the truth about online school...

  • Опубликовано: 11 фев 2019
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  • Nin Crystal
    Nin Crystal 21 час назад

    “I have a feeling, Aliens are real”

    Same Antonio I also, feel that they are real.

  • Greasy B.
    Greasy B. 21 час назад

    Congrats on your 1 year of RUclip! BUT your dogs 9th birthday is more important to me. Tell him happy late birthday. 😂💜

  • Tia Kushniruk
    Tia Kushniruk 21 час назад

    keep it up ur gr8!

  • jayjay s
    jayjay s 22 часа назад

    u came back from james charles n he took away ur ability to correctly match ur foundation :(

  • joanne lopez
    joanne lopez 22 часа назад

    It’s not a video if Antonio isn’t missing half a nail 😂❤️

  • Naseema Ahmed
    Naseema Ahmed 22 часа назад

    Happy 9th birthday doggo! 🐶🎈🎊

  • cnk
    cnk 22 часа назад

    wonder how long your youtube "career" is gonna last making the same boring video over and over lol

  • Liz The Planet
    Liz The Planet 22 часа назад

    Did anyone get a fake giveaway email from an antonio scam email

  • Sydney King
    Sydney King 22 часа назад

    SIS give us a makeup collection vid

  • Keepbreathin ok
    Keepbreathin ok 22 часа назад

    What's with the blank staring and too much editing. Lol it's funny but also a tiny slightly itst bitsy baby nose size annoying... Like me though so dw.

  • pandulce
    pandulce 22 часа назад

    i would do online school, but, i want friends.

  • celeste ras
    celeste ras 22 часа назад

    wow fucking wish my mental breakdowns looked like that

  • Gabby Mason
    Gabby Mason 23 часа назад

    The Mickey Mouse impression omg Walt Disney could neverrr

  • MaryElla Capalbo
    MaryElla Capalbo 23 часа назад +1

    When Siri started talking I diedddd

  • Jasmine Perez
    Jasmine Perez 23 часа назад

    If I give you money and you get a Tesla can I at least get a joy ride out of it lol btw I love your merch

  • elizabeth gila
    elizabeth gila 23 часа назад +2

    *antonio....sis your merch is swaggy. I'm gonna cop it.*

  • Cait Page
    Cait Page 23 часа назад

    Funniest video ever !!!

  • Bella and Lily
    Bella and Lily День назад +1

    not being funny I love Antonio, but her RUclip channel is very Repeated, where cant she vlog and go to “worst star nail salons” or something entraining

  • Julie Kasche
    Julie Kasche День назад +2

    0:44 omg litterly why does every person on yt say “ I do yt since it’s fun” ... yes it’s fun but her is the real sis.... you so fricken real I just can’t YOU GO SHISTER

  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato День назад

    When I saw this video, I screamed at the top of my lungs I was like AHHHHHHH ANTONIO HAS A NEW VIDEO

  • MCR And Palaye Royale
    MCR And Palaye Royale День назад

    An iCON is doing the same school system as mE? oK sUrE

  • MCR And Palaye Royale
    MCR And Palaye Royale День назад

    Sis that's simplynailogical's inTRO MUSICC☕😎

  • MCR And Palaye Royale
    MCR And Palaye Royale День назад +1

    I already knew the truth behind online school before I even clicked on the video bc I go to online school. 😂 tEa ☕

  • The Tea Sis
    The Tea Sis День назад

    Anybody heard the simplynailogical song lol

  • Nazzz The bee xoxo
    Nazzz The bee xoxo День назад

    Why Isn't this queen at 10M subs yet? 💀

  • misia 234
    misia 234 День назад

    Japitole ta Marysia Jeleniewska ją klonuje lol

  • skye d e m p s e y
    skye d e m p s e y День назад +1

    Why was this demonized

  • T O O N I E¡ Blogs and stuff
    T O O N I E¡ Blogs and stuff День назад

    nOt a SINGLE lil bIT 3:19

  • Grace B
    Grace B День назад

    who else got hype when they heard cristines intro(simplynailogical)

  • Austin Baker
    Austin Baker День назад +1

    Ok yall this comment is for Antonio so just keep scrolling if you're not her

    blink twice in your next vid if you need help

  • aleyna jey
    aleyna jey День назад

    Antonio looks more like a Girl than i do 😂😂

  • aleyna jey
    aleyna jey День назад

    At 6:00 she starts talking about online school😁 thank me later

  • isabella Herring
    isabella Herring День назад

    what home schooling site do you use?

