Sneaker Shopping with J Balvin | Complex

J Balvin goes sneaker shopping at Stadium Goods in New York City with Joe La Puma and talks about his upbringing in Colombia, friendship with Pharrell and how he gets new Yeezy sneakers before Kanye West.

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Автор Theofanus Urip ( назад)
By watching this vid. I already have so much respect for this guy.

Автор kjhdt 8 ( назад)
The way the interviewer said "Medellin" got me Fuuckked up 😂😂🙏🏼 I swear it's not that hard

Автор kjhdt 8 ( назад)
Aye mi papi 🇨🇴💗💗💗💗

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
Parcero 🇨🇴

Автор Junior Garcia ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with XXXTentacion

Автор Gaming With Guadalupe ( назад)
You should do one with Kodak Black

Автор King Savage ( назад)

Автор Mikael Saeed ( назад)
Does anyone know where I can get a pink jacket like the one J balvin is wearing?

Автор Nelson Flete Jr. ( назад)
Where my latinos at? J Balvin in the building

Автор Mike Evans ( назад)
Yo smack... who is this nigga ?

Автор Allen Gonzalez ( назад)
Joe stay fresh as fuck

Автор Brandon barbosa ( назад)
sneaker shopping with


Автор Brandon barbosa ( назад)

read more

Автор pule lebajoa ( назад)
Joe please get Drake on the show

Автор Cristofer Reyes ( назад)
like si eres latino

Автор Bobo ( назад)
El wacho de Balvin la tiene clara!!

Автор Paris Nouri ( назад)

Автор المكتب الهندسي ( назад)
Hi, I want some one to download my files for 1 $.

Автор Foppa ( назад)
he looks like james ellsworth except the chin

Автор BloodzStaiiFly ( назад)
oh shit. I thought he was Puerto Rican :O

Автор Almighty kingz ( назад)
sneaker shopping with Donald trump

Автор Psych Makiio ( назад)
Damn, it's weird for a Colombian to listen to someone like Nelly. especially years ago lul

Автор LA FLAME ( назад)
8:28 Pause. How the fuck did the fragments cost him 2000 dollars?

Автор Victor Siwiek ( назад)

Автор Danilo Gaitan ( назад)
sneaker shopping with Leonel messi please !

Автор Indrias Rosmeifinda ( назад)
My first thought when I heard him speak: oh, he speaks English!
Had never heard him do that before.

Автор Dario Hinojoaa ( назад)
His sweater is the same one Casey niestat wanted in one of his vlogs

Автор Jordy Jordan ( назад)
finally a latino in complex

Автор Mauro Davila ( назад)
You know you the goat when complex makes you one of the few if not the only latin artist to appear on his channel

Автор King jordan ( назад)
sneaker shops with anuel aa

Автор Teidy Cordero ( назад)
I didn't know that he spoke English 😎😎😎

Автор SBG ( назад)

Автор Mehoi ( назад)
Pick up ur ass Balvin and stop complaint about trump

Автор jayyflow22 ( назад)
nicky jam next !!

Автор sebastian pilquil ( назад)
debería tener traductor a español 😑😧😦

Автор Erik Lara ( назад)
sneaker shopping Young Thug

Автор ovo xo ( назад)
Wearing jeezys? Besides how a columbian do reggaeton when its mostly PRs

Автор krishna handoko ( назад)
yooo, what was that song in the start of the video??

Автор Andrv Music ( назад)
no se ingles alguien sabe donse esta en español

Автор Tyler Fox ( назад)
Damn I don't know who this guy is but I seen some of his songs and I am gonna explain him to all y'all who don't know him
1.he is extremely popular with these latinos
2.he has jets😂

Автор Russell Westbrook ( назад)
he made this 3 look nice. grabs 1s

Автор Rafael Muñiz ( назад)

Автор Holy Sloth ( назад)
Where he get the clothes from

Автор Shivam Samania ( назад)
indian fan here ....you guys are amazing and i just love sneakers 😍

Автор Sneakerhead On a budget ( назад)
sneaker shopping with johnny manziel

Автор Bernie Perez ( назад)
sneaker shopping with bad bunny !!!

Автор Adriana Godoy ( назад)
How does this have over a million views but only over 500k subscribers

Автор TtoTheL ( назад)
HNnnng those human race nmds plz gimme

Автор MIKE TV ( назад)
do one on the rapper kyle

Автор Miguel Hernandez ( назад)
Joe's a pusscake

Автор Johney Aimlessly ( назад)
you guys have the worst fucking interviews and guests.

