46 hrs in Amtrak Sleeper Car - Chicago to Seattle on the Empire Builder

  • I spent 2 nights in the Amtrak train sleeper car known as a Superliner Roomette from Chicago Union Station to Seattle King Street Station on the Empire Builder.
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  • MD Lahey
    MD Lahey 10 hours ago

    I predict at least a three-hour delay...

  • Mustang860
    Mustang860 Day ago +1

    You two make a cute couple and it looks like you're having a lot of fun..

  • makmelaf
    makmelaf Day ago

    When I was a dining car server back in the late 80's, the dining car was overrun with mice. I hope that's changed.

  • makmelaf
    makmelaf Day ago

    Winner gets the top lol

  • Kennith Johnson
    Kennith Johnson 2 days ago

    I Love This Very Informative Video!!

  • xQMA
    xQMA 2 days ago

    Always feels weird seeing a place on video that you used to pass through very frequently 6:29

  • Bernhard
    Bernhard 2 days ago

    7:01 The trains are obviously not that fast ...

  • Fc king Sg
    Fc king Sg 2 days ago


  • Ona Nist
    Ona Nist 3 days ago +1

    With any luck the railway's due for a renaissance.

  • Expat Lifestyle
    Expat Lifestyle 4 days ago

    He sed wowww Milwaukee lol

  • Expat Lifestyle
    Expat Lifestyle 4 days ago

    He sed wowww Milwaukee lol

  • George Denny
    George Denny 7 days ago

    Made that trip a few years ago. Really enjoyed it.

  • Usernamenichtbekannt

    If you like sleeping trains you need to check out european night trains. Especial the Double Deck sleeping cars from austrias "NightJet" or finnish double deck sleeping trains. These two are my favourites!

    • DownieLive
      DownieLive  7 days ago

      One of my upcoming videos is the overnight sleeper train from Glasgow to London. So yes, stay tuned.

  • The_Amazing SWAG
    The_Amazing SWAG 8 days ago

    Are you planning to do a eastern long distance at any time?

  • Phil Hill
    Phil Hill 11 days ago

    southwest chief next?

    • Phil Hill
      Phil Hill 11 days ago

      @DownieLive haven't experienced that one yet but I can imagine it's not much different. The long distance train rides are my favorite. Lay back and relax..

    • DownieLive
      DownieLive  11 days ago +1

      Yes! Or... the Zephyr???

  • #anthonyron82
    #anthonyron82 11 days ago

    The black guy is funny

    • DownieLive
      DownieLive  11 days ago

      Will has his own channel! Go check him out!

  • Ronald
    Ronald 16 days ago

    Semi was hauling freight! How about mentioning the shower facilities at the lounges. I have been taking the train from Albany-Rensselaer, NY to Columbus, WI for the last 4 years.

  • garyej
    garyej 16 days ago

    We booked an Amtrak sleeper room from Denver to Portland. First: I called about an hour before departure. No problems, I was assured. Got to the station and was informed the train would be FOUR HOURS late! That is to say, the ticket person answering my call must have known? We could've stayed in the hotel for that time. Finally got on board and the room was quite nice. Very helpful room steward. Enjoyable trip to Sacramento. Except - on the way the engine suffered problems and had to be replaced. Arrived in Sacto. FIVE hours late. AND, unlike other countries, we found out we did not stay with our sleeper but had to change trains. Rail museum, of course, closed. Had a very nice supper in the old town. Section to PDX did arrive on time (MIDNIGHT!) but we were informed that there were no rooms left and we would have to have a Roomette. Wife got the lower bunk. I squeezed (almost literally) into the upper bunk. I've traveled in ambulance gurneys that were wider and more comfortable. Turning over in "bed" was a challenge (not fat!). Never saw the room steward, except when he informed us that, yes, there were vacant Rooms! Next day we ran out of food (couldn't restock in the wilderness of Sacramento, I guess). We were given bags of cookies! Then in Eugene, OR, we were told we had to take a bus to PDX. NOW - I'm a BIG rail fan! Our vacations frequently center around heritage railways we can visit, taking the trains wherever possible (at least in Europe where one train manager was almost apoplectic and apologetic because (get this!) his train was going to be EIGHT MINUTES late!). It's heartbreaking, to me, the state of rail travel in North America. Amtrak and crew area great. We got friendly, helpful service from the crews! No disrespect to them! Kudos to them for putting up with the nonsense they have to burden to try and deliver a timely service on track they don't own. It must be almost as frustrating to them as to us customers (well, ex-customer here). Even my trainman (BCR, CN) cousin told me, don't take the train if you're on a schedule!

