Why India's Middle Class Loves Prime Minister Modi (HBO)

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • After six weeks of voting, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won polls and will return to power with an even bigger majority than he won five years ago.
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Comments • 2 766

  • Mohammed Ibrahim

    Because they love beef

  • Subhrajit Gupta
    Subhrajit Gupta Day ago

    Only one sided highly opinionated documentary..

  • Pintu Khunt
    Pintu Khunt Day ago

    Vice , please don't do the what you don't understand like INDIA.

  • Kumar Manubrat
    Kumar Manubrat Day ago

    Modi Modi

  • stories AK
    stories AK Day ago

    quote - "even after 70+ years of independence western media fails to understand india."

  • Kiran Singh Rajput
    Kiran Singh Rajput 2 days ago

    Title is wrong, off course Middle class is huge class, they vote modi ji, but modi not done any work for Higher middle,class, n middle middle class, n lower middle class, ,this middle class only meant for paying taxes, govt consumed this money for attracting poor class voter, I think govt forget middle class, dynamic class, which support economy of nation, govt not providing job for middle class according to education, both unemployment, n under employment are main problem

  • Sher
    Sher 3 days ago

    Still the Ganges is not cleaned and the people are poorer then ever!?

  • Parsh Singh
    Parsh Singh 3 days ago

    Interview the poor - they allways tell You the truth.

  • Parsh Singh
    Parsh Singh 3 days ago

    Trash production if ever there was one. Investigative journalism???

  • Sanket Sharma
    Sanket Sharma 5 days ago

    Kuch faida nahi huva bana kai aa Gaya modi

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 5 days ago

    Fake news channel spread fake news wherever they go

  • Pancake
    Pancake 6 days ago

    Answer to your question is.... Because they are ignorant. And Dickheads. They are blinded by the notion of patriotism and caste system which every government cashes.

  • Food & Travel
    Food & Travel 6 days ago

    It's not all middle class who loves Modi..only radical Hindus love him

  • sourav malik
    sourav malik 7 days ago

    Modi is the best leader, he is a hero that's why in his second term he got more seats than last time

  • Punam Rawat
    Punam Rawat 8 days ago

    Gandhi was dalaal..netaji Subhash is our hero

  • Mr Starboy
    Mr Starboy 8 days ago

    India is in shit whole ryt now. The people who supporting modi are just brained washed or they have nothing to do. Jobless. Hatred. Goons. If you see or pick a one sensible educated person all you gonna hear is India economy system is worst and it's worst like hell from past 70+years. Unemployment is in peeks. Business are getting dissolved. Big big manufacturers are in billion dollar debts. Mob lynching in the name of God. Hindu - Muslim riots. A agenda to make India a hindutva. Changing any colours into saffron. Disbelieve. Uncultured. This is not India what we thot we gonna have. There will be no INDIA in future. Either it will be a cemetery or just a piece of shit nothing else. Modi is a face of terrorism. Sorry to say this about our prime Minister but this is what is it. God bless India 🙏

    • Rockzzzv
      Rockzzzv 7 days ago

      Not even a single hindu muslim riot happened since modi.
      Mob lynchings have also been there even before so stop targeting modi for everything.

    RUSH LOGAN 8 days ago

    If u hate modi I had doubts on u r birth

  • abhi
    abhi 9 days ago

    vice news is making people stupid not even explaining Tejbahadur yadav history, which party he is contesting from. False agenda stupid news just trying to earn money.
    Fake news, Indians should listen it for entertainment like me :)

  • Gautam Chandran
    Gautam Chandran 11 days ago

    Why the interview with a guy who was disqualified for a valid reason...and no mention of the reason too..

  • Gautam Chandran
    Gautam Chandran 11 days ago

    What a frivolous video...Hindu Nationalism...old bullshit people In India are tired of hearing

  • Rosario Tom
    Rosario Tom 11 days ago +1

    It’s all about hacking the voting machines.

  • A Indian Journalist
    A Indian Journalist 11 days ago

    Dude VICE don't know nothing about India. what they show in this is pure partial shadow than actual facts. Sardar Vallabh Patel saved India otherwise there will be no India in 1947

  • Zakir Hussain
    Zakir Hussain 11 days ago

    Religious Bigotry. and Brain Wash has made the Middle Class as Modi Bhakths.

  • Vicky Kaul
    Vicky Kaul 12 days ago +1

    modi is just en cashing islamofobia...

  • Debasis Sabat
    Debasis Sabat 12 days ago

    My whole family supports modi..he is really good 😍🥰

    SUJAN MAJUMDER 12 days ago


  • adhith t ESD
    adhith t ESD 13 days ago

    Come to kerala

  • Escape the Matrix
    Escape the Matrix 14 days ago

    VICE keeps on sucking!