  • Jatrel
    Jatrel День назад

    i'm so obsessed with ur videos omg

  • Angry Potato
    Angry Potato День назад

    I’m not sure why but you look like you would be in my school 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  • satans little girl
    satans little girl День назад

    I'm currently dying in irl school at the Mickey mouse impression

  • jennersxs
    jennersxs День назад

    who's voting that Antonios announcement is merch

  • AshIzHere
    AshIzHere День назад

    IM NOT BEING RUDE the way u do ur eyebrows are just.... a problem

  • Mouza A.
    Mouza A. День назад

    Why would she get sued if she said how much money she makes?

  • Cherish Gomer
    Cherish Gomer День назад


  • l_tee_k
    l_tee_k День назад

    I am genuinely concerned about your mental health, I feel like you put yourself under way to much stress, have you considered trying therapy? Or taking a break from you tube to focus on YOU! I adore your videos, and I think you are an amazing fun and kind person, but if you truly are having that many mental breakdowns every time you film, you need to reconsider what you are doing. And if you don't think it's a "big deal" what kind of message are you sending to your followers about their mental health. Sorry for the long comment, it's just really that important. LOVE ❤️

  • conseils beautés annabadz
    conseils beautés annabadz День назад +1

    Is she or he?

    • Netfrak
      Netfrak 23 часа назад

      Sis why it matter

  • kk T
    kk T День назад

    3:19 same

  • Ad Vaba
    Ad Vaba День назад +1

    Ya ya yaaaaaaaaas my relatable queeeeeeeennnnn!!!!😩😩🤠🤠😗🤩🥰

  • Jori Noelle
    Jori Noelle День назад

    we r a type of alien

  • No ideas
    No ideas День назад

    why's her name Italian

  • jenny holzer
    jenny holzer День назад

    can someone tell me the name of the highlighter she used

  • Peanut Bean
    Peanut Bean День назад


  • Tim Lindström
    Tim Lindström День назад

    Go kill urself

  • Mami Julie
    Mami Julie День назад


  • Coach _Allie
    Coach _Allie День назад +1

    Girl stop joking around about dying it’s sad!!! Like I said I know your joking but you have so much to live for baby look how far you’ve come

  • Laura29_xo
    Laura29_xo День назад

    Doooo a outfit of the weeek!

  • tragic.
    tragic. День назад +5

    why is antonio always being haunted by something? first the lights, then those pictures, her door and *NOW THAT VOICE* ? wtf y'all emily rose is quaking

  • Cara Dailly
    Cara Dailly День назад

    her Mickey Mouse impression was on flick 😂👏

  • Abigail J
    Abigail J День назад

    i just love you help me through the tough times

  • cres loves jk
    cres loves jk День назад

    I'm lack of the videos ugh post one!!

  • Fatema Rahimi
    Fatema Rahimi День назад

    Challenges be like

  • Aidan Atreides
    Aidan Atreides День назад

    Public school is hard when you don't know how to spell immediately.

  • Veronica B
    Veronica B День назад

    pleassssseee play rob lox, fortnite, or anything else you can talk to 9 year olds on

  • Kelis Bellamy
    Kelis Bellamy День назад

    Antonio u should make a dance video or something like dat.

  • Narcos Marijuannamethheroincrack
    Narcos Marijuannamethheroincrack День назад

    Omg Antonio I have been here since last year my g!!!! I'm so happy to watch your vids they crack me up hella😂keep making vids and I'll be binge watching them foeva😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes День назад

    Why would you get sued for saying how much you make?

  • brenda love
    brenda love День назад

    Heyy babeyyy....

