• Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • Hi My Phan Club! This was a requested video 😊. It’s been awhile since I had Taco Time too. My favorite is the Habanero Chicken Crisp Burrito and the Mexi Nuggets. What’s your favorite items there? cheese sauce recipe here
    Love you guys!
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  • judi p
    judi p 20 days ago

    i love crunch sounds...and now im hungry

  • Chooch Cardinale
    Chooch Cardinale 27 days ago

    Where did you go this time? Or did you make it yourself?

  • Mª Carmen Sobrados
    Mª Carmen Sobrados 28 days ago


  • Jaspreet Kaur
    Jaspreet Kaur Month ago

    you r in trouble

  • Diomerys Ramirez
    Diomerys Ramirez 2 months ago

    This look fantastic

  • CapableOfAnything
    CapableOfAnything 2 months ago +1

    Aren’t those taquitos and not burritos??

  • مدحت حسين
    مدحت حسين 3 months ago +1

    في مصريين

  • Irina Aguirre
    Irina Aguirre 3 months ago +1


  • Khadijah Nehar
    Khadijah Nehar 5 months ago

    How does she make that cheese 😭😭😭😭looks so delicious 😍😍👌

  • Kalen Tristen Nathaniel Anderson

    Omg we just stopped by Quik Trip today and saw they had crispy burritos on the roller grill and now I'm about to have to go bac to get some LOL!!

  • official흫Σっ
    official흫Σっ 6 months ago +3

    A'im request crepe cake 🍰🍰

  • Sarwat Arif
    Sarwat Arif 6 months ago

    It is so satisfying 😍

  • ally
    ally 6 months ago

    what cheese do you use?

  • Lesley Koke-DeWig
    Lesley Koke-DeWig 7 months ago

    Taco Time is the best!

  • Amy Littlefield
    Amy Littlefield 7 months ago


  • Jarin Orin
    Jarin Orin 7 months ago +3

    I got notification after 3 days wtf

  • Sienna Paxton
    Sienna Paxton 7 months ago

    I want to report u for making the food look soooooo good ummmm

  • Adriana Moreno
    Adriana Moreno 7 months ago

    Excellent food very crispy and very relaxing that sound would I like to know what kind of cheese it is?

  • Elizabeth Wagganer
    Elizabeth Wagganer 7 months ago

    This looks and sounds delicious!

  • naveera hameed
    naveera hameed 7 months ago

    You look so cute while eating 😍 it's like addiction watching you 😃 I can't skip even a little part 💜❤

  • Mrs Ali
    Mrs Ali 7 months ago

    Ur videos r killin me hehe in gd way 😂😂😂

  • Mrs Ali
    Mrs Ali 7 months ago


  • Tinas songs and TikTok Davies

    Looks really yummy yummy 😋

  • Eufro salinas quintas
    Eufro salinas quintas 7 months ago +1

    ... 😊 Ve... Deliciosa😋💓.... Amo.. Tus... videos💞💜 ...

  • Cloé Indira
    Cloé Indira 7 months ago +1

    This is very good 😁♥️

  • Radhiyah F
    Radhiyah F 7 months ago

    Phan try something sour

  • Hanane Harrath
    Hanane Harrath 7 months ago


  • Diksha Tiouny
    Diksha Tiouny 7 months ago

    Cheese sauce❤🔥

  • meghana balaji
    meghana balaji 7 months ago

    Such a clean eater ♥

  • Elizabeth Berezay
    Elizabeth Berezay 7 months ago


  • Marieé Azerï
    Marieé Azerï 7 months ago

    Mmm so cheesy😍🤤 love this! Nachos and tacos have such good sounds🤩

  • Chyntia Aprilia
    Chyntia Aprilia 7 months ago

    Hi phan, i'm your subscriber from indonesia, it's been a long time like when the first time i found your channel, i always loved the way you eat and finish your meal until clean and you know it's make me hungry every i watched it lol, so keep upload mukbang video because i always wait for it

  • Naz W Vanes
    Naz W Vanes 7 months ago +1

    ASMR phan👍👍

  • really really
    really really 7 months ago

    i actually like everything abt this vid, those soft and crunchy sounds, the food, you of course, the cheese sauce, and even tbe fact that there are a lot of veggies😍😍

  • Ms.Lee미쓰리 ASMR
    Ms.Lee미쓰리 ASMR 7 months ago


  • Sadia Araf
    Sadia Araf 7 months ago +5

    That looks 👀 delicious
    The cheese sauce makes it 100% better 👌
    Love ❤ your videos Asmr Phan

    VI ASMR 7 months ago

    The food is delicious

  • Haeeon Eats해언
    Haeeon Eats해언 7 months ago +1

    Love phan...♥

  • محمد محمود
    محمد محمود 7 months ago

    ألي عربي مثلي واشتهه وجاع لايك

  • Zarmeen Nadeem
    Zarmeen Nadeem 7 months ago

    Hey phan.. Do a rotisserie chicken video

  • Nisa Sakura
    Nisa Sakura 7 months ago

    WAW it's so good😋😋😋

  • Phong Lê
    Phong Lê 7 months ago

    Wao 😍😍😍😍😍😍🤐🤐🤐🤐😛😛

  • 海月umitsuki春haru
    海月umitsuki春haru 7 months ago

    Beautiful Skin(*ゝω・*)ノ💕

  • Tep Slim
    Tep Slim 7 months ago +1

    I love you so much 😍😘😗😗😘😚😙💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Lisa Saleh
    Lisa Saleh 7 months ago

    Yum yum!

  • Jaslil
    Jaslil 7 months ago

    I've never felt hungry in my life😫😄

  • 苺飴
    苺飴 7 months ago +1


  • D-Best Beauty
    D-Best Beauty 7 months ago

    Wow my fave 😍 yummy 😋 ❤

  • MaggieTheBeat
    MaggieTheBeat 7 months ago

    Now I’m craving Taco Time lol.

  • Valeria Peña Villablanca

    Hola phan ,eres fabulosa me encantan todos tus vídeos,y este se ve delicioso eres la mejor 🙋muchos saludos y bendiciones 💕

  • Meghan Stewart
    Meghan Stewart 7 months ago +1

    Omg I know what I want for dinner now. Yum looks so good, and sounds amazing as always 💜

  • Jayla Rivero
    Jayla Rivero 7 months ago +1

    Hope it helped
    If it did leave a like 😁

  • Shelby
    Shelby 7 months ago

    That's too much cheese imo

    DD ASMR 7 months ago +6

    Wow i ate burritos yesterday !! i love that cheddar(?) cheese sauce 😍😍😍

  • Cami Khorrami
    Cami Khorrami 7 months ago


  • Lea Woodard
    Lea Woodard 7 months ago

    Taco Time 🤤 I haven't had it since 2009, when I flew out to Oregon to be a bridesmaid for a friend. I love their rolled beef tacos (do they have beans in those as well? I don't recall). I'm sure there was other stuff but I remember those the bests. Yum! Thanks for doing this video, it was great 👌

  • Maritonie Zerna
    Maritonie Zerna 7 months ago

    i love the cheese sauce how u do that...

  • Mariloli González
    Mariloli González 7 months ago

    Those looks like more a chun kun than a taco :/

  • Lasharra Trammell
    Lasharra Trammell 7 months ago


  • The Hangry Mole
    The Hangry Mole 7 months ago

    that cheese looks so good! cheese and bacon makes everything good lol...