120 Sports reacts to Shaq & Flat Earth - host triggered ✅

  • Опубликовано: 19 мар 2017
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    Are we inside a Truman show enclosed world, thousands of miles wide? This is part of a series of videos that shows not only is it possible, but likely.
    The Flat Earth awakening is the biggest story to hit this world in Millennia. I am humble to be just a part of this massive force of truth, one that's going to change the world and how you live forever. This new site is dedicated to everything that is real and true about the place where you live, a place that has until now, been hidden from you. Join me in rediscovering the awesome power and potential of our civilization. Together we can take back the secrets and knowledge, and become great again.
    This is my personal declaration of war from Flat Earth against mainstream science. I, Mark Sargent, hereby put forth a challenge to any university, foreign or domestic, to debate or discuss the Flat Earth reality. The short version is this: You fly me in, take care of my hotel, and I'll face down any scientific body you put against me. My only debate requirement is that you have someone with a Master's degree in a physical science either participating in, or supervising the event. Accept this challenge, and you will be treated with respect. If not, then you're just cowards hiding behind empty equations.
    George Orwell
    Tribune, 27 December 1946
    Most people, if asked to prove that the earth is round, would not even bother to produce the rather weak arguments I have outlined above. They would start off by saying that ‘everyone knows’ the earth to be round, and if pressed further, would become angry. In a way Shaw is right. This is a credulous age, and the burden of knowledge which we now have to carry is partly responsible.
    Secretary's Desk
    I live in a Magic Show with many Creative Forces Hiding God but I am in it for The Long Haul because I am more than another Soul in the System I have Depth Perception and New Eyes. I visit the Empty Theaters and admire Byrd Wall and all of the misguided Map Makers inhabiting the ol Status Quo when we are all truly dreaming of Shell Beach.

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    nothing but merly lights.thats been created.ha.not much science in that


    go to my playlist.see how I see it.this is the Lord's world.p.we out

  • k6
    k6 Год назад

    lmfao! he just said constellations are always different?! they are on a cycle that is the same every year and resets every year back to how it was when was in January. they follow the same path every year. these guys are some dumb fucks

  • Filthy Falawful
    Filthy Falawful Год назад

    What proof do any of you have that the earth is flat???? wtf?

  • Aziz Obeid
    Aziz Obeid Год назад

    Another thing. If they believe that earth if globe and they have approved it scientifically they will not even talk about flat idea they will not even answer to us if they know it's really a globe..But they know it's not.. so why they doing every thing to make us ignore the flat earth theory. . And why they trying to approve the global to the world if it's ready approved scientifically. .??..

  • Aziz Obeid
    Aziz Obeid Год назад

    I tell u what going on on the world. ....We sorry to telling that we woke up. ...U have a globe in screen u have curve in your waist .....Man just use your ears and eyes and mind. .Don't let's some people use it for u ..Earth is flat.That what we see . What we feel .. what we founded around us...

  • Dylan DiMarzio
    Dylan DiMarzio Год назад

    You in the black jacket sir, you are lying. Nobody outside of certain governments, certain militaries, and certain research groups are allowed at or near the poles. That's where I will leave it at, you can do your own research and see why.

  • swmplvr
    swmplvr Год назад

    I don't see 120 sports having posted this on their channel.. probably a good thing.

  • Santiago Rivas
    Santiago Rivas Год назад

    Pair of idiots

  • Cedric Boucanus
    Cedric Boucanus Год назад

    Two stupid and no funny gay boy on TV !

  • Juan Nel
    Juan Nel Год назад

    The animal and intellectual kingdom are being shaken as they are from the same mind

  • Juan Correa
    Juan Correa Год назад

    I love flat Earth, but there are a few things wrong with the model.
    max Igan flew from Santiago to Sydney or vice versa in about 12 hours.
    can someone explain that?
    also, objects of different weights fall at the same speed. can that be answered by density and bouency?

  • Terrence Burger
    Terrence Burger Год назад

    Mark sargent you sell out douche ask them to make you tranny so you can fuck yourself

  • Earl
    Earl Год назад +1

    Scott Rude is clueless and lying also. Check Eric Dubay channel.

