Why India's Middle Class Loves Prime Minister Modi (HBO)

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • After six weeks of voting, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won polls and will return to power with an even bigger majority than he won five years ago.
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Comments • 2 757

  • Jaswinder Singh
    Jaswinder Singh Day ago

    Upper cast hindus are shifted to right wing,,, indian economy is in dolldrums but upper cast hindus r blind followers of modi

  • abc
    abc 6 days ago +1

    Speaking facts to Indians is like teaching a donkey how to fly. They're full of so much hate and propaganda from their media they will not believe anything bad about Modi or India!

  • nafees facade khan i Abidi

    The Indians are now extremist their treatments of minorities on UN reports is the wrost in the South Asia! Really, sad!

  • Ayur Shameer CEO
    Ayur Shameer CEO 10 days ago

    Not All is well in India, but " all are in well and hell" ....the most of middle class are losing the job.Dear PM still you have enough time to leave the fools paradise(PM'S Office) and appoint some one educated and able.!! definitely not a "Chai vala" let chai valas do their Jobs but not to rule India (Based on Hindutva Philosophy, the Cast System)😅
    Jai Hind...!!💕 India will become INDIA again ,soon. We will start to speak about the harmony, affection and love what is our actual spirit ,.....not about hate what Modi and RSS propagate.

  • CleverCat
    CleverCat 10 days ago +1

    Went to India last month and the urban poor there seemed to love Modi.

  • Shayari Singh
    Shayari Singh 10 days ago

    This report is COMPLETE nonsense.

  • Mihir Gole
    Mihir Gole 11 days ago

    Western Media at it's best !

  • Anish A Kispotta
    Anish A Kispotta 18 days ago

    *To all the Andh Bhakts living in Abroad and in india. And to all Right wing foreigners supporting Modi*
    Here are some truths about India from an indian living in *India*
    1. India currently has the highest unemployment under Modi government.
    2. India currently have reached all time low GDP growth that is 5% under Modi goverment . Worse than the Congress goverment.
    3. Indian currency hits all time low That means the exchange rate is
    Indian rupees 70 = 1 USD
    4. Business have been suffering from textile to car sales .Due to wrong implementation of Demonetization and GST. Exports has declined .
    5. Mob lynchings have become a time of normal game here. Dalits (low castes) and muslims are being targeted increasingly.
    6 There were also the cases of two Women being raped by some BJP leaders , the party of the modi government. But none were put to trial instead the women were blamed and a March was organized in the support of the rapist. Their families were threatened and attacked.
    7. Nearly most of the indian media now acts like a propaganda machine of the Modi government. Only unbiased is left NDTV news channel.
    *And I can go all and all what has gone wrong with the current government*
    To all the andh bhatt NRIs - if india is so good why dont you come back? while enjoying yourself abroad in progressive societies and supporting here at india a regressive Majoritarian government

  • lalla jha
    lalla jha 19 days ago +1

    lots of butthurt indians in the comments section.

    • lalla jha
      lalla jha 14 days ago

      @G Joeye Air tu kya kya karta hai India ke liye behenchod.

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 14 days ago

      of course, because its false. and u maderch0ds will always hate india forever, so we dont expect much.

  • Shyamal Kesharia
    Shyamal Kesharia 21 day ago

    The whole video reeks of leftist approach to everything. Western media overlooks the obvious just so that it can later play victim to online trolling and ridicule. Surely they'll organize a "Post Truth" summit every year from 2022 in he build up to 2024 elections.

