I Donated $25,000 To Random Kids Streaming Fortnite

  • Published on Sep 14, 2018
  • I Gave A Bunch Of Money To Kids Playing Fortnite
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    or just search "MrBeast"
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    Fortnite is a battle royale with big players like ninja and others that play the game.
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  11 months ago +65263

    Subscribe if you are a kid

  • TrevCurseBreaker
    TrevCurseBreaker Hour ago

    there poor parents when they have to pay those taxes lol

  • Sequii _
    Sequii _ 5 hours ago +3

    MrBeast: R u a kid?
    Kid: noreally
    *spend again* Sure about that?
    Kid: no

  • Nadia S
    Nadia S 7 hours ago

    8:17 that pause tho KILLED ME 😂🤣😂

  • Teagen Madison
    Teagen Madison 8 hours ago

    Srry I cant follow u my mom won't let me have Instagram:(

  • Alexandria Adams
    Alexandria Adams 8 hours ago

    Yes he is 13

  • H I
    H I 11 hours ago

    İf you can buy subs on youtube mr beast would buy pewdiepie 💯 mil subs

  • Lior Berkovich
    Lior Berkovich 12 hours ago

    Losers club

  • Syedar Begum
    Syedar Begum 13 hours ago

    Mr beast can u please come to my house and give me a gaming pc and keyboard and mouse and monitor

  • Alin Gaming
    Alin Gaming 17 hours ago

    Abonaneted Maxinfinite

  • qcharm _
    qcharm _ 18 hours ago

    Hey rules are made to be broken

  • السجين _ZWX_
    السجين _ZWX_ 19 hours ago


  • baylee carter
    baylee carter 19 hours ago

    I need money for my motorcycle

  • Joanne Espejo
    Joanne Espejo 20 hours ago


  • aje Ttv
    aje Ttv 20 hours ago

    The last guy was my favourite just full of energy lol

  • ItsAlphaDude
    ItsAlphaDude 21 hour ago +1

    23,000,000 million subs woo hoo

    BLESS BLESS 22 hours ago

    Hey Mr.beast, have a beast day, could you please donate to my cashapp its $andylovesyou1, it will pay for my Program, I am a new developer of games and art designs.

  • водка
    водка 23 hours ago

    Mr beast is such a good dude damn

  • JeffyTheMessi Gaming
    JeffyTheMessi Gaming 23 hours ago

    Stream sniping

  • Mishal Sami
    Mishal Sami 23 hours ago

    HhHhHh. This is a good idea to make streamers happy 😹.

  • The infinity Jokes
    The infinity Jokes 23 hours ago +1

    I'm a kid, and i need money, give me just 10$ and i'm happy 'cause i need new monitlr and i had work for 5 days and i get only 50$... im a student btw and i need pc for works

  • Leslie Rudolph
    Leslie Rudolph 23 hours ago +1

    I’m 6 now hapy birthday to me

    • Berci
      Berci 11 hours ago +1

      Happy birthday :)

  • neox -roblox
    neox -roblox Day ago +1

    4:55 whats the backround song called

  • Katkat Cudalz
    Katkat Cudalz Day ago +1

    Now they can buy V-bucks

  • Brenda Teal
    Brenda Teal Day ago

    You are good

  • Abdlmajed A.A.S
    Abdlmajed A.A.S Day ago

    Im a kid

  • Anya Simon
    Anya Simon Day ago

    My dad's bald 🤦🤭🥰

  • muhanned Sudad
    muhanned Sudad Day ago

    I’m 10

  • Classic Gra4ic
    Classic Gra4ic Day ago

    Pewdiepie is better because YEET LASAGNA

  • Teddy Nation
    Teddy Nation Day ago

    He a kid with a beard he is a Special kind

  • H&A Khan
    H&A Khan Day ago

    My name is bassamfahim2

  • H&A Khan
    H&A Khan Day ago

    Mr beast friend me my name is Bassamfahim2

  • Julian Giles
    Julian Giles Day ago

    im sad i dont do twitch or mixer

  • Zappin Bolt
    Zappin Bolt Day ago

    I am kid

  • Royal_ Gaming
    Royal_ Gaming Day ago

    Hello! I am a kid.

