Mr Bean does 'Blind Date' | Comic Relief

  • Опубликовано:  8 лет назад
  • Mr Bean goes on Blind Date with Cilla Black in this special sketch for Comic Relief.

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  • Длительность: 16:04
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Комментарии: 367

  • Rj Singh
    Rj Singh 5 месяцев назад +9

    its craziness...

  • Meti Elias
    Meti Elias 5 месяцев назад +56

    how I didn't c dis ol time

  • Al w
    Al w 5 месяцев назад +289

    "Taking pictures of his food" how about that 😂😂😂

  • Ms Brightside
    Ms Brightside 7 месяцев назад +453

    how have i not seen this before?? amazing!

  • Isobel Wise
    Isobel Wise 6 лет назад +25

    mr bean reminds me of doc martin lol

  • Yus Hasan
    Yus Hasan 6 лет назад +11


  • Yus Hasan
    Yus Hasan 6 лет назад +2

    mr bean x pandai lyn awek btol la

  • comikrocker
    comikrocker 6 лет назад +222

    that's brilliant!!!! for a silent character, Mr Bean did say quite a bit

  • voguette
    voguette 6 лет назад +158


  • akumu102
    akumu102 6 лет назад +88

    Number 2 has an adorable face:)-

  • Emma Maton
    Emma Maton 6 лет назад +13

    Parents are aliens!

  • KT85 Chan
    KT85 Chan 6 лет назад +10

    I wonder what did mr bean said @ 2:50 after the middle guy say princess Diania??

  • lee leather
    lee leather 6 лет назад +6

    a think number 1 is carl from hollyoaks lol

  • MithranArkanere
    MithranArkanere 6 лет назад +360

    It's so weird watchig Mr. Bean talk.

  • Emit79
    Emit79 6 лет назад +37


  • The.King
    The.King 6 лет назад +50

    Bring Back Blind Date!

  • bradley sharp
    bradley sharp 6 лет назад +2

    guy #1 is carl costello on hollyoaks lol

  • Richard Scrancher
    Richard Scrancher 6 лет назад +22

    that woman who dates mr bean been on my parent are aliens and hi iam alan partridge

  • Donal Lynch
    Donal Lynch 6 лет назад +39

    That is Alan Cumming and the girl is Barbara Durkin.

  • uniquegirl98
    uniquegirl98 6 лет назад +4

    @MediaHallofFame yeah i used 2 love that show

  • uniquegirl98
    uniquegirl98 6 лет назад

    @MediaHallofFame yh i used 2 luv that show

  • sellout1990
    sellout1990 6 лет назад +2

    @MediaHallofFame yeppp

  • sellout1990
    sellout1990 6 лет назад +4

    number 1 is carl from hollyoaks.

  • richardsadilek
    richardsadilek 6 лет назад +6

    I´m so terribly teriibly sorry!
    ... Cilla??

  • ProffaSam
    ProffaSam 6 лет назад +89

    Damn, I really felt sorry for Mr Bean :-/

  • audveltadmuna
    audveltadmuna 6 лет назад +1

    @aelgould every day

  • GoPro Flying
    GoPro Flying 6 лет назад +9

    Nice to see Susan from Alan Partridge. Shame she sheems to always work with nerds.

  • shpirdonkle
    shpirdonkle 6 лет назад +16

    OHHH!!!!!!!! A young Alan Cumming! Awesomeness!

  • mike098456
    mike098456 6 лет назад +2

    gotta love bean

  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor Jesus 6 лет назад

    loved it XD

  • mixersmix i
    mixersmix i 6 лет назад +1

    @guardien1459 thank you thats been bugging me 4 ages :)

  • Puking RainbowzTV
    Puking RainbowzTV 6 лет назад +8

    is the blind date real?

  • Alison Langhorn
    Alison Langhorn 6 лет назад

    @MediaHallofFame Highly doubt it, but maybe?

  • Rama Creates
    Rama Creates 6 лет назад +2

    @DemoniHolocaust I don't know his name but the bad guy from the son of the mask.