    JAI HIND 22 days ago

    This is called " RANDI REPORTING" 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

  • Emi Aman
    Emi Aman 23 days ago

    Modi is Hindu extremist terrorist" modi= Nazi" uneducated" unculture" war criminal"
    I think India need more toilet"
    More clean clothes & more good education"

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 14 days ago

      99% indians use toilet, as per WHO, as of jun 2019
      google "economic times - WHO likely to hail swachh bharat"
      google "swachh bharat mission"

      india's extreme poverty/slum dwellers is 46 million as per UN report 2019 jan
      google "world poverty clock"

      india's total local middle class - 1 billion (out of 1.37 billion) with 131 billionaires and 263,000 millionaires(fastest growing) as per WORLD BANK.

      india is not a FAILED STATE, !$lamist. We come under "NEWLY industrialized nation" category.

      and modi has been EXONERATED from all the allegation on gujarat riots from SUPREME COURT OF INDIA, when so-called "Secular" parties ruled india.

      thatz why all WORLD LEADERS, UN, WORLD BANK, IMF, WHO, WEF etc. respect him including *saudi, UAE, behrian etc*

      only u brainf4cked pak1stanis and FAR LEFT commies hate him for your own messed up non sense.

    ARJUN K RATHEESH K 23 days ago

    You are wasting your self vice
    Please all global right who is with modi trump Ben Shapiro Jordan Peterson please unsubscribe this channel

  • Common
    Common 26 days ago

    Lambs for the slaughter

  • Aadil Khan
    Aadil Khan 26 days ago +1

    Indian people doesn't like modi its north indians who like modi because they have only 3issues
    1)Anti pakistan and kashmir
    2)Ram Mandir
    3)Cow protection
    But in the south we have much more bigger issue than these and if you exclude south india from india then india would be worse than Pakistan in science and technology.. Just see the case of ISRO you can't imagine ISRO without south indians...

    • Aadil Khan
      Aadil Khan 13 days ago

      @G Joeye 😂😂😂my friend i am 100% sure that you are from north india and i mentioned that in my comment and if you didn't know how to read then it's not my fault😂😂😄

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 14 days ago

      u pak1stanis keep lying, thatz why no one cares about your country and no one supported u on kashmir issue in the UN other than TURKEY and malaysia.

  • Dinesh Bishnoi
    Dinesh Bishnoi 27 days ago

    You're fake news.

  • Chandra Shekhar Jha
    Chandra Shekhar Jha 27 days ago +2

    Dislike giving true picture of hypocrisy by abrahmic western media.

  • abhishek gamer
    abhishek gamer Month ago

    Bhosadivale vice news is against india

  • abhishek gamer
    abhishek gamer Month ago

    Bhosadivale Congress

  • Pawadesh Devarmani
    Pawadesh Devarmani Month ago

    I think take the land of all the farmers and let govt with Msc or Bsc in Agri and related graduates to do farming..

    AKASH MISHRA Month ago +1

    so sorry,you didn't understand india!!!

  • Papu SAHOO Sahoo
    Papu SAHOO Sahoo Month ago

    Forien media Dalal of congress

  • Indrajeet Dodia
    Indrajeet Dodia Month ago

    western media has mastered in potreying a good leader as demon. western media is living in there dreams. INDIA and CHINA share common enemy that is western devil countries. INDIA and CHINA should unite against this evil western countries.

  • Peace Love
    Peace Love Month ago

    We love Modi 😍

  • GudGobar
    GudGobar Month ago

    Ye documentary wala koi madarchod, communist, US se bhagaya hua mallu hai....

  • Anusheel Anusheel
    Anusheel Anusheel Month ago

    Ye bhosdwala harami reporter ek kala angrez hai , vice bharat virodhi hai sala , madarchod they just want to westernise indian youth and make them anti indian.

  • Aragorn
    Aragorn Month ago

    Vice has become the scum I once feared it might become

  • kamran khan
    kamran khan Month ago

    Bhart mata ka husband Pakistan 🇵🇰

    • kamran khan
      kamran khan 14 days ago

      @G Joeye happy rho, apny goals py focus kro, apni family kilye kuch kr lo

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 14 days ago

      your country is a 23rd ranked failed state which has been shown its place as a PARIAH when only turkey and malaysia supported u on kashmir issue.

      keep dreaming.

