50 Cent Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

50 Cent & G-Unit links up with Complex's Joe La Puma for an episode of Sneaker Shopping at New York's Flight Club.

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Автор Robert Lopez ( назад)
i love 50 forever no matter what he's a real nigga a real boss

Автор vodka orange ( назад)

Автор Josh Lamont ( назад)
Song at 4:55 ??

Автор Wayne ( назад)
Don't let your daddy come out here without getting you a pair

Автор CrisFTW -_- ( назад)
fuck jordans your really dumb to get 600 jordans then 90 or 100 dollar sneakers i would spend a little ans save it up

what was the 3rd 50 Cent song i forgot but that shit bumps!

Автор pizz a ( назад)

Автор Some Guy ( назад)
50 cent is so confident and cuts straight through the bullshit.
I Need that type of mentality, no homo he alpha male to the fullest

Автор Cansın Toprak ( назад)
Smartest dude in rap world

Автор Nadeem Malik ( назад)
50 is jokes...HAHAHAHAHAHA

Автор Felipe Alexandre Paulino Hipolito ( назад)
caramba sempre quis ir pra nova York

Автор Area 51 Porn Director ( назад)
anyone knows the model of those airs with a red star on them at 3:02?

Автор pule lebajoa ( назад)
Please get Drake on the show

Автор nyfan 3789 ( назад)
50 your lucky I can't do that save money I got the bug from my dad and just over takes me! Wish I could save

Автор WeedOnDex -Quits ( назад)
"You keep them motherfuckers"

Автор Gavon Marlow ( назад)
didn't he get shot like 10 times or something?

Автор Rap Life ( назад)
50 Cent is smart. He purposefully leaves the interview early, leaving behind Tony Yayo and Kidd Kidd to make sure they get some shine because the majority of the video was focused on 50.

Автор JBAuthentic1 ( назад)
Take you to the candy shop

Автор JBAuthentic1 ( назад)
I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the maaan

Автор king_of_300 cypher ( назад)
50 cent came prepared

Автор kabelo551 ( назад)
eu queria sabe o nome das musicas q eles usam

Автор chris andrade ( назад)
Y'all needa get Yg on this ! ASAP

Автор TheDolanizor ( назад)
Damn 50 is lowkey the fiscally smartest rapper I know

Автор SpecialFX313 ( назад)
50 says "i got a lil bit of paper" pulls out a damn bag full of cash

Автор Trevon Johnson ( назад)
KidKid teeth been yellow af since like '08..he got shoe money but not toothpaste money? come on now

Автор Eddie ( назад)
yes no way I would pay couple of grand for shoes.

Автор Crizalogy THA ONE ( назад)
6:16 this man said $13.50! im dead af. kidd kidd hilarious!

Автор C Jordan ( назад)
I think the reason 50 was saying fuck paying over $500 for a pair of kicks is because he's been in the sneaker business. He knows those shoes cost probably $10 to make and they flip the price to a $190 and up. Fifty was like fuck that I know the game lol.

Автор Juan Velasquez ( назад)
Damm what I would do for a pair of those 12's

Автор sup2239 ( назад)
where is 50 cents eyebrows

Автор Afro samurai ( назад)

Автор Karpov Liam ( назад)
Nike has convinced a bunch of dumb black people that their cheap shoes made by child labor in some third-world country is worth paying hundreds or thousands for, when in reality most of them look ugly as fuck.

Автор Karpov Liam ( назад)
Has this guy never heard of a credit card?

Автор Mr Prankster0577 ( назад)
I'm surprised they didn't buy all timbs

Автор DEMO 001 ( назад)
did he just elbow 50 cent at the start

Автор kalel0607 ( назад)
Should call him stingy cent.

Автор Trivial611 ( назад)
Yo that's why I fux with 50 son! Fucking love this guy

Автор Skillz ApeX ( назад)
50 is a smart dude.

Автор Jurassicnerd34 gjgjfj ( назад)
Yall should try and get eminem on here

Автор Moses OTB ( назад)
Lol 50 in there like he a broke nigga but really worth 500 million. Kmsl dude is so smart.

Автор G Ganz ( назад)
Yeezy a for $6,000 KEEP THEM MUTHUFUCKAS.

Автор Julion Morris ( назад)
lol 50 say those ppl dont count

Автор Elxsoony1 ( назад)
Daddy yankee waaao

Автор Troy Riches ( назад)
do lucas coly

Автор njt ( назад)
All those shoes probably cost 30 dollars to make and fuck Kanye West lol I mean his shoes all look great but aren't worth a damn why do you think replicas cost like 50 bucks because they're actually worth that

Автор PJ Boss ( назад)
"The Kanye shoes. These are going for 6k"
50 CENT: "you can keep those motherfuckas" 😂

Автор najeeb carr ( назад)
what's that girl name

Автор 59FIFTYNEWERA1 ( назад)
wow 50 dont like lebrons wow

Автор joshua hand ( назад)
pre or post bankruptcy? i bet he like them eminem 4s, hating on expensive sneaker ass.

