50 Cent Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

50 Cent & G-Unit links up with Complex's Joe La Puma for an episode of Sneaker Shopping at New York's Flight Club.

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Автор mnikss03 ( назад)
Kelis saying "I hate you so much right now" Hahaha 50's the best

Автор TRACE ROBERTSON ( назад)
Complex needs to do Nelly & Murphy Lee....AF1 all over again

Автор Pravin Kumar ( назад)
I just love how 50 thinks man

Автор Danny Stars ( назад)
There's a big difference,look... Wait there's a huge difference... The new ones don't got... Okay no, there's no difference 😂😂😂

Автор Noah Hayden ( назад)
5:28 Awww

Автор Daygo G ( назад)
Track name 0:30??

Автор Devante wolf ( назад)
being a man i never really been into sneakers like alot of my peers...honestly the only reason i buy nice looking tennis shoes is to impress females other than fuck those shoes im not impressing other men lol...the most i ever spend on shoes is about 70 bucks plus tax...never the triple digit number.

Автор superman4ever101 ( назад)
50 "these cost more bcuz of the date" threw em on the floor 🤣🤣🤣

Автор The FactsRemain ( назад)
50 Hang With Some Ugly Ass Niggas

Автор rilokyle ( назад)
I'm not off to see the wizard

Автор khalid ahmed ( назад)
Stack notes and act broke

Автор e r ( назад)
Everybody love 50 men. a LEGEND men

Автор Brandon Bellingham ( назад)
I love how he carrys a fuck tone of cash

Автор Kalen Hollingworth ( назад)
5:13 XD

Автор The One ( назад)

Автор r4xe ( назад)
why do they carry around hard cash in stacks lmao

Автор jimmyhopkinsman ( назад)
5:28 Good man 👌🏽 imagine 50's reaction though if he picked out the Red Octobers or something hahaha

Автор Rikky S ( назад)
lmao kid kids teeth match his chain

Автор Angel Torres ( назад)
I'm rewatching this video and I forgot the kid's nickname is Nut. I'm sleepppp

Автор Isiaha Bloomer ( назад)
the k'ds are ugly in my opinion

Автор Billy BrJ ( назад)
Thats how you stay rich.

Автор NSS / Clipz ( назад)
TNS are fresh

Автор NoFucks Given ( назад)
Dude's speaking on the beat and it sounds like a song smh

Автор TehBraves ( назад)
lmao why was that kid walking out with 50 instead of his dad

Автор Jay Appiah ( назад)
Some shoes cost as much as super cars.

Автор mexicanjesus 2017 ( назад)
do nwa next

Автор Jose R Suarez ( назад)
what a waste of money,400 bucks for some sneakers?...i don't think so!

Автор Brock Etzel ( назад)
Hold up his name is nut

Автор TheUltraPig ( назад)
50 Cent:"I got 86 million in my truck right now" Cahsier:"That will be $125" 50 Cent:"Fuck that"

Автор Daishawn Givins ( назад)
The Kanye sneaker crazy as shit you must been out you mind to pay that much for shoes

Автор Razzz zaidi ( назад)
50 always been a smart ass dude

Автор абвгдђежзијклљмнњопрстћуфхцчџш ( назад)
it's fiddy

Автор Christopher St.charles ( назад)
I would have bought the female casher some a pair of shoes and the host....money dont buy class

Автор omar zogheb ( назад)
and now he's broke as fuck ahah

Автор Dantim Gaming ( назад)
50 is the realest yo , this manz making millions but still knows that investing in expensive shoes is not worth it.

Автор Omari Ward ( назад)
pause at :28 he bouta get smoked lmfaooo

Автор Christian Sanchez ( назад)
50 cents, preach it my brother, i wish most artist were smart with their money like you

Автор Elijah Diallo ( назад)
His name is 50 cent because he is cheap.

Автор Vix Pt ( назад)
50 with them racks

Автор Mark Cannon ( назад)
Jesus those trainers are awful a smart lad from the UK wouldn't be seen dead in any of that stuff

Автор Derrick Francisco ( назад)
50 would be the one in the paid off $30 mansion with yacht,cars and many other assets (smart spending) and kid kidd would be the one in a basic $1 million dollar mansion:) with maybe 1 or 2 cars heh(slurging)

Автор Derrick Francisco ( назад)
50 one of the smartest muthafukas ever!real knowledge,all that money he had and he only spent $200:),mah nigga!

Автор Hillel Elkabas ( назад)
"those people don't count"

Автор White Jesus ( назад)
do the car shopping with 50

Автор thejewbirdsuperior ( назад)
He's likeable. What's weird about some rappers is they come off as so pretentious even they're claiming to be real and rapping about being real tough guys then go to high end shop and fawn over overpriced kicks

Автор Adam Ay ( назад)
2:47 "These are going for 6 Grand" 50 - "You can keep them muthafuckers" LMAO, 50 keeps it real

Автор ZomBird 115 ( назад)
50 awesome "don't let yo daddy come out here without gettin you a pair" 😂

Автор beats299 ( назад)
Ppl actin like dis nigga rich AF fool still got back taxes get head out da sand dollas he make= straight to IRS/attorneys- made some rookie move biz investments

Автор ApG BeastMuffin ( назад)
"Would you buy reeboks?"