Автор Lhamo Drongshar ( назад)
Where this store @ ?

Автор FamilyFirst!! ( назад)
this host is just soo fake and boring. .no chemistry with the guests. .ugly nigga too.

Автор Joel Sosa ( назад)
jBalvin so sick

Автор Tony Montana ( назад)
Spic deporting with donald trump

Автор High_Lifee ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with Martha Stewart

Автор Davon Hammond ( назад)
i can you can probably steal a pair of shoes in their

Автор Davon Hammond ( назад)
J Balvin sounds like jorge lopez or george lopez

Автор LaVirtue ( назад)
By far best episode of this just because him lmao

Автор LmaoRoshi ( назад)
Ya'll were lucky to have Jose on your show I love him so much he's so humble and such a great person sigh

Автор Bzrk Pugs ( назад)
sneaker shopping with Logic?

Автор Vimarie Lopez ( назад)
do anuel next

Автор Jervis Ho ( назад)
sneaker shopping with chief keef

Автор raka 999 ( назад)
is that saint laurent from spring 2016?

Автор blizzard guy ( назад)
sneaker shopping with Miley cryrus I mean j balvin😂😂😂

Автор ericguevara66 ( назад)
Bitch said it was 3510 but it was over 4K lol

Автор Nigga Shidori ( назад)
sneaker shopping with Anuel AA 💯🔥

Автор Aaron Ware ( назад)
That guys chill

Автор Kelvin Moreira ( назад)
sneaker shopping with nicky jam or daddy yankee next

Автор Z3D X Gaming ( назад)
Sneaker shop with that 16 year old who sells shoes

Автор lol Popo ( назад)
First time I see someone who isn't an illiterate nigger on this show.

Автор lol Popo ( назад)
Finally, an artist who isn't black and can speak english.

Автор lol Popo ( назад)
Joe looks like the kid who tries so hard to hang with cool people in school.

Dresses like a hypebeast as well.

Автор Nick Martinez ( назад)
sneaker shopping with Travis Scott

Автор Darryl The Goat ( назад)
Sneaker Shop with Wiz Khalifa

Автор Juan Manzano ( назад)
Eww hes music isssss gayy af

Автор oscar mejia ( назад)
Wait wtf
Cashier said "$3510"
Subtotal was $4220
Payed $4017.22

Автор heypeople123 ( назад)
awesome episode

Автор marlon nunez ( назад)
If ur dominican, u know who he is

Автор uniquely raquel ( назад)
Man... she said 3,000 some it was 4,000 some🤦🏽‍♀️ Lord help these latinos/as that don't know how to speak there language 🙏🏽

Автор sernagetic ( назад)
They charged him 2k for the fragments 😨

Автор Matt Bradley ( назад)
Whatsthis gayass trend with homos dying their hair crazy colors

Автор E X G L U E D ( назад)
in all the episodes he payed more than every other artist

Автор Drop Pixels ( назад)
You should do one with trill sammy

Автор Geno Herrera ( назад)
sneaker shop with Ñengo flow, or cosculluela

Автор Calvin L. Stevens ( назад)
this dude makes more money than most people on this series and yet seems like one of the most down to earth guys

Автор Danny Thomas ( назад)
go shopping with disiigner

Автор LlamaDZN™ ( назад)
Damn that cashier was fine

Автор Alexandre ( назад)
drug money life, no doubt. This guy looks mad gay though

Автор Crusade ( назад)
this dudes style was on fleek bruh

Автор Blinkyiskinky ( назад)
Trump wants the Cement wall 1's

Автор EpicGamer 23 ( назад)
They should do farruko next

Автор Jeffery Dotson ( назад)
Do one with Young Dolph

Автор robbie adams ( назад)
WoW there production got so much better. loved it

Автор Andrew Reid ( назад)
Whats the beat when their talking about yeezys???

Автор Nicholas King ( назад)
sneaker shopping with Stevie wonder

Автор delusion brain ( назад)
I don't usually care what people look like but this show is about style and they have this guy on here, he look terrible, like, really really terrible.

Автор Lonzo Ball - Will ( назад)
this nigga wack af

Автор Brian ( назад)
This nigga look like a fruity version James Ellsworth from WWE

Автор Andrew G. ( назад)
Sneaker Shopping with Emin3m

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