  • Jack Harrison
    Jack Harrison 16 days ago

    Great video you two. More please. I never got to USA, but this is the sort of way, I'd like to experience it.Lot's of LONG train journeys; with chances to mingle on and off the train. Well done. Jack. UK

    • Jack Harrison
      Jack Harrison 16 days ago

      @DownieLive You're welcome. Good for you. I'm in Fleetwood. You have a bout two Fleetwoods in the USA.
      I was a Railway Signalman myself 1978-88.

    • DownieLive
      DownieLive  16 days ago +1

      Thanks Jack! I’m headed to your neck of the woods for some train travel in the upcoming videos. Thanks for watching!

  • Bobby K
    Bobby K 17 days ago

    All of these vids are infomercials. Why do you people watch and click 'like'? You are all gullible morons.

  • ManOf_Steel0894
    ManOf_Steel0894 17 days ago

    The way these roomette beds are set-up reminds me of semi-truck beds.

  • William Fulgham
    William Fulgham 19 days ago

    He should have used Arlo Guthrie's famous song 'The City of New Orleans'. Of course that was for another train which runs from Chicago to New Orleans.

  • Nusrat Ali
    Nusrat Ali 19 days ago


  • BNrailfan 6051
    BNrailfan 6051 19 days ago

    Wow! I’ve been on Amtrak before, and this video basically is my experience! (Except I never went in the shower)

  • Rhys Cooper
    Rhys Cooper 20 days ago

    I’d love to see you travel from Orlando Florida to New York, I’m English and wanting to travel this and seeing a review of this route would be amazing

    • DownieLive
      DownieLive  20 days ago

      I was literally looking at booking that trip yesterday. We’ll see but I’d like to make it happen soon!

  • Gaurav Sagarr
    Gaurav Sagarr 21 day ago


  • Gaurav Sagarr
    Gaurav Sagarr 21 day ago


  • Gaurav Sagarr
    Gaurav Sagarr 21 day ago


  • JediHaloMan21
    JediHaloMan21 21 day ago

    Took this trip a few years ago

  • Sean Graham
    Sean Graham 21 day ago

    Please leave out the music! It's hyper, loud, and distracting. Let us simply hear the soothing background sounds of the clickity-clack rail travel. So cancel the music and get natural with clickity-clack background sounds!!

  • Mahesh M
    Mahesh M 22 days ago

    13:30 Chai Tea...Yummmmmyyy....hahaha

  • Yayo Tony
    Yayo Tony 22 days ago

    So you started in Minot North Dakota or what?

  • Tom Cat
    Tom Cat 22 days ago

    A Roomette is the name of a group of backup singers, as in "Jackie and The Roomettes."

  • MissLiveLaughLove1
    MissLiveLaughLove1 23 days ago

    So! I just watched multiple video tours on different Amtrak Sleeper Car trains for the nostalgia. I traveled in one from NJ to TX in 2001. I appreciated the videos I watched this evening, but your video is the only entertaining one. As soon as the video began I was like, Dude has crazy energy! Then came the humor and my moments of laughter. I smiled the entire time watching. You and your friend Will are great! Thanks for posting. Now off to Part 2.

    • DownieLive
      DownieLive  23 days ago +1

      That’s so nice to hear! Thank you so much!

  • Jordan Ross
    Jordan Ross 23 days ago

    I rated it haha (also great video sponsor, awesome stuff!)

  • Russell Griffin
    Russell Griffin 23 days ago

    Good video. Unfortunately, we cant trust anyone to build any high speed anything without tripling the budget, Waste of tax monies.

  • Michael Wall
    Michael Wall 25 days ago

    I have considered taking a train to destinations that would require more than one days driving. You just removed any thought of doing that from my brain. I am a bit claustrophobic and I almost panicked just watching you navigate those narrow quarters. I am beginning to think a bus and a hotel is a much better choice.

    • Nora Lincoln
      Nora Lincoln 25 days ago

      Buses are more cramped than trains. You're also free to move around on board trains.

  • Aunty Ro Knows
    Aunty Ro Knows 26 days ago

    I went Chicago to Martinez. 54 hours...

  • Daniel Sowell
    Daniel Sowell 26 days ago

    You look like Garrett Hedlund.

