73 Questions With Michael Kors | Vogue

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
  • Michael Kors invites Vogue inside his Greenwich Village apartment and answers 73 intriguing questions. Michael talks about his favorite fabric to design with, why he loves living in New York, and what article of clothing he believes every woman should own.

    Interviewed and directed by Joe Sabia
    Producer: Marina Cukeric
    DP: Cole Evelev
    PM: Josh Young
    Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
    Post Sound: Bang World
    Styling: Taylor Angino
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    73 Questions With Michael Kors | Vogue
    Created By: Joe Sabia
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  • HoeLess Jose
    HoeLess Jose 2 days ago

    Interview Ralph Lauren 🐐

  • God’s girl Harlem
    God’s girl Harlem 7 days ago

    Love this guy

  • Josh Torres
    Josh Torres 7 days ago

    lil uzi vert!

    SOPHĪE H 10 days ago

    michael kors and his husband at 1:02 are so cute!

  • AnnieT81
    AnnieT81 11 days ago

    Would be a nice Brand if The logo was 10 Times smaller

  • ciel222
    ciel222 12 days ago

    A VERY RICH MAN , $ 600 Million. A great humanbeing and a talented designer.

    M3NTAL MAGIC 20 days ago

    nice shirts...…..almost perfect

  • Arlete Froes Borges / Marrone Froes


  • Farhana Fathima
    Farhana Fathima 24 days ago

    Michael is definitely very dominating. When he asked his husband did you feed cats n then the lil convo they had.

  • I know it all. I know it all.

    Proves everything I imagined about people who inhabit the absurd world of so called fashion...predictable,trashy unimaginative,vain,stupid and vapid.DONT FOLLOW FASHION!

  • TG B
    TG B 26 days ago

    Did he make it to New Zealand? Tell him to give me a call - we'll do coffee in Wellington. Or tequila.

  • hella ill
    hella ill Month ago

    is it true that hes racist??

  • hella ill
    hella ill Month ago

    is it true that hes racist??

  • Hitcho81
    Hitcho81 Month ago

    This is very staged

  • Hitcho81
    Hitcho81 Month ago

    Does Mike usually wear glasses inside?

  • Ethan Wood
    Ethan Wood Month ago

    73 questions with Luke bryan

  • 亞竹 亞竹
    亞竹 亞竹 Month ago

    I really really love your channel I can know many stars life style of them. Thank you so much Vogue 😍

  • Dccole3214
    Dccole3214 Month ago

    This one made me sick

  • preetika randawa
    preetika randawa Month ago +1

    I am serious and funny Michael said🙂🙃🙂

  • Sarah Die
    Sarah Die Month ago

    Didn’t expect to like him but he actually seems genuine 😂

  • Ankita Srivastav
    Ankita Srivastav Month ago +1

    Michael Kors is a person? I am clearly ignorant.

  • JP M
    JP M Month ago

    His hubby is adorable!

  • Alexis Smith
    Alexis Smith Month ago

    Ask him why he don't like black people

  • Lucero Compean
    Lucero Compean Month ago

    Friendly guy

  • sheang konyak
    sheang konyak Month ago

    Who is his husband

  • Nickisha Sorhaindo
    Nickisha Sorhaindo Month ago


  • Yasmin Ram.
    Yasmin Ram. Month ago

    Yesssssss siiiiir Michael Kors❤️❤️❤️ much lovvvve

  • Angela Rice
    Angela Rice 2 months ago


  • jc6594
    jc6594 2 months ago

    Happy 60th Birthday Michael Kors (8/9/59)

  • nadeen Alokour
    nadeen Alokour 2 months ago

    73 questions with huda beauty/ kattan 💕

  • RedAmalgam
    RedAmalgam 2 months ago

    How can you hate Kors?

  • kindly lormeus
    kindly lormeus 2 months ago

    I kissed my husband caught me by surprise

  • Maria Lahr
    Maria Lahr 2 months ago

    Hes amazing🧡

  • Julia Lynn
    Julia Lynn 2 months ago

    why sunglasses indoors?

  • Jain Manari
    Jain Manari 2 months ago

    LOL this is clearly staged and rehearsed, no one can answer that fast.

  • ぷードーモ
    ぷードーモ 2 months ago

    The guy asking the questions tho :o HIS VOICE IS HOT

    • Jain Manari
      Jain Manari 2 months ago

      His name is Joe Sabia in case you wanted to know

  • i Tqzy
    i Tqzy 2 months ago +1

    73 Questions with Elon Musk please

  • Unicorn Girl24
    Unicorn Girl24 3 months ago

    Love you, Michael Kors!

  • wendy jenkins
    wendy jenkins 3 months ago

    I see black lol.

  • Valeria B-612
    Valeria B-612 3 months ago


  • Valeria B-612
    Valeria B-612 3 months ago

    He is so funny, he seems a kind person

  • Vidhi Patel
    Vidhi Patel 3 months ago

    Do a 73 questions with Ariana grande

  • Tu Madre
    Tu Madre 3 months ago

    Everyone is saying 73 questions with - but, Michael kors is a really cool guy. He doesn’t seem stuck up at all. Very easy to get along with.

  • Erva Yaman
    Erva Yaman 3 months ago +4

    I did not even know it is a PERSON! I FEEL VERY STUPID!

  • exclusive music
    exclusive music 3 months ago

    Lovvveeee you Bette!! 🖤🥺

  • parth parakh
    parth parakh 4 months ago

    73 questions with Kim Jong-un

  • NoFaceNoCase
    NoFaceNoCase 4 months ago +1

    “hoolloween this year”

  • Trippy Dolphin
    Trippy Dolphin 4 months ago

    This made my head hurt with how scripted it was. 😣

  • dirkmuc1
    dirkmuc1 4 months ago

    First time I could see this scripted s... till the end. He is ok.

  • Satan Lucifer
    Satan Lucifer 4 months ago

    Michael kors, the brand, is soooo trashy

  • Jonathan Swain
    Jonathan Swain 4 months ago

    What a lovely chap

  • hd31
    hd31 4 months ago

    First thing he done in the morning was kissed his husband looooool

  • Gamer boi
    Gamer boi 4 months ago

    The narrator sound so nice to meet and seems like a person you would be best friends with when you first meet

  • Allen Suarez
    Allen Suarez 4 months ago

    Micheal should be Liberace for Halloween lol

  • Agnes
    Agnes 4 months ago

    He looks nothing like I pictured him, he's like men in black parka

  • nycsp
    nycsp 4 months ago

    The guy who asks is soooo annoying

  • Christian Milano
    Christian Milano 4 months ago

    Love this! Great man

  • Im shooketh
    Im shooketh 4 months ago

    shut already up with lana del rey and the guy whos asking questions... theyll do it when they do it

  • Naomi Fajardo
    Naomi Fajardo 4 months ago

    73 Questions With Demi Moore

  • TZ AN
    TZ AN 4 months ago +1

    Mr. MK , he’s so nice... 😂