  • Edis Delgado
    Edis Delgado Год назад

    these are messed up, no need to call someone stupid

  • DTR89
    DTR89 Год назад

    "our pets head are falling off"
    Dumb & Dumber quote that most people didn't catch

  • War Vet55
    War Vet55 Год назад

    Like Kyrie watches that low budget piece of garbage show. I'm sure he would love to debate that guy in front of hundreds of subs. 😂

    VOYCE ATLAS Год назад

    yall are dumb lol seriously you dont know shit lolololol... your making me want to believe the flat earth now because you dont know shit man sorry... its just true...

  • ChipperR
    ChipperR Год назад

    I am not a flat earther, I just don't know and I am fine with that, but am doubting everything I see and hear. What always amazes me is that as soon as this topic comes up, nobody wants to talk about it and start calling people stupid.
    Also, scientist are doing the same, while their primary job should be proving, disproving, theorising and replicating. Not telling people what they should think or believe.

    • MJ Lyco
      MJ Lyco Год назад

      Want to prove the earth is a sphere? Find the north star and take an measurement. Go south and take another measurement. With those two distances you can find the diameter of the earth. Go even further south (like Brazil) and the north star is lost over the horizon. You have a totally different set of stars because the earth is a globe and those stars are under you. Stop trolling troll.

  • Paul Schober
    Paul Schober Год назад

    Is there a pool for the next celebrity to go off the deep end? I vote Dennis Rodman.

  • Teksis
    Teksis Год назад

    The idiot just said he flew past the North Pole to get to Dubai! Why not fly past Japan or any of Asia?! 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Really Cold
    Really Cold Год назад

    They can't come out and says it's flat, when the system has wasted Trillions upon Trillions of dollars on the lie...The Fed is in the same predicament ... Keep it going till the whole thing blows up.

    • Paul Schober
      Paul Schober Год назад

      WHY would so many people spend so much time and effort and money maintaining such a ridiculous lie? Forget about the impossibility of actually faking it successfully for so many centuries, what on Earth could the MOTIVE be for so many people? People from every nation and culture on Earth?
      And if you say they are all in league with Lucifer, I hope you get mental help very soon.

  • Prof Darcey
    Prof Darcey Год назад +1

    Check out Eric Dubay

  • CauseOfDeath
    CauseOfDeath Год назад +1

    that dude acts like a real condescending asshole and he's going to feel pretty stupid when he realizes we don't live on spinning ball..

  • Dan V
    Dan V Год назад

    The stupidity needs to stop within their show.

  • White Pass Warriors
    White Pass Warriors Год назад

    Wow constellations prove a globe along with gravity haha ok

    • Paul Schober
      Paul Schober Год назад

      Pretty sure he meant different constellations are visible at different times of the year, based on the Earth blocking different sections of the sky as we go around the sun.

  • Not A Sphere ASSHOLES! (NASA) channel


  • Tony Nelson
    Tony Nelson Год назад

    ha ha ha...its flat...

  • Darrin Spell Sr.
    Darrin Spell Sr. Год назад

    When people are brainwashed and closed minded, the first thing they do is try to over talk you, never let you get a word in. None of them ever do the research on their own because they believe the research has already been done for them. They really and truly believe that anyone who believes in the flat earth has to be stupid, ignorant, low IQ, or mis-informed. They see as plain as day a flat plane just as we do but too dumb to admit it. Their minds eye tell them no.....it's a curve you are looking at...and people and buildings are upside down with gravity holding them in place. They are still indoctrinated with the beliefs of childhood. No one has ever recreated an actual ball of earth to this day with all the materials in your front yard to make one with, sand, dirt, rocks, water, grass and make a ball the same as earth with water clinging to the bottom and allowing birds to fly from the surface and so on. It cant be done.......no matter how much their eyes show them it is flat.....without an open mind, they will still fall back to the mindset that it is still round.........

    • Darrin Spell Sr.
      Darrin Spell Sr. Год назад

      my IQ is actually 141...........what do you have?....................

    • lisa robinson
      lisa robinson Год назад

      If you believe the earth is flat, you are not just low IQ, it is likely you have a single digit IQ.

    • Paul Schober
      Paul Schober Год назад +1

      *They really and truly believe that anyone who believes in the flat earth has to be stupid, ignorant, low IQ, or mis-informed.*
      Yes, that's right. Although I would add in the religious types who manage to convince themselves of basically any scrap of evidence of the divine.

