Learn How To BeatBox with KRNFX (HD)

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Learn how to BeatBox with KRNFX! Every rap, freestyle and cypher need a good beatboxer. Follow along with this easy tutorial. FULL BEATBOX TUTORIAL: http://bit.ly/LearnBEATBOX
Hosted by KRNFX (Terry Im): http://youtube.com/KRNFXtv

***Complete BeatBox Menu***
KICK-DRUM: http://bit.ly/BeatboxKICKDRUM
HIGH-HAT: http://bit.ly/BeatboxHIGHHAT
K-SNARE: http://bit.ly/BeatboxKSNARE
PF-SNARE: http://bit.ly/BeatboxPFSNARE
CYMBAL: http://bit.ly/BeatboxCYMBAL
RIMSHOT: http://bit.ly/BeatboxRIMSHOT
SYNTH: http://bit.ly/BeatboxSYNTH
CRAB SCRATCH: http://bit.ly/BeatboxCRABSCRATCH
BONGO: http://bit.ly/BeatboxBONGO
TONGUE BASS: http://bit.ly/BeatboxTONGUEBASS
LIP BASS: http://bit.ly/BeatboxLIPBASS
THROAT BASS: http://bit.ly/BeatboxTHROATBASS
SIREN: http://bit.ly/BeatboxSIREN
ROBOT VOICE: http://bit.ly/BeatboxROBOTVOICE
ZIPPER: http://bit.ly/BeatboxZIPPER
SEGA SOUND: http://bit.ly/BeatboxSEGA

Sub wub wub wub: http://bit.ly/MakerMusicSub

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Concept / Programming by Brett Lemick - http://youtube.com/Brett

Producer / Director: Andres Delsol
Prod. Cood: Nina Elcao
DP/Camera: Andrew Kurchinski
Sound Mixer: Rafael Serrano
Editor & Graphics: Andrew Kurchinski

Special Thanks to:
Josh Kaplan
Sommer Issaq
Alessandro Manno

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Длительность: 2:38
Комментарии: 1631

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Автор Milan Lengyel ( назад)
how the .....

Автор Miriela Mejiad ( назад)
when I was watching this i was drinking water and i spit it all over my phone

Автор CrazyGirlツ _ ( назад)
Thanks you :)

Автор Seif Kotb ( назад)
A crazy big what

Автор lászló gerencsér ( назад)
ez valami fenomenális életemben nem halottam ilyen jót.jól csinálod igy tovább bro.

Автор Violet Siler ( назад)
*Is 15 seconds into the video*


Автор The Bunnyman ( назад)
i died(just joking)

Автор Harsh Vishwakarma Harsh Vishwakarma ( назад)
where you teach

Автор Fredbear 1 ( назад)
Step one:
Watch this video and then quit

Автор Calsefer Santa Ana ( назад)
Lol i learn by myself but i got only 3 diffrent sound its really hard

Автор aj grupo ( назад)
i know this guy i was in the compitions beatbox i saw him
and he was joining the challenge

Автор _ Bigsquid _ ( назад)

Автор Suman Mehta ( назад)
I am not able to make sound if u can pls help

Автор Ehrick rhed ( назад)
Idooooooolllllll!😀😀😀😀😀😀 I try to become like you soon!😀

Автор Abhaya shakya ( назад)
You said u will teach but u r only doing by yourself

Автор Dark King7 ( назад)
lol this starcraft animation song ^^

Автор Oralee Hamilton ( назад)
"little peice"

Автор crazygamer21 ( назад)
ummm WOW my parents thought i was having a seizure

Автор Max & Harvey Forever ( назад)
Does he even breath !!!! 😱😱😂

Автор Fahimus Alimus ( назад)
1:44 best part

Автор Aidan G. ( назад)
i think the fact that he knows korean(i think he is?) helps. It has alot of like...sounds that can help with beat boxing imo.