Автор Brae Boujee ( назад)
They need to get young thug on here

Автор Michael Amir ( назад)
50 legend man

Автор Seth Devilworshipper ( назад)
They Dont got big Dreams They Got big lifes :)

Автор Seth Devilworshipper ( назад)
Damn ma man i dont even can afford a trashdustbin bang

Автор Sam Woerdeman ( назад)
2:33 anybody knows the song ?

Автор Andrew Jean-Paul ( назад)
50 is a smart spender. No doubt. Knows his values.

Автор Spades ( назад)
"These are goin for 6 grand"..... "u can keep those muthafuckas"

Автор cole sebrins ( назад)
whats the name of the song at 2:33

Автор SocraticMind89 ( назад)
kid kid kid's looks just like kidd kidd

Автор Rasta Buritos ( назад)
50 only spent 334 on 2 pairs of shoes and each other dude spent more on 1 shoe than 50 did for 2. god damn man. you'd think he'd be spending hundreds or thousands but no. respect

Автор Rasta Buritos ( назад)
gotta love 50. save up money for shit you need or things that will last you a long time. not just shoes, bape hoodies, gay supreme bullshit, and true religion jeans

Автор Levi Strauck ( назад)
50 smart af, not many people have a mentality like him

Автор Alex_Wilson ( назад)
why is my man spending all his money on shoes, when he needs to go to the dentist and get his teeth whitened !

Автор All_Of_A_Sudden_Fam ( назад)
5:17 lmaooo he tryna smash

Автор Alexander Wang ( назад)
Lmao that one bitch was totally hitting on 50

Автор Ali Enow ( назад)
red Octobers you can keep them motherfuckers

Автор Conor 'I got choked like a bitch' McNugget ( назад)
little kid shoes i wore these when i was fucking 7

Автор ZEN ( назад)
50 cent is like my dad

Автор mr impossible ( назад)
i like 50 sauce

Автор supersaiyanthreegod goku ( назад)
joe is fat now

Автор g jackson ( назад)
Realest episode of this stupid ass show

Автор Who One ( назад)
50 the man by far my favorite Sneaker shopping episode

Автор eastlondontillidie ( назад)
Tony Yayos voice is bad ass

Автор eastlondontillidie ( назад)
'These Kayne shoes are going for 5 Grand'.........'You can keep them mother fuckers'

Автор Miguel Gutierrez ( назад)
50 Cent a Real Nigga.

Автор jordan alvarez ( назад)
50 is rich but yet so cheap haha

Автор Vacio ( назад)

Автор Akademiks Peanut Head Ass ( назад)
Classic Fitty

Автор Leo Tek ( назад)

Автор Fayed Uddin ( назад)
how can someone not like 50, like everything about him

Автор Connor Soliwoda ( назад)
Man 50 was only eleven when he was selling Cocaine one a street corner and he did that so he could buy shoes Watch the fucking movie niggas

Автор Luis Miramontes ( назад)
50 cent a real motherfucker aint no shoes goin beat a whip yezzy u can keep them motherfuckers lol

Автор King Axel ( назад)
Love how 50 just left, He's a G

Автор IVAN FLORES ( назад)
50 cent be like y'all got them G-Units?

Автор LEADER ( назад)
6 Grand 50 "You can keep them Muthefuckers"

Автор ipodtoucher15 ( назад)
niggas ugly as hell

Автор Cool Pink ( назад)

Автор Cool Pink ( назад)

Автор Global Nae ( назад)
I like how 50 said don't let you daddy come outta here with out getting you a pair of shoes 😂😎

Автор jimae kun ( назад)
like who the fuck is kidd kidd ? lol

Автор King Donnie ( назад)
50 is the type to going a store be like I want everything motherfucker this wall and that wall

Автор Couz Wit Da Juice ( назад)
What's the beat at 0:28

Автор IAM THE NIGGA ( назад)
50 cent is a smart ass 😂😂😂😂

Автор Markel Domino ( назад)
That nigga threw the shoe 😂

Автор Shoaib K ( назад)
He's a smart businessman as well, doesn't spend it right when he gets it

Автор Anti YoungSAvage ( назад)
Dang I thought he was gonna spend 50 cents

Автор Marc Henderson ( назад)
whats the song at 3:40

Автор Abrupt OG ( назад)
I only watch these to see the cashier.

Автор Notícias De Ultima Hora ( назад)
50 is just too RAW man!!! hahahahahaha

Автор eel1331 ( назад)
50 is a fucking gangster. Thats why his mentality is so beast.

Автор eel1331 ( назад)
"Aint no shoe ever gone be wheels" thats why hes the man always thinking bigger

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