  • I b
    I b Month ago

    Modi nahi to kon?

  • Akanksh Bhavsar
    Akanksh Bhavsar Month ago

    Sorry but you lot are better off making videos about miley Cyrus or something that you can fully understand. Western media just makes India look bad all the time

  • Nikhil jamwal Nikhil jamwal

    India live for ever love BJP love Indian army jai hind

  • Yanki Green
    Yanki Green Month ago

    People who hates Modi :
    * People who supports secularism and unity in diversity

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 14 days ago

      LOl. where were those "secularism" people when so-called "Secular" parties ruled indai for 62 out of 73 years and kept india *poor, underdeveloped, over populated, non industrialized, non modernized, HUGE corruption scams, 1$lamic terr0r attacks for every 2 weeks etc?*

      tell me, did modi destroy any diversity? STOP THIS LEFTIST BULLSH1T NON SENSE.

      even shia, ahmediyas, bora boras voted for him except of course, sunnis.

  • Bharat Singh
    Bharat Singh Month ago

    vice modi is back now cry

  • patriottexan
    patriottexan Month ago

    India, the country where you get threatened "to have your daughter raped" if you speak against the fascist hindu nationalist bullies.

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 14 days ago

      oh? who said that? your western "LEFT-LIBERAL" media which has created wars, genocide, displacement of people, regime change, supporting terr0r1sm, "trump-russia" collusion hoax etc?

      western "left" media HATE india, indians and hindus. its pretty evident by now by looking at amount of FALSE propaganda they are carrying out against the india, indians and hindus. They hate india more they hate north korea

      if india was really like that, then why UN has not yet intervened? and then how come india became 5th largest economy, tourism ranking increased from 56th to 34th, ease of doing business from 141 to 77th ranking etc.

      and all awards given to "hindu nationalist" indian PM by WORLD BANK, WEF, BILL GATES, SAUDI, UAE, behrian, SEOUL PEACE PRIZE etc?

  • Planes & Planes 飞机

    India looks so poor......... and they have a space program, that's strange. 😮

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 14 days ago

      because your media only show u ghettos and underdeveloped STATES like madhya pradesh's rural areas.

      and your western LEFT media HATE india, indians and hindus.

  • Shubham Dwivedi
    Shubham Dwivedi Month ago

    Modi giving 18000rs per year to farmers
    Kisan credit card scheme for farmers
    Pmfby scheme for farmers
    Kashmir is more peaceful than ever before
    Tejbahadur nomination gets rejected because of false information given by him in his nomination form. Even supreme Court of India rejected his request to participate in elections.
    Sardar Patel was a Congress leader and His statue is inograted by BJP and still you are questioning him

  • Pastor Billy Romines

    Islam kills everything they don't care as long as they get what they want...I wish Islam didn't exsist...The world would be better off...

  • friendly porcupine
    friendly porcupine Month ago

    Lol golden age. When ur economy growth is decreasing and while targeting 6billion economy and people loosing jobs in automobile sector and other.
    The retired soldier is the only one who knows the reality of hw it is to be in conflict and Frontline

    SAMBIT ASH Month ago

    Vice gand marao tum

  • Meet Prajapati
    Meet Prajapati Month ago

    Sheer Vice❌

  • Prad Ee
    Prad Ee Month ago

    Vice ..viciously vice..not so vice..!! Western media and their propaganda sadly not working

  • kashmiri 64
    kashmiri 64 Month ago +1

    This shows that some Indians know the true face of Modi.. how can a tyrant warmonger bring peace in India.. Modi is a tyrant

  • appanah sanasy
    appanah sanasy Month ago

    Lives of poor badly affect due to poltician greed!?