  • Caolan
    Caolan 6 лет назад

    @DemoniHolocaust it is

  • TeNsHoTs26
    TeNsHoTs26 6 лет назад

    @DemoniHolocaust It because that is him.

  • Rajinder Singh
    Rajinder Singh 6 лет назад +6

    The video is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • tyfmmfl
    tyfmmfl 6 лет назад +11

    i would have picked number 2 hahaha

  • Charlotte Crabbe
    Charlotte Crabbe 6 лет назад


  • Puking RainbowzTV
    Puking RainbowzTV 6 лет назад +3

    9:02 is funny watch!!!

    KMIX FONG 6 лет назад +8

    Really 40 people actually went on a date with Mr.Beans

  • Ash ley
    Ash ley 6 лет назад +10

    I loooove mr.bean :))

  • savebylundqvist3530
    savebylundqvist3530 6 лет назад

    Robbie is really Billy Glide

  • NinjaFawful
    NinjaFawful 6 лет назад +4

    at 4:15 it would be good if he followed her

  • JunHan Ong
    JunHan Ong 6 лет назад

    the host's teeth is annoying.. LOL

  • tailsnclaws
    tailsnclaws 6 лет назад +87

    I almost thought No. 1 the carpenter was about to say he was specialised in 'screwing'. LOL!!!

  • Sam Pacifico
    Sam Pacifico 6 лет назад +1

    Haha mr. Bean us SOOOOOOOOO funny!!!!

  • zerar
    zerar 6 лет назад +2

    7:32 Ahahhhhha :D:D:D!!!!

  • jliz1589
    jliz1589 6 лет назад +157

    "In other words, he's a pervert!" Lol!

  • judy S.O
    judy S.O 6 лет назад

    @AngelinaNanaNaiii i thought as much..... hez a hottie..... dang !!!

  • lvivboi
    lvivboi 6 лет назад +123

    mr. bean: the best character in the history of comedy.

  • Russell Hill
    Russell Hill 6 лет назад

    Is Number 2 the presenter of Coast?

  • CENArandyorton
    CENArandyorton 6 лет назад +6

    rowan atkinstan aka mr bean is my favourite actor ever i will do anything to meet him

  • Ashii Foster
    Ashii Foster 6 лет назад +3

    lol Number 1 is a flirrt lol
    Bed BED BED

  • tiramisumusical
    tiramisumusical 6 лет назад

    'Cilla?' LOL! XD EPIC!!!!!!!! XD <3

  • Angelina I
    Angelina I 6 лет назад

    OMG! Number 1 is Carl Costello in Hollyoaks, how funny! And Number 2 was in X-Men! Brilliant!

  • TheUltimateToad
    TheUltimateToad 6 лет назад

    @XIXownageXIX Alan cumming.

  • XIXownageXIX
    XIXownageXIX 6 лет назад +39

    isnt the 2nd guy in a movie? spy kids?

  • TheAnshey
    TheAnshey 6 лет назад

    i couldn't tell this was all acted out until the doorman turned with an arrow in his back...

  • Gibbo118
    Gibbo118 6 лет назад

    This is just brilliant on every level.

  • BadBuffalo
    BadBuffalo 6 лет назад +99

    Your name?
    First name?

  • TheAnshey
    TheAnshey 6 лет назад

    this was soOo acted out! 13:40 was a give away! but soOo hilarious!!! XD

  • TheAnshey
    TheAnshey 6 лет назад +1

    i'm soOo sure they acted it all out!

  • Robin Luigi
    Robin Luigi 6 лет назад +1

    omg alan cummings haha

  • DragonPunch2theFace
    DragonPunch2theFace 6 лет назад +1

    reminds me of leisuire suit larry 3

  • Warsilver
    Warsilver 6 лет назад +5

    first name? "uuuhh Mr." -lmao

  • Megadriver
    Megadriver 6 лет назад +3

    OMG! I laughed my head off when the girl saw mr. Bean's butt while he was perfuming his shoes!

