Northwestern Kid Crying And Screaming On Tv

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Автор Pamm Meee ( назад)
he had better be related to someone on the NW staff or his parents are seriously to blame here.

Автор Richard Benitez ( назад)
Very proud of this kid. Very honest kid. Is a high light of the tournament. Had good laughs on his behalf.

Автор Cc Cc ( назад)
This is the reaction when F-Zero Gp Legend anime got canceled

Автор Festive VinDaBeast_03 ( назад)
When they throw C4

Автор Emma Weber ( назад)
Poor kid..

Автор BingeFest1 ( назад)
Why is this comment section being such a douche to this kid. The ref made a terrible call and the kid just got upset. This was Northwestern's first ever March Madness tournament so I am sure it was very intense and nerve racking. Plus Northwestern started to come back in this game so the kid probably got extremely excited at thought of his team knocking off the 1 seed Gonzaga. Calling this kid a spoiled brat is mean especially when you have no evidence to back it up.

Автор Aaron Bennett ( назад)
Well northwestern is in Illinois so he is probably a liberal crybaby that can't accept losing and needs a participation trophy.

Автор siltysand ( назад)
spoiled dweeb

Автор PonyBob Haslam ( назад)
His outburst was nothing compared to feminazi mom when trump won. LMAO.
Lib womem are rasing a nation of pussies/.

Автор ガンダム Destiny ( назад)
this stupid kid should know there is no eternal winner in the game!

Автор ガンダム Destiny ( назад)
Retarded kid

Автор Michael King ( назад)
Guess who just found out the "everyone gets a participation medal" phase of his life is over.

Автор Steve Dubs ( назад)
He is NW's Athletic Directors son so that makes this that much worse. No really, he is the AD's son.....lmfao, not many d-bag 12 year olds but here is one on national tv.

Автор Charlie Dawson ( назад)

Автор RoyaL FoRTuNe ( назад)
glad to see people still record with ipotatoe 2

Автор Nathaniel de Labry ( назад)
Today at school, he is going to get bullied like crazy 😁

Автор Nathaniel de Labry ( назад)

Автор realmrose do ( назад)
Did he really think Northwestern was gonna win? Plus they covered the spread so why was he so upset?

Автор realmrose do ( назад)
Lil bitch

Автор Steven Slater ( назад)
If I acted like that I'd get my ass beat

Автор Chris Watson ( назад)
Spoiled brat has embarrassed himself for LIFE.

Автор Derek Snyder ( назад)
Reminds me of liberals on election night. #Kappa

Автор B. Leeann springer ( назад)
The boy needs to learn that there's winners and losers in the games of sports.  Looks rather spoiled and overindulged.  Whining and melting down, unless he's mentally challenged,  is poor coping skills.

Автор JTSK CR ( назад)
Poor kid

Автор Clay Farris ( назад)
horrible video

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