The Evolution of Theon Greyjoy - Game of Thrones

  • Published on May 10, 2019
  • I do not own any rights to HBO or Game of Thrones. This video is made to show the Evolution of the character Theon from Game of Thrones.

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  • Sonic Screwdriver
    Sonic Screwdriver Month ago +4

    Omg those baby wolf's were so cuuuuuute

  • MrUHOH415
    MrUHOH415 Month ago +10

    The beginning clip shows Theon about to kill a puppy.
    He’s lucky John Wick wasn’t around

  • Elena Savic
    Elena Savic 2 months ago +2

    7 :25😈

  • Li Wan
    Li Wan 3 months ago +3

    28:48.....I thought it was a good speech

  • Soobserver Focus
    Soobserver Focus 3 months ago

    Did Theon had transplant surgery for his penis yet?

  • Allie Nunez
    Allie Nunez 3 months ago +3

    Theon has such a nice body lol

  • Tim Magnusson
    Tim Magnusson 3 months ago

    Wull wants him dead!

  • Guacamole Nigga Penis
    Guacamole Nigga Penis 3 months ago +4

    may he rest in valhalla

  • Gimax HD
    Gimax HD 4 months ago +12

    54:10 good job Ramsay 😁👌

    • Krajj Kiz
      Krajj Kiz 21 day ago

      Omgg lol I've never realised that

  • Nicole Taylor
    Nicole Taylor 4 months ago +2

    still dont get why the sister let him ✌🏼 her

  • Nicole Taylor
    Nicole Taylor 4 months ago +2

    lol whats up with parents and pets. every time i child wants a pet they act like it's punishment to make the child take care of them.

    • Vansh Arora
      Vansh Arora 4 months ago

      Nicole Taylor i guess you arent a parent then

  • Theus Gaming
    Theus Gaming 4 months ago

    He's definitely a Greyjoy with that brutaliaty

  • Theus Gaming
    Theus Gaming 4 months ago +13

    He should have been the one to kill the Night King

  • Hu Peng
    Hu Peng 5 months ago +2

    I fell into tear!

  • Melanie Rose
    Melanie Rose 5 months ago +78

    i feel like adding the part where sansa placed the stark pin would have been a more powerful ending to this video.

  • Christopher Hager
    Christopher Hager 5 months ago +6

    1:00:00 Makes me wonder if it was really Bran that said that or not. I hope he isn't trully gone.

    • Franci and Vitto the best
      Franci and Vitto the best 3 months ago

      It was Bran. Bran is not totally gone, He only improved all the things that have been happen. But Bran's character Still live in Bran soul I think

    • samarztk
      samarztk 4 months ago

      Christopher Hager what do you mean

  • Christopher Hager
    Christopher Hager 5 months ago +24

    47:07 He made the right call. If he tried to save her then, he would have cut her throat.

  • Christopher Hager
    Christopher Hager 5 months ago +16

    Call Ramsey what you want, he deserves it. But one things is for sure, he gave Theon the punishment he needed. Like the military, they break you in order to shape you into the man you need to be. Ramsey did the breaking part just fine, but it was Sansa and his sister who fixed him.

    • Star Trek Theory
      Star Trek Theory 3 months ago +2

      Ya, not sure anybody deserves all that, but he probably was a serial rapist by age 13.

  • goo turner
    goo turner 5 months ago +10


  • alejandra asenjo
    alejandra asenjo 5 months ago +4

    Thank you so much this video I love theon 💓

    • 민태리
      민태리 4 months ago

      I'm at season 2 tho so idk about the other seasons

    • 민태리
      민태리 4 months ago


    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack  5 months ago

      you are welcome

  • aclock2
    aclock2 5 months ago +3

    It's fantastic character building, how he turns from an absolute asshole to an absolute hero.

  • Gomolemo Ntu
    Gomolemo Ntu 5 months ago +4

  • Cali Craig
    Cali Craig 5 months ago +14

    The entire point was lost at the end. Theon created the time Arya needed to kill the Night King.

    • khan imran
      khan imran 3 months ago +1

      @Christopher Hager the ending was terrible very lazy writers

    • Star Trek Theory
      Star Trek Theory 3 months ago +1

      Christopher Hager
      Lazy writing. No way around it.