  • Megadriver
    Megadriver 6 лет назад +1

    OMG! I laughed my head off when the girl saw mr. Bean's butt while he was perfuming his shoes!
    HAHAHA he fished up a duck and was aiming at the cameraman!
    Wonder if mr. Bean will make it up to the World Golf Championship?

  • JK Wiseman
    JK Wiseman 6 лет назад

    @guardien1459 alan cumming

  • Moonpie
    Moonpie 6 лет назад +1

    His dancing is ePiC!!!!

  • Alex2149
    Alex2149 6 лет назад

    @GreatOldSongs speak to the hand !

  • Ben
    Ben 6 лет назад +4

    That guy in the middle is floop from spy kids.

  • Sopraltofilms
    Sopraltofilms 6 лет назад +2

    Is #2 Alan Cumming?

  • Max Ma
    Max Ma 6 лет назад +77

    hey isnt guy no.2 the evil guy from Spy Kids? o.0

  • scottybwoi90
    scottybwoi90 6 лет назад +7

    she aint from manchester... she sounds too posh lol.

  • OzPom96
    OzPom96 6 лет назад +7

    You said it Mr Bean! "Thats disgusting!" Go away Number 1, you don't stand a chance.

  • batSkull22
    batSkull22 6 лет назад +5

    That was really awkward.

  • Benjamin Hognestad
    Benjamin Hognestad 6 лет назад +5

    that girl is SO beautiful!

  • JamieJohnson
    JamieJohnson 6 лет назад +1

    Someone called Tracey from Manchester. How original.....

  • VanZan
    VanZan 6 лет назад +2

    @ivorbigonee yea mr. bean is class a comedy though

  • coolperson962
    coolperson962 6 лет назад +1

    hello my name is rodi, but i also answer to nightcrawler, fegan or loki

  • ivorbigonee
    ivorbigonee 6 лет назад

    @taylor189 u do know this isnt real right?

  • ivorbigonee
    ivorbigonee 6 лет назад

    @saturnstargirl he looks like ronnie o sulliavan

  • Karl Bond
    Karl Bond 6 лет назад

    LMAO No.1 is in Hollyoaks FFS! No.2 Mr Cummings (x-men 2 and Air Scotcia) and Bean.... Class

  • Karl Bond
    Karl Bond 6 лет назад

    @saturnstargirl NIGHTCRAWLER man!!!!!!

  • MiniMcGuy
    MiniMcGuy 6 лет назад +2


  • Niall Hickman
    Niall Hickman 6 лет назад

    Cannibal Bean

  • Joe Lacey
    Joe Lacey 6 лет назад

    @saturnstargirl he's the bad guy from something, ghost busters i think?

  • Gnome Child
    Gnome Child 6 лет назад

    @saturnstargirl spy kids

  • Melissa Jackson
    Melissa Jackson 6 лет назад

    @Hawkspire0 yep, alan cumming. XD

  • ejl1000
    ejl1000 6 лет назад +2


  • Dan Tjoe
    Dan Tjoe 6 лет назад +8

    LMAO AT BEAN! When he replied to a bit of horizontal dancing "Thats disgusting!" AND WHEN he says "In other words he's a pervert!" XD HAHA

  • kenobi234
    kenobi234 6 лет назад

    Tracy is the person from My Parents are Aliens

  • britishgoose01
    britishgoose01 6 лет назад +1

    @Hawkspire0 hes from goldeneye

  • GreatOldSongs
    GreatOldSongs 6 лет назад +73

    I love when he pushes her away by her face so he can shake her hand XD

  • Bethany
    Bethany 6 лет назад


  • Taz1451
    Taz1451 6 лет назад

    The left guy is Carl on Hollyoaks.. I hate him.

  • VanZan
    VanZan 6 лет назад +3

    the audience led her on. and they screwed her over. HILARIOUS!

  • sycomac
    sycomac 6 лет назад +1

    yeah it is.....the middle is nightcrawler from x-men 2

  • The Sixth Doctor
    The Sixth Doctor 6 лет назад

    @01carterg Oh yeah! He's "EEENVINCEEBULL!" and also, "a messenger of the devil".