George Lucas Discusses Luke Becoming Emperor in Jedi [VI] - Star Wars Explained

  • Luke Skywalker was a hero, but did you know it was discussed that Luke could replace Palpatine's place as Emperor of the galaxy in Return of the Jedi? A good Emperor, but an Emperor...nonetheless...
    This is all from The Making of Return of the Jedi
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  • Michael Verdon
    Michael Verdon 3 days ago

    I don’t think ruling has anything to do with being a Jedi or Sith

  • Oisin Lally
    Oisin Lally 12 days ago

    'Lugh' from Irish folklore (predates starwars by a few thousand years) was trained by masters, a warrior, a poet, a physician, an inventor and a sorcerer. Had his hand cut off in battle. Hand was replaced by a fully functional metal hand. He sported a spear of light and was king till he lost his hand. King must be perfect physically so he stepped down.
    Lucas has Scottish ancestry and I'm sure one of his writers was from Erin. We breed writers here!

  • Meera Shukla
    Meera Shukla Month ago

    Episode 10 of star wars

  • Callum
    Callum Month ago

    Snoke should of been Plagueis and Kylo should of been in episode 9 revealed that he was working with luke this whole time to destroy Plagueis. BOOM

  • Johan Newaz
    Johan Newaz Month ago

    A lot of your ideas honestly aren’t “good” they are just as bad as the temptations of Lucas in making crazy alternatives. I’m not even just talking about your theories. I’ve watched this channel for a long time and as Star Wars material gets further away from the original films I think you’ve seen this channels mortality in the eyes and I feel for you, but you should give the channel a dignified change of direction and not force it like they did with the sequels.

  • LordSesshomaru86
    LordSesshomaru86 Month ago

    It's just my opinion, but I don't think the idea of a bigger threat being out there would work.The emperor isn't really the kind of person that would let a power greater than himself exist, would send considerable force to crush such a threat. The rebels have their own spies and an impressive information network, would likely notice the empire diverting their forces to fight another huge threat

    • LordSesshomaru86
      LordSesshomaru86 Month ago

      @Jay Same ways they got the death star plans, knew the emperor would be on the death star 2, got imperial codes to fly through empire space undetected? They have ways of getting information so if Palpatine was fighting some other group while fighting the rebels, it would seem like the rebels would catch wind of the other group somehow. However, if Palpatine only sensed an evil group greater than himself, but hadn't acted yet then that'd be different

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      @LordSesshomaru86 How would they know? The Rebels had way less resources by comparison to the Empire, they literally worked by Guerilla Tactics to win the war and the intervention of Luke Skywalker.
      If Palpatine barely had any information on the threat, the Rebels would have none, besides they're main threat was Palpatine they wouldn't focus on a threat in the Unknown Regions when dealing with an already present Sith Empire.

    • LordSesshomaru86
      LordSesshomaru86 Month ago

      @Jay He's suggesting that the emperor would already know of a greater threat than himself. If the empire is trying to eliminate said threat, the rebels likely would've already known is all I'm saying

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      Dude, the Galaxy is HUGE, even Palpatine and Luke couldn't fully detect the Vong in Legends, it makes complete sense for a danger like them to exist.
      Plus again, what would Palpatine do? Send Vader into the Unknown Regions with half the Imperial Fleet? That would be stupid, especially with the Rebels having already destroyed the First Death Star.

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious Month ago +1

    That Farmboy can't be Emperor, Its treason then

  • Cbiz 210
    Cbiz 210 Month ago

    Indeed, there are two kinds of strength. The outer strength is obvious. It fades with age and succumbs to sickness. Then there is the Chi, the inner strength. Everyone possesses it, too, but it is indeed much more difficult to develop. The inner strength lasts through every heat and every cold... through old age and beyond.

  • Reinfarcements
    Reinfarcements Month ago

    Actually would have kinda liked that ending. I hate when stories try to cram into our heads that power is always evil. There is nothing innately evil about power, it can be used for just as much good as it can be evil. Its all about who is controlling that power and if anyone could have kept true and used that power wisely it would have been Luke. Well, episode 4-6 Luke anyway.

  • jim p
    jim p Month ago +1

    ok Star Wars Theory: can you do a video on why Luke's clothes blew away when he disappeared but a metal hand didn't fall to the ground?

