Demetrious Johnson Believes People are Misunderstanding Tyron Woodley


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  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler Год назад

    He wants to go back to 170 because Gastelum will run out of older former juicers to beat and have to start fighting legit 185lbers who are current.

  • Shane Gold
    Shane Gold Год назад +1

    Brothas gotta stick together

  • Dan B
    Dan B Год назад +1

    "Special heart in my place"
    And the funniest part is he realized he was about to say it wrong, said it again, and then still said it wrong :)видео.html?t=1585

  • Dreaded Assassin
    Dreaded Assassin Год назад

    Did he just pronounce Río with like he pronounces the KH in Khabib???

  • Edward Rose
    Edward Rose Год назад +2

    I like woodley. people moaning on and on about him, as if it's their favorite subject, are 1000x worse than tyron moaning about how he's treated.

  • Marcus J
    Marcus J Год назад +1

    Yawn p4p what. P4p most boring guy in ufc.

    • Marcus J
      Marcus J Год назад

      Must be a troll noone can be that stupid.

  • Tryhard Justice
    Tryhard Justice Год назад +1

    Who are the dumbass retards that thumbed this down. Listen to the actual interview.

  • CCC
    CCC Год назад +2

    the very fact that people like Demetrious and dislike Tyron shows it's not race. Demetrious gets why Woodley feels that way, but doesn't share his view. But Tyron is right in that he's the worst treated champion, he just doesn't know he's the one who caused it.

  • Ortum Lynx
    Ortum Lynx Год назад

    Midget Mouse is even boring during his interviews smh


    You know the division is weak asf when they have only one contender in the division

  • MrJonaGun.
    MrJonaGun. Год назад

    Johnson Champ Woodley Champ both black starting to look like the NBA XD


    Only because everyone hates him too lmao

  • Rapportus Rich
    Rapportus Rich Год назад

    If DJ doesn't stop defending him we will start turning on him too. Best of all time or not.

    • Sander Thys
      Sander Thys Год назад +1

      Rapportus Rich
      That's so badass, dude

  • q jr
    q jr Год назад +1

    It has nothing to do with him being black ... its the VICTIM card //mindset he always plays and hes a drama queen look at his social media BIG cry baby.

  • Jy_3
    Jy_3 Год назад +2

    When did the UFC ever push TheMacLife? Really can't remember at all. Is mightyMouse lying?

  • DJ
    DJ Год назад

    Is UFC pushing/ promoting MacLife or is MacLife pushing/promoting MacLife?

  • Abe Nash
    Abe Nash Год назад +2

    Conor is charismatic and highly entertaining while Tyrone is dull and constantly whining about every little thing. Race has nothing to do with it just look at how popular John Jones is. Tyrun doesn't have the type of personality to be a megastar end of.

  • Spencer Steele
    Spencer Steele Год назад +1

    tyron goes around helping kids in his videos and Conor goes around with fancy cars and suites and has a way more entertaining persona. obviously fans and people would want to see Conors antics over Tyrons, not a race issue


      Spencer Steele
      But honestly never seen The Mac Life...... Outside of fighting, Connors antics don't interest me. I'd rather see Woodley helping under privileged kids than watching Connor spend money...... But that's me.... Everyone is different.

  • Explicit
    Explicit Год назад +4

    Truth is... Mighty Mouse isn't popular because he's small. When I watch fights around my family and friends who are "casual fans" of MMA they typically don't care to watch a small guy fight. Personally I'm a huge fan of DJ and thing he's hands down #1 P4P best.

    • MJJSmoothCriminal
      MJJSmoothCriminal Год назад +1

      Sad but that's the truth! MMA fans will like and watch small fighters. Casuals just think the average and tall fighters or popular fighters are the best and worth watching. When they're ones that are boring at times.The UFC/Dana obviously think the same because they don't promote those fighters/fights too well. I'm a big DJ fan too and I think he's underrated and very under-paid.

  • Jack Jameson
    Jack Jameson Год назад

    nice Syracuse Orange on your desk!

  • GodWontSaveU
    GodWontSaveU Год назад

    Wahhh wahh WAHHH! no, I understand his a little bitch~

  • tejsoneji
    tejsoneji Год назад +1

    Demetrius Johnson is an incredible fighter. Yet I have little interest in seeing him fight. He doesn't excite me in that sense as he doesn't promote his fights or himself in any way.

    • Ninja Pirate
      Ninja Pirate Год назад +1

      if you don't think that cruz's size was a major factor to him beating dj you've probably never competed at a higher weight class at anything, but it's understandable because only good people can do that. being the champ isn't dj's main goal, but to be the best fighter in the world is hard for most to comprehend. it's alright if you have no interest because the people who do understand that he won't be appreciated until after his career is over so we are lucky to enjoy witnessing a living legend compete while he still can. i remember hating aldo for what he did to faber and edgar, but he became one of my favorite fighters over time despite me initially rooting against him. you'll understand to appreciate dj in maybe another 5-10 years.

    • Goysama
      Goysama Год назад

      B-b-but he's passionate about video gamesh.

    • Ninja Pirate
      Ninja Pirate Год назад

      he does all his self promotion through gaming on twitch. I'm glad that his priority is fighting because that's his primary job and his twitch will take care of him financially when his combat career is done. no use being popular unless you're winning, but if you're winning and not popular you're still ensuring your credibility as a legit fighter. ronda's popularity backfired, but she's still rich. people can't appreciate DJ because they can't comprehend just how good he really is, similar to cruz. DJ is a fighter's fighter because you have to understand some form of marital arts training to understand the depth to his skill. DJ vs gooch was a similar style matchup as woodley/wonderboy, but the pace of the flyweights is faster than any other division despite being overlooked.

    • tejsoneji
      tejsoneji Год назад

      1) fair point, but im just highlighting the fact the he DOES NOT sell a lot and it goes to this lack of general interest (even within the MMA Community)
      2) I don't think it's fair to call him the number 1 P4P fighter as
      a) he lost to Dominick Cruz, in a fight where his size did not really play a part in the result and
      b) His level of competition is suspect at 125 and he has not gone through generations of fighters

    • Bigmac Williams
      Bigmac Williams Год назад +1

      tejsoneji The #1 P4P fighter in the world shouldn't need to sell himself..

  • nls8520
    nls8520 Год назад

    Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Rampage Jackson. Massively famous and highly popular and repected MMA fighters who are black. So what this tells me is that skin color is not a factor. It's guys like Tyron and his terribly attitude constantly complaining and crying is why the fans do not like and respect him.

    • Andre Griffiths
      Andre Griffiths Год назад

      Anderson wasnt always loved, and Jon Jones is a horrible example lol. Rampage came from the Pride era. Fans were different back then I feel. In any case, people keep focusing on the race thing but Mighty Mouse noted Tyron also was upset that the UFC didnt want to highlight his community outreach. I feel like race is such a hot button issue right now that people can't let go of it and see the bigger picture of what he's saying. Id rather him (and any fighter)state his opinion than the "shut up and quit complaining" mentality I see so many people riding

  • MrBrklyn212UndergroundHipHop
    MrBrklyn212UndergroundHipHop Год назад

    How can you misunderstand English

    • Manc & proud
      Manc & proud Год назад +3

      MrBrklyn212UndergroundHipHop if you don't understand English

  • JNixon W
    JNixon W Год назад +2

    When you found out ring girls gets payed more than the fighters and arianny Celeste saying fighters don't deserve to get paid more than the fighters smh

  • Shane McGlynn
    Shane McGlynn Год назад +11

    There is a 'Legends who are too old' division. It's called bellator

    • 51dodoc
      51dodoc Год назад +5

      Isn't bellator the place you go to get paid decently when the ufc only give you peanuts? Because you know Rory isn't old by any means.

    • YOLO
      YOLO Год назад


  • Egg stream campbell
    Egg stream campbell Год назад +2

    It's because tyron is a boring whinger! now if rampage or someone done a show I'd be all over it lol.

  • FutureWelterweight#GOAT
    FutureWelterweight#GOAT Год назад +2

    Leave the guy's buddy alone.

  • Smile4CommunityCam
    Smile4CommunityCam Год назад +2

    Its a mixture of people who don't understand Woodley but also a majority are just trolling Woodley

  • kdeeznuttz
    kdeeznuttz Год назад

    honeymoon in England 🖓

  • CoLCoN 0
    CoLCoN 0 Год назад +1

    Once Woodley eventually loses his title, I genuinely think he might retire. Its hard to go on with this much hate towards him, although he brings it upon himself 90 percent of the time.

  • Deluded Boston Fan
    Deluded Boston Fan Год назад +26

    I don't get why fighters constantly complain about their popularity or pay. Fighting is not a sports league like the NBA or NFL where the league negotiates TV deals in advance. It is more comparable to the music industry where entertainment and personality is equal to skill in terms of importance. The best singers are usually not the best paid. They might be, but usually it is people who can combine entertaining performances, personality and signing.

    • CoLCoN 0
      CoLCoN 0 Год назад

      +Elias Magaña Who's Connor McDonald? Loooool major fail.

    • Elias Magaña
      Elias Magaña Год назад

      Then, why do we need to pretend that the UFC is different from the World Wrestling Federation? We are moving to the day when the UFC is going to rig all fights in favour of Conor McDonald. If Connor looses, UFC stock price takes a big tumble down.

    • CoLCoN 0
      CoLCoN 0 Год назад

      +O Soskic Nothing to do with race.

  • Egg stream campbell
    Egg stream campbell Год назад +2

    Woodley is such a whiner his personality stinks.but instead of facing up to his flaws he just plays the race card! suppose it's easier than looking at yourself!

  • Nah-Bruh Chill-Cause You're Stupid
    Nah-Bruh Chill-Cause You're Stupid Год назад +12

    we aren't misunderstanding, we are tired of his voice and previous race-baiting behavior and frankly he is just annoying and we hope he gets boo'd

    • Nah-Bruh Chill-Cause You're Stupid
      Nah-Bruh Chill-Cause You're Stupid Год назад

      Sean Green - well 9 people agree, still makes the statement plural, therefore valid. Plus I'm not white, for you to immediately jump to that conclusion shows inner should get your head checked buddy.

