As Seen On TV Lint Rollers TESTED!

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • We TESTED and Reviewed Sticky Buddy, Schticky, Mr. Sticky and Magic Stick! These infamous As Seen On TV Alternative Lint Rollers do a lot more than clean your clothes! We'll put them to the test and find out which one is best! (Product Links Below)
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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  5 months ago +260

    We've had TONS of requests to test the Sticky Buddy, Schticky, Mr. Sticky and Magic Sticky so... here it is! These nifty devices do a lot more than just pick up lint and we were quite surprised with the results. Thanks for stopping by! Here's all our As Seen On TV Videos:

    • Da Default Boy
      Da Default Boy 5 months ago

      Ooh it's long and sticky

    • jay_wyns11
      jay_wyns11 5 months ago +1

      If you were to roll it over your phone will it take off fingerprints

    • RandomMusicMan
      RandomMusicMan 5 months ago

      U didn’t do three swipes when testing the sticky buddy

    • Muzikgod
      Muzikgod 5 months ago

      What about pet hair?

    • Anonymous 2016
      Anonymous 2016 5 months ago

      Persian rugs

  • Sleepe Head
    Sleepe Head 2 days ago

    Glitter is an invasive species

  • Jackson Yarbrough
    Jackson Yarbrough 4 days ago +1

    Roses are red my,name is Dave,this makes no sense,microwave

  • Darth Gamer71
    Darth Gamer71 11 days ago


  • Megane Serena
    Megane Serena 13 days ago

    I love these

  • Jaime
    Jaime 21 day ago

    That last part was gross 🤢🤮

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S 22 days ago

    When someone owes you money....

  • Jen Honey
    Jen Honey 22 days ago

    Still here...liked for just to boost bc I like the channel and whatnot

  • carnival30
    carnival30 25 days ago

    You ruined your nice sneakers :(

  • Th3Hav0c PZ5
    Th3Hav0c PZ5 Month ago

    Schticky is a “shitty” product

  • Blue Acidball
    Blue Acidball Month ago +2

    Jesus you can just get a normal lint roller for like a few dollars lol

    • MtheExplainer
      MtheExplainer 28 days ago

      Yes but that would be a waste of paper

  • MaZb3n IZ Loz3r
    MaZb3n IZ Loz3r Month ago

    NOPE on 3:25 or something he didnt do the last swipe back,for the first and last one.Test wasn't even.

  • Atriece Adaszkiewicz

    Is it weird that videos like this help me sleep? Yeah it is..........

  • paperandblackroses
    paperandblackroses Month ago

    This was a very valuable video. ☺️

  • ChasyHo
    ChasyHo Month ago

    Did no one else get that? 0:56

  • CarterPlays Official

    5:53 Apparently, we have the same exact couch.

  • AtomicDragon gamingandjunk

    Schticky i say as shnicky

  • Search Seven
    Search Seven 2 months ago

    I was Mr. Sticky. That was college though.

    • Search Seven
      Search Seven 2 months ago

      In pre-school I was the eviscerator.

  • John Spratt
    John Spratt 2 months ago

    For you family to envy

  • Dearing Dan
    Dearing Dan 2 months ago

    There was one piece of glitter left and it kills me

  • BrokenBungeeStreams
    BrokenBungeeStreams 2 months ago

    There was one piece of glitter left over almost directly center frame after you finished cleaning and I have never been more frustrated in my life.

  • Dragofly & Volcano
    Dragofly & Volcano 2 months ago


  • L.A. Untalan
    L.A. Untalan 2 months ago

    I have a 3 pc Mr Sticky bought from Zellers, when they were still around... Worth it!

  • Vattanak 887
    Vattanak 887 2 months ago

    This is a copy vid I’m not subscribed

  • Drawing Dragons With FireFox

    The sticky buddy does have a big version

  • mathematics117
    mathematics117 2 months ago

    I'm glad you put that word of caution at the end - I was about to take a mouthful of the stick buddy

  • Inkles
    Inkles 2 months ago

    I've got the spiky one here

  • Mr. Magoo
    Mr. Magoo 3 months ago

    Is there a video testing the longevity of these rollers? That would be the definitive test

  • Priscilla Marin
    Priscilla Marin 3 months ago

    0:18 Saw the fake fly on the roller, said "This guy has class" And liked the video right there

