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Migos go sneaker shopping at Flight Club in Los Angeles with Joe La Puma and talk about their least favorite Jordans, getting into fights over sneakers and Adidas' current run.

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Автор Luke Norris ( назад)
Whats the beat in the intro

Автор animegreed ( назад)
Fight club sells the jordans on high prices dafuck i went to there web page and the jordan top 3s are like 400+ 😹

Автор WonTonNoodle Soup ( назад)
Is it me or is migos the most swag rappers They also got good taste

Автор Sean Hatcher ( назад)
Those J's Quavo Had Were Off The Chain

Автор Gee Ex ( назад)
This nigga TakeOff looks like a hammer shark.

Автор o Garrekt ( назад)
Why tf Yachty with them at the end lmao

Автор Lucianoo MarSx ( назад)
The first beat was dirty ! If Someone has the name, I'm a taker

Автор Lorenzo Javier ( назад)
Damn Quavo goin in hard 3:54 - 4:04 shits 🔥🔥🔥

Автор Ciara Jones ( назад)
I cannot stand quavo. You are not all that dude.

Автор Ryan ( назад)
4:35 YA DiiGG

Автор Alexandria Carrington ( назад)
Are the Migos brothers I listen to there music but I don't know if the are realated

Автор Chimaobi Amadi ( назад)
Takeoff should go of out of the group

Автор Steven YorYor ( назад)
The intro beat was dirty

Автор Charles Reyes ( назад)
Are they brothers? All of them?

Автор tomikawhite06 ( назад)
still be playing pots and pans call me quavo run with the set call me bobby when I'm stage show me bobbys

Автор A B ( назад)
Man I wish I was rich af 😔😒

Автор Zaden ( назад)
Off set is ugly

Автор Marko Ivanovic ( назад)
sneaker Shopping with migos presented by McDonalds

wait what? 🤔

When are they gonna do Sneaker shopping with lil Yachty

Автор Eric Montes ( назад)
MIGOS IS A FUCKING GROUP??!!!!! BRO on god I didn't know this. They look like triplets. Smh I'm fucking blown away 😭

Автор Ghostblade ( назад)
Please don't hate on me but... I thought Migos was one person. I was listening to some Quavo I was like, this sound like Migos. I gotta kill myself for not thinking this through.

Автор Joshua Hernandez ( назад)
lmao takeoff corrected quavo at the end when he said now 8:40

Автор kevin maldonado ( назад)
quavo looks fun to hang out with

Автор EthanVang21 ( назад)

Автор Boost_boy ( назад)
Quavo dropping fire 3:54 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

Автор lazy Fingers ( назад)
so they complain bout the mags ,but they pay a shit ton of money for those fucking peter pan like overprice ,hype af ugly ass shoes kanye make

Автор Jayden Kohn ( назад)
who else is wondering where the fuck lil yachty come from? 😂😂😂😂

Автор awab 77 ( назад)
the 14's are ugly as fuck

Автор FRESH PRINCE ( назад)
"They don't know the meaning" idk why that shit had me weak

Автор sosa general ( назад)
One of these niggas so high at 6:29 to 6:33 figure out who.

Автор BLACK SMOKE INC ( назад)
quavo should do comedy he just look funny

Автор jacob torres ( назад)
where are they at???

Автор Santa Clause ( назад)
Why is Yachty there at the end?

Автор iTz_Delukz ( назад)
do it with lil Yatchy

Автор Liz Delgado ( назад)
Mofo needa do sneaker shopping with Eric Bledsoe and Devin Booker 💯

Автор Jihaad Ward ( назад)
who else was rapping in the beginning

Автор Insanity Mixes ( назад)
Migos are dope

Автор FR3SHtillD3ATH1 ( назад)
If I don't see more than $15000 spend then this niggas ain't rich like they claiming

Автор Wm Ws ( назад)
4:26 What phone is That?.

Автор Lit all day Harmon ( назад)
Do Odell Beckham jr

Автор John Uribe ( назад)
Is this a real store if it is what's the address

Автор Jameson Gibbs ( назад)
Quavo the time of nigga to by subway and rename it datway

Автор Starkittyz ( назад)
The Holy Spirit

Автор Dmitri Bouchey ( назад)
y offset got a dress on tho?

Автор Boogie Manziel ( назад)

Автор StillHdz17 ( назад)
so yall gonna tell me that if these niggas wear diamond​ chokers, you niggas will wear diamond chokers? no mamen.

Автор Tucker Everson ( назад)
I stay in the booth! Bars for days

Listen to Panda Remix - Tuck James by Tuck James #np on #SoundCloud

Автор Simon Fletcher ( назад)
Happy to see you again!

Автор Mk 30 ( назад)

Автор Adriana Acevedo ( назад)
Anyone else saw lil yatchy

Автор NelsonFranck ( назад)
dat way , right way , all the way , her way , left way lol quavo

Автор Emma Isabella ( назад)
Now in 2017 models and singers are using the site *(AUTHENTIC HITS DOT COM)* to get fast fame on YOUTUBE..

Автор G.O.G. 44 ( назад)
Takeoff is LIT AF my nigga ! :))

Автор Princess Mo ( назад)
Offset was looking fly through

Автор Magnus Grave ( назад)
they are hating on Jordans, but they only bought jordans?

Автор Instagram - Listmanbk ( назад)
da weirdest dress niccas in da game

Автор Scout 9301 ( назад)
Migos have no talent they do not deserve to have as much money as they do

Автор RSB R GAMING ( назад)
What shirt is quavo wearing

Автор Ryan Chhurm ( назад)
Yea leg day

Автор The Answer to the ? u didn't ask ( назад)
Soulja Boy like I got a 150 hypebeasts in ATL nigga

Автор Mpthegreat ( назад)
What way is it

Автор ManofAfros ( назад)
Aye where's this beat from tho🔥

Автор kimmie pie ( назад)
Migos used to be underground rappers not everybody knew about them but they were fire

Автор John Jerez ( назад)
lmaooo look at those kids starring thru the window.

that would've been me too doe😂

Автор unknown ? ( назад)
i still match my j's with my polo's. just wore flint 13's with a white polo with the navy blue horse

Автор Jennifer Showalter ( назад)
wearing a pac/biggie shirt that says stop the violence on it but shoots his finger gun at the camera on intro.... seems like he's taking his stance on violence pretty serious lol

Автор Kyle Annese ( назад)

Автор TrueSnack 10 ( назад)
So many fresh shoes

Автор Fernando Perez ( назад)
What is the hot ass beat used in the beginning

Автор Asha Rozier ( назад)
jewerly sound fake as fuck

Автор TBshooterz 10 ( назад)
Just think of how many drug addicts joe has been with

Автор Angelo Bautista ( назад)
Lil Yachty at the end tho lol

Автор patro silva ( назад)
These guys would be the uncles that buy out the store for you everytime they come to visit

Автор Hilan ABDURHMAN ( назад)
Idