Making 1 GIANT Sticky Hand With 504 Little Hands

  • Published on May 3, 2019
  • In today's video we're taking 504 sticky hands, doing some experiments, then seeing if we can melt them into one GIANT useable sticky hand.
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Comments • 5 598

  • ThatOne And onlyGamer
    ThatOne And onlyGamer 24 minutes ago

    3:09 this dude 😂😂😂

  • Reaction 101
    Reaction 101 25 minutes ago

    What do they do when there is a fire and all they got is marshmallows

  • Mini Rdz
    Mini Rdz 7 hours ago

    Theta are not Sticky

  • Melachi ღ
    Melachi ღ 2 days ago

    That hand must be really *handy* !

  • Orgmaingame 123
    Orgmaingame 123 3 days ago

    Making giant sticky hands with little sticky hands


  • StreetSpeedLS1
    StreetSpeedLS1 3 days ago

    That woman is so useless without the dude

  • 8-BitTommy
    8-BitTommy 4 days ago

    The marshmallow bit was great!!

  • Smug dancing in the dark

    Sticky hands: *exists*
    Me: forbidden gummy worms.

  • Horse
    Horse 5 days ago

    Get enough of the hands to make a chair and make a floating chair with the hands and duct tape or something like that

  • Mymy Davis
    Mymy Davis 6 days ago

    Put two eggs in one and Coke and one in Sprite for 24 hours and then put one of them in liquid nitrogen and try to cook

  • lauren hibbitts
    lauren hibbitts 7 days ago

    They look like what I imagine colorful sperm look like

  • Swiud
    Swiud 7 days ago

    7:44 scrunchie

  • Mason Hill
    Mason Hill 7 days ago

    They should put paint on them and keep throwing them at the wall so then the wall will have sticky hand paint on it or paint in the shape of a sticky hand

  • Mihir Jog
    Mihir Jog 8 days ago +1

    Tribute to RUclipr bassist Davie?

  • Cringster Cringe
    Cringster Cringe 9 days ago

    3:10 lol

  • Shireen Singh
    Shireen Singh 10 days ago

    That is the most funnyest video I ever wash

  • Deaja Sings (:
    Deaja Sings (: 10 days ago +1

    I just wanna appreciate that satisfying clip @ 9:09 ahh I was waiting for it hahaha

  • avonlea wood
    avonlea wood 11 days ago +2

    Nate: I just bought 504 sticky hands off amazon!

  • Gazoomba
    Gazoomba 11 days ago +2

    My childhood self would go crazy over this

    XXSWAGLORDXX 12 days ago

    boiling a shirt

  • James Flesch
    James Flesch 12 days ago

    Nate must be protected

  • Bo Dampier
    Bo Dampier 12 days ago +4

    They literally make the best couple ever! Co-workers🤔

  • Nora Brakman
    Nora Brakman 12 days ago +1

    Oh! it's on fire! :D

  • CharliePixelz Gamez And Vlogz

    Nate 8:41 ;0

  • I͟t͟z͟ F͟o͟r͟e͟v͟e͟r͟K͟m͟a͟r͟t͟

    Math :
    Nate buys 504 sticky hands on Thursday. Tomorrow you buy 17 more sticky hands for Nate. How many sticky hands does Nate have altogether?

  • James's Planet
    James's Planet 13 days ago

    I have millions

  • Dotty
    Dotty 14 days ago +1

    Video? Amazing
    Wall? Me
    Sticky Hands? Anxiety
    Hotel? Trivago

    (5:31 for reference)

  • Jank memes
    Jank memes 14 days ago

    What does that hand looks like at 0:36

  • Park Jihyo Is GodJihyo

    the fact that Calli got hit both times makes this hilarious

  • Taz This
    Taz This 14 days ago +2

    I believe I've seen over 100 TKOR episodes and this one "Making 1 GIANT Sticky Hand With 504 Little Hands" by far made me laugh the most Haha! Y'all are awesome!

