Re-Creating a Squishy in Real Life | Bake With ME #4

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    Hey Guys! Here's baking video in this weird, "bake with me" kind of series.....which also has somethiing to do with squishies...idk. I have no clue what I'm doing and we just laugh at my cluelessness together. I am not the best at baking, but I try and have fun. Try not to get triggered.
    I feel like i should be on the netflix show "nailed it" after this hahah....or at least one of those pinterest fail memes.
    This did not go perfectly, but I did try my best. This was definitely the most challenging squishy makeover that I have tried to bake so far. The baking of the actual cake wasn't hard, but the decoration was pretty intense. I've never used fondant in my life, so that was a struggle, also I have no idea how to make one of these drip cakes. I'm guessing it's not the way I did it 😂. ALSO, just the fact that there were so many different colors made the whole process very time consuming. I wish I could say it was worth it but...😆 WELL, if you enjoyed the video, then it was worth it ♥️.
    If you guys like this i will do more of course. Let me know specifically which squishy from my makeover series you would like to see me re-create next. if there's a popular request, I'll do it.

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    "Music: Love Light and Twinkles by JivingGerbil

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  • Lucy Connolly
    Lucy Connolly 10 minutes ago

    You have to add cream to the chocolate

  • Elle Scriven
    Elle Scriven 17 minutes ago

    For the drip you have to pip runny icing from a pipping bag around the edges and then fill in the middle

  • Matilda Quigley
    Matilda Quigley Hour ago

    ‘’ another one bite” drops cup rip Moria

  • Pink tiger W
    Pink tiger W 2 hours ago

    7:35 why do you make me listen t that sound of the plate!!

  • Aniyah Farr
    Aniyah Farr 2 hours ago

    🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😴😴😴😴🐦🐦🐦🐦 I almost fell asleep watching this
    Mom. Like- wake up now
    I’m like- OK fine

  • Isabellah Leyva
    Isabellah Leyva 3 hours ago

    Tip: u have to spray the sides too and spray 2 inches away from the pan And it’s not a bad thing to put ur cake in the fridge or refrigerator when it’s hot

  • Aubree Landon
    Aubree Landon 3 hours ago

    When she says I hear the groaning I hear the eye rolls I mean you can’t say anything because if you don’t know how to bake cake then this is all you’ve got

    Elle WUCHATSCH 5 hours ago

    Moriah you did a really nice cake

  • Chey Taylor
    Chey Taylor 5 hours ago

    “Holy crap is he deaadddd” no but I am😂😂😂😂

    UNICORN POWER TIME 6 hours ago

    SQUISHY GHOST IS BACK!!!! lol what will he do NEXT


  • Adriana&Kat Nothing!
    Adriana&Kat Nothing! 9 hours ago +1

    Me: getting ready to hear her say hi it's me in the dumbest way.
    Her: Hi twinkle toes!

  • Molldoll Seabourne
    Molldoll Seabourne 9 hours ago +1

    Moriah actually eat roar egg wow


    It’s not ugly girl! It’s AWSOME and your AWSOME and more AWSOME!!

  • Mandy Scarff
    Mandy Scarff 10 hours ago

    You have to kneed the fondant that’s why it’s so hard

  • 刘明
    刘明 10 hours ago


  • Amber Rain
    Amber Rain 10 hours ago

    Who thought it was satisfying when she pulled the top of the cake of and thought it was funny when she made those scream noises

  • Amber Rain
    Amber Rain 10 hours ago

    This is how many people want to meet her and paint with her

  • Claudia Madurga San Millan


    Everyone : either laughed or left

  • LilJoshieAnimator
    LilJoshieAnimator 12 hours ago

    im watching this for like the twelthe time and i have been taking twinkle toes as a compliment lol

  • Nicole Venable
    Nicole Venable 13 hours ago

    Your rainbow looks awesom

  • Star Gracio
    Star Gracio 13 hours ago +1

    Do a baking video and make a pillow cake

  • Nadav Sapeika
    Nadav Sapeika 14 hours ago

    It’s actually really good

  • mahfuzur rahman
    mahfuzur rahman 14 hours ago +1

    R.L.P head phone users :P

  • alexandria waning
    alexandria waning 15 hours ago

    Can that be my wedding cake?

  • Jamie Salyers
    Jamie Salyers 16 hours ago

    did moriah cuss?????????????????????????? anwser in the next 30 min

  • Ofc_scarlett.x
    Ofc_scarlett.x 16 hours ago

    Who else lowkey wants her intro to be "Hi TwInklE tOeZ" XD

  • Shaf Shaf
    Shaf Shaf 16 hours ago

    I think maybe you should try chocolate ganache instead of candy melts for the dripy bit 😊

  • glossy tears
    glossy tears 22 hours ago

    why are u saying it’s ugly sis it’s beautiful 😾

  • Waseela Farouk
    Waseela Farouk Day ago

    My cats name is honey and she is a sleeper

  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert Day ago

    Is Moriah amazing at baking
    *Like* =Yes
    *Comment* =Yes

  • Happy Horses!
    Happy Horses! Day ago

    H i t w i n k l e t o e s

  • Teer rightting for Ninjas

    Does anyone know how many times she has said crap

  • Diys are my Skillz

    its still really impressive

  • Freddy Delarosa
    Freddy Delarosa Day ago

    Icing is more liquidy fasting is more firm not hard but I think you know what I mean

  • Sherk
    Sherk Day ago


    • Jillian Schumann
      Jillian Schumann Day ago

      Yes you can you melt frosting by putting it on a really hot cake

  • Savannah L
    Savannah L Day ago

    Hey, Nerdycrafter turned you into a snake thing!

  • unique unicorns and marvellous mermaids

    Wait there's a tm next to your Me?

