Live PD: 14 Grams of Cocaine (Season 2) | A&E

  • Published on Jul 8, 2018
  • Officers receives information about drugs being sold out of a condo and when they arrive, find much more than they were anticipating in this clip from "05.04.18". #LivePD
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    On "Live PD," ABC's Dan Abrams and Dallas Police Department Detectives Rich Emberlin and Kevin Jackson offer insight and commentary as live cameras capture the work of a mix of urban and rural police forces around the country on a typical Friday night.
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Comments • 3 472

  • DrakotheHusky
    DrakotheHusky Hour ago

    make a big deal about some weed in a bag around a kid but not a single problem with prescription pills around kids or moms popping xanex like its candy lol

  • Street Cat
    Street Cat 4 hours ago

    The police should take the weed, smoke it and relax a little

  • Crystal Roderick
    Crystal Roderick 14 hours ago

    i guess nobody blessed their trap!!!

  • Josh C
    Josh C Day ago

    its stupid arguing with criminals they always will lie

  • Jonny Appleseed
    Jonny Appleseed Day ago +2

    Once you go black.... you lose your clean record...

  • Jose Contreras
    Jose Contreras Day ago

    The lady was acting like a Black 💀 girl

  • SlIRAC
    SlIRAC Day ago

    what state is dis?

  • Hollywood Gold
    Hollywood Gold Day ago

    Let's say the woman was telling the truth. SHE STILL GUILTY for having a man in there selling, doing drugs. Especially, having your kids in there. Shame on BOTH OF THEM. I only feel bad for the kids.

    I PEE IN POOLS Day ago

    I believe her . I think her baby is the drug dealer.

  • james reilly
    james reilly Day ago

    I don’t think she had anything to do with it 🤣

  • Mary Woodard
    Mary Woodard 2 days ago

    Danny Brown knows how to make an entrance!!

  • fitnready4
    fitnready4 2 days ago

    Mother and Father of the year there...model parents.

  • L. Maynard
    L. Maynard 2 days ago

    I hope that everyone selling dope gets busted and for those doing it in the presence of children should get double/triple punishment.

  • Evad Sel
    Evad Sel 2 days ago

    Only the stupidest white girls hook up with Blacks.

  • Dust
    Dust 2 days ago


  • Peachesxo
    Peachesxo 3 days ago

    Omg that poor kid 💔 how traumatic

  • Anime Freak
    Anime Freak 3 days ago

    Who's gonna pay for the door

  • Right to Record
    Right to Record 3 days ago

    Rule #1; when the police arrive, STFU. You live there. There are drugs in the house. There's nothing you can say that's going to make any difference in your favor. But you can easily talk yourself into a deeper hole.

  • Octavia M
    Octavia M 4 days ago +1

    Don’t talk to them, Sam. 💀

  • chris bowman
    chris bowman 4 days ago


  • The Raisin
    The Raisin 4 days ago

    14 grams of coke? The Cops go down to the evidence room and snort up more than that on a slow Tuesday morning.

  • Tobin Prowant
    Tobin Prowant 5 days ago

    Separating families?

  • Sarah Wade
    Sarah Wade 5 days ago

    Who's moon

  • rocky ray
    rocky ray 5 days ago

    D Brown , super kick

  • cr4zym3x1c4n
    cr4zym3x1c4n 6 days ago +1

    Lety changed her life around from racing cars

  • Breeze Smith
    Breeze Smith 6 days ago

    But... but... those SHORTS!!

  • C Nicholes
    C Nicholes 6 days ago +1 the toll.

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright 6 days ago


  • RanRan Sun
    RanRan Sun 6 days ago

    at least she looks hot :D

  • Band Chaser
    Band Chaser 6 days ago

    When you play stupid games you win stupid prizes

  • Child of Light Forever
    Child of Light Forever 7 days ago +1

    Mudd Sharks!