  • Random Stuff Bruvv
    Random Stuff Bruvv 14 days ago


  • Looloo DIYs
    Looloo DIYs 15 days ago

    Please make a Q and R

  • aka Sparky
    aka Sparky 15 days ago

    Cover a whole room with them

  • Neppt00n _
    Neppt00n _ 16 days ago

    We have like 20 sticky hands stuck on our ceiling

    BROOKLYNN SANDERS 17 days ago

    Me:* jokingly takes a paper off my friends desk with a stick hand* My triggered friend:”*GETS A LARGE ONE AND STEALS MAH BACKPACK(“

  • Bethany Unik
    Bethany Unik 17 days ago

    Anyone notice Callie is wearing a scrunchie

  • Hipks
    Hipks 17 days ago +7

    This is how many copies Nate will buy of the next product

    • Hannah Ip
      Hannah Ip Day ago +1


      Yeah that is a lot

    • J
      J 13 days ago +1

      1 like per day looks like

  • CrinckleDick mike
    CrinckleDick mike 17 days ago


  • Miss Hedley
    Miss Hedley 18 days ago

    Nate's acting so childish at the start of the video😂 like a big kid.

  • Llama Queen
    Llama Queen 18 days ago

    did no one else realized callies wearing a scrunchie??

  • Games Pulse
    Games Pulse 18 days ago +1

    Cali is like a mom she always starts the videos saying

    “Nate.... What did you do?”
    I BoUghT 504 StICky hAndS

  • DP - 04MM - Kindree PS (1570)

    How about you put a watermelon in a vacuum chamber

  • Itz a hard Nock life
    Itz a hard Nock life 19 days ago

    You guys should play with a ceiling fan

  • Emile Janini
    Emile Janini 20 days ago


  • Lil' Cheeker
    Lil' Cheeker 20 days ago +1

    Why do y’all thing there married, i thought they were siblings

  • Luke DoesParkour
    Luke DoesParkour 21 day ago

    The music at 7:45 ish sounded like omfg

  • UserOfTheName
    UserOfTheName 21 day ago +1

    nate has buys 504 sticky hands he then eats 307 what does nate have

  • Avery Matisons
    Avery Matisons 21 day ago

    So sticky hands are just solidified napalm

  • •Jøšhúå• •Døëš Røbløx•

    The sticky hands and the sticky hands goop looks tasty..



  • JustMeTay
    JustMeTay 22 days ago

    she’s vsco scrunchie was seen

  • Dr. Ellie!
    Dr. Ellie! 22 days ago

    Callie: what did you do?
    Nate: I bought sticky hands
    Callie: how many?
    Nate: ...500....and 4

  • SnowFoxGaming
    SnowFoxGaming 22 days ago +1

    On a math sheet they have the name Nate and it’s like so Nate bought 504 sticky hands but Callie burnt 200 of them how many does Nate have left

  • Jonathan Watson
    Jonathan Watson 23 days ago

    You should’ve separated the different colours and made a rainbow sticky hand

  • Leilani Rubio
    Leilani Rubio 23 days ago

    I freaking LOVE her laugh

  • Erik D
    Erik D 23 days ago

    You two are definitely experimenting...

  • Mateo Sempertegui
    Mateo Sempertegui 23 days ago +1

    That’s wear brant did the earplug bullet one

  • CrazyGracie
    CrazyGracie 24 days ago

    nate:you can hit your *stutter* co workers with them.
    me: oh *cough* ok if you say so *i see the love

  • K Watkins
    K Watkins 24 days ago

    I feel touched. ha ha ha ha

  • Saunders Family
    Saunders Family 24 days ago

    O. M. G. The marshmallows. I can't even... 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • CrazyBOSSman27
    CrazyBOSSman27 25 days ago

    A weirder thing is when Nate made his candy iron man mask and put frozen bananas into the mold