Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ

  • Опубликовано: 17 июл 2018
  • It's the Kylie Quiz, in which Kylie Jenner grills her boyfriend Travis Scott all about herself, their daughter Stormi, and the Jenner-Kardashian clan. Can Travis get all 23 of Kylie's questions right?

    Check out Kylie and Travis’ GQ cover story here:
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    Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ
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  • Kevs Stream
    Kevs Stream 27 минут назад

    Coolio's son done good.

  • 34 GTR
    34 GTR 27 минут назад

    He has around 3.1 brain cells !

  • Ari Alvarez
    Ari Alvarez 27 минут назад

    Is he just stupid?

  • Sultana Maria
    Sultana Maria 27 минут назад

    Who are they?

  • Vivivenus
    Vivivenus 27 минут назад

    not gonna lie, Travis seems really boring.

  • Nat
    Nat 28 минут назад


  • i'm asleep
    i'm asleep 28 минут назад

    finally !! ive been waiting for these two interacts since Stormi was born

  • Eddie 5
    Eddie 5 28 минут назад


  • Laurah Elyas
    Laurah Elyas 28 минут назад

    Aww that was one of the cutest videos I watched, def deserves the 8mil views

  • Faith E
    Faith E 28 минут назад

    LOL... that was too cute when he was naming the different cosmetics.

  • Cristina G.
    Cristina G. 28 минут назад

    Yes PB&J tutorial 👏👏👏👏

  • Clutch nation
    Clutch nation 28 минут назад

    At a 11:59 did u notice his hand going up her shirt

  • tavo gomez tagle
    tavo gomez tagle 28 минут назад

    “ or daddy sometimes”

  • Cristiane Rossi
    Cristiane Rossi 28 минут назад +1

    WTF is this?

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar 28 минут назад

    Ooh man what is grow on his head like banyan tree

  • Jordan Eby
    Jordan Eby 28 минут назад

    Travis is giving me cancer

  • Eddie 5
    Eddie 5 28 минут назад

    DROP ASTROWORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ravee all
    ravee all 29 минут назад

    Sick Travis hahahhaa

  • Rambling Rose
    Rambling Rose 29 минут назад +1

    When you air your dirty laundry people are gonna smell it!!

    HOWARD CHANG 29 минут назад

    theres no fuckign art to spreading pb and j on two pieces of bread and slapping them together...

  • Lil Sneaka
    Lil Sneaka 29 минут назад

    He so serious and emotional about pb&g😂

  • Rachel Rolison
    Rachel Rolison 29 минут назад +1

    Travis and Kylie getting deep about them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼

  • Redpacolypse
    Redpacolypse 29 минут назад


  • Young Dripple
    Young Dripple 29 минут назад

    Faze rug would be a better couple

  • coonus1
    coonus1 29 минут назад

    Love his braids.

  • Young Dripple
    Young Dripple 29 минут назад

    Ur asking sum easy questions like if he dumb😂

    SHOOK 29 минут назад

    this is uncomfortable to watch ☠️😂

  • terraincognita69
    terraincognita69 29 минут назад +1

    what's my favorite color
    i think every Kardashian's favorite color is black LMAOOOO

  • Aaliyah Bauza
    Aaliyah Bauza 29 минут назад

    “Long long long Long long long long long time ago”

  • Taliban
    Taliban 29 минут назад

    Bruh this is great 😂 bro gotta love that grill doe

  • Mcmilleee
    Mcmilleee 30 минут назад +1

    Why is this number #1 on trending lol.

  • Always With B
    Always With B 30 минут назад

    The awkwardness is killing me

  • Radeva Kalina
    Radeva Kalina 30 минут назад +2

    I want the peanut butter and jelly recipe😂

  • Fenet Gurmu
    Fenet Gurmu 30 минут назад

    there so cute together

  • S!MO
    S!MO 30 минут назад


  • Sid Bhaduri
    Sid Bhaduri 30 минут назад

    #1 on trending? SMH

  • aestheticbroccoli
    aestheticbroccoli 30 минут назад

    They are actually really cute

  • yan
    yan 30 минут назад

    I wanna meet this guy bruh 😂😭

  • D. Thompson
    D. Thompson 30 минут назад +1

    This was cute. Fact 😂

  • Krystal a
    Krystal a 30 минут назад +1

    he’s embarrassing

  • google Google
    google Google 30 минут назад


  • Meriem Meriem
    Meriem Meriem 30 минут назад

    he has a great smile

  • roseboy1
    roseboy1 30 минут назад


  • Fitness king 10304
    Fitness king 10304 30 минут назад

    She's a disgrace

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 30 минут назад +1


  • Whittier 562
    Whittier 562 30 минут назад

    That’s gotta be the ugliest most crack headed looking Nig Nog!

  • Dalesha's Life
    Dalesha's Life 31 минуту назад

    This was a cute video, I really think they might last just because they’re so cute together and their back-and-forth banter seems genuine and not forced or anything like that
    I just hope they don’t rush to get married because that’s when things seem to fall apart, I hope they wait a while

  • Woah don’t zucc me Dude
    Woah don’t zucc me Dude 31 минуту назад


  • sarah from kfc
    sarah from kfc 31 минуту назад

    She cuts off his crust 😂

  • Maryam Z
    Maryam Z 31 минуту назад

    And she has a baby with him....

