Demetrious Johnson Believes People are Misunderstanding Tyron Woodley

UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson talks about his upcoming title defense against Wilson Reis on April 15, his fighting career and title defenses in the UFC, his friend Tyron Woodley, and much more.

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Автор Mark Wheeler ( назад)
He wants to go back to 170 because Gastelum will run out of older former juicers to beat and have to start fighting legit 185lbers who are current.

Автор Shannon Hargis ( назад)
Brothas gotta stick together

Автор Dan B ( назад)
"Special heart in my place"
And the funniest part is he realized he was about to say it wrong, said it again, and then still said it wrong :)


Автор Dreaded Assassin ( назад)
Did he just pronounce Río with like he pronounces the KH in Khabib???

Автор Edward Rose ( назад)
I like woodley. people moaning on and on about him, as if it's their favorite subject, are 1000x worse than tyron moaning about how he's treated.

Автор Marcus J ( назад)
Yawn p4p what. P4p most boring guy in ufc.

Автор Tryhard Justice ( назад)
Who are the dumbass retards that thumbed this down. Listen to the actual interview.

Автор CCC ( назад)
the very fact that people like Demetrious and dislike Tyron shows it's not race. Demetrious gets why Woodley feels that way, but doesn't share his view. But Tyron is right in that he's the worst treated champion, he just doesn't know he's the one who caused it.

Автор Ortum Lynx ( назад)
Midget Mouse is even boring during his interviews smh

You know the division is weak asf when they have only one contender in the division

Автор MrJonaGun. ( назад)
Johnson Champ Woodley Champ both black starting to look like the NBA XD

Only because everyone hates him too lmao

Автор Rapportus Rich ( назад)
If DJ doesn't stop defending him we will start turning on him too. Best of all time or not.

Автор q jr ( назад)
It has nothing to do with him being black ... its the VICTIM card //mindset he always plays and hes a drama queen look at his social media BIG cry baby.

Автор PepsiMac ( назад)
26:25 We mean what you know!

Автор Jy_3 ( назад)
When did the UFC ever push TheMacLife? Really can't remember at all. Is mightyMouse lying?

Автор DannyMac ( назад)
Is UFC pushing/ promoting MacLife or is MacLife pushing/promoting MacLife?

Автор Abe Nash ( назад)
Conor is charismatic and highly entertaining while Tyrone is dull and constantly whining about every little thing. Race has nothing to do with it just look at how popular John Jones is. Tyrun doesn't have the type of personality to be a megastar end of.

Автор Spencer Steele ( назад)
tyron goes around helping kids in his videos and Conor goes around with fancy cars and suites and has a way more entertaining persona. obviously fans and people would want to see Conors antics over Tyrons, not a race issue

Автор Explicit626Beats ( назад)
Truth is... Mighty Mouse isn't popular because he's small. When I watch fights around my family and friends who are "casual fans" of MMA they typically don't care to watch a small guy fight. Personally I'm a huge fan of DJ and thing he's hands down #1 P4P best.

Автор Jack Jameson ( назад)
nice Syracuse Orange on your desk!

Автор GodWontSaveU ( назад)
Wahhh wahh WAHHH! no, I understand his a little bitch~

Автор tejsoneji ( назад)
Demetrius Johnson is an incredible fighter. Yet I have little interest in seeing him fight. He doesn't excite me in that sense as he doesn't promote his fights or himself in any way.

Автор nls8520 ( назад)
Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Rampage Jackson. Massively famous and highly popular and repected MMA fighters who are black. So what this tells me is that skin color is not a factor. It's guys like Tyron and his terribly attitude constantly complaining and crying is why the fans do not like and respect him.

Автор MrBrklyn212UndergroundHipHop ( назад)
How can you misunderstand English

Автор JNixon W ( назад)
When you found out ring girls gets payed more than the fighters and arianny Celeste saying fighters don't deserve to get paid more than the fighters smh

Автор Shane McGlynn ( назад)
There is a 'Legends who are too old' division. It's called bellator

Автор Egg stream campbell ( назад)
It's because tyron is a boring whinger! now if rampage or someone done a show I'd be all over it lol.

Автор FutureWelterweight#GOAT ( назад)
Leave the guy's buddy alone.

Автор Smile4CommunityCam ( назад)
Its a mixture of people who don't understand Woodley but also a majority are just trolling Woodley

Автор kdeeznuttz ( назад)
honeymoon in England 🖓

Автор Col Conno ( назад)
Once Woodley eventually loses his title, I genuinely think he might retire. Its hard to go on with this much hate towards him, although he brings it upon himself 90 percent of the time.

Автор dieseldilse ( назад)
Who is woodley ??

Автор Deluded Boston Fan ( назад)
I don't get why fighters constantly complain about their popularity or pay. Fighting is not a sports league like the NBA or NFL where the league negotiates TV deals in advance. It is more comparable to the music industry where entertainment and personality is equal to skill in terms of importance. The best singers are usually not the best paid. They might be, but usually it is people who can combine entertaining performances, personality and signing.

Автор Egg stream campbell ( назад)
Woodley is such a whiner his personality stinks.but instead of facing up to his flaws he just plays the race card! suppose it's easier than looking at yourself!

Автор jon doe ( назад)
Corn Cobb Butt Boy

Автор Nah-Bruh Chill-Cause You're Stupid ( назад)
we aren't misunderstanding, we are tired of his voice and previous race-baiting behavior and frankly he is just annoying and we hope he gets boo'd

Автор Ishvar 17 ( назад)
It's not that Tyron Woodley is disliked for the colour of his skin by most people. He is just extremely difficult to like due to his constant moaning and whining. Hendricks has the same problem as well. Do your talking in the octagon Tyron.

Автор Aditya Aswal ( назад)
Mighty Mouse makes sense

Автор AmsterdamHeavy ( назад)
London in March, such a fun place :-|

Автор Léön Kroß ( назад)
Why did he want Kansas City?

Автор Delweezie100 ( назад)
They talk at 23:50

Автор mark gaughan ( назад)

Автор Tjes76 ( назад)
Woodley is a dumb boring dude, I actually believe he can't help acting this way.

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