  • mwahforbuteraa
    mwahforbuteraa 3 months ago

    1:58 uhhh i don’t wanna know.. 🤢😂

  • K-SlayerYT
    K-SlayerYT 3 months ago


  • Moon Flux
    Moon Flux 3 months ago +1


  • thesupergreenjudy
    thesupergreenjudy 3 months ago

    You are more convincing than the actual TV advert

  • DanielEthanMC
    DanielEthanMC 3 months ago

    1 like = 1 prayer to vince offer (schticky/slap chop/shamwow guy)

  • GgCheapShot
    GgCheapShot 3 months ago

    Saw the vrv XD

  • Da WaiPoint
    Da WaiPoint 3 months ago

    He only swiped 5 times on the first one!

  • Natalie_is_big_dead
    Natalie_is_big_dead 3 months ago

    Theres a mop sticky buddy bro. I have one :)

  • TINKAT 2006diabeetus
    TINKAT 2006diabeetus 4 months ago +2

    If you are a elderly woman while using the sticky buddy, you will say “That’s what I’m talking about wowwwwwwww

  • Derrick Goodwin
    Derrick Goodwin 4 months ago

    The Stacy buddy was the best

  • [spoons rattling]
    [spoons rattling] 4 months ago +1

    Ah yes the sticky buddy jaboody dubs anyone

  • BOXXY what
    BOXXY what 4 months ago


  • Apollo_ 909
    Apollo_ 909 4 months ago

    It’s currently 3am and I can’t sleep

  • Nickie
    Nickie 4 months ago

    Apparently Sticky Buddy took the Schticky's idea and upped it with also having rubber teeth on all 3 sizes. I bought that Sticky Buddy set like 8 years ago and it was a BOGO offer. I somehow ended up with 5 more SETS but only charged for the one. So I gave them out to all my girl friends as Christmas gifts! I still use mine to this day! It's perfect for helping me dust the ceiling and behind things!

  • Luka Veljković
    Luka Veljković 4 months ago

    sticky buddy is the best one, HOW DARE YOU???!11111

  • twicebitten thasme
    twicebitten thasme 4 months ago

    Sorry, but I wouldn't waste a penny on any of them. Sure, they might clean up lint and other debris but to have to scrub them to clean...nah. I'll stick to a rag and soap. Or a mop. Hell, I'd even use a swiffer before wasting time with crap.
    I can at least reuse old dryer sheets on that and get decent results.
    I'm not downvoting the video but the products get two thumbs and two big toes down! *walks away muttering, "I'd be better off with home made slime!"

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 4 months ago

    Bollocks where's the PET HAIR TEST...can't u find a Dog or Cat at Grannies house...

  • Luke Tuitea Alefosio
    Luke Tuitea Alefosio 4 months ago

    They're meant to be for clothes

  • Ethan Adams
    Ethan Adams 4 months ago

    6:00 I have the same couch, comfy as hell

  • Jxpstpy
    Jxpstpy 4 months ago

    Heyyy you drive a subaru!!!

  • Lisa A69
    Lisa A69 4 months ago

    Wasn't there a big sticky buddy?

  • Brett Carroll
    Brett Carroll 4 months ago

    I'm a fan of the way you lace your shoes 3:00. Got a video for that?

  • marisotoserna
    marisotoserna 4 months ago +1

    what i was hoping for was a fur test because my Pomeranian sheds like crazy her fur gets on any sort of cloth

  • Morgan W
    Morgan W 4 months ago

    I want to sign the petition the bring back family ties. Not even a joke

  • Gooseofpeach. png
    Gooseofpeach. png 4 months ago

    6:39 hhhh that ONE piece of glitter shinning and not being picked up hhhhhhhhhhh

  • The Straya MEMES Lord
    The Straya MEMES Lord 4 months ago

    If I got glitter on anything of mine I would instantly burn them

  • Jonathan Diaz
    Jonathan Diaz 4 months ago

    Not that I care about lint rollers, but the thumbnail looked so colorful and interesting 😊

  • TonySavage420
    TonySavage420 5 months ago

    The schticky

  • Stevie Builds
    Stevie Builds 5 months ago

    Your videos have evolved so much. This one was great!

  • White Sedan
    White Sedan 5 months ago

    M A G I C S T I C K

  • Cestial
    Cestial 5 months ago +1

    5:40 I have that exact same couch

    • Cestial
      Cestial 5 months ago

      Its comfy af btw