    KAECI BRELAND Month ago

    Do a fanfiction or two Star Wars theory please I would totally would read!

  • Janguss Johnson
    Janguss Johnson Month ago

    hey!! there's a cool idea!
    woulda been better... anything woulda been better tho.

  • Humzah Aslam
    Humzah Aslam 2 months ago

    Young Kasdan looks like Post Malone

  • MMM mm
    MMM mm 2 months ago

    I wish George would have just made 7-9 then sold SW to disney

  • NameyNameName
    NameyNameName 2 months ago

    Of course George doesn't like the ST, he's a control freak. Wasn't his least favourite film Empire? That sums it up.

  • Quantum of Conscience
    Quantum of Conscience 2 months ago

    You forgot to mention the last 3 Star Wars movies were made bad on purpose.

  • Eddie Bravo
    Eddie Bravo 2 months ago

    Luke could not have become the emperor or leader of the Galaxy... By doing so he would have given in to the dark side

  • John 117
    John 117 2 months ago

    I wish lucas did the last trilogy

  • Space Zoo
    Space Zoo 2 months ago

    You know what would have been really sweet - If Luke had become the leader of a new Jedi Order, that would have been really cool. What would be really lame is if he tried to murder his nephew in his sleep, and then his nephew....singlehandedly wiped out the entire new Jedi Order himself, but then wasn't able to take out one untrained girl.

  • Louis Varre
    Louis Varre 2 months ago

    I keep hearing how you just love the original SW series, now I hear you say “I don’t know, I wasn’t alive in the ‘80’s” what the F/;; That’s my thought!

  • He Is Hephaestion
    He Is Hephaestion 2 months ago

    The mandalorian is the only thing Disney has produced of quality in relation to SW

  • MrParkerman6
    MrParkerman6 2 months ago

    What if???? Pfff!!! What if I'm taking a shower and slipped on a bar of soap?

    .......MY GOD! I'D BE KILLED!!!!!!!

  • tyler mcguyrt
    tyler mcguyrt 2 months ago

    Would Anakins future have been different if he would have been granted training from the Jedi counsel and Qui Gon as Anakins Master?

  • Old School Radical Gamer Dude

    I look at it this way...there is the original trilogy and then there is everything else. Episode 3 does a decent job transitioning Anakin to Vader...the prequels should have started there, but whatevs. I actually enjoy the prequels way more than I used to. They still aren’t the OT, but they’re not as bad as I used to argue. The last 3 movies are nothing more than fan fiction as far as I’m concerned. They were ok...they had some good ideas and some bad ideas. But they will never be anywhere near as memorable or important as the OT. Star Wars, Empire and Jedi helped raise an entire generation of kids. Those movies were, and still are, a huge part of my life.

  • Darth Zoon
    Darth Zoon 2 months ago

    This has been a fan theory of mine for quite sometime(hence this profile). Now I wouldn’t think Luke would be fully consumed and corrupted by the dark side, but this version of Luke would have this obsession of “Balance,” to honor his father’s prophecy and turn it into a Dynasty tradition. This obsession of Balance would leave him leading the Sith/the New Galactic Empire and his Sister the Jedi Order and maybe conflict of who Ben/Kylo would belong to. Luke/Zoon wouldn’t hesitate to exterminate any disturbance of the Force, Light or Dark; and maybe, or maybe not, Leia would trust Luke in this Code if his and have the Sith and Jedi coexist.

  • Beyond the Box
    Beyond the Box 2 months ago

    2:47 why does disney not understand this if lucas did back in the 80s

  • simon jandrell
    simon jandrell 2 months ago

    fascinating each time i hear George Lucas not showing up for the viewing of Episode 9 very Interesting all those Cut Scenes of Anakin were a Crime not to put in

    DR.NEGA 2 months ago +1

    yes there is another leak about George 1st script and artwork shown luke became emperor that never made into movie due to time in the film can't show more details of his vision and fighting his twin

  • Hobo Sexual
    Hobo Sexual 2 months ago

    Bald Fuck!