  • Crystal Kelly
    Crystal Kelly Day ago

    Do you know you said crap end Dick

  • Bellamie Rhoades

    The difference between iceing and frosting is that iceing is thinner and glazier, where as frosting is thick and fluffy.

  • Aaliyah Aramboles
    Aaliyah Aramboles Day ago +1

    Why is there always packages in the baking videos though- :’)

  • Izzy Sama
    Izzy Sama Day ago +1

    If you saw the ghost like this

  • Crystal’s Fantasy world

    That cake is still bootiful
    :3 :)

  • UwU Gacha
    UwU Gacha Day ago

    I love that squishy

  • Brooke Green
    Brooke Green Day ago


  • Brooke Green
    Brooke Green Day ago

    She might MEan dark grey tea ☕️ I love you AS A FRIEND obvi Lol nil she is a bit strange but so addictive

  • Amelia Tahirova
    Amelia Tahirova Day ago

    15:18 did she say DICK🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Amelia Tahirova
      Amelia Tahirova Day ago

      Zigi X u can’t call someone u don’t know an idiot. At least I’m not an asshole like you🙄

    • Sunset
      Sunset Day ago

      Zigi X Agreed.

    • Zigi X
      Zigi X Day ago

      Amelia Tahirova Your age does it make you any less of an idiot

    • Amelia Tahirova
      Amelia Tahirova Day ago

      Zigi X sweetheart. I’m not an idiot. Like... YOU DONT FUCKING KNOW ME! U can’t call someone an idiot. You don’t even know my age🙄

    • Zigi X
      Zigi X Day ago

      she said stick you, idiot. if you can't hear use the captions

  • Martina Furlong
    Martina Furlong 2 days ago


  • m pk
    m pk 2 days ago

    its pretty good but your should have used edible pearls

  • Silvia Chan
    Silvia Chan 2 days ago

    Who else watching dis in march 2020 where u cant go out home and its risky to get things online bc of the virus-

  • Samantha Cross
    Samantha Cross 2 days ago

    15:29 anyone else notice she’s using a paintbrush for the drips?

  • Aubrey King
    Aubrey King 2 days ago

    U should do a collab with rosanna pannsino

  • JenTheShiki
    JenTheShiki 2 days ago +1

    the playlist is backwards so im watching Moriah get worse at baking

  • Chloe Lockard
    Chloe Lockard 2 days ago


  • Carolyn Martello
    Carolyn Martello 2 days ago

    If anyone cares I have that mixer omg 😯 right

  • Lps Gacha
    Lps Gacha 2 days ago +1

    I just made cupcakes with the confetti batter yesterday wow OWO

  • Terryn Gray
    Terryn Gray 2 days ago

    Id never sass like that

  • Inna Pilat
    Inna Pilat 2 days ago

    I think it was cute

  • Aubrie Courtney
    Aubrie Courtney 2 days ago

    Who wants to eat the top? EvErYbOdY pOoPs

    I’m DYING 😂💀

  • Sonia Devitt
    Sonia Devitt 2 days ago

    I LOVEE IT!!!

  • Alyana Bramer
    Alyana Bramer 2 days ago

    have you ever had oil pastel

  • Salim Mohamed
    Salim Mohamed 2 days ago

    I really injoy your video plz give me a shout out

  • Joelie marsland
    Joelie marsland 2 days ago

    Don’t put food in the fridge that I cooked you could get food poisoning

  • Amya Booth
    Amya Booth 2 days ago

    Make a cake of pickle

  • Nadia Hernandez
    Nadia Hernandez 2 days ago +2

    I always think what Jordan is doing while Moriah is making videos . 🤔

  • Lea Verner
    Lea Verner 2 days ago

    I like it

  • Sparkelina
    Sparkelina 3 days ago

    Can you make the prices of the merch cheaper I’m broke

  • I'm a unicorn in hufflepuff


  • Sam & Bob Minion
    Sam & Bob Minion 3 days ago

    Hy twinkletoes

  • Inayat Vidusha
    Inayat Vidusha 3 days ago +1

    In the starting there is a ghost of white colour I feel very scary

  • Addison Trust
    Addison Trust 3 days ago


  • luna_wolf_gacha
    luna_wolf_gacha 3 days ago

    you can make the drips on the side of it, kind of like outlining it and then fill
    the middle

  • luna_wolf_gacha
    luna_wolf_gacha 3 days ago

    plus,you have to kneed to fondant but not to much or it will melt.

  • luna_wolf_gacha
    luna_wolf_gacha 3 days ago

    lol i'm just giving tips while i'm see Moriah do stuff

  • luna_wolf_gacha
    luna_wolf_gacha 3 days ago

    and a good way to put icing into a piper is to put it in a tall cup and fold the edges to the outside and then plot it in so it isn't trashing the pipe

  • luna_wolf_gacha
    luna_wolf_gacha 3 days ago

    because the box says 2 minutes doesn't mean that you actually do that, they just timed how long cake mixture takes to mix it till it doesn't have lumps. plus you usually wanna check it every 5 minutes, but don't open the actually oven or the middle will sink, plus a good way for the cake to not stick to the pan you can use straight butter it works better than a fake pan spray.

  • luna_wolf_gacha
    luna_wolf_gacha 3 days ago

    im cringing but in a good way XD

  • luna_wolf_gacha
    luna_wolf_gacha 3 days ago


  • Akira Shaw
    Akira Shaw 3 days ago

    What if she made a ice cream bog twin

  • BIGEZE22
    BIGEZE22 3 days ago

    That cake looks so good

  • Selma Au
    Selma Au 3 days ago +1

    Moriah coughs during video:
    2019: OOF
    2020: It’z CorOnA time!