      11,000,000 Views Год назад +4

      Nah-Bruh Chill-Cause You're Stupid speak for yourself dude Tyron is a good dude

  • Ishvar 17
    Ishvar 17 Год назад +33

    It's not that Tyron Woodley is disliked for the colour of his skin by most people. He is just extremely difficult to like due to his constant moaning and whining. Hendricks has the same problem as well. Do your talking in the octagon Tyron.

  • Aditya Aswal
    Aditya Aswal Год назад +5

    Mighty Mouse makes sense

  • AmsterdamHeavy
    AmsterdamHeavy Год назад

    London in March, such a fun place :-|

  • Léön Kroß
    Léön Kroß Год назад

    Why did he want Kansas City?

  • Delweezie100
    Delweezie100 Год назад +53

    They talk at 23:50

    • Anotha' Challa
      Anotha' Challa Год назад +1

      36:10 is when the title of the video is actually addressed

    • Chris L.
      Chris L. Год назад +1

      +Delweezie100 SMFH. That's obscene.

    • coffeeblak86
      coffeeblak86 Год назад +1

      Delweezie100 omg Ariel stfu!!!

    • J Rhymes
      J Rhymes Год назад +11

      THANK YOU! lol

  • mark gaughan
    mark gaughan Год назад


    • YOLO
      YOLO Год назад

      Crippling depression

    • mark gaughan
      mark gaughan Год назад

      hmm both very interesting points...

    • Preston Vaughan
      Preston Vaughan Год назад


  • Tjes76
    Tjes76 Год назад +40

    Woodley is a dumb boring dude, I actually believe he can't help acting this way.

    • O Soskic
      O Soskic Год назад +2


    • Daniel  C. Snegg
      Daniel C. Snegg Год назад

      Jim Lahey I understand where you are coming from, and I see that interpretation of intelligence can be subjective. I don't know how good Woodley would be in a STEM related occupation, and I don't know if he could be a homicide detective. I would agree with you that talking about complex issues it is not the most logical choice for Woodley at this point, but its his opinion based on his personal experiences. He's only human and like you said maybe he values integrity (he is a Christian). Maybe he's not one of the smartest people on the planet Earth (sure as hell not dumb), but he's made due with the skills, physical attributes, and experiences that he has acquired over his life better than many people that have similar backgrounds/skills/physical attributes. I do believe that that requires a degree of intelligence that shouldn't be overlooked just because he irritates people with one of his opinions. But trust me I get you, I doubt he was the smartest guy in class when he went to college, but at least he was "intelligent" enough to go to college and create more options for himself when the opportunity came.

    • Randy Bobandy
      Randy Bobandy Год назад +1

      Daniel C. Snegg, intelligence is a hard concept to define. If that is you're interpretation, then yeah, he's a smart guy. All I'm saying is as soon as people are given a platform in American media; they often run their mouths about complex issues, such as race and identity, without a good level of understanding or recognition of their positionality. If our Tyron had a bit more business nouse he perhaps would choose to be less polarising in the media. Who knows, maybe he values integrity. But conjecture wins you no intellectual credibility. His inability to not recognise his own lack of charisma and claim victimhood, irritates people. To some extent maybe that's why he's such a good fighter, ego protects you from self doubt. It's also why people don't recognise their own intellectual short comings. And for the record I do have a 99 centile IQ, but also think IQ is an elementary way of understanding intellectual capacity. And I understand it's easy to critique from behind a screen, that's why I respect Tyron as a fighter. He's gone out there and achieved, but I don't think he's an "intelligent" guy.

    • Daniel  C. Snegg
      Daniel C. Snegg Год назад +1

      Jim Lahey I see him as intelligent because he is articulate, and successful in the things he does. He owns his own business, acts in movies, and wins fights in the cage. Rather than risk taking an L he intelligently waited for his title shot and won it. He makes headlines in the MMA world damn near every day and is polarizing. I'm sure you think you're smart, maybe you are, but when people start talking like they are smarter than everyone else in America because they think their opinion is a fact, you get a "oh here we go, we found a guy who thinks he has a genius IQ" feeling. It's easy to question the intelligence of others from behind the monitor dude. Tyron is not stupid, he knows talking about race is not what people want to hear, but he's black. Black people talk about race more than white people, and the majority of MMA fans are white, so you should say he doesn't feel like pandering to what the majority of UFC fans want. He's more concerned about keeping the belt, and making that championship salary, which is intelligent. More intelligent than getting KOed and taking a pay cut so the fans are happy.

    • Randy Bobandy
      Randy Bobandy Год назад

      Daniel C. Snegg aye because most people speaking their opinion in America are dumb sadly. I'm sure he may seem intelligent to you, but the reason this guy is so hated is because he's not self-aware and doesn't understand what UFC fans want to see. Inside or outside the cage.