  • Anand Vadlamani
    Anand Vadlamani 14 days ago

    any surprise why vice is going down the shitter?

  • Lars Chue
    Lars Chue 15 days ago

    What about the poor women though.

  • gaurav jindal
    gaurav jindal 15 days ago +2

    Instead of naming the video "why the middle class Indians love modi", you should rather go for "why me and my channel hate and propagate against modi".
    Though not a person who's someone's fan, but acknowledging the change within, and regarding, India makes me wonder how desperately the western channels emphasize on what the man hasn't done, instead of what he has. Pathetic is the word for you, mate!

  • Varun Lohade
    Varun Lohade 16 days ago

    3.8k bhakts

  • vivek yadav
    vivek yadav 16 days ago +1

    It is not that western media like vice fails to understand india they do but they put the twists and spin for their interests and spreading propoganda that benefits them.

  • Chief RAJ
    Chief RAJ 16 days ago

    Vice i loved you
    Now i don't

  • Piyush Singh
    Piyush Singh 16 days ago

    Just unsubscribed VICE after watching this Video.

  • Meymey
    Meymey 17 days ago +1

    Lol VICE is itself corrupted

  • TheChaoschris
    TheChaoschris 17 days ago

    Hey Vice... what the hell was the point of this piece... oh yeah this is why you're going broke...

  • Toni Kroos
    Toni Kroos 20 days ago

    Bhrashtachaar means Corruption not Inequality

  • mamta rao
    mamta rao 21 day ago

    India is shit already. No doubt this man will make things worse.

  • Èducation For Àll
    Èducation For Àll 22 days ago

    India become lynchistan...divide hindu and muslim and rule..

  • Prajwal Hegde
    Prajwal Hegde 23 days ago

    Totally biased video , no wonder their editor is a pakistani , couldn't expect an unbiased reporting by them .

  • Sandesh Bhat
    Sandesh Bhat 24 days ago

    Looks like swara Bhaskar was editor of this documentary

  • yogesh chaudhari
    yogesh chaudhari 24 days ago +2

    Smart ridiculous 💩 propoganda against Modi...
    Try better mf

  • syed kashif
    syed kashif 25 days ago

    Indian media is a joke ... every one around the world knows it..wa Modi ji wa

  • Hemangi Dalal
    Hemangi Dalal 25 days ago

    This reporter should learn the history of his country of origin before making a fool.of himself. Sardar did not use force to unify India. He did what he had to to protect India and her people. And we Indians are proud of him. Ill informed, hypocritical idiots like you should stay away from commenting on India's history. Churchill was a mass murderer. Have the courage to say that in western media?
    And no, the attacks in Pulwama were not by some suicide bombers. They were some by Islamic terrorists trained and supported by Pakistan! Have the [email protected] to say that?

  • Sabyasachi
    Sabyasachi 25 days ago

    This video doesn't justify its title at all! It answers no question on why Modi is loved! It just shows why he shouldn't be loved!

  • Citizen052
    Citizen052 25 days ago

    Arvind Subramanian, India's former Chief economic adviser revcently revealed that hat the country’s economic growth rate was significantly overestimated between 2011 and 2017, adding to concerns that official statistics have masked a sharp slowdown in the economy.
    So what overtaking China??

  • Citizen052
    Citizen052 25 days ago

    Look at those useful idiots!

  • anil patel
    anil patel 26 days ago

    After 3000 years of slavery, and bare 70 years of Independence Finally India has got a well deserving Emperor called GOD.

  • suneer babu Babu
    suneer babu Babu 28 days ago

    Making fake news ...

  • Awesome video clip
    Awesome video clip 28 days ago

    Is true about modi
    Modi is like 'the mask man'

  • Rishab Niranjan
    Rishab Niranjan 29 days ago +1

    Completely out of context but did you notice the name of the ice cream vendors stall at 3:57

  • The Vagabond Lawyer Shivangi Sharma

    Beautiful posts ❣️

  • yuvraj singh
    yuvraj singh Month ago +1

    Ha ha this can't be hide that modi govt had put barriers for Raj bhadur for not contesting elections.

  • kavin Xavier
    kavin Xavier Month ago

    Not true,No one as middle class in India.It's poor people India...they don't support...especially ideology Hindutva spreading hatred among voters against minorities won the election in north India,where uneducated overly populated vote bank of BJP exist.Its a rule of North Indian over India.Voice of south India has been suppressed

    • kavin Xavier
      kavin Xavier 28 days ago

      @Melodic Nostalgic Maharashtra is not south Indian state.Take care of dying farmers of Maharashtra rather than preaching us politics of divide and rule.Come up with a plan Generate enough jobs for educated youths.It's time for swaraj of South India from brainless North Indian rulers.

