12 Uncommon Ways to Make Jewelry! | DIY Arts and Crafts Hacks by Blossom

  • Published on May 29, 2019
  • Learn how to turn ordinary household objects into stunning pieces of jewelry with our easy DIY hacks! We use unusual methods and items like shoelaces, ribbon, and marbles to make jewelry for any occasion!
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    12 Uncommon Ways to Make Jewelry! | DIY Arts and Crafts Hacks by Blossom
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  • Vn Thirumaalini
    Vn Thirumaalini 2 days ago

    please put jewellery items like this

  • ruiha murmu
    ruiha murmu 2 days ago +1

    Ugh.... those old videos again!But still like the jewelleries

  • Sarina Camacho
    Sarina Camacho 3 days ago

    Resin= Clear glue apparently

  • Gabriella C
    Gabriella C 4 days ago

    That's a banana omelet!! 🤦‍♀️

    LIFE WITH JOH!!! 6 days ago

    They really just disrespected the pick to cut onions 😔

  • Hăng Mac
    Hăng Mac 9 days ago

    Có phải là người nước ngoài

  • Tamsin Blewden
    Tamsin Blewden 9 days ago +1

    5-Minute Craft GIRLY did some of these a year ago!

    such cool designs 😍
    0:26 and 4:52 and 5:51 are my favourite

  • Wolf Sac
    Wolf Sac 13 days ago

    Идеи из канала "бери и делай"

  • El Catrin C
    El Catrin C 13 days ago

    At least the marbes really work

  • Giuliana Ladeira
    Giuliana Ladeira 16 days ago

    1:12 hoop earring more like poop earring

  • Мавлуда Атамурадова

    У них такие идей крутые 😂 но не думаю что у меня получится такое пародия 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Laurente
    Anthony Laurente 17 days ago

    Umh the marble thing did not work

  • Debasmita Nayak
    Debasmita Nayak 17 days ago

    I like the fifth one

  • Samya Sami
    Samya Sami 17 days ago


  • Meap Beep
    Meap Beep 17 days ago +1

    So are scissors and pie cutters in style today?

  • Jafeena Muzamil
    Jafeena Muzamil 17 days ago

    What is resin

  • Zehra Aslan
    Zehra Aslan 18 days ago


  • Jaynt Vashishth
    Jaynt Vashishth 18 days ago

    Kabad se jugad

  • Usha Jayarama
    Usha Jayarama 20 days ago


  • PotBadger *
    PotBadger * 21 day ago

    resin or clear glue I'm confused

  • Shorlet Greid
    Shorlet Greid 22 days ago

    0:17 so beautiful

  • xxDarkYuixx
    xxDarkYuixx 24 days ago

    The first DIY is hard and who just has rope lying at there house

  • Yemindizi kanal 7
    Yemindizi kanal 7 24 days ago


  • AddictedToEmotions
    AddictedToEmotions 24 days ago

    Rubbish! Most of them!

  • Wathun Ounghtoon
    Wathun Ounghtoon 24 days ago

    It is good idea

  • canab cabdi
    canab cabdi 25 days ago

    Can you tell me liquid that use

  • Malti Sahu
    Malti Sahu 26 days ago


  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 26 days ago

    How come it went from jewlry to home hacks for daily life ??

  • Scarlet Staples
    Scarlet Staples 26 days ago

    The crystal one is fake the one with the pipe cleaner you cant make jewelry

  • Fabry
    Fabry 27 days ago


  • Leo Higuera
    Leo Higuera 28 days ago

    El material que usas llamado recin o recina que viene siendo ?

  • Ava and Sarah
    Ava and Sarah Month ago


  • A J
    A J Month ago +4

    9:58 A tRulY BeAutIfuL piEcE oF JeWelERy!

  • Taehyung Flossing is lifeu

    From jewelry to house hacks nice

    SANTOSH GUPTA Month ago

    Choker wala jewellery bilkul Joker jaisa lag raha tha


  • Tere Flores
    Tere Flores Month ago

    Cómo se llama el liquido transparente y dónde lo puedo conseguir

  • ItsBubbles
    ItsBubbles Month ago

    Stop putting out videos just for views when you know all this is fake.

  • Nien Kea
    Nien Kea Month ago

    They probably never heard of a pizza slicer before

  • Cappa
    Cappa Month ago

    Who tf finna have pure cement at they house

  • Abdulrhman Mohamed
    Abdulrhman Mohamed Month ago

    Is it realy that the pizza cutter IS a jewelry????!!!

  • Shazia Aslam
    Shazia Aslam Month ago

    10:51, whatt a jewellery 😂👏🏻👏🏻

  • broadway garbage
    broadway garbage Month ago

    y'all.. just because you can make these doesn't mean you should..
    except for the cracked marble ones, those are hella cute ngl

  • ratoim
    ratoim Month ago

    My mom loves bananas. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Mon chan
    Mon chan Month ago

    Wa't your name gir

  • Danielle Spivey
    Danielle Spivey Month ago

    Pause at 3:50 look how red her ears are

  • Awatif Jefri
    Awatif Jefri Month ago


  • Jasmine Anastasia
    Jasmine Anastasia Month ago

    Y'all some crafty mfs

  • Pineapple OwO
    Pineapple OwO Month ago

    Does anyone know where they sell resin?

  • 水野花
    水野花 Month ago


  • kuko hoseok
    kuko hoseok Month ago

    Do you realize that nOBODY DO AND USE THIS?!

  • Diontae Daughtry
    Diontae Daughtry Month ago

    Thank you this was very helpful and informative and that idea with the pick, onion and knife is fantastic 👍👍

  • Leslie Bean
    Leslie Bean Month ago

    Couch caddy, and pie cutter? Great ideas, but that is not jewelry. Neither was anything that followed lol

  • rayan carrentals
    rayan carrentals Month ago

    Super . The first is best one🌺🌺

  • Goran Butcovic
    Goran Butcovic Month ago

    0:25 que acaso se van a fusionar

  • FrillyJilly
    FrillyJilly Month ago

    So.... now you need move the plant and lift up the file holder thingy just to put something in the trash?...

  • Ken Deguzman
    Ken Deguzman Month ago

    Bobo ka

  • Paradigm Juice
    Paradigm Juice Month ago

    9:58 congratulations, your kitchen looks like it's straight out of a crackhead trailer park.

  • Paradigm Juice
    Paradigm Juice Month ago

    boy oh boy these fuckers sure like resin don't they

  • Meghan Snyder
    Meghan Snyder Month ago +3

    4:59 “anyone wanna come over and cook some marbles to make jewelry?”

  • Wasa Na
    Wasa Na Month ago