Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | The Cast of Sabrina The Teenage Witch Reacts | Netflix

  • Published on Oct 29, 2018
  • Melissa Joan Hart, Nate Richert, Caroline Rhea, and Beth Broderick watch the new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for the first time.
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    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | The Cast of Sabrina The Teenage Witch Reacts | Netflix
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Comments • 2 041

  • Ben Simon
    Ben Simon 12 hours ago

    What happened to Harvey?

  • Ard3ntAsh
    Ard3ntAsh 12 hours ago

    « Hopefully it’s not a Harvey curse » 😂😂😂😭 love’em, so good to them again♥️

  • NoCultist
    NoCultist Day ago

    I like original Sabrina better.

  • Lawli More
    Lawli More Day ago

    Aunties are still gorgeous! I feel like they would have fit perfectly had they been casted respectively in CAOS.

  • Belen Rangui
    Belen Rangui 3 days ago

    Quiero la sabrina original

  • Tylar
    Tylar 4 days ago

    Shaved.. a hair piece an a few pounds less. A lil make up maybe.. Nate could still pull it off..

  • Laura Isabel Delgadillo Bermudez

    I love it, but i want to see the Salem reaction too. ☪

  • yun choi
    yun choi 4 days ago

    Melissa Joan heart prettiest and sexiest witch every. My biggest crush ever

  • jennabunnykins
    jennabunnykins 5 days ago

    Omg Harvey!! 😍😍😍

  • MK MK
    MK MK 6 days ago

    One this that hasn’t changed is how amazing the Aunts are in the old show and in the new show. This is how to do a reboot! Charmed on CW need to learn 😂

  • nickj12
    nickj12 6 days ago

    Wish this was longer.

  • Landooon B.A.
    Landooon B.A. 7 days ago

    Amaba a Nate Richert

  • Cloud Begner
    Cloud Begner 7 days ago

    Nate should be offended by the new choice for Harvey. Horribly miscast

  • Prince S
    Prince S 7 days ago +1

    Great show. Only thing I would’ve liked is Salem talking more frequently

  • Lexy Mar
    Lexy Mar 8 days ago +2

    I prefer Sabrina the teenage witch.❤

  • TR C
    TR C 8 days ago

    Melissa always seems so jaded and angry

  • Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant

    They need cameo roles!

  • Dantè Spardason
    Dantè Spardason 8 days ago

    Need a new series of Sabrina with original cast please 👍

  • Oprah Jones
    Oprah Jones 8 days ago

    I pray I can look as amazing at that age as the woman who played Zelda does from the original Sabrina. wow! She is so beautiful.

  • kyle robinson
    kyle robinson 8 days ago

    Wow they haven’t aged expect Harvey wtf!

  • person I don't care
    person I don't care 8 days ago

    This is the calab we needed but we didn’t know we did

  • Aly le renard BJ
    Aly le renard BJ 9 days ago

    With so many "horror" series coming up right now I was kind of sad the new serie wasn't a comedy like the real one.
    Well I don't mind. I'll just watch the old serie once again 💙

  • Alen Krama
    Alen Krama 9 days ago

    We want a cameo!

  • The Dawn of Vanlife
    The Dawn of Vanlife 9 days ago

    They all look so good. Like the years have been kind all around. Harvey looks like a grown man now, but still..... I wanted more, not nearly enough. Would love to hear former Zelda and Hilda comment on the new interpretations of Hilda and Zelda.

  • Alaina Holton
    Alaina Holton 9 days ago

    I really love the new show

  • Joaqo R
    Joaqo R 9 days ago

    The good old days 🥰

  • cuntpuncher
    cuntpuncher 9 days ago

    im not interested in Netflix's "Sabrina the PC witch"

  • Joshua Stafford
    Joshua Stafford 10 days ago

    This was fun to watch. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is way beyond amazing.

  • John Mackintosh
    John Mackintosh 10 days ago +1

    They should play future versions of there selves

  • Ana Carone
    Ana Carone 10 days ago

    I miss the old Sabrina. It's actually fun and funny. This one I watched it all but it's too creepy and give me bad feelings. Not scared honestly. Just feel very dark and like doing something bad after I watch it. But the other one I could believe that witches are good

  • otp
    otp 10 days ago


  • Pesky Polecat
    Pesky Polecat 10 days ago

    Where was Salems reaction?

  • Brenda Beltrán
    Brenda Beltrán 11 days ago +4

    The new Sabrina sucks! The old Salem was also the best, i still watching the old Sabrina for Salem.