  • briezzy365
    briezzy365 26 days ago

    Done an overnight, would highly recommend the rooms.

  • Guy Davis
    Guy Davis 26 days ago

    I traveled on trains when I lived on the east coast but not since moving to the midwest. For trips of a few hours coach was ok, but I would like to experience train travel with a sleeper car.

  • Stacy B
    Stacy B 27 days ago

    What a beautiful way to experience the wonderful US of A. I am actually jealous of you boys bc this looks like an amazing experience!

  • philip brazis
    philip brazis 27 days ago

    I am Ruth, Chicago is running out of money. Now I see why, the people outside the big city want to leave Illinois and join Iowa

  • bob clark
    bob clark 27 days ago

    can you say what the cost for the 14hr ride was?

  • mgee63
    mgee63 27 days ago +2

    7:02 slow speed rail LOL being passed by a tanker truck..need high speed so the truck cant pass it

  • Dukect
    Dukect 27 days ago

    This was a great 2 part video you and Will have great chemistry with each other. Also, I'm planning a huge Train trip myself next year if all goes well from Washington D.C to Los Angeles wish me luck

  • Heather Johnson
    Heather Johnson 27 days ago

    We've taken the Amtrak all over the country (and back) and the Empire Builder is my favorite!

  • Bill of Rights
    Bill of Rights 27 days ago +1

    🇺🇸 I am proud to be an American. 🇺🇸

    • Bill of Rights
      Bill of Rights 24 days ago

      🇺🇸 Republicans ❤️ America 🇺🇸

      *TRUMP 2020*

    • Bill of Rights
      Bill of Rights 24 days ago

      *CNN and MSNBC and both proven 100% FAKE anti-America COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA*

    • Bill of Rights
      Bill of Rights 24 days ago

      America is the greatest country on Earth. 🇺🇸
      President Trump will be re-elected by a *LANDSLIDE* because America ❤️s and fully supports President Trump. 🇺🇸

    • Bill of Rights
      Bill of Rights 24 days ago

      The Democratic party is now a radical anti-America *Communist party.* The Left spreads lies and promotes hate. The KKK were Democrats.

    • Ze Ze Ze
      Ze Ze Ze 25 days ago

      You can be happy by being American but proud ??? Common... don’t you know how many Indians are massacred ? Black sloughed, lynched, burned alive, and shot? This is our history. We all can be happy by being American,... we came long way yet we have stained, dark and embarrassing history. It’s our chance to make America beautiful and equal for all of us. Peace and much love to you my brother.

  • Endless Song
    Endless Song 28 days ago

    I used to commute out of Chicago Union Station. A beautiful station.

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 28 days ago

    This is quite embarrassing compared to European rail service.

  • Daniel Pena official
    Daniel Pena official 28 days ago

    How can I get a free ride?

  • Daniel Pena official
    Daniel Pena official 28 days ago

    Is that expensive to go ? Sleepers are super expensive..... right???

  • F J
    F J 28 days ago

    Had no clue a passenger train went from Chicago to Seattle.

  • Just JuanGoodCitizen
    Just JuanGoodCitizen 28 days ago

    I did this from Charlotte NC to Philadelphia PA. Very relaxing ride and good food.

  • John Rigby
    John Rigby 28 days ago

    Know your train. Make sure it's one of the DOUBLE-DECKED sleepers WITH MEALs included,. Avoid the East Coast trains or any "VIEWLINER" single level cars Roomettes. Dirty, crammed, nearest filty toilet is 2 cars away, (unless you use one in the phone booth roomette & even rodents don't poop where they sleep! Who thought THAT was a good idea?!) The 2 story cars have accessible luggage storage downstairs AND showers & toilets in EVERY car! Apparently the double deckers can't fit into Penn Station so that's why the single height cars are on the East Coast. Can't say high enough praise for the EMPIRE or CAPITOL Express, but AVOID the SILVER STAR to Florida; it's the WORST! Can't believe they are run by the same company! Such EXTREME difference in accomodations, equipment, service, attitude, amenities, food (or lack thereof); just EVERYTHING was either SO GOOD or SO BAD!

    • John Rigby
      John Rigby 28 days ago

      Get it in writing: What are the acccomodations for EACH portion of your trip & IF meals are included (or even AVAILABLE); the "snack" bar in our train was NOT OPEN MOST of the time. Couldn't even BUY a $5.75 hot dog or a $3 candy bar!

