Makita Gravel Sweeper Test

  • $600 Survival Multi Tool -

    P.O. Box 49
    Waynesville, NC 28786

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  • Biking 247
    Biking 247 Day ago

    What about a brush 🤯

  • markothevrba
    markothevrba 5 days ago

    Pretty cool gadjic, until you see it's almost 400 bucks.

  • DJ Farren
    DJ Farren 6 days ago

    shovels do the same thing

  • tysin
    tysin 7 days ago

    biggest FPSRussia ripoff.

  • Jared
    Jared 10 days ago

    How about a broom

  • mıstık
    mıstık 12 days ago

    Use just a ordinary brush. USELESS!

  • BigAl23
    BigAl23 13 days ago +1

    “A lot of people have driveway” - Taras - 2019

  • Alfredo Dwight
    Alfredo Dwight 14 days ago

    We have brooms

  • Michael H.
    Michael H. 14 days ago

    It’s called a broom...

  • Abhilash Ashok
    Abhilash Ashok 15 days ago

    Hancock : say again
    Taras : ahswol
    Hancock : say again
    Taras : ahswol
    Boom .... Boom

  • Mr. Nick
    Mr. Nick 16 days ago


  • TRUCKER 1876
    TRUCKER 1876 21 day ago

    Put blocks around your drive way simple fix

  • Keegan Foster
    Keegan Foster 22 days ago

    Wow them are really cook tools

  • Roberto Valentin Anta
    Roberto Valentin Anta 23 days ago

    Look a dad facking speach in english

  • ryan brimer
    ryan brimer 24 days ago


  • Farmermann23
    Farmermann23 24 days ago

    It's a battery powered rake

  • Saturday Projects
    Saturday Projects 25 days ago

    Thanks for the great review of these handy tools!

  • Classic Bobby
    Classic Bobby 25 days ago

    This guy is just an Ad making youtube vids

  • Beer Godess
    Beer Godess 26 days ago

    I love the devices! Seems like helpful tools 👌

  • Beer Godess
    Beer Godess 26 days ago

    1:24 was I the only one who heard " Works very well on the *sshole"? Hahaha. Sorry...

  • Spar
    Spar Month ago

    Never know something like this in the world lol

  • ThatJMacGuy
    ThatJMacGuy Month ago

    I’ve seen weed eaters that have blades to cut small trees. Pretty badass equipment

  • Aled Davies
    Aled Davies Month ago


  • Shibe
    Shibe Month ago

    I thought he said arsehole

  • Justas Malakauskas
    Justas Malakauskas Month ago

    Aint this the russian hacker guy

  • Tristan And Asher
    Tristan And Asher Month ago

    One question? Does it work on snow

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson Month ago

    Ok so when that gadget pushes the gravel, dosent it grind into the asphalt?

  • Brady Allen
    Brady Allen Month ago

    Could of done the same thing with a push broom

  • jason guiol
    jason guiol Month ago

    Grabble poosha!

  • Jonathan Dees
    Jonathan Dees Month ago +1

    Can even make a garden with it

  • 707Kidd garage
    707Kidd garage Month ago

    FPS russia

  • Mike Benoit
    Mike Benoit Month ago

    How much for one of those

  • Omni Derk
    Omni Derk Month ago

    What happened to crazy Russian hacker

  • Bo000o
    Bo000o Month ago

    How about use a shovel

  • Adam Hawley
    Adam Hawley Month ago

    Wonder if it works for snow

  • M4nHun73r
    M4nHun73r Month ago

    this thing but with push broom heads lol

  • Medicated Madden
    Medicated Madden Month ago

    PrettyCool Tool

  • Talツ
    Talツ Month ago

    I hope those are dead trees

  • C.J. THA DON
    C.J. THA DON 2 months ago

    Wonder how it performs on a gravel roof....

  • Moto Tony
    Moto Tony 2 months ago

    You should try this when it snows

  • Zach Bagby
    Zach Bagby 2 months ago

    the electric shears are scary

  • Chris Grandpre
    Chris Grandpre 2 months ago

    The pruning tool is also great for circumcision

  • Whisky Tango
    Whisky Tango 2 months ago

    or u could just use broom

  • メダカマニア
    メダカマニア 2 months ago


    ABIME MUSIC 2 months ago

    Сразу понял русский Как интересный акцент хоть я и не говорю по инглиш

  • ambitionsskyyyy
    ambitionsskyyyy 2 months ago

    Hold on, what does this do that a broom doesn’t?

  • Call Mee Dadddy
    Call Mee Dadddy 2 months ago

    almost as if you could....use a broom

  • keefer Rawcliffe
    keefer Rawcliffe 2 months ago

    A stiff brush does that in half the time

  • Mike mor vlogz
    Mike mor vlogz 2 months ago

    Okay but the “extra gum” commercial 😂😂

  • MrAJWorks
    MrAJWorks 2 months ago


  • camrillem
    camrillem 2 months ago

    You know what would be way easier? A leafblower

  • вячеслав дмитриевич

    Вери гуд рашн акцент

  • Pro Doug
    Pro Doug 2 months ago

    would this work on snow?

  • Mike Dee
    Mike Dee 2 months ago

    haha $600 later

  • Dir
    Dir 2 months ago

    Cool haha

  • Adam R
    Adam R 2 months ago

    shovel works just as good.

  • Olaf Donajgrodzki
    Olaf Donajgrodzki 2 months ago +2

    I think taras till this day is puttin gravel on the road and playing with that thing. I would do the same

  • The Palm Experiments
    The Palm Experiments 2 months ago +1

    Great tool, like!

  • EddyGerdt
    EddyGerdt 2 months ago

    My broom is heavy breathing...

  • Kris Kross
    Kris Kross 2 months ago

    I never knew such tool existed. lol

  • 5LUT0N
    5LUT0N 2 months ago

    Поржал спасибо)

  • Andrey
    Andrey 2 months ago

    Русский акцент на минималках

  • SDFerke
    SDFerke 2 months ago

    did you really just murderd a tree? o_O

  • ProsheNekuda
    ProsheNekuda 2 months ago

    У автора видео видимо Мутко был преподом английского:))))) я думал так только Мутко может каверкать так язык🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    SIMONE 2 months ago

    Piglia una scopa tu fai prima

  • Fgd Dhh
    Fgd Dhh 2 months ago

    По русски говори, прям чувствую наш акцент

  • aaronisloan
    aaronisloan 2 months ago

    You should test it in snow 👍

  • black sword
    black sword 2 months ago


    Taras: Boom

  • Владимир Суворкин

    Зе тэйбл он зе пэнсил

  • Ммша Тукишев

    Дайте ему шуфлю

  • Александр Архангельский

    Этот идиот видел метлу?

  • Sveta 72
    Sveta 72 2 months ago

    Вот это акцент

  • Игорь Шепелев

    Чито блеать это за язык?))) understend?))) o my god?!?!??! Тарас, хорош... Не твое это походу... Ббиил лединг)

  • Somnath Thakre
    Somnath Thakre 2 months ago


  • Tyler —
    Tyler — 2 months ago

    What about snow??

  • 의리대장보송
    의리대장보송 3 months ago

    이래서 단독주택은 관리 하기가 빡세

  • n h
    n h 3 months ago

    Get a brush like normal people

  • mbhatti1981
    mbhatti1981 3 months ago

    Could be done with a broom 🧹 🤣

  • CosteR
    CosteR 3 months ago

    I think better solution is a shovel

  • Brandon Keegan
    Brandon Keegan 3 months ago

    Let’s you keep the gravel with the gravel and the assholes with the assholes 😂 that’s what I heard