  • Cloudiily
    Cloudiily День назад

    i mean, the universe is infinite so it’s unintelligent to not believe in aliens.

  • Rocio Rosales
    Rocio Rosales День назад


  • Shachie Saini
    Shachie Saini День назад

    what happened to your other videos???

  • Mark’s Laugh
    Mark’s Laugh День назад +1

    Today i will be able to survive school👌💞✌️
    Ur videos give me _life_ ✨🤠

  • Jeanine Pippin
    Jeanine Pippin День назад

    Get help

  • Kelvin Carrisoza
    Kelvin Carrisoza День назад

    My birthday is February 4 toooooooo!!!!!🤩🤩

  • Agatha Dorobczynska
    Agatha Dorobczynska День назад

    Let me guess the special announcement is merch?

  • Yes Nibba
    Yes Nibba День назад

    gorl i swear u got teretes HAHAHA

  • Yoonji The Explorer
    Yoonji The Explorer День назад

    Why do I remember helloxryan lol

  • t h e f r i c k. u r d u m b.
    t h e f r i c k. u r d u m b. День назад

    *HaVe YoU nOtIcEd ThAt AlMoSt PrOfIlE is EmMa ChAmBeRLAiN*

  • jenna wright
    jenna wright День назад

    Ur the cutest like it is the same but I could watch you all day so 😂😂

  • Jackie Espinoza
    Jackie Espinoza День назад

    DIY headache 😂😂😂😂

  • Makenzie Pemberton
    Makenzie Pemberton День назад

    k I need to do a natural look on u

  • maddy h
    maddy h День назад

    you seem ~too~ quirky in this...

  • Polly Murray
    Polly Murray День назад

    those impressions were... something else 🤪

  • 노잼 노잼
    노잼 노잼 День назад


  • amina is cool
    amina is cool День назад

    do a cooking video haha

  • Adilyn Robinson Baxter
    Adilyn Robinson Baxter День назад

    ok two things
    1. I love you the mostest
    2. Completely unrelated but should I grow my hair out

  • Autumn Firefly Flame
    Autumn Firefly Flame День назад

    can you play roblox again pleaseee 😩

  • Terrysa Holland
    Terrysa Holland День назад

    Anyone knows what eyeshadow pallet he’s using?

  • Build-A-Fort and More
    Build-A-Fort and More День назад

    Can someone plz tell me if this is a guy or a girl?

  • Riley Aaron
    Riley Aaron День назад

    8 minutes of Antonio Garza not getting to the point🙄

  • Ur doggo
    Ur doggo День назад

    How many do you make
    *4 dollars a day*
    I’m crying in my room at 3 am 😂

  • karen Yang
    karen Yang День назад

    Luv u💕💕

  • Ellie Shroll
    Ellie Shroll День назад

    Antonio... I love you, but if you buy a Tesla, I’m 100% unsubscribing

  • Avi Roy
    Avi Roy День назад

    Omg I remember when you uploaded your first video, keep it up sis! ❤️❤️

  • Kul TV
    Kul TV День назад

    Do gaming maybe like imvu

  • Sophia and Reina
    Sophia and Reina День назад

    i swear to god if its merch

  • Cortney McMillion
    Cortney McMillion День назад


  • Addi P
    Addi P День назад +1

    wait does the end of the video = merch?

  • Fay-Ann Jackson
    Fay-Ann Jackson День назад

    Omg That nail broken in every video.

  • jake gross
    jake gross День назад

    Oh my god I love you and you make me laugh so much!!!

  • sike bitch
    sike bitch День назад

    my whole video was black
    youtube is being gæ

  • Elle H
    Elle H День назад

    Antonio I really hope you're okay. Things will get better love.

  • WhAT aREYOu dOing iN my SWamP ?
    WhAT aREYOu dOing iN my SWamP ? День назад


  • nina grace
    nina grace День назад

    y were her impressions low key good...

  • sHiStEr JaMes
    sHiStEr JaMes День назад +1

    *iTs CaLlEd WaNnAbE aRiAnA*