  • jesusito lopezsanchez
    jesusito lopezsanchez 29 days ago

    I definitely love taking Amtrak only done it in Cali now I want to experience a 36 hr experience

  • Faith Julian
    Faith Julian 29 days ago

    We haven’t taken this train but we took Amtrak from San Juan Capistrano CA to Spokane WA. 90% of the trip we had a sleeper cabin ie sofa, private bathroom, porter, two beds. Purchased our tickets 1st of July....special deals. We loved it and plan to take more Amtrak trains.

  • Electronics Developer
    Electronics Developer 29 days ago

    Chicago? The city you never want to live...

  • Andrew Warner
    Andrew Warner 29 days ago

    I rode from Chicago to Battle Creek, MI back in 2000 and they stopped every 400 feet for four hours. I smoke and they wouldn't let anybody the whole way. It sucked. Never rode it again.

  • TurboSol
    TurboSol 29 days ago

    Coronavirus express, lol j/k

  • Eddie
    Eddie 29 days ago

    Old ass amtrak trains!!

  • Jim Veybe
    Jim Veybe 29 days ago

    WHAT a BORING RIDE. So dirty, sleepers never sanitized. Don't take a train overnight ON PURPOSE unless you are short and can sleep through a freight train. No wifi or cel signal for HALF the trip.

  • Helen W
    Helen W 29 days ago

    Great vid - love your enthusiasm! Straight on to pt 2 now... subscribed, of course!

  • Eric W
    Eric W 29 days ago

    Did you wipe the mirror after you sprayed mouth paste all over it? lol thats how germs spread!

  • Eric W
    Eric W 29 days ago +2

    7:00 He's talking high speed rail as a tanker truck is passing them outside 😄 Going to predict your delay will be between 1 and 2 hours... if you're lucky lol!

  • jjk109
    jjk109 29 days ago

    What’s the cost?

  • darkprince56
    darkprince56 Month ago

    6:44 does anyone know why that rainbow effect is created on the windows? I see it sometimes through the tinted windows in my kitchen and the rainbow is reflected on the clear plastic covering I have protecting my table, I don't see it directly.

  • Heath Woodlee
    Heath Woodlee Month ago

    I took this same train in 2008 and ordered a pizza to be delivered to the train station and picked it up in the short stop there. It was hilarious eating it in the lounge car.

  • Afrikan Booty Scratcher

    What an adventure! Greetings from Ghana

  • Cecelia Walker-Walter

    What would the cost be for this trip

  • Moto Hyun
    Moto Hyun Month ago

    Bring it on. HIGHSPEEDRAIL N.W
    AMERICA ! We are so behind😒😒😳
    Compare. East Asia or Euro😒😒😛😳

  • Micah Gelatt
    Micah Gelatt Month ago +1

    My wife and I are planning to take a cross country Amtrak for our 25th anniversary. Great video! And I’m from the north with parents from Canada. I’m hearing a Canadian or far north accent in this video, eh.

    • DownieLive
      DownieLive  Month ago +1

      I sure am from Canada, eh. Vancouver specifically.

  • glockumollie
    glockumollie Month ago

    I like slow and easy!

  • libra8a
    libra8a Month ago

    I just booked a flight from Newark to Phoenix for $80 non stop. Suck it Amtrak.

  • Sandra budman
    Sandra budman Month ago

    i AM JEALOUS I miss train travel..it is great! s/.

  • Valhalla Project
    Valhalla Project Month ago

    In 1952 my mother and I rode from New Orleans to Chicago on the City of New Orleans then transferred to the Empire Builder for the run to Seattle. Boarded a ship to Tokyo to join my Air Force Dad. I still remember much of the trip. In those days there were no showers. Our compartment had the up and down bunks that a porter would make up for us and a small washroom with sink and toilet. Meals were strictly by reservation in the dining car and travelers dressed for meals. Would be fun to do it again.

  • Catherine Giuliano
    Catherine Giuliano Month ago

    You realize that they are not on a high speed train right?

  • Steve Sorenson
    Steve Sorenson Month ago

    Great tour. I was planning on making this trip. Now i know what to expect. Thx

  • Victor R.
    Victor R. Month ago

    Cool video 👌! I have a friend that visits me in California from Michigan and he takes that 🚆.. Damn, you're not shy(shower). I'm not complaining 😉

  • dannyventure
    dannyventure Month ago

    I went coast to coast on Amtrak in a sleeper car from Martinez, CA to New York, NY - it was hell on earth.