  • genius2005
    genius2005 2 months ago

    Legally, Luke Skywalker would have been the temporal ultimate and all powerful authority in the galaxy and would have handed back power to the Republic, like the wishes of Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the movie Gladiator. Then he would have rebuilt the Jedi Order as was instructed by Yoda before he died. The Disney trilogy is just fanfiction, because, a sequel trilogy would have followed the original canon as was written by George Lucas.

  • B & J Jukes
    B & J Jukes 2 months ago +1

    What if Luke took Vader's place, but not as a sith. He could have taken the suit as a disguise. Obviously he was not tall enough to pull it off, but that would make more sense than becoming the new Emperor.

  • Michael Glenn
    Michael Glenn 2 months ago

    Spoiler alert for Episode 9!

  • fromchomleystreet
    fromchomleystreet 2 months ago

    Where does this account of the story meeting come from? It almost sounds like you’re reading a transcript of a recording.

  • Ricky Castle
    Ricky Castle 2 months ago

    It would be an interesting theory to see what would Happen if Luke becomes the Emperor.
    BTW the disney trilogy isn't canon

  • :D :D
    :D :D 2 months ago

    A Republic and a Democracy are two different things.

  • Doomzdayxx
    Doomzdayxx 2 months ago

    Stop talking about those garbage disney sequels as if they're canon. They're not. There is no snoke or ray or any other of those disposable characters.

  • ståle hansen
    ståle hansen 2 months ago

    Darth Plagus was a real Sith, not a mad man like palpatine..Read all the sith books

  • Jord IL
    Jord IL 2 months ago

    I think the ending they went with was the best. The only way the other one would work is if all the Imperials bowed to him, he told them to stand down, go home and prosper in your private lives, etc.

  • Culture Cauldron
    Culture Cauldron 2 months ago

    after Jedi there must be a Luke trilogy - a fucking good one too, then proceed to make films in place of the last trilogy........they need deleting from existance

  • thrawn323
    thrawn323 2 months ago

    After listening to the Darth bane books several times I remembered That His Apprentice Had the same twitch as bane for the rest of her life. Made me wonder if Bane might exist in Her Mind as an alternative personality.

    SORTA SITH 2 months ago

    Star Wars cast were real life witches

  • Joe Ragu
    Joe Ragu 2 months ago

    Luke putting on Vaders helmet? Ohh ok, thats how we got Dark Helmet from space Balls

  • Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen 2 months ago

    3:56 yeah. palp...she was skywalker

  • Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen 2 months ago

    but luke became emperor. he won. he could rule galaxy alone. he was top of the hill lol. if wanted xD but there was snoke allready some where LOL

  • Mary Holmes
    Mary Holmes 2 months ago

    Star Wars VI Retrun of the Jedi IS the end as far as I'm concerned. The books were a more satisfying continuation of the saga. Disney has trashed and tarnished Star Wars.

  • James
    James 2 months ago

    I tend to agree with most of your opinions about what should have happened except one. I have never ever been a fan of the Snoke being Darth Plaguies thing, and that’s because the whole point of the Skywalker story (the actual Skywalker story, not the tacked on bullshit they’re trying to retroactively call ‘the Skywalker saga’ as if it wasn’t all made up as they went along) is that Anakin destroys the Sith with his sacrifice. No Sith can exist past episode 6 and that’s concrete for me, if you meddle with that, you ruin the whole story and that’s that

  • marcomstv
    marcomstv 2 months ago

    Yup, Disney Star Wars is non cannon to me. Legends has its bad moments but its the cannon "sequel" for me. Disney should leave at that and write stories of the past or way in the future and be done with it. But no, they had to try and destroy iconic characters to promote their new pieces of wood blank characters .... nope ... not for me ....

  • Timothy Grayson
    Timothy Grayson 2 months ago


  • DemiGod_3Scrub
    DemiGod_3Scrub 2 months ago

    Terminator ended with T2. SW ended With RTOJ..

    HollyWood: Hold My Sequels..

  • Peter Pidrak
    Peter Pidrak 2 months ago

    So what if The forces of the empire hail him as the new emperor and he knows that if he does not take it someone else well and there will be potentially decades of Civil War.
    So he assumes the throne orders the reinstatement of the Senate and starts to rapidly roll back the power of the emperor until he is a figurehead waving at people from balconies.