  • Terry Fleming
    Terry Fleming Год назад

    The Earth is a square triangle inside a circle with a negative circumference turned hyperbolic because of the weight of all the dumb asses feeding the global warming syndrome that most gophers know is tilting the planet, making French cheese unbearably stinkier than is was during the second world war ! That's true, cause stinky French cheese only exists on a round planet (because on a flat planet, the odor falls off the edge into space, makes aliens sneeze and kills the stars).

  • Shannon williams
    Shannon williams Год назад +1

    this moron said the stars change every day.....A complete lie

  • Andrew Spohn
    Andrew Spohn Год назад

    This guy is calling Kyrie stupid? Did this guy go to Duke?

  • Ben Sake
    Ben Sake Год назад

    Whata couple'a faggots.

  • Jeff Burchell
    Jeff Burchell Год назад

    fixing to blow up !!!!!! Earths flat... Gods real....

  • Anik Boy
    Anik Boy Год назад

    cant wait for mr shill Sargent to put on a video based on joe rogans so called "sidekick" eddie bravo featuring Eric dubay. i cant wait to hear how you are gonna say what parts eric was wrong about while Patricia steer giggling in the background like the phoney bich she is. really cant wait man.

  • I'm Sleep
    I'm Sleep Год назад +1

    This nigga said he went over the north pole 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I'm Sleep
    I'm Sleep Год назад

    I love Shaq

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson Год назад

    Why just post without any commentary?

  • Mihai Gheorghe
    Mihai Gheorghe Год назад

    That dudes talks about stupidity? lel

  • Show me the evidence
    Show me the evidence Год назад

    love how they didn't play the first part of what Shaq was saying.

  • Kenneth Ballard
    Kenneth Ballard Год назад

    the horizon is always always always FLAT!!! when he was on his flight I guarantee you the nose of the plane didn't dip down as he says it did, talk about stupidity smh

  • aquame
    aquame Год назад


  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander Год назад

    Please take his challenge for a debate. These guys don't do any research yet they feel they have an authority to tell others what to think.

  • Robert Newman
    Robert Newman Год назад +2

    Ball earth is science fiction.

  • TinyApe
    TinyApe Год назад

    the ball suckers can only spew DOGMA...and even that they get wrong

  • James H
    James H Год назад

    its funny when they think they have an arguement and hearing the snob atitude about it. as if FEers dont know the same things you know from school

  • Thai Lander
    Thai Lander Год назад

    following the pattern of high profile celeb discussing Flat Earth and then giving the most ridiculous explanation why.

  • jackjack20202
    jackjack20202 Год назад

    Mark why would Lockeed martain be hiring for Jobs in Antarctica www.lockheedmartin.com.au/us/products/antarctic-support-contract/jobs-in-antarctica.html

  • James Enslaved
    James Enslaved Год назад

    What a bunch of ballbags.

  • Larry Love
    Larry Love Год назад

    the way balltard talks kills me

  • Robyn hud
    Robyn hud Год назад


  • Chicken Bubblegum
    Chicken Bubblegum Год назад +1

    did anyone else notice how he mentioned having to fly over the North Pole and back down in order to get from Dubai to San Francisco? that's a straight line on the Flat Earth.....

  • bdub2868
    bdub2868 Год назад

    whats on the other side...if its flat????

  • Majdi Aref
    Majdi Aref Год назад

    The Earth is not a sphere.

  • George of the family Karam
    George of the family Karam Год назад

    earth is flat density not gravity

  • George of the family Karam
    George of the family Karam Год назад

    stars have not changed in thousands of years ?

  • steve baker
    steve baker Год назад +1

    these guys sound so dumb. The fake ball is losing credibility by the day. People will eventually see through these people ygat use mockery to make the flat earth community look bad.

  • a1seus
    a1seus Год назад

    dudes calm down as long as they dont teach it in schools we're good.

  • Jim W.
    Jim W. Год назад

    has any human being flown over the south pole? NO

  • Jim W.
    Jim W. Год назад

    this imbocyle who has done zero research is telling me that this is stupidity!!!

  • Bhoy 10
    Bhoy 10 Год назад

    I remember the day I realised the earth is flat. Best day ever! :)

  • ILBEdTech
    ILBEdTech Год назад

    Ask them what the measurement of earth's curvature is. I bet they won't be able to even answer that. Then ask them where it has been proven (measured) in reality. They won't be able to answer because it hasn't been done. These guys are clowns and will be eating their words shortly.