  • Toquawn Sanders
    Toquawn Sanders 31 минуту назад

    A tattoo on her lip 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    HOWARD CHANG 31 минуту назад

    dude smoked too much weed

  • Hey it's Claire
    Hey it's Claire 31 минуту назад

    lip tattoo?? that's kendall.. HAHAHAH

  • Brianna Marshall
    Brianna Marshall 31 минуту назад

    He looks nervous lol

  • Isabel Gomez
    Isabel Gomez 31 минуту назад


  • Simon Gogard
    Simon Gogard 31 минуту назад

    Look at her plastic face it s horrible

  • Haigrivo
    Haigrivo 31 минуту назад

    Travis is high all the time

  • Gracelike rain
    Gracelike rain 31 минуту назад

    Travis dont get those answers confused with one of your other bitches

  • Jace V
    Jace V 32 минуты назад


  • Nor Torgersen
    Nor Torgersen 32 минуты назад


  • George Rosales
    George Rosales 32 минуты назад

    drop astroworld

  • JJoJo1324
    JJoJo1324 32 минуты назад

    the video is totally crap

  • Grace Steffen
    Grace Steffen 32 минуты назад

    This is what I needed in life

  • ItzCheeZy
    ItzCheeZy 32 минуты назад

    Did he not cheat on her?

  • i_wIn gunf1Ghts
    i_wIn gunf1Ghts 32 минуты назад

    I imagine a physical representation of his laugh being a bristle

  • odd toddlers
    odd toddlers 32 минуты назад

    question 1 should've been when is astroworld dropping

  • Rainbow Bengali
    Rainbow Bengali 32 минуты назад

    Natural beauty is always better than made up ugliness .

  • AwesomeGamer 2114
    AwesomeGamer 2114 32 минуты назад

    This is pretty cringey

  • Randall Goguen
    Randall Goguen 32 минуты назад

    What is wrong with her face?

    JEFFRY TOBAR 32 минуты назад

    This guy gives me hope

  • YNWA2o
    YNWA2o 33 минуты назад

    6:27 she literally asked him a question and he answered it and got a point lol

  • momo mo
    momo mo 33 минуты назад

    Cheer is a sport

  • Danielle Marie
    Danielle Marie 33 минуты назад

    Awkward looking couple and awkward looking female

  • stu sis
    stu sis 33 минуты назад


  • MYsongs
    MYsongs 33 минуты назад

    Sorry but maybe Tyga can answer it all quickly

  • selda alb
    selda alb 33 минуты назад

    thats a fact ahahhaahhahahaha travis is really funny

  • Trilla F
    Trilla F 33 минуты назад

    “Mostly baby, daddy sometimes (;” IM GONE💀💀😂

  • literal BTS trash
    literal BTS trash 33 минуты назад

    I felt nervous for him whenever she asked a question lol but he did pretty good

  • Michelle Kreutzer
    Michelle Kreutzer 33 минуты назад +1

    2:27 at least he knows your Body..

  • Akuku Dennis
    Akuku Dennis 34 минуты назад

    You just call me baby, or daddy sometimes...#kiching..hihihi..

  • Jazlin Coley
    Jazlin Coley 34 минуты назад

    ...why was this so awkward though....?

  • NikitaShakur 1
    NikitaShakur 1 34 минуты назад

    "I did track and the boys football team" oh, we're sure you did, love, we're sure....😐

  • Maya Papaya
    Maya Papaya 34 минуты назад

    This was really cute😂❤️

  • Yes zzz
    Yes zzz 34 минуты назад

    *BuT hE CoUldN’t eVeN naMe HeR DoGs*

  • Lacombe Anne
    Lacombe Anne 34 минуты назад

    She looks so superficial ughh

  • BasicSlimeShop Slimes
    BasicSlimeShop Slimes 34 минуты назад +1

    kylie: he knows my body
    me: of course duhhhh you made a kid together

  • Showtime Ej
    Showtime Ej 34 минуты назад

    Much dank wya

  • Emira Bllaci
    Emira Bllaci 34 минуты назад

    Is it me or does travis seem dumb?

  • GOAT
    GOAT 34 минуты назад

    First time I heard Travis voice without autotune and I’m not even kidding

  • Anthony Chikoti
    Anthony Chikoti 34 минуты назад

    Cant wait for much dunk to edit this

  • Dunkles Zimmer
    Dunkles Zimmer 35 минут назад

    5:42 'whats my astrological sign?' .... 'WORLD! ASTROWORLD!!!'
    man i was hoping for this...

    SAMZIRRA 35 минут назад

    Has he even met her? Hahahahaha

  • shines love
    shines love 35 минут назад

    He looks soo ugly

  • Nicky C.
    Nicky C. 35 минут назад

    Travis is way too high for this.

  • Katrina Matroze
    Katrina Matroze 35 минут назад

    they’re quite a boring couple

  • Nuwan
    Nuwan 35 минут назад

    They cute

  • Chimchim RM
    Chimchim RM 35 минут назад +1

    They are so cuteeeeee 😍🌸

  • Sea Jaelle
    Sea Jaelle 35 минут назад


  • Jordan Obina
    Jordan Obina 35 минут назад


  • #ontherun2 2018
    #ontherun2 2018 35 минут назад

    I know it's impossible but I just want Bey and Jay to do this.. idk why 😂😂😂😂