  • OnThisSideoftheSky
    OnThisSideoftheSky 2 months ago

    Senate: *I AM THE PALPATINE*

  • Shane Howard
    Shane Howard 2 months ago

    I always felt that JEDI was Lukewarm!

  • ottomanpapyrus
    ottomanpapyrus 2 months ago

    Palpatine: Let the hate flow through you.... take your fathers place beside me.

    Luke: I will never join you I'm a Jedi

    Palpatine: So you have made your decision... jedi. I thought I could turn you. The fate of the Galaxy rested on it

    Luke: What do you mean?

    Palpatine: There is an looming threat. Vu Zhong... If you do not give in to your hatred the Empire... rebels... those pitiful ewoks everyone will die. As a jedi you might become strong enough due time... but the dark side will unlock powers within you that are necessary to defeat this external threat... together you and I and the Empire's army might be able to match their powers. Together you and I.. maybe even your little rebel freinds. Now strike down your father!

    Luke you orchestrated all this... to tell me this? If this is true it will be with my father!

  • R. William Comm
    R. William Comm 2 months ago

    I never hear anyone talking about Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. In the 1980s Lucas stayed tbag the had based Star Wars on Joseph Campbell’s work. The sequels use that ancient “formula” but they applied to different characters, IMHO, to try to get a newer generation of fans who couldn’t otherwise be reached by old fans taking their children. Not that they did it well, it’s just clear that they tried. Lol

  • bipolarbat
    bipolarbat 2 months ago

    I love your videos, thank you for making them

  • Daniel Eliahu Shapiro
    Daniel Eliahu Shapiro 2 months ago

    Yeah... no. Episode 6 turned out just perfect the way it is now, thank you very much.

  • Maxi Millian
    Maxi Millian 2 months ago

    Why would Luke suddenly fall to the Dark Side in the original ending anyway? @StarWarsTheory

  • ANNAKKi Hz
    ANNAKKi Hz 2 months ago

    If luke fell to the darkside then the bullshit of Rey Skywalker would never have happened. Anything would of been better than what we got in the last three disasters.

  • morsteen
    morsteen 2 months ago

    Opportunity missed sums up the entire fucking sequel trilogy.

  • The official Incel
    The official Incel 2 months ago

    Lawrence Kasdan creates ESB and relative of Post Malone

  • Jack Scofield
    Jack Scofield 2 months ago

    my theory is that the emperor was possessed by plageus, kinda like how palpatine tried to posses rey so that it was all plagues's plan from the beginning.

  • Keller Cox
    Keller Cox 2 months ago

    laurence casten looks like post malone

  • Gordon Davis
    Gordon Davis 2 months ago

    No offense, I am grateful to Lucas for the original trilogy. The ending of the original trilogy was perfect. Luke defied the Emperor, and Luke defied Ben and Yoda in trying to save Vader. Luke set his own course, rather than being the puppet of the Sith or the Jedi. Luke wins when he conquers his own anger and hate, and puts down his light saber rather than kill Vader. We are allowed to have happy endings once in a while, rather than having everything be dark and nasty.
    What is interesting is the original trilogy never discusses any why Vader wears his suit and has the breathing sound, but yet everyone understood that he had taken terrible damage in a fight and his suit was a life support system. How did everyone intuitively grasp this idea?

  • KP LLC
    KP LLC 2 months ago

    George held off on the prequels because he didn't like his toy deal and wanted it to expire, he had ideas but didn't start writing them in the 90's. "George is happy with Ep 6 being the ending" ...George is never happy.

  • Benjamin Keith
    Benjamin Keith 2 months ago

    Post 2008 Plagueis Fanboys: Plagueis is still alive in my head canon!!!


    Post 2008 fandom: aka Children: Y...well only half of us READ AT that's not working for you. And beyond...sure the book SAYS he's DEAD...buuuut: *I can IGNORE the canon Ill later claim SHOULD HAVE BEEN KEPT IN TACT!*

    Lucas: Wha...WHAT!? It's not hard you...Full Retards! Plagueis was Palpatine's Master...and Palpatine KILLED HIM...THAT'S IT: *HELL IT'S AGAIN! IN THE MOVIE!!!*

    Post 2008 Fans: (Drooling with head tilted to the left) Maul revived is so cool.