"Yea if everything else don't fit my size"
50 is a legend 😂😂

Автор kitramsey5150 ( назад)
You can tell in the beginning 50's mentality was thinking in the long term. That's why he made it. The rest of his hood rat friends were acting like typical hood rats buying stupid shit. Also, dude should invest in a teeth whitening before he buys more shoes

Автор Julian Sol ( назад)
Real talk! "Ain't no shoe gonna beat no wheels"

Автор Dr Zoe ( назад)
13.50 nigga trippin hard

Автор DEDSEC 13055 ( назад)
2:37 anybody know what's that shoe is?

Автор Chelita Williams ( назад)
the design of the shoes are nice as hell

Автор Tery Y ( назад)
"Ain't no shoe ever going to be no wheels"
Damn that shit was real.
Respect +50

Автор Espartan sniper ( назад)
50 a perfect example of how to become rich👏👏 respect

Автор marco clash ( назад)
dumb fucks are over paying

Автор Robert Lopez ( назад)
i love 50 forever no matter what he's a real nigga a real boss

Автор vodka orange ( назад)

Автор Josh Lamont ( назад)
Song at 4:55 ??

Автор Wayne ( назад)
Don't let your daddy come out here without getting you a pair

Автор Cristian Pimentel ( назад)
fuck jordans your really dumb to get 600 jordans then 90 or 100 dollar sneakers i would spend a little ans save it up

Автор pizz a ( назад)

Автор Some Guy ( назад)
50 cent is so confident and cuts straight through the bullshit.
I Need that type of mentality, no homo he alpha male to the fullest

Автор Cansın Toprak ( назад)
Smartest dude in rap world

Автор Nadeem Malik ( назад)
50 is jokes...HAHAHAHAHAHA

Автор Felipe Alexandre Paulino Hipolito ( назад)
caramba sempre quis ir pra nova York

Автор Xanxiety ( назад)
anyone knows the model of those airs with a red star on them at 3:02?

Автор pule lebajoa ( назад)
Please get Drake on the show

Автор nyfan 3789 ( назад)
50 your lucky I can't do that save money I got the bug from my dad and just over takes me! Wish I could save

Автор WeedOnDex -Quits ( назад)
"You keep them motherfuckers"

Автор Gavon Marlow ( назад)
didn't he get shot like 10 times or something?

Автор Rap Life ( назад)
50 Cent is smart. He purposefully leaves the interview early, leaving behind Tony Yayo and Kidd Kidd to make sure they get some shine because the majority of the video was focused on 50.

Автор JBAuthentic1 ( назад)
Take you to the candy shop

Автор JBAuthentic1 ( назад)
I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the maaan

Автор king_of_300 cypher ( назад)
50 cent came prepared

Автор kabelo551 ( назад)
eu queria sabe o nome das musicas q eles usam

Автор chris andrade ( назад)
Y'all needa get Yg on this ! ASAP

Автор TheDolanizor ( назад)
Damn 50 is lowkey the fiscally smartest rapper I know

Автор SpecialFX313 ( назад)
50 says "i got a lil bit of paper" pulls out a damn bag full of cash

Автор Trevon Johnson ( назад)
KidKid teeth been yellow af since like '08..he got shoe money but not toothpaste money? come on now

Автор Eddie ( назад)
yes no way I would pay couple of grand for shoes.

Автор Crizalogy THA ONE ( назад)
6:16 this man said $13.50! im dead af. kidd kidd hilarious!

Автор C Jordan ( назад)
I think the reason 50 was saying fuck paying over $500 for a pair of kicks is because he's been in the sneaker business. He knows those shoes cost probably $10 to make and they flip the price to a $190 and up. Fifty was like fuck that I know the game lol.

Автор Juan Velasquez ( назад)
Damm what I would do for a pair of those 12's

Автор sup2239 ( назад)
where is 50 cents eyebrows

Автор Afro samurai ( назад)

Автор Karpov Liam ( назад)
Nike has convinced a bunch of dumb black people that their cheap shoes made by child labor in some third-world country is worth paying hundreds or thousands for, when in reality most of them look ugly as fuck.

Автор Karpov Liam ( назад)
Has this guy never heard of a credit card?

Автор Mr Prankster0577 ( назад)
I'm surprised they didn't buy all timbs

Автор DEMO 001 ( назад)
did he just elbow 50 cent at the start

Автор kalel0607 ( назад)
Should call him stingy cent.

Автор Trivial611 ( назад)
Yo that's why I fux with 50 son! Fucking love this guy

Автор Skillz ApeX ( назад)
50 is a smart dude.

Автор Jurassicnerd34 gjgjfj ( назад)
Yall should try and get eminem on here

Автор Moses OTB ( назад)
Lol 50 in there like he a broke nigga but really worth 500 million. Kmsl dude is so smart.

Автор G Ganz ( назад)
Yeezy a for $6,000 KEEP THEM MUTHUFUCKAS.

Автор Julion Morris ( назад)
lol 50 say those ppl dont count

Автор Elxsoony1 ( назад)
Daddy yankee waaao

Автор Troy Riches ( назад)
do lucas coly

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