  • Kenny Ken
    Kenny Ken Month ago

    Pakistani Airforce absolutely destroyed Israeli made radar and weapons systems in Indian Occupied Kashmir and shot down Israeli upgraded Indian fighter jets which makes Pakistan World's Number one! Alhamdulillah

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 14 days ago

      madrassa chap. only one fighter jet, which is 70 YEAR OLD, mig 21, nothing else.

      lol. this is the reason why entire world is against your country and no one but turkey and malaysia supported u on kashmir issue.

      thatz why there is a saying in india = *" **_Can TRUST the DEVIL but never ever TRUST a PAK1STANI irrespective of age, gender, ETHNICITY, class, occupation, expats living in foreign land mainly in UK etc. forever_** "*

      *Laude, TUM LOGO KO KOHI BI india mai pasand nahi kartha hai, rishta bi nahi chaha the hai, kohi bi tum logo ko bare mai sochta bi nahi hai

      tum log SIRF AUR SIRF "terr0rist 2 faced SNAKE maderch0d" hai humko

      sirf tum hi log indai ka movies, songs, shows, dramas ETC. dekthe ho, tumhara BAARE mai kohi bi nahi sochta AUR SOCHNA BI NAHI CHA HA THE HAI

  • Swamy Nathan
    Swamy Nathan Month ago

    He is greater than Gandhi. He united all of a India which you biased media don't like

  • kirti srivastava
    kirti srivastava Month ago

    Seems the anchor had a paid Indian holiday.....all he had to do was talk bad about Modi....wasnt difficult....

  • Sumith Shetty
    Sumith Shetty 2 months ago

    Learn before you talk
    Half knowledge is dangerous

  • Snehal Tandel
    Snehal Tandel 2 months ago

    i am big fan of vice but after watching 3 negative videos about india, pm modi, hindu and now sardar vallabhbhai patel, it’s time to unsubscribe.
    i believe zero knowledge is better than half and wrong knowledge.

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 14 days ago

      its co-founder is a PAK1STANI. it has been always been ANTI INDIA, anti indians and anti hindu.

      western LEFT mainly british leftist media consider india, indians and hindus as ENEMIES and are rac1st towards us.

  • nirmal kanti das
    nirmal kanti das 2 months ago

    ha ha

  • khan badsha
    khan badsha 2 months ago

    Modi is a disgrace.. instilling hatred only..

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 14 days ago


      Laude, TUM LOGO KO KOHI BI india mai pasand nahi kartha hai, rishta bi nahi chaha the hai, kohi bi tum logo ko bare mai sochta bi nahi hai

      tum log SIRF AUR SIRF "terr0rist 2 faced SNAKE maderch0d" hai humko

      sirf tum hi log indai ka movies, songs, shows, dramas ETC. dekthe ho, tumhara BAARE mai kohi bi nahi sochta AUR SOCHNA BI NAHI CHA HA THE HAI

  • no name x
    no name x 2 months ago

    What a disgusting people

  • Aditya Jain
    Aditya Jain 2 months ago

    Not 600 millions you bastards it is 910 millions are voted, do your homework better

  • Shubham Dev
    Shubham Dev 2 months ago

    sardar ballav vai patel was not a hindu nationalist or a man who forced states to merge with india. He was one of the most successful diplomats in the history. He made india what it is today

  • kaceo brwa
    kaceo brwa 2 months ago

    chutiyon 10 saal bad regret karoge

  • Ajak razak
    Ajak razak 2 months ago

    Beaucse fool like modi also

  • LEO ,
    LEO , 2 months ago

    Modi ji is God ❤️❤️❤️

  • Divakar Kalra
    Divakar Kalra 2 months ago +1

    I pity you western media

  • Nachannachle
    Nachannachle 2 months ago

    You know that there is something seriously wrong with a country's media when all you read about is glory to its leader.
    India = China 2.0

    • Sally W.
      Sally W. 2 months ago

      Stop, before you make yourself look like a clown

  • Mohd waseem Raini
    Mohd waseem Raini 2 months ago

    Well said he brain washed

  • Pratap singh Butola
    Pratap singh Butola 2 months ago

    Western media jealous for India