  • Yt_ Blueay
    Yt_ Blueay Day ago +1


  • Ravzz
    Ravzz Day ago


  • Jake Geveshausen

    Hey Mr.Beast I Subed and i was wondering if you can shout out my roblox at VideoGame_Master06? I also turned on notifacations. :)

  • noopplayzroblox is here

    Dad: makes 2000 every month
    Kid: made 5000 in a day
    Dad: *humanity is devolving*

  • Skeppy Fox
    Skeppy Fox Day ago

    And my parents dont think people can make money from youtube :p

  • Chrissie S
    Chrissie S Day ago

    yo i would get a iphone, beats, and to u hamilton fans out there, imma get front row tickets

  • Bernard Malinao
    Bernard Malinao Day ago

    I hope i could get donations on my twitch too mrbeast 😊

    • Brennan Kaplan
      Brennan Kaplan 5 hours ago

      Bernard Malinao *self promoting intensifies*

  • Φωντας G.H
    Φωντας G.H Day ago +2

    Can you five me money mr beast?I am a kid!!

  • Idhu Namma Chennai
    Idhu Namma Chennai Day ago +2

    Help this kid - Chiranjeev Kumar , RUclip gamer

  • Ishiplayzz
    Ishiplayzz Day ago

    Just listen to this lol at 8:36

  • WOLVES_X2012
    WOLVES_X2012 Day ago

    Dad! get the camera! Lol :)

  • oxy gen
    oxy gen Day ago

    How much money do you have???????

  • carl jedric
    carl jedric Day ago

    Im a kid

  • carl jedric
    carl jedric Day ago

    Yo mr beast

  • bash
    bash Day ago

    why couldn’t this of been me.

  • Y sell Stats
    Y sell Stats Day ago

    Where is my kid money

  • Y sell Stats
    Y sell Stats Day ago

    I was born in 2010

  • Baki Manarang
    Baki Manarang Day ago

    Mr beast give me money to buy my dream bike
    From philippines

  • Nazim The Game Master

    I only made a twitch account so that Mr beast would see it

  • XxCaseyxX69
    XxCaseyxX69 Day ago +1

    Im....im getting uncomfortable.

  • Unicorns FOREVER

    Is it just me or does Mr.Beast’s eyes light up every time he donates money. He is so nice.

  • Anas Here
    Anas Here Day ago

    Amazing work broo

  • Annie Lopez
    Annie Lopez 2 days ago

    t-t-t-the ice cream 😱😩🤧😤😡

  • ツELITE
    ツELITE 2 days ago +1

    Can you donate me

  • Skperona Gamer
    Skperona Gamer 2 days ago

    Ty for going to a Roblox stream bc I am the biggest fan of Roblox if someone says a game is better is say no Roblox id

  • oscar buyela
    oscar buyela 2 days ago

    You are absolutely crazy, i just wish this could be me. In Kenya, $2500 would be damn alot.

  • Sammy Pennington
    Sammy Pennington 2 days ago

    Omg your amazing you made so many people Days you really are a Kangaroo GOD!!!

  • Nuri Yakan
    Nuri Yakan 2 days ago

    Wow is Amazing bro you have too much money

  • Parker Couperus
    Parker Couperus 2 days ago

    I am 9

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 2 days ago

    8:15 that reaction is soooo helarious 😂😆

  • Banned legend
    Banned legend 2 days ago +1

    But I’m a kid 😔

    EROBE GAMER 2 days ago

    Well I am a kid

  • Gaming YT
    Gaming YT 2 days ago +1

    Try going to RUclip and seeing

  • TheGamer Lu
    TheGamer Lu 2 days ago +1

    Can someone pls subscribe me pls im just a noob. Mr beast your the best and im a subscriber.

  • batata da morte
    batata da morte 2 days ago

    If this is Grey

    It is grey

  • Natty K
    Natty K 2 days ago +1

    Pewdiepie is unreplacaple

  • Houa Lor
    Houa Lor 2 days ago

    MrBeast, Can i get sum money ;D

  • M.J.K Ratings
    M.J.K Ratings 2 days ago

    I was born in 2010

  • Md Fayiz
    Md Fayiz 2 days ago

    Mrbeast i am a kid give me 25,000$