arredondo
    carlos Arredondo Month ago +5

    Finally scary stories to tell in the dark!!🤘

  • da phear
    da phear Month ago +2

    BRAD is back you mother fuckerssss......

  • Euan Reid
    Euan Reid Month ago

    Didn't Ford go to war with Hitler?

  • Michael Marchetti
    Michael Marchetti Month ago

    No Pitt

    ISAIAS SANCHEZ Month ago

    I think Kidman did a good job at acting.

  • James Pittman
    James Pittman Month ago

    I like the pretty videos is very awesome.

  • Antonio Jamison
    Antonio Jamison Month ago

    I would love to watch this movie. But I can't stand the two gentlemen that are in the movie.

  • rip607
    rip607 Month ago

    Better actor Lawrence fishburne or samuel l jackson?

  • adams jacobs
    adams jacobs Month ago


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  • Miles Prower
    Miles Prower Month ago

    The only movie coming in 2019 I want to see is, actually, you just guess. I'll wait. A hint is it's not one of these and not the Pokemon one.

  • Jeannine Lockridge
    Jeannine Lockridge Month ago

    Shaft was never suppose to be an out right comedy. Can't wait to see Men in Black and Hobbs and Shaw. Two of my favorite action stares.

    • Jeannine Lockridge
      Jeannine Lockridge Month ago

      @et Well if you go to see it I hope you enjoy yourself.😊

    • et
      et Month ago

      nope it wasn't. It looks GREAT however. Love the tonal shift.

  • Joel Ayoub
    Joel Ayoub Month ago

    Wow MIB trying to cash in on Thor. That's so cheap. Have some dignity.

  • DiamondBack662
    DiamondBack662 Month ago +23

    Anyone else getting a Leon the Professional vibe from Cold Blood?

  • KL LWC
    KL LWC Month ago +6

    All of them look damn good ⚡️💣💫☄️⭐️🔥

  • Professional Time wasters

    "Who ordered the chicken"

  • Nameless King
    Nameless King Month ago +1

    They still use Two steps from Hell music? I like.

  • Bae
    Bae Month ago +2

    The last movie got RUINED by the cast.

  • dfctomm
    dfctomm Month ago

    09:54 You notice all these feminist movies have the fantasy scenario of forcing a man to give up all his worldly possessions via force? However, you say they only do this to the predators, but remember that radical feminists believe all heterosexual sex is rape.

  • Lotto Winner
    Lotto Winner Month ago +1

    Gt prices going up after the movie

  • Titan52berg
    Titan52berg Month ago +1

    "Scary Stories to Dump Down the Toilet."

    • gene liboy
      gene liboy Month ago

      I don't know the director is good with horror might actually be good

  • KDH Amstrad
    KDH Amstrad Month ago +3

    I'm down to watch shaft with the fam...

  • Titan52berg
    Titan52berg Month ago

    Is that Jon Berenthal at 0:35? Shane from "The Walking Dead!"

    • Simon's Muzika
      Simon's Muzika Month ago

      yes haha !!! same voice too ... you did not recognize him ?

  • wojtas
    wojtas Month ago

    Man in black and fckin woman in first role

  • ~ Bright Romeo ~
    ~ Bright Romeo ~ Month ago

    New Men in Black with the actress is cringe af.

  • Fat guy 97 No name
    Fat guy 97 No name Month ago

    I feel like the last one is going to confuse the hell out of google search

  • Matt Lacdao
    Matt Lacdao Month ago

    Daaaaaaaaaaanm, Ruth Negga
    Ohhhh maaah gaad it would be hilarious when negga gets scolded by her/his teachers
    Teacher:Negga did u do your home work?!
    Or when his/her friends calls his/her name across the hall
    Ahhhh Just hilarious

  • Rafael Ortiz
    Rafael Ortiz Month ago

    Joker versus Superman

  • Walter white
    Walter white Month ago +4

    I still can't believe that Samuel L Jackson is in his 70s. Damn, the man does not know how to age.

    • Titan52berg
      Titan52berg Month ago +1

      He obviously doesn't know that he's been in too many movies, either.

  • Walter white
    Walter white Month ago +3

    Lol, @2:28 Men in Black 4 the way he tries to call his hammer is so a reference to Thor

    • fighter5s
      fighter5s Month ago

      I thought they were making a dick joke bc it's a white dude instead of will smith. I need help hahaha

  • Walter white
    Walter white Month ago +1

    Before there was the Fast and the Furious there was Ford v Ferrari

  • SkrrtIsYou
    SkrrtIsYou Month ago


  • Salad Queen K
    Salad Queen K Month ago +1

    oh god i still didnt hear donald glover's voice as Simba and im not happy ;-;

  • George Coutermarsh
    George Coutermarsh Month ago

    What movie were Les Twins in?

  • Inquisitive Cameron
    Inquisitive Cameron Month ago +18

    The Laurence Fishburne joke... cuz it really happens.. lol. 🤣🤣

    • TrueJoker King
      TrueJoker King Month ago +1

      @Ryan Smith woah woah dude no need to call him names

    • Ryan Smith
      Ryan Smith Month ago

      Thats why he said it, retard

  • Tony McCarthy
    Tony McCarthy Month ago


  • Tony McCarthy
    Tony McCarthy Month ago

    Good bro

  • Marvin Price
    Marvin Price Month ago

    You'd think Hollywood would have learned from I SPY. Take a classic black vehicle and turn it into a Step-N-Fetch comedy and it will fail. No matter how many times Samuel L. Jackson uses vulgar language, no matter how stupid you make black women look.

  • kelly Ziregbe
    kelly Ziregbe Month ago

    was the Les Twins ?

  • Alba Morillo
    Alba Morillo Month ago +1

    I Miss America So Much! America Used to be The Best, America used to be Great.

  • I hate Lesbians So much

    Epic movies