    • Melodic Nostalgic
      Melodic Nostalgic 29 days ago

      Karnataka & Maharashtra which voted for Modi's BJP with Highest Majority are in South India. So your statement makes no sense.. It's like you are trying too hard to justify that which cannot be justified.

  • Yashas rao kuthnikar

    Chutiya saala how can I make negative comments about the PM when ur not even Indian listening to some nay sayers shame grow some balls

  • Jays
    Jays Month ago +3

    In India:
    The lower income group: loves Modi because he actually delivers free LPG gas, Houses, benefits directly to a/c
    The middle class: loves Modi because taxation is cleared, bureaucracy is faster, they can see taxes put to good use, and ZERO SCAMS
    The affluent class: loves Modi because he is business friendly and runs a clean government, gets foreign tech companies to share R&D

    The western media: "Modi will destroy India, Modi is a villain, all hail Scamgress, the Indians know nothing, we are their only saviors with correct perspective" WTF...

    Pull your head out of your ass you dumb ass presstitutes!!

    • Melodic Nostalgic
      Melodic Nostalgic 29 days ago +1

      They will never learn. Wait till they discover India gets its first Bullet Train in 2022 before U.S.

  • mejestic 12
    mejestic 12 Month ago +1

    Commie VICE. People like you already ruined United States, please do not come to India with your liberal extremism. no wonder why Gavin mclnns found proud boys.

  • Dheerendra Pant
    Dheerendra Pant Month ago +2

    You can't stop India from rising. As long as we have a PM who loves the country and is willing to put it before narrow petty party gains.....we will win. For far too long have we stuck to a narrative dictated from powers that be. This drivel is drying out... ..we will prevail as a nation. Jai Hind.

  • Deputy Dodo
    Deputy Dodo Month ago

    No we don't

  • pulkit verma
    pulkit verma Month ago

    You people don't even know the right terms to be able to judge India or Indians.

  • pulkit verma
    pulkit verma Month ago

    Why west idiots are so bised???

  • pulkit verma
    pulkit verma Month ago

    Everyone loves modi except the corrupt and some muslims

  • Ashish Jha
    Ashish Jha Month ago

    Now i doubt every video i saw on vice could be an inaccurate as this one .

  • Ashish Jha
    Ashish Jha Month ago +1

    Sardar patel used "force" to unite india! So what did george washington did to britishers ?

  • Ashish Jha
    Ashish Jha Month ago +1

    Well if any one who is watching this video to understand why we loves modi ? You cant get real picture from this video .because this media telling you "truth" the same way as they tell you that "iraq had the weapon of mass destrution".

  • jatin chauhan
    jatin chauhan Month ago +1

    Now andh bhakts will say all the people who spoke against modi are paid by congress...

  • jatin chauhan
    jatin chauhan Month ago

    All the illogical andhbhakts are triggered in the comment section. They only like media which kisses modi's feet like godi media. This is not the right place for you people. Now start abusing me like a typical andh bhakt...

  • pratheek londhe
    pratheek londhe Month ago

    this is a video files with agenda..shitty video

  • Tim Travasos
    Tim Travasos Month ago

    I'm glad for their growth, but there is notorious corruption there too. And the poor are left behind. That will undermine the success there.

  • Vidyadhar Navale
    Vidyadhar Navale Month ago

    Tej Bahadur Yadav, who lost badly and had asked for money to kill Modi,
    He attached the disciplined officers of the army. You lost credibility when you used him on your video.

  • Ch Jhateen
    Ch Jhateen Month ago

    I am really got disappointed with this show. If u dont know about the country's history I dont think u should comment on that, sardar valabhai patel was the great person who fought for our country's independence.. He was the iron man of our country

  • bhavya jain
    bhavya jain Month ago +1

    Was expecting bullshit. got worse than that.thanks VICE

  • samy
    samy Month ago +1

    First don't think we don't know why you all want Modi to be removed but too bad for you he won.

  • Akanksha Yadav
    Akanksha Yadav Month ago

    I'm middle class and I just absolutely hate modi. But yeah my family friends everyone voter for him so...🤷

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 4 days ago

      nothing going to change though.

  • indian human
    indian human Month ago

    Downvotes are almost equal to upvotes... wake up Vice. Ur hypocrisy will not work here. 2nd attempt after video on Ganga.