  • Audrey Tian
    Audrey Tian 8 days ago

    she pretty tho

  • Andrew Ko
    Andrew Ko 8 days ago

    Camera man adjusting the ND filter at 1:19. Only real ones will reckanyzeeeee boiiii.

    Sorry. Too much coffee this morning.

  • Jordi CS
    Jordi CS 8 days ago

    Ahhhhhh 14g of coke you must be a terrible person oh my god oh my godness this is unbelievable are you selling drugs OOOOOOOOOMFG this is unsustainable definitely BAD PERSON

  • Anthony Olmos
    Anthony Olmos 9 days ago

    What’s that girl officer @ tho 😂

  • christopher mckenna
    christopher mckenna 9 days ago

    Sounds like they arrested elmo

  • Josh Stokes
    Josh Stokes 9 days ago

    Bring back public executions.

  • Phil J.L Fig
    Phil J.L Fig 9 days ago

    14 grams is personal use .... crazy

  • alaskakyle
    alaskakyle 9 days ago

    Does she have a license for that camel toe?

  • John Coffee
    John Coffee 9 days ago +1

    Their innocent. Their awesome parents. Says the Demorat party. Lmfao.

  • neil hamill
    neil hamill 10 days ago

    Female takes a polygraph test..Machine never recovered after that.

  • Adam Nex
    Adam Nex 10 days ago +1

    I’d pipe in a heartbeat

  • Jessica Faust
    Jessica Faust 10 days ago

    these policies these days 👎👎👎👎🏼👎🏼

  • Abel1120 conlget
    Abel1120 conlget 10 days ago

    how much time for trafficking ?

  • LightYagamiVSL
    LightYagamiVSL 10 days ago

    Get rid of the bodycams so we can bring back police brutality. They both need a beating

    • shelby j
      shelby j 9 days ago

      As do you! All fun and games until you're on the receiving end. Then you'll see how much you support police brutality.

  • maya jones
    maya jones 12 days ago

    Well that door didn't stand a chance

  • Lord Hoth_09
    Lord Hoth_09 12 days ago

    Knock knock

  • Mason Menendez-Parker
    Mason Menendez-Parker 12 days ago

    It’s funny how many pigs they need in one group just to feel safe

    • Mason Menendez-Parker
      Mason Menendez-Parker 12 days ago

      D Day I bet they don’t especially when they only get 6 months of training

    • D Day
      D Day 12 days ago

      Mason Menendez-Parker They don’t know what’s waiting on the other side of that door dummy

  • Paul Baker
    Paul Baker 12 days ago

    Pretty woman with a black guy!!!! Yuck!!!!!!!

  • Here Puff Puff
    Here Puff Puff 12 days ago

    Lady Cop is T H I C C. I'd smash her back door in.

  • FreedomAtRisk
    FreedomAtRisk 13 days ago

    can someone please explain why these cops have cameros (i.e. 2 door cars)??

  • Yung Kenshi
    Yung Kenshi 13 days ago

    They was playing fortnite

  • Danny TeeBone
    Danny TeeBone 14 days ago

    Can they really get a search warrant because of traffic to the house?

  • Jamison S
    Jamison S 14 days ago

    That’s not mine! Somebody must have put that cocaine in my kids lunch back at school! That’s not mine!

  • Ethan Richards
    Ethan Richards 14 days ago

    That was a good kick on the front door

  • b17
    b17 15 days ago

    mane who snitched tho

  • xNade God
    xNade God 15 days ago

    Do you know what I could do with 14 grams of cocaine?!?!?!
    14 grams

  • mr gbs
    mr gbs 15 days ago

    I see this video got alot of coke heads attention.

  • Randy Paul
    Randy Paul 15 days ago

    I'm jealous they get Camero police cars and that officer kicking in that door amped me up.

  • A guy named something
    A guy named something 16 days ago +1

    2:35, the police officer thinks this is all funny. What a pos