73 Questions With Michael Kors | Vogue

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
  • Michael Kors invites Vogue inside his Greenwich Village apartment and answers 73 intriguing questions. Michael talks about his favorite fabric to design with, why he loves living in New York, and what article of clothing he believes every woman should own.

    Interviewed and directed by Joe Sabia
    Producer: Marina Cukeric
    DP: Cole Evelev
    PM: Josh Young
    Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
    Post Sound: Bang World
    Styling: Taylor Angino
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    73 Questions With Michael Kors | Vogue
    Created By: Joe Sabia
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  • exclusive music
    exclusive music 2 days ago

    Lovvveeee you Bette!! 🖤🥺

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    parth parakh 5 days ago

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  • NoFaceNoCase
    NoFaceNoCase 6 days ago +1

    “hoolloween this year”

  • Trippy Dolphin
    Trippy Dolphin 6 days ago

    This made my head hurt with how scripted it was. 😣

  • dirkmuc1
    dirkmuc1 7 days ago

    First time I could see this scripted s... till the end. He is ok.

  • Satan Lucifer
    Satan Lucifer 8 days ago

    Michael kors, the brand, is soooo trashy

  • JS YouTube Videos
    JS YouTube Videos 8 days ago

    What a lovely chap

  • hd31
    hd31 8 days ago

    First thing he done in the morning was kissed his husband looooool

  • Blurr_Supergamer
    Blurr_Supergamer 10 days ago

    The narrator sound so nice to meet and seems like a person you would be best friends with when you first meet

  • Allen Suarez
    Allen Suarez 10 days ago

    Micheal should be Liberace for Halloween lol

  • Agnes
    Agnes 10 days ago

    He looks nothing like I pictured him, he's like men in black parka

  • nycsp
    nycsp 13 days ago

    The guy who asks is soooo annoying

  • Christian Milano
    Christian Milano 15 days ago

    Love this! Great man

  • Im shooketh
    Im shooketh 15 days ago

    shut already up with lana del rey and the guy whos asking questions... theyll do it when they do it

  • Naomi Fajardo
    Naomi Fajardo 15 days ago

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  • TZ AN
    TZ AN 15 days ago +1

    Mr. MK , he’s so nice... 😂

  • gotbts7exolzen
    gotbts7exolzen 15 days ago

    he is sooo sweet like WOW

  • Lisette Chevalier
    Lisette Chevalier 16 days ago

    Bonus question: Why do your products and “brand” suck?

  • Nicole Moreno
    Nicole Moreno 17 days ago


  • Neha Phookan
    Neha Phookan 17 days ago +1

    Please stop using animals for wools and fabrics. The torture is horrendous

  • Ella Armani
    Ella Armani 18 days ago +4

    73 Q'S with Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr !!!

  • Juan Trevizo
    Juan Trevizo 18 days ago

    Michael loves a good juxtaposition

  • Penny Lane
    Penny Lane 19 days ago +1

    Bunch of over rated boring garbage

  • Hauwa Adams
    Hauwa Adams 20 days ago

    This is one of my favourite i wanna meet him!!!!

  • Eden Michael
    Eden Michael 22 days ago

    Appreciate Michael kors. Your outstanding and life is ferh air. thanks

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    73 questions with Billie eillish 😍😍

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    Ne Var Ne Yok ? 25 days ago

    0.16 my husband ? hahah Lol

  • Racson Cortez
    Racson Cortez 26 days ago

    "I love this job" 😂

  • Britney Torres
    Britney Torres 26 days ago

    Do 73 questions with Harry Styles, thanks.

  • Avery Crowell
    Avery Crowell 26 days ago

    Lol I love this, every turn back and witty comments 🖤❣️

  • Brenda Rivera
    Brenda Rivera 26 days ago +2

    The guy who made millions just for putting his initials on bags . Genius!

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    anaonline 26 days ago

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    Marbe Mitteregger 27 days ago

    Michael Kors super Divine!!Love him❤

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    me me 27 days ago

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  • Alanah Valdiosera
    Alanah Valdiosera 28 days ago

    i’m currently wearing a michael kors watch and belt as i’m watching this 🗿

  • Lizaette Mata
    Lizaette Mata 28 days ago

    3:38 love his husband chiming in in the background 😂

  • Jane Ruby
    Jane Ruby 29 days ago

    Do blackpink next

  • Amina M.
    Amina M. Month ago

    What Really annoys me is that everyone in th comment section is commenting that they should interview this and that person next time instead of appriciating this video or anything about this video

  • tatxjana a
    tatxjana a Month ago

    Love his humor 😍

  • Amber Luckes
    Amber Luckes Month ago +1

    Arrested suburbs thank u so much words can’t express

  • Arlene Maharaj
    Arlene Maharaj Month ago

    I got a Prada ad before this...

  • Teresa Luckenbach
    Teresa Luckenbach Month ago

    Talented tho!

  • Teresa Luckenbach
    Teresa Luckenbach Month ago


  • YvetteM Jones
    YvetteM Jones Month ago

    I love him and his brand!!

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    Nino Darchia Month ago

    73 Questions with BTS? you can do it one by one if you don't want chaos :D

  • Jenny Koepper
    Jenny Koepper Month ago

    Michael Kors look like Raymond Reddington 👀

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    Mya Turner Month ago

    73 questions with Billie

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  • JustKeep Swimming
    JustKeep Swimming Month ago

    Wait... did he keep the glasses 👓

  • Galaxy Heart Gacha
    Galaxy Heart Gacha Month ago

    My fav clothing Brand!!!

  • Priyanka sharma
    Priyanka sharma Month ago

    Isn’t he so freaking cute. ❤️❤️❤️

  • It’s me Ann
    It’s me Ann Month ago

    73 questions should include why your watch are expensive but the colour fades away ?

  • Richard Marciano
    Richard Marciano Month ago +1

    Next time ask him why u like to copy other brands design

  • Cristina Cárdenas muñoz

    please stop talking about other people that you want in 73 questions
    this is about MK
    so rude

  • First Lady
    First Lady Month ago

    I am going to rearrange and colorize my closet, TODAY!

  • Tal1
    Tal1 Month ago

    Seems like a really cool guy

  • Carson McKenzie
    Carson McKenzie Month ago +1

    god i love him so much, ty for the 60% employee discount michael ;)

  • Meryam Kyla
    Meryam Kyla Month ago

    Don't kill me:
    Who is him?

  • Toni Anjelica
    Toni Anjelica Month ago

    74 questions : where is the ice in the ice tea?

  • Paulina Piechówka
    Paulina Piechówka Month ago

    How can you answer so quickly

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    Isabella Pereira Month ago +1

    Why does *MICHAEL KORS* have an iPhone 6???

  • katherine rodriguez

    thank you for going fur free

  • Talent Factor Global

    Only two types of people where glasses indoors, blind people and assholes.

  • Adelina Turcut
    Adelina Turcut Month ago

    That flat: O M G! 💗

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    Juliya Travel Month ago

    Who is this guy,who is answering 73 questions? Can you show him , please ? 😊

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    OliverTittyTwist Month ago

    73 Q's with Tom Cruise...just imagine

  • Amber Luckes
    Amber Luckes Month ago +1

    Love you !

  • Huma Khan
    Huma Khan Month ago

    I’ve always adored MK but I love him more now. Great interview!
    FYI: it’s down to Barack Obama and Leo Di Caprio 4:4 in the mentions [by the interviewees]. I’ve seen about 8 interviews till now and these two icons are on everyone’s list.

  • Kate Lee
    Kate Lee Month ago

    After the video ends
    Michael Kors: Give me those shades back

  • Regina Dias
    Regina Dias Month ago

    73 question with Christian Dior.

  • Esra Canan
    Esra Canan 2 months ago

    HES so cute

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    Fanny Hercules 2 months ago

    What's the epitemy of class? Rising Above!🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Fanny Hercules
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    Mariam K 2 months ago

    Mk has the worst brand

  • Miguelito Loredo
    Miguelito Loredo 2 months ago

    He's quite kind! I love him and his clothes ❤️

    ALLAH iSIDDEEQH 2 months ago


  • Maria Ali
    Maria Ali 2 months ago

    Micheal Kors is a person ??

  • Marilynn Ballines
    Marilynn Ballines 2 months ago

    This interview was so chill and relaxing.. didn’t seem rehearsed like the other ones!

  • the gaming guy 007 leader of W.N.G

    Interviewer:what did you do first thing in the morning
    Michael: kiss my husband
    Me 😑
    Leave a like if you feel that

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    I have some of his merch.

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