The Ending Of Endgame Explained

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
  • With a run time clocking in at over three hours, it might be easier to explain what doesn't happen in Avengers: Endgame instead of what does. For instance, fans don't get bored. Fans don't get up to use the bathroom. And fans don't ever want it to end. But it did end and we're here to explain what that ending was all about. Here's the ending of Avengers: Endgame explained...with lots of spoilers ahead.
    After returning from their various missions to different past moments from the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers grouped back up with the six infinity stones in tow. But Black Widow was missing, as she sacrificed herself to retrieve the Soul Stone. It all goes down in a scene that mirrored the death of Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War.
    The new and improved Professor Hulk who has the combined might of the Hulk with the intellect of Bruce Banner used the recreated Infinity Gauntlet to reverse Thanos' snap, bringing back all the people who were erased from existence in Avengers: Infinity War. But though he tried, it couldn't return Natasha to life.
    It may seem weird that a guy with an all-powerful wishing glove still couldn't undo this one major death. But Black Widow's absence at the end of the film proves that the Infinity Stones aren't quite as infinite as their name would suggest. Of course, that doesn't mean our heroes can't find a way to pluck her out of the past and send her back to the future.
    Okay, so here’s where things get weird.

    On their trip back to 2014 to get the Power Stone seen in the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy our timeline's Nebula was captured by Thanos, who secretly replaced her with the evil 2014 version of Nebula.
    Having infiltrated the Avengers headquarters, evil Nebula then summoned 2014 Thanos and his armies using the time machine. They blew everything up, with evil Nebula getting ahold of the new Infinity Gauntlet in a callback to the original comics.
    But then the good Nebula from the real timeline shot her younger evil self stone dead. Luckily, this didn't affect the good Nebula at all. So what does that mean? It proves our heroes' pasts can't be changed and that alternate universes are probably something the MCU is going to need to sort out in Phase 4.
    With the Infinity Gauntlet once again in play, the Avengers fought Thanos to a standstill, including an absolutely epic sequence where Captain America gained the powers of Thor by wielding the mystic hammer Mjonir [MYOL-neer] to deliver a massive whooping, something which was first teased way back in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    Still, Thanos eventually called in the cavalry by which we mean the intergalactic horde of creeps we saw back in Avengers: Infinity War.
    Luckily, the Hulk's reverse snap had also restored all the dusted heroes from Avengers: Infinity War. Just as Captain America was about to face the armies of Thanos alone again echoing a classic moment from the comics all the dead heroes arrived via Doctor Strange's magic portals in a scene reminiscent of the end of Ready Player One. Only… better.

    Plus, the arrival of all the heroes allowed Captain America to finally deliver the team’s signature catchphrase from the comics, "Avengers Assemble!," something fans have been waiting for for the last decade, especially after Marvel did a fakeout tease at the end of Age of Ultron.
    In the end, you knew it had to come down to Tony Stark versus Thanos for the fate of the universe. After all, the showdown had been teased way back in Avengers: Age of Ultron.
    And luckily, Tony was clued in to his big chance because Doctor Strange was there to give him the finger. No, not that finger just an index finger to note that this was the one chance in 14 million for victory that he had foreseen in Avengers: Infinity War. Keep watching the video to see the ending of Endgame explained!

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    The reverse snap | 0:20
    Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly | 1:11
    Avengers Assemble! | 1:52
    Tony’s sacrifice | 2:51
    Captain America’s first dance | 3:54
    Thor’s choice and the Guardians’ search | 4:43
    What does this mean for the future of the MCU? | 5:18
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  • Looper
    Looper  4 months ago +4647

    Oh wow! What's your favorite scene from Endgame? That one that really got to you?

    • Smini MH
      Smini MH 4 months ago

      ATmakers the epic battle

    • Marjery Gonzalez
      Marjery Gonzalez 4 months ago

      When um Tony says i thoget you were bulid a bera

    • Justin Felder
      Justin Felder 4 months ago

      I'd have to say the very end where Captain America decided to stay with Peggy. Dragged out of his own time to fight someone else's war he probably had the greatest burden of all...not being able to live his own life.

    • Real Sauce
      Real Sauce 4 months ago

      When Captain America cqught the hammer! 🔨

      ØFFLEY VLØGS 4 months ago

      Cap gives the shield but where's the Mjölnir? Lol 😂

  • Joachim Alexander Oja
    Joachim Alexander Oja 15 days ago

    Only thing I wondered. Was that if 28 years has passed. How is Ned still in school?!?

  • rod drake
    rod drake 16 days ago

    So,has there been 2 captain Americas ? Or did cap's alternate timeline only meet up with ' our' timeline at the bench ?

  • Ravi Trivedi
    Ravi Trivedi 17 days ago

    i didnt click for this

  • westie420uk
    westie420uk 20 days ago

    Just watched the movie as I had a Saturday night in by myself, I now need to watch this.

  • Michael Vaughn
    Michael Vaughn 22 days ago

    She cant leaves until someone replaces her did you not watch the movies ?!? Idiot

  • Kiki Lang
    Kiki Lang 23 days ago

    Yeah, how did 2014 Thanos die, then make it to Infinity Wars? Honestly, if he came from the past to die in our future, he could never travel back to get the Infinity gauntlet, and kill half of all people. Why doesn't anyone do a video on that?

  • John Hail
    John Hail 26 days ago

    So I have this theory on why the people sacrificed to get the soul stone (Gamora & Black Widow) didn’t come back after the Hulk snapped his fingers. Is it possible the souls of the people sacrificed (Gamora & Black Widow) are trapped within the soul stone???
    Mind blown! 🤯
    Just a theory though.

  • George Li
    George Li 26 days ago

    What is the song in the background?

  • Pops Hernandez
    Pops Hernandez 27 days ago

    Vision isn't dead

  • Pro_gamer 3255
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    Tony stark:snap finger all heroes come back again

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    Annoying voice. 👎

  • FlashPoint2042
    FlashPoint2042 Month ago

    Didnt explain why it sucked.

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    H DLT Month ago

    Shouldn’t Peggy also be old since cap sent his old self back????

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    Eagle Month ago

    You talk too fast and the music was so distracting. I don't think I got anything from this

  • 10xGaming L
    10xGaming L Month ago

    Im from the future nick furry is a Skrull

  • Justin C
    Justin C Month ago

    After watching it.. they're in a continuous loop. Go back in time, to prevent Thanos from getting the stones. Go in present, kill Thanos. Return stones in original place in the timeline. If they do that, won't Thanos still get the stones?also with Steve, in some sorts messing with the timeline, was it really fixed?

  • Drsaske
    Drsaske Month ago

    So, where did u explain ANYTHING? o.O And we already know (since mid 2018 actually) that Black Widow will be a Prequel.

  • Jakob Lundby
    Jakob Lundby Month ago

    i liked the scene where thor were dissing that kid on fortnite, or where war machine suggested that they could kill baby thanos

  • Mateusz Cwalina jr.
    Mateusz Cwalina jr. Month ago +1

    What if black widow was a skrull

  • Syrrhus _
    Syrrhus _ Month ago

    Red Skull specifically said "an everlasting exchange; a soul for a soul." As in, it can never ever be undone.

  • Luigi and Mario Random videos

    It hit me when Tony got to see his father 😢👌

  • Siddharth Man
    Siddharth Man Month ago

    Steve take the hammer with him when he time travelled to keep the stone where it is taken but not returne with that where did the hammer gone

  • Anastasia Boparai
    Anastasia Boparai Month ago

    It was the black widow who saved the day not iron man. Without her they wouldn't have a chance in hell.

  • Syahmi
    Syahmi Month ago

    I forgot Hulk snaped his finger to take the heroes back(all dusted people)

  • Laxx-
    Laxx- Month ago

    They should’ve went all the way back to save quick silver in age of altron!

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    Avivious Month ago

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  • PerfectAlibi
    PerfectAlibi 2 months ago

    1:00 I believe the soulstone actively prevents people trying to bring back the soul used as sacrifice for it.
    Or maybe the soul gets permanently infused INTO the soulstone itself.

  • You Ham Tjeng
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    I don't need your explanation or your voice. Just shut the hell up, and upload the end part !

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    Endgame in a nutshell:-

    I...AM... ....IRON MAN!

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    *Why Thanos didn’t say the N-word in Avengers: Endgame*

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  • Kayden Nair
    Kayden Nair 3 months ago

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  • RaduRKO18
    RaduRKO18 3 months ago

    Plot twist .... the reason why the dusted didn’t age, was because they were in the quantum realm, just like Ant Man.
    Remember the yellow like “souls” in the mid credits scene of Ant Man and the Wasp

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    Avengers: EndGame is not just one of the greatest superhero films of all time, it's one of the greatest movies of all time. 10 out of 5. And my favorite scene is seeing the first Avengers film in the movie. My mind was bending during the scenes of seeing other movies in this film.

  • Roland Stone
    Roland Stone 3 months ago

    Capt America staying in the 40s should have caused a major paradox.