    Lucas: (Sighs) Full Retards...all I've done is created a fandom of Full Retards...

    Post 2008 Fans: Wha?

    Lucas: Exactly...

    Mickey Mouse: Aw it's okay George. We'll milk these dumb retards until the end of time...for you. I mean HELL George: we've re-united most of the fandom: *via a 4 year old girls stuffed animal. I mean George: if they're as Full Retard as THAT?*

    *Star Wars, will have a lucrative future: quality: notwithstanding...but let's face it: that's been true, since 1999 aside from that 3rd Party aka your 99-06 Outsourcing Peak. Hasn't it George?*

    Lucas: (Cries)

  • Eric Ruckenbrod
    Eric Ruckenbrod 2 months ago

    Disney destroyed it

  • T3RRY
    T3RRY 2 months ago

    Popular opinion seems to Be Eps 1-6 are canon, eps 7-9 are jank.

  • Szars
    Szars 2 months ago

    I want to dislike since if I do, I’m the 100th dislikes. But I really like the video. I’ll just leave a like.

  • Word Lifer
    Word Lifer 2 months ago

    The old theory about Palpatine preparing the galaxy for a threat predates Snoke by a longshot. It wasn't about the Unknown Regions, it was about an extragalactic threat directly tied to the Yuzhan Vong, and it wasn't as much a theory as much a suggested by material in the EU. Some people tried to revive that and retrofit it for Snoke once the new movies were made.

  • achentbooks
    achentbooks 2 months ago

    Sequel trilogy is pretend Star Wars

    PHXNTXM 2 months ago +11

    George Lucas: “Okay guys, just hear me out...Emperor Luke Skywalker...”
    Disney: “YOU’RE A MONSTER!”
    Fans: “DEW IT!”

  • dorbie
    dorbie 2 months ago

    The ending is good but Luke tossing his light saber, giving up and needing Vader to turn to save him is a weakness in the ending.

      PHXNTXM 2 months ago

      I disagree. That’s what gave the ending of the OT so much weighted gravity in its meaning.

  • Austin Schwartz
    Austin Schwartz 2 months ago

    I feel like people don't really understand that if Disney hadn't of bought Star Wars there may have never been a continuation on everything. Me, I take Star Wars for what it is and it can be formed in any way shape or form and I will still love it and the idea of it. Just because they aren't George's ideas anymore doesn't make them any less Star Wars. They are good movies in their own right, just as the first 6 are in their right too. Just gotta Love Star Wars and be happy that Disney is going to continue to carry on with it.

  • John Masters
    John Masters 2 months ago

    A plotline which could have worked for the sequels is if the main antagonist was someone who created the First Order because Luke killing Palpatine led to a bloody interregnum in which the fledgling New Republic remains helplessly limited in protecting the Outer Rim systems, who join the First Order out of necessity. This would leave the success of the Original Trilogy intact, but then ask the question as to whether Luke's decision to eschew political power and let the Empire fall was a good thing. The antagonist would hate Luke; not for killing the Emperor, but for leaving the throne empty.

  • Neely
    Neely 2 months ago

    0:25 am I the only one that sees post malone?

  • alex caram
    alex caram 2 months ago

    Any new podcasts coming out?

  • Taner Ismailoglu
    Taner Ismailoglu 2 months ago

    they should have just maid legends into movies

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S 2 months ago +1

    Palpatine ended up looking like a chump anyway. His Sith apprentice, who was *supposed* to murder him sooner or later, walked right up, grabbed him and threw him down an elevator shaft! Honestly, it it weren't for Legends, Palpatine would not be treated as awesome as many people treat him today. Back in 1983, he simply embodied Luke's warning: "Your overconfidence is your weakness." and it was *true!* However, both Legends and the new canon agreed that the New Republic would be fundamentally dysfunctional (although the Legends version was not quite as bad as canon). However, I would think that it might have been better had Luke installed *Leia* as Empress.

  • Sammy Sosa
    Sammy Sosa 2 months ago +1

    A new threat that is not the Sith or the Empire would be way more interesting. Something inhuman and anti force

  • Jeremiah
    Jeremiah 2 months ago

    GEORGE LUCAS DID NOT.......DID NOT..... have prequel stories WRITTEN....
    For fuck sake I wish people would stop saying this shit!