    • Cali Craig
      Cali Craig 5 months ago +3

      @Christopher Hager I thought the same thing.

    • Christopher Hager
      Christopher Hager 5 months ago +6

      He didn't need to charge the Night King. He could have challenged him to a duel and survive long enough for her to stab him.

  • Ng Li Jie
    Ng Li Jie 5 months ago +17

    "The fate of Theon Greyjoy" *salutes*

  • Christopher Hager
    Christopher Hager 5 months ago +25

    10:47 If only Theon knew now what he learned later on, he would have asked for forgiveness and fought by her side willingly. Perhaps the north could have won early on.

  • Corgis
    Corgis 5 months ago +3

    What is the music at 1:01:06?

    • Armina Yaghoot
      Armina Yaghoot 5 months ago +1

  • Stephanie Iniguez
    Stephanie Iniguez 5 months ago +27

    Lol I forgot he felt up his sister 😂😂😂 best scene ever

    • Andres Avila
      Andres Avila 17 days ago

      Yes I love groping my cousins too

    • corsican lulu
      corsican lulu 3 months ago

      she's a lesbian so she probably didnt enjoy it

    • Theus Gaming
      Theus Gaming 4 months ago

      Maybe he's part Lannister

    • Star Trek Theory
      Star Trek Theory 4 months ago

      stephanie iniguez
      If u have strong genes, there’s nothing wrong with fucking yourself.

    • Stephanie Iniguez
      Stephanie Iniguez 5 months ago +3

      The Truth hurts yup we’re all cousin fucking inbred fuckers 👹

  • Hana Saeki
    Hana Saeki 5 months ago +23

    I loved is dead may never die

  • Cometa cosmico
    Cometa cosmico 5 months ago +14

    "Look that, LOOK THAT! That's a good man"

  • Queenb2001
    Queenb2001 5 months ago +42

    Watching these first view episodes with Theon.... he really did come around full circle in the end. In the beginning it was a constant struggle for him being caught between Stark & Greyjoy. In the end he finally embraced both saving & dying for both is families.

    • Star Trek Theory
      Star Trek Theory 3 months ago

      Shite writing.
      That was totally silly & uninspired.
      D & D should rot.

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack  5 months ago +1

      Yes he did

  • Nastassia
    Nastassia 5 months ago +6

    Thank you so much for uploading these!

  • Kay LovePlants
    Kay LovePlants 5 months ago +11

    I forgot he killed Sir Roderick. I hated Theon.

    • Hootax
      Hootax 3 months ago +1

      Every time I think of Theon taking Winterfell, I remember Bran screaming and crying over Ser Rodrick and it breaks my heart. I don't know if I've forgiven him yet, but Bran forgave him. He was the 3ER and could see the bigger picture.

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack  5 months ago +4

      @Kay LovePlants yes ma'am I did too!!

    • Kay LovePlants
      Kay LovePlants 5 months ago +8

      @TheLumberjack I'm glad he did. I felt sad when he died saving Bran.

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack  5 months ago +7

      Oh no. He did come back full circle

  • Patricia Ocso
    Patricia Ocso 5 months ago +7

    I’m crying 😭

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack  5 months ago +4

      It was heart wrenching to watch for sure

  • cas stjohn
    cas stjohn 5 months ago +9

    A good man.

  • Stacy
    Stacy 5 months ago +2

    I miss Osha I wish she had made it this far. She would have tore up some white walkers. I don't miss Balon what a dick.

  • Brooke M
    Brooke M 5 months ago +3

    Great video :)

  • Code Politics
    Code Politics 5 months ago +42

    What is dead may never die.

  • Exit Pursued
    Exit Pursued 5 months ago +22

    I was waiting for this one!

  • Qudo
    Qudo 5 months ago +1

    wont you get your channel taken down cuz of the naked breasts at the beggining? it would be a real shame to lose a channel with such a good scene compilations!

  • JackP0T asd
    JackP0T asd 5 months ago +2

    Next Stannis pls !

  • greylock
    greylock 5 months ago +72

    thank you for making these evolution videos! they are great to recap on all our fav characters without watching the whole series all over again!