Автор The WIFI is down ( назад)
i bet 80 percent of us quit

Автор GustianTXYDN HaskaZXBVTYZSY ( назад)
hey yudi can you share a your pattren beatbox?your name very bad because i change your name jadi yudi

Автор David Hayes ( назад)
the coolest thing about this i found is that i knew all of them but 1

Автор Johnny Way ( назад)
I wonder how much spit is on the microphone

Автор ひろと ( назад)
My spit was also 100% organic...

Автор hannah kelly ( назад)
He just beat boxed he doesn't teach you how to do it

Автор Alto Clef ( назад)
Directions unclear,got lost in Soviet Russia

Автор Malika Uzumaki ( назад)
Anybody else just sitting here grinning stupidly at the screen while he goes all crazy and inside youre like............. "you must be kidding me"

Автор jess Schneider ( назад)
were did u help us to learn😑

Автор Mehmet Emin Palabıyık ( назад)
Ty dude im master on it now wow its really working

Автор Szymon Krzeminski ( назад)
Thanks for all tutorials, i learned them all ^_^

Автор Orkun Poturnak ( назад)
0.23 - 0.27 What's the name of your technique ? pls send comment

Автор Beatboxer Hunter ( назад)
thanks a lot krnfx for your tutorials I learnt all the sounds u r my master broo

Автор Lolona Fashion2015 ( назад)

Автор Emily W ( назад)
*spits all over computer*

Автор Keima Katsuragi ( назад)
What is the name of the sound @ 1:44 ?

Автор Leo Sumulong ( назад)
Roses are red, plants are red, trees are red, HOLY SHIT MY GARDEN IS ON FIRE

Автор nrl njwa ( назад)
please do krik krik sound ... I want to learn

Автор Mint Willow ( назад)
I found a new thing to obsess over to

Автор Praveen Kumar ( назад)
WTF was Thu vedio abt....Bullshit

Автор Praveen Kumar ( назад)
vedio starts at 2.05 but it's useless

Автор Colin Charles ( назад)
I have my own way of beatboxing

Автор Lit Boy :D ( назад)
It said learn how to beat box I haven't learned yet because he keeps beat boxing fast and he didnt told me how :(

Автор otaku abdel ( назад)
who watched this in 2017 😂😂😂

Автор Scream OutLoud ( назад)
I can beat you at any rap battle

Автор Tushar Sagar ( назад)
you are a great beatboxer but a bad teacher

Автор Jeremiah Hall ( назад)
I'm better

Автор SuperDestroy101 ( назад)
are u kidding me this is only 2:38 min. and this guy spend more then half the video showing off what he can do

Автор firegameingfox 2004 ( назад)
cant wait to learn that

Автор Mason Sintateeyakorn ( назад)
so dope! big up krnfx!

Автор rajshekhar kundu ( назад)
fool this is not a beatboxing for kids. that was not fron ur mouth i am sure

Автор Cole Litwiller ( назад)
Thank you. These videos were what helped me start beatboxing. I've been beatboxing for over a year now and my brother (who also got into it) are having so much fun!
Thank you for these tutorials!

Автор samarth kaul ( назад)
what the hell has happened to ur f***king brains
u cant be like him
u jst open ur cranky mouth and spit out anything
he is a beatboxing champion
atleast show some fking respect

Автор samarth kaul ( назад)
i m ur huge fan

Автор GameDude ( назад)

Автор Walkerfan ( назад)
Ive practice all this stuff and now i am gonna make a cover with my friends and im going to beatbox and they are gonna something else. thx Krnfx/Maker Music now people think im cool ;D

Автор Xuyen Phuong ( назад)
How in the world we can do it make it slower so we can do it

Автор Jinny Dichoso ( назад)
I'm Asian but all I can do is spit on my phone.

Автор Curving Pine ( назад)
when I poops in morning the beatbox sound automaticly comes.

Автор Mahi Samant ( назад)
The accurate title 'how to spit all over your gadget's screen'

Автор Rose Bud ( назад)
That's amazing at first because it's so good I thought it was fake

Автор Kalagi Shah ( назад)
I love the way he anchorages us, salute to this man truly inspiring love it💛

Автор Eve Lane ( назад)
Bruhhh!!!! I tried the first one 'Kick drum' and My roommate thought im gone crazy 'Coz I was spitting all over the bed. I will try this in my.Next life. Thank you.