  • TimidsFlicks
    TimidsFlicks Год назад

    Good shout man! Your stupidity needs to stop, I second that.

  • Brok Homz
    Brok Homz Год назад +1

    And the walls are coming down!

  • Sergelen Erdene-ochir
    Sergelen Erdene-ochir Год назад +1

    if the earth is sphere and spinning 1000 miles per hour. Then if you take helicopter and take off and stay where you are for 1 hour. Then you will find yourself 1000 miles away from where you took off?

    • MJ Lyco
      MJ Lyco Год назад

      What?! Gravity pulls objects toward each other. A helicopter moving straight up pushes down opposite the gravitational force pulling on the helicopter. If the angle relative to gravity is 0 degrees it moves 0 degrees.

    • wtf vids
      wtf vids Год назад +1

      Conservation of momentum doesn't explain why an object lifting off from the ground would follow the round curve, ergo they have to use gravity to explain it. The problem with that explanation as already mentioned - well, it's one problem out of many - is that if gravity were the thing causing objects lifting off the ground to stay in place over the moving ground and not landing at a distance relative to the shootoff angle it wouldnt be possible to travel straight up, thus fighting gravity at that point and also land in the same spot later. If u go to my channel iv'e already debunked gravitational acceleration which means that gravity is out the window anyhow.

    • MJ Lyco
      MJ Lyco Год назад

      It's not gravity its conservation of momentum. If you're on a plane going 400mph and you jump, do you fly into the back of the plane and go splat? No.

    • wtf vids
      wtf vids Год назад

      Yup, gravity is the new god. Well helped by hollywood and other institutions. Sure, things fall, no one can deny that, but to make the leap from that observation to claim that it is because we live on a ball and inside this ball is an iron core that pulls us all to the center for some reason and btw in space you can't calculate like this because it doesn't work, you have to apply another secondary theory for gravity that involves balls rolling around a curve that is invisible but totally or theoretically there because objects supposedly depress spacetime which then has to be a substance like a sheet or something and this then causes other small objects to roll around the big objects although this couldnt happen because then the moon too would create a depression and we would too and everything would but for some reason it only happens to the earth and sun.... is not very consistent.

    • rabbit rabbit
      rabbit rabbit Год назад

      +wtf vids Heil Gravity. For allowing me to make excuses for any explanation so I can continue being ignorant about being lied to my whole life.

  • Gamun Ra
    Gamun Ra Год назад

    the earth is flat with a dome there is no space!!! ruclip.com/video/fDBRhxryfZM/видео.html

  • Fleur de jasmine
    Fleur de jasmine Год назад +1

    it's flat

  • Danny R
    Danny R Год назад

    Watch history of flat earth

  • Victor Rodriguez
    Victor Rodriguez Год назад +1

    I can't believe he just said that he flew over the north pole and the earth is not flat because of it. how come these idiots not research that the earth we live on is not a globe. I have been calling people idiots to think the earth is a globe lately and had started fights . one person I fought went home with a black eye and researched it and seen me and said I see why you punched me.

    • MJ Lyco
      MJ Lyco Год назад

      Want to prove the earth is a sphere? Find the north star and take an measurement. Go south and take another measurement. With those two distances you can find the diameter of the earth. Go even further south (like Brazil) and the north star is lost over the horizon. You have a totally different set of stars because the earth is a globe and those stars are under you. Stop trolling troll.

    • Victor Rodriguez
      Victor Rodriguez Год назад

      Bumblebee I will check it out tonight thank you

  • JohnNiemsMusic
    JohnNiemsMusic Год назад +3

    The SPORTS guy never proved a thing about the ROUND BALL! hahaha

  • robotsrule
    robotsrule Год назад

    "I'm sick of it"
    This was actually hilarious

  • SoulMajorTT
    SoulMajorTT Год назад

    Little does he know.. He's the stupid one

  • Saveahamilton
    Saveahamilton Год назад +1

    the earth is flat. Sorry the education system has lied to us. LOOK IT UP!!!