  • Guido Fox
    Guido Fox Month ago

    In India it does not matter which party comes into power. Corruption will never stop, it's corruption from the lowest level to the highest level. India is one of the most corrupted countries in the world and that is a fact! Look at the Prime Minister and the rest of the MLA's, MP's and Politicians... 90% of them are uneducated thugs, goons with a bunch of smaller goons providing the muscle. Government offices taking bribes, schools & colleges too in the form of a "donation (which means bribe in soft terms)" .. traffic police openly collecting bribes on the roads for traffic violations, crime police accepting bribes, and bribes distributed in towns, villages, cities all over for votes..most farmers in India live in poverty and financial ruin because they end up taking loans and the bank's and government harass them.. hundreds of farmers protest but they are chased off my force and end their lives by suicide...anyways apart from the screwed up judicial system and the government...court cases in India take decades to resolve and people grow old or die... Thousands of rapes in India and especially gang rapes and women are so scared to go to the cops because of their family names being ruined and bring a disgrace within the community... why can't the Indian Government just Hang Rapists and Murderers quickly ?? You read the news around India and you will be shocked about the rapes in India and justice not being served... All kinds of criminals to jail and get released within 5 years or less.. The politician criminals who go to jail in India get 5 star special treatment and that is a fact.. India beautiful with many cultures... Especially the country sides, beautiful hills and mountains.. most of the cities and towns have grabage scattered around with open drainage and people urinating wherever they feel like...If things were more strict with laws ENFORCED it would be better but it's unfortunate that the government of India is corrupt to the bone, the corrupt government is a cancer that cannot be cured. That the level it has reached. Here is a another shocking fact - Indian politicians, have more money that politicians from around the world, which is in hundreds and thousands of Crores of rupees which is millions of dollars. If the government starts to throw politicians in jail for such frauds (with no 5 star treatment) or just execute this cancer it will be better. So like I said in the start of this comment, no matter which party comes to power, there will be high levels of corruption (cancer), hoarding of money and gold, no justice and nothing will change unless revolution in some form.
    How many people agree ? Please give me your opinion.

  • sandesh016
    sandesh016 Month ago

    Such a looser and video from u ....
    Defaming patel... Defaming modi... Defaming in all aspects you dont deserve to come back...
    Please stay back bro.... Out of Hindustan

  • look into you; it's there.

    i watch this video after 3 week of election. Now you ask any farmer how is BJP sarkar

  • look into you; it's there.


  • siddharth singh rajawat

    Lol this is bullshit all crap 😂

  • jason xx
    jason xx Month ago

    Nice forgot to mention that almost 645 Muslims are killed in the past 2 years cause of selling cow meat which modi forbid of selling or even hurting cows could get u killed

  • Mehul Yoo
    Mehul Yoo Month ago

    That farmer you showed ,I think you should have prepared him good before the act because farmers in MP voted fir congress not for problems like employment but because they want to get their loans condoned.It was there self-interest nit public internet.Secong congress was not the party reveal it's scam ,no way man first research the topics.If you add total money that congress has scammed in last 10 years it could get you around minimum of 50 rafaels .

  • Quantum Timeline
    Quantum Timeline Month ago

    What? Nobody loves this goon.

    THE ANARCHIST Month ago

    Yadav is a sacked serviceman for his indisciplinary action.

  • Mr J
    Mr J Month ago

    Modi is Indian FDR 😉

  • utsavman47
    utsavman47 Month ago

    Modi winning is a result of education being an absolute failure in India and people have no sense of critical thinking.

    #ADDICTED U1 Month ago

    I can smell left propaganda. However lintards lost badly.

  • Aspire Wot
    Aspire Wot Month ago

    I'm Indian we don't love him lol only some pro Hindus lick his ass

  • ꧁ Shyaira  Senpai꧂

    Wow modi supporters are really motivated... But I don't like him😅
    Rich get richer,poor get poorer
    Degrees are useless if they don't get you a job and unemployment is a huge issue currently
    Our motherland India has enough for every man's need but not enough for any man's greed...

  • Ash San
    Ash San Month ago

    One can see all the butthurts aka brahmins here defending the divider in chief

  • jhurmuth
    jhurmuth Month ago

    Bhosdike ko Koi nahi pasand karta hai . Sirf chaddi gang aur tere jaise harami bhadwe pasand karte hai.

  • Amit Gosain
    Amit Gosain Month ago

    Not middle class every class.

  • Shreerang Deshpande

    Nice way to show you didn't like to see a strong Indian govt.

  • MrKarthikbritish
    MrKarthikbritish Month ago

    Modi the IDIOT

  • Akb b
    Akb b Month ago +7

    We poor people also love him.
    Jai Shree Ram.

  • Tejasve Jain
    Tejasve Jain Month ago

    This is completely biased

  • HiddenTruth
    HiddenTruth Month ago

    Why every class hates VICE news

  • Aaron Niero
    Aaron Niero Month ago

    Because in India , The caste system still exists . People judge themselves by race , Such a filthy place and i am fucking ashamed to be an Indian .

  • Sami Khaliq
    Sami Khaliq Month ago

    Look out tech support is out in force in these comments