Weather: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • John Oliver discusses the tension between the public and private worlds of predicting the weather.
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Comments • 5 958

  • Rheto12
    Rheto12 19 hours ago

    Literally everything he does is shit

  • NittanyTiger1
    NittanyTiger1 21 hour ago

    While I was attending Penn State for my master's in meteorology, I heard about the bill AccuWeather submitted to try and restrict the NWS from posting public data. I personally couldn't believe anyone would want to do that, and it made me seriously consider the motives of AccuWeather and any wealthy CEO. I couldn't fathom the idea that anyone would want to withhold life-saving weather data and NWS products for profit.

    As far as weather models like the ECMWF (European model), you can get model runs for free off of a number of websites. I use sites like Pivotal Weather and Penn State's E-wall to verify NWS forecasts and make my own conclusions. The only data that may still be totally privatized is lightning mapper data, but there's a website called that gives free real-time lightning locator data.

  • Jonathan André
    Jonathan André 3 days ago

    can somebody tell if there is any literature which is relating to this topic?

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 3 days ago +2

    My favorite part of this episode was the audience's reaction to that cancer joke.

  • hoffer54
    hoffer54 3 days ago

    United States of Corporation.

  • Josh
    Josh 4 days ago

    the news caster at the beginning was located near my college. small world

  • Dana D
    Dana D 5 days ago

    That meteorologist at the beginning is my spirit animal.

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    bantoken247. net 6 days ago

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  • imbara33
    imbara33 6 days ago

    the hots, the wets, the wooshes, the brrrs and of course, the flashy flashy boom booms

  • Helal Uddin
    Helal Uddin 7 days ago

    Salute to Hasan Minhaz and John Oliver

  • Ian Evors
    Ian Evors 7 days ago

    Nothing beats 80’s synth groove

  • Saucedanator D
    Saucedanator D 8 days ago

    i remember when the weather channel blatantly lied about hurricane irma. They had some reporter who was supposed to be "on location" with trees blowing around and debris flying by but his hair barely moved in the wind. Clearly on a green screen with a mist fan just trying to drum up fear.

  • Dan
    Dan 8 days ago

    Weather Underground isn't NWS data. It's people with weather stations in their yard putting the data on the web for other people.

  • Ryan Matthews
    Ryan Matthews 8 days ago

    withdrawn in shame, thank gawd

  • pigtailsboy
    pigtailsboy 8 days ago

    Oh, Grand Rapids. I hope he got to keep his job because I consider outbursts to bring awareness about the kind of restricted stress many people working hold onto. This guy was obviously getting flak from colleagues and callers about an aspect of reality that he doesn't control. Bad news is bad news and would you prefer to be surprised by such a thing or WARNED?

  • Steverino
    Steverino 9 days ago

    Next, Trump is going to put Kevin Spacey in charge of Child Protective Services.

  • SigmentKurosai
    SigmentKurosai 10 days ago

    John... You've known for years that you can't make bangs work. Why would you ever try to go back to them?

  • john tracy
    john tracy 10 days ago

    Hurricane Sandy became an arctic hurricane after that arctic cold front collided with it.

  • gemini star
    gemini star 11 days ago

    Or.... find another person.

  • Franky Ramone
    Franky Ramone 11 days ago

    There’s always some greedy rich prick.

  • chewy274
    chewy274 13 days ago

    Love that weather guy.....fuck knows,,,,look out the window bitches.

    INERT 13 days ago +1

    Of course it's BS to think that the head of National Weather Service won't divulge insider info to his family-run business.
    It's also BS to think that Biden never did the same for his son's investment bank, Rosemont Seneca, on multiple occasions.
    And it's BS that this show, which prides itself on the investigative journalism of others, has a double standard: calling out a weak case of the head of the National Weather Service enriching his immediate family but ignoring multiple major cases of the VP enriching his immediate family with his access to the executive branch's decision making process and to government purse strings.

  • Marcus Lau
    Marcus Lau 13 days ago

    flashy flashy boom boom

  • Shela Dawn
    Shela Dawn 13 days ago

    That weather man is just a solid mood.

  • Jared Foster
    Jared Foster 13 days ago
    Here's the root of all those ad-based weather apps. Not super pretty on a smart phone, but is great on a desktop for actual weather planning for things like hiking, prescribed fire, travel, outdoor activities other than going from your house to your car to your work... and back again

  • William MacNeill
    William MacNeill 13 days ago

    Why does John Oliver's weather guy persona look like a less sexy Austin Powers?

  • Stealth Attack
    Stealth Attack 14 days ago

    These people are pathetically shameless.

  • Vicki Cupper
    Vicki Cupper 14 days ago

    I shouldn't be watching this on the way home. My poor Uber driver. 😂😂😂

  • Heads Tails
    Heads Tails 14 days ago

    Swamp the drain.