  • Ethan Poston
    Ethan Poston 11 days ago

    I cannot wait till season 3

  • A AD
    A AD 11 days ago


  • Farheen S
    Farheen S 11 days ago

    Chilling adventures of sabrina is to dark and the old series !

  • Locheadbosslady
    Locheadbosslady 11 days ago

    Omg this was everything “that is not my Sabrina “

  • Ashley A.
    Ashley A. 11 days ago

    Oh my gosh I love these people

  • alvaro gabriel avalos alfaro

    I like it if you want to return the series sabrina the teenage witch

  • alvaro gabriel avalos alfaro

    Melissa, think about it and agree with the producers of Netflix for the return of the series Sabrina the teenage witch

  • Alejandro Cien Fuegos
    Alejandro Cien Fuegos 11 days ago

    No pasan los años por Hilda y Selma, si tienen pacto, Harvey no el si envejeció.

  • Lulu Williams
    Lulu Williams 11 days ago

    Melissa Should guest star in a episode

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar 11 days ago

    would of been nice if they were reacting to their renewed respective roles on CAoS.

  • Peach Leche
    Peach Leche 12 days ago +7

    Bleh. They didn't even have O.G Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda react to new school Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda?

  • Wendy stefany
    Wendy stefany 12 days ago

    Nooo yo soy una fiel amnate de la sabrina antigua, 😍😍😍😍✌️✌️✌️✌️ los adoro

  • Virgo Ac
    Virgo Ac 12 days ago

    Netflix debería la primera version de Sabrina, La bruja adolescente.
    Yo la amaba 😍😍😍 por favor, ponganla en el catálogo 😭😭😭

  • King David
    King David 13 days ago

    The 90s show was cute and funny. This series is pure demonic! Will never watch it!!

  • Jose Luis Roiz
    Jose Luis Roiz 13 days ago

    She's two years older than him yet he looks like 20 years older... Lol

  • Evie-Ru Trout
    Evie-Ru Trout 13 days ago

    It looks like Harvey's voice is coming out of some strangers body.

  • Scott
    Scott 13 days ago +1

    I loved the original Sabrina but I too LOVE the new one!

  • Sehri Jilani
    Sehri Jilani 14 days ago

    Only realised that was Harvey in the last few minutes.

  • Frank Talarico
    Frank Talarico 14 days ago

    My heart exploded seeing them all together

  • tothemoon
    tothemoon 14 days ago

    Should also have the new cast react to the old series. But a season 2 episode; or at least one where it's not Salem's first puppet.

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose 15 days ago

    It’s funny how a kids show was having friendly-family adventures to chilling adventures 😂😂

  • yazz reh
    yazz reh 15 days ago

    Dont like the serie

  • Very Nice!
    Very Nice! 15 days ago +1

    They really are witches.they haven't aged.

  • Habesha Fįrst
    Habesha Fįrst 17 days ago

    Ok but why is no one saying that the two Sabrina’s look alike

  • dilan landa
    dilan landa 19 days ago

    Sería ella perfecta para ser su gemela en la tercera temporada 😍

  • Maryam Fazil
    Maryam Fazil 19 days ago +2


  • Phil David
    Phil David 21 day ago

    She needs to do a cameo in next season

  • no negativity on this site thank u

    Sorry but 1996 tv show is much better!!

  • Day Lilith
    Day Lilith 22 days ago


  • Fran Mau
    Fran Mau 22 days ago +1

    AWWW, QUÉ BONITO. Me puse sentimental. Suban la vieja serie a Netflix. :(

  • Brandor Brito
    Brandor Brito 22 days ago

    I literally said the same thing! It’s not the Sabrina I grew up watching on tv!

  • sawyer butt
    sawyer butt 22 days ago

    Harvey.... still has that beautiful smile

  • Christine Shane
    Christine Shane 23 days ago

    I would love to hear their reactions after watching the entire series.

  • Akasha Makara
    Akasha Makara 23 days ago

    Awwww 🥰 I grew up with the original 💝 love those guys
    Enjoying the new series and it’s dark vibes too.
    Both are excellent in their unique ways xx

  • horrorvictim
    horrorvictim 24 days ago

    Is it weird that... I totally wanna see Nate in a gnome costume... Like, seriously would make my

  • Maryam Fazil
    Maryam Fazil 24 days ago +9

    This is not our Sabrina
    We never would have allowed Sabrina to behave this way
    I miss Harvey why did u have to quit ur acting career u were amazing!!!

  • Naomi Pearson
    Naomi Pearson 24 days ago

    Anyone else beyond happy that they still get on and talk about it as if it were yesterday 😩

  • Brianna Rivera
    Brianna Rivera 24 days ago

    This brings childhood back

  • Tïffäny Shavonə
    Tïffäny Shavonə 24 days ago

    Awwwee I remember them!!! ❤ 😸

  • Luana M. Campos
    Luana M. Campos 24 days ago

    I'm wating for Netflix to upload the old Sabrina! My 9 years old daughter MUST watch it! And Salem was SALEM.

  • Michelle S
    Michelle S 24 days ago


  • Clown Princess of Fear
    Clown Princess of Fear 24 days ago +1

    Who wants the Animated Series Sabrina and Melissa's Sabrina the teenaged witch on Netflix.
    Like this comment

  • Arubaro333
    Arubaro333 25 days ago

    Can the OG Sabrina crew get their show back on? Like call it Sabrina? And have Netlfix buy the Rights for the show. And have all the same cast come back. Have Libby, or Lilly, or Bibby come back. And Dreama? And Catrina?

  • J
    J 25 days ago

    They should all cameo or be recurring characters in some way.

  • LoSito
    LoSito 25 days ago

    I love the old Sabrina but I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the new Sabrina!!
    Can’t wait for part 3!!

  • Cameo Fiasco
    Cameo Fiasco 25 days ago

    Wonder how they reacted to how the aunt's were in the series

  • probus tj
    probus tj 25 days ago

    I like you a lot better I like dance on the old show better

  • Sapphire Panda
    Sapphire Panda 26 days ago

    the original harvey looks sooo different. everyone else looks pretty much the same.

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee 26 days ago


  • Vivien Clausen
    Vivien Clausen 26 days ago +1

    I'm surprised. Melissa said she had no plans to check this out because she's a mama now and doesn't like scary stuff.

  • Viaja conmigo y mas
    Viaja conmigo y mas 26 days ago +1

    Harvey what happened to youuu 😭😭😭😭🤷‍♀️

  • Elaine Kim
    Elaine Kim 26 days ago

    the ogs can’t be beat

  • Trover
    Trover 26 days ago +37

    I would die if Melissa Joan Heart guest starred on an episode of the chilling adventures of Sabrina

    • Trover
      Trover 9 days ago

      JuriAmari a girl can dream 😭❤️

    • JuriAmari
      JuriAmari 9 days ago +1

      The probability’s low as MJH did say that she won’t cameo due to the steep difference in tone and would not be watching the show. But she clearly she did give this a shot and gave CAOS her blessing so it would be awesome if she did!

  • Silvia Radke biersak
    Silvia Radke biersak 26 days ago

    They Still so funny

  • Danica Younghusband
    Danica Younghusband 26 days ago

    I mean... This is how Sabrina was meant to be based off the comics 😅 But loved this! Aunt's saying "our Sabrina", so cute!

  • Ryn Rose
    Ryn Rose 27 days ago


  • Marin Sneed
    Marin Sneed 27 days ago

    Omg I’m crying these people were my childhood

  • Amanda Salmi
    Amanda Salmi 27 days ago

    I’m so glad they did this!!!!!!

  • Brittiany Perkins
    Brittiany Perkins 27 days ago

    I really enjoyed that. Wish it was longer

  • Dead Paul Random
    Dead Paul Random 27 days ago +1

    @netflix they should have a cameo in the chilling tale of Sabrina .. is like a nod from the old to the new.

  • Martina Dean
    Martina Dean 27 days ago

    Loved their reaction, thank you Netflix. Also I do enjoy to see Melissa Hart doing a another Netflix series of No Good Nick. 🌼💚

  • Aszhmiik
    Aszhmiik 27 days ago +6

    Love them, the original cast Sabrina will be always in my heart! They’re my childhood.

  • Bdon Weirdon
    Bdon Weirdon 27 days ago

    yep. bring back sabrina the teenage witch.

  • Seldontop Music
    Seldontop Music 27 days ago

    Over a million views? I wonder how many I am?! 😂😂😂

  • Tahmena Ferdous
    Tahmena Ferdous 27 days ago +3

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch is wayyy better than the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!

  • A KEI
    A KEI 28 days ago

    I needed to see this lol Childhood memories... they are the SAME! Especially Aunts))

  • John Alvarez
    John Alvarez 28 days ago +14

    Hair aside, the original cast look great 🙂