Автор wTnN ( назад)
damn I learned so much 😂

Автор Punyo Yama ( назад)
fuck video motherfuckrr

Автор Anil Tmg ( назад)

Автор James cooler ( назад)
Boom chicka baw baw pffffff tra tra tra bra prrrrr meaw woof ha😆😸✌😎

Автор Fraxavier Dwyx ( назад)
this is not teach suck a dick u slut

Автор Brendan Vergara ( назад)
yeah amazing wow! You just taught yourself!
step 1: watch this
step 2: quit

Автор priscilla ramos ( назад)
what the omg so good this needs to be a remix

Автор Austin Vinyard ( назад)
waste of time you don't even do a tutorial until 1:45 seconds

Автор Johnnie Quinores ( назад)
I'm only 12 and I can beatbox like a god

Автор Single Fighter ( назад)
how to make your monitor full of saliva!

Автор soapy uncle ( назад)
idk what im doing. i already know how to beatbox.

Автор M7md king ( назад)
?when does he breathe

Автор ADina Marie ( назад)
I don't know about y'all but I learned nothing lol

Автор Shanta ( назад)
HE IS BLOODY AMAZING AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Madison Universe ( назад)
What is with you people? His race does not matter he should be acknowledged by his talent and not judge him. I beatbox fairly well and am judged because I'm a female and can do something better than some guys at a guy thing 😒

Автор Faze Jb ( назад)
It looks like he loves sucking on that mic

Автор SeraDoll89 ( назад)
Holy shit

Автор Jacque Arias ( назад)
Don't know why but this guy looks like vanossgaming if you even know who that even is

Автор KR D ( назад)
hi would just like to say you got me started beat boxing and i love it. made a couple vids and it would be awsome if u could take a min or two to check em out and give me some feedback

Автор Sandeep Gujjar ( назад)
https://youtu.be/-89U_cDFIIY im doing pretty good. thanx

Автор BrokenScreenPro3 ( назад)
Water is everywhere

Автор Dalton Trahan ( назад)
I got all the sounds down

Автор Manea Scott ( назад)
I wonder how much spit u accumulate when you beatbox?

Автор Raymundo Duran ( назад)
he spent the whole video beat boxing when it said he was gonna show us how

Автор نوسه مهران ( назад)

Автор TruLegit UniverseLord Commando SGBTheMLG0609 ( назад)
Yo, those beats are complete savage, 10/10 Rating. Sometimes in my free time, part of the videos I watch on YouTube are Beatboxing, and I look for the best sounding in my opinion, and you being on that list of the best beatboxers in my opinion. Amazing what the human body can do when the human mind puts it to striving for achieving the seemingly inpossible, yet very possible with practice, some seemingly impossible hobbies can take years of practice for perfection. If only everyone had their own Shia Lebouf, then the whole world would probably have motivation.

Автор BubblesFilmingHD ( назад)
like i know everything but i just cant put it into a full thing like a full set of beats if that makes since

Автор HA7 ( назад)
Wow I learned how to beatbox

Автор Taylor James ( назад)
Hey!! I really need your advice, I want to practice beatboxing and become really good but it hurts my throat a lot and I am worried it will damage my voice which I do need to take care of since I am an actor. Is there something I am doing wrong that is making my throat hurt or does this happen to all beatboxers?

Автор jyoti Rane ( назад)
You do superb beatboxing my son learns it from you only!

Автор V4DER ( назад)
lol, i can make a intro with this without downloading anything

Автор Skoala Leonhart ( назад)
krnfx <3

Автор angelique Castle ( назад)
lol I suggest trying this ALONE in your house

Автор Ĝxüðëë ( назад)
How does he do it that long, bruh I would've passed out

Автор Wolfie Souls ( назад)
ok teach me how to clean the screen now ;_;

Автор NejraB101 ( назад)
Its funny,he thinks that we can do that but all i did was spit and make myself look stupid

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