  • crustacean drool cube
    crustacean drool cube 14 days ago +1

    for the canadians in the audience, our app is called "weathercan" by environment and climate change canada, or you can go to

  • Älvalek
    Älvalek 15 days ago +1

    4 days ago to the date I discovered this video Myers withdrew his nomination over "health concerns". So that's nice at least.

  • pvtfg4
    pvtfg4 15 days ago +1
    He’s no longer nominated, this worked John 🎉

  • Fearless Lemur
    Fearless Lemur 16 days ago

    *WEATHER* you liked this comment or not at least you found it

  • Rubaedo
    Rubaedo 16 days ago

    So what you're saying is... decommodification is necessary for human civilization?

  • Paige Kost
    Paige Kost 16 days ago

    John! Those fingers guns... oh my I’m blushing! Fpht fpht fpht

  • columbagallagher
    columbagallagher 17 days ago

    Weird that yoochoob just suggested their kids channel for watching this video. Subscribing

  • Doctor Le Quack
    Doctor Le Quack 17 days ago +4

    Would like to say as of November 20th Barry Myers has withdrawn his nomination.

  • Travis
    Travis 17 days ago

    Thank God this idiot withdrew his nomination. Maybe he sees the writing on the wall for Trump administration and doesn't want to get caught up in the shit storm. Either way, glad he's gone.

  • Tim Leung
    Tim Leung 18 days ago +6

    Looks like Barry Myers withdrew his nomination.

  • Dustin Kick
    Dustin Kick 18 days ago +1

    I feel like I actually just saw a Pearl Jam concert.

  • BlueTemplar En Taro Brian!

    "We predict a heavy fog of nepotism for the next semester."

  • Joseph Walker
    Joseph Walker 19 days ago +1

    After watching this I got rid of my accuweather app and downloaded the noaa app

  • Pablo A
    Pablo A 20 days ago

    Fucking Cathartic

  • Pablo A
    Pablo A 20 days ago +2

    “And at this point you can probably guess what’s coming”
    This sentence is depressing, accurate but depressing
    Though I have to admit I’ve been waiting for Trump to pop up for 11 minutes

  • Rafał Hrynkiewicz
    Rafał Hrynkiewicz 20 days ago

    All this makes me even more to enjoy living in Poland.
    Year after year the saying: "United States is the wealthiest Third World country" is becomes more and more relevant.

  • Filming life to Remember it.

    Oh. We like "Flashy-flashy Boom-Boom." Oh. Sorry. We thought this was gonna be a porn video.

  • The Noobest Girl
    The Noobest Girl 21 day ago

    Wow. Just wow. America is getting more and more corrupted by the minute, isn't it?

  • Kierra Nodel
    Kierra Nodel 21 day ago +1

    My birds got proportionally louder as I turned this up to hear over them. Either they really hate the sound of John’s voice or they recognize their own kind and were trying to communicate.

  • ChesterSnap
    ChesterSnap 21 day ago +2

    Note to self: don't ever use Accuweather's services again

  • Lily Burrell
    Lily Burrell 21 day ago

    If you can’t give family members of McDonald employees free kids books, you can’t let myres in the national weather service

  • Lily Burrell
    Lily Burrell 21 day ago

    Remember when England named the snow storm beast from the east. It wasn’t a proper storm but snow!!!! ❄️ ⛄️

  • Miss Amazon
    Miss Amazon 21 day ago

    Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot.
    We'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!! 😉

  • Jack Pipe
    Jack Pipe 22 days ago +9

    It's really impressive that this guy can get nearly 5 million people (at the time of writing) to click on a video called 'Weather'

  • AbstractAudition
    AbstractAudition 22 days ago

    I cant tell 'weather' or not thisl matter when we are all hiding on the mountain tops because a bunch of do-nothing fkwits melted the ice caps for fun.

  • TheCritic
    TheCritic 22 days ago +3

    "it felt 19" sounds like one of the worlds worst defenses given in cord

  • Clark Tierney
    Clark Tierney 22 days ago +1

    Here is an Englishman still supporting through his stupid fuckingly groomed eye brows a. Colony in IRELAND. FUCK YOU, ENGLISH FUCK. Get the FUCK out of IRELAND, and STFU you fuckin* pissant. Take your prissy aunt fucking British accent American audiences find so fucking intriguing and kill yourself. Asshole. No, I don’t want to hear from shithole Americans, and their bullshit. Get the fuck out of IRELAND.

  • James Neave
    James Neave 22 days ago

    Meanwhile, in the UK, no stupid graphics or hyperbole. 🙄

  • James Neave
    James Neave 22 days ago

    I should imagine _every_ member of the WMO get more than they give!

  • Pat Pearce
    Pat Pearce 23 days ago

    Britain did lose ww2 for accepting help. What happened to the empire!