  • Adam i Fe
    Adam i Fe Год назад

    The host is right about one thing,the stupidity needs to stop,believe me it is,the Globe is dead!!!!! What a difference a year makes,so many people have woke up to the Fe in the last 12 months,you can't debunk the truth!!!😀

  • James Millington
    James Millington Год назад +1


  • James Millington
    James Millington Год назад +1

    these two puppets are stupid

  • KickSomeAss
    KickSomeAss Год назад

    I'm still a closet flat earther.

  • Rick Sees
    Rick Sees Год назад +1

    gravity that thing you cant see,cant measure ,cant feel,that in my books is some bullshit dreamed up in someones head/newton to reinforce the ridiculous spinning ball,and by the way another thing the earths movement cant be measured also!!,funny that!!

  • slimjimdion
    slimjimdion Год назад

    so fucking ignorant. I'm sick of these radio folk running their mouth. shut the fuck up and listen for once. sit down and really listen and consider for one second something other than what is burned into your peanut sized understanding of the world around you

  • Hayden H
    Hayden H Год назад +1

    Well, Biblical Cosmology is true and modern monkey man science is a lie.

  • Rods 4 Truth
    Rods 4 Truth Год назад +1

    As much as I am so very frustrated, I really love these people making fun of the FE, because when the penny drops for them one day, they will have learnt a VERY BIG lesson. They are all the same these presenters. They ridicule, swear, mock, laugh, get angry and think they are intelligent. If only they understood that the joke is on them.

  • complexadaptive
    complexadaptive Год назад

    I believe what Shaq, says because he's famous....a word to the wise, If you ever run into an 8'7'' 500lb simpleton you best believe every word

  • Dameethyl Triptwthme
    Dameethyl Triptwthme Год назад

    They're right about one thing for sure. ..... The stupidity does need to stop. Flat Earth Reality!

  • EVIL Co.
    EVIL Co. Год назад

    The World Is Flat & We Are In WestWorld.

  • Will Niedrich
    Will Niedrich Год назад

    The Flat Earth movement, is the steam roller, the Flat Earth deniers didn't see coming.

  • Adotsom Adotsom
    Adotsom Adotsom Год назад +1

    Poor guy. In total denial. I think you should call his bluff and debate him Mark.

  • Rex Petrechko
    Rex Petrechko Год назад

    👍more to come. I love it, Flat's out of the box 📦

  • eftupworld
    eftupworld Год назад

    I agree with the spherical steve. The stupidity needs to stop! It's flat!

  • Nick T
    Nick T Год назад

    a grain of sand in the gears of his mind

  • Noob Saibot
    Noob Saibot Год назад

    Why don't you debate eric dubay? His argument is actually substantial and makes sense. I used to laugh just like you at the idea of flat earth, why don't you debate someone who understands the flat earth model and not casual believers? If you feel you can ''out science'' eric dubay, I'd like to see you try. What I also prefer about him is that he doesn't get so defensive like you both.

  • Rowan Sentesy
    Rowan Sentesy Год назад


  • portal2passion
    portal2passion Год назад +2

    Since flat earth exists only in your imagination then it must be true. lol lol lol lol

    • Tatenda Mutungama
      Tatenda Mutungama Год назад +1

      portal2passion you my friend are the troll of the day ..

  • shiny311
    shiny311 Год назад

    HA its on the front page of Yahoo.com for me!

  • bobber
    bobber Год назад

    Why do most of these ball earthers get so mad all the time. They need to let the air out of their heads or go jump off the edge. It's more proof that the world is gone mad, I mean brainwashed, except for Flat Earthers:)

  • Flat Earth Warrior
    Flat Earth Warrior Год назад

    This guy who keeps saying these things like he knows the earth is a ball. What a idiot he is. He is nothing but a gullible puppet.

  • Andrew ?
    Andrew ? Год назад

    Lmao over the North Pole, he doesn't realize he went in a straight line past the off limit circle

  • Andrew ?
    Andrew ? Год назад

    People saying dumb

  • CrzyFox
    CrzyFox Год назад

    hahahahaha. everything they said is indeed debatable. every. last. "proof" they just said in this video. really kiddie elementary stuff to get past to wrap your head around this concept

  • Lucas Skywalker
    Lucas Skywalker Год назад

    dumbest fucking host ever

  • SparksDrinker
    SparksDrinker Год назад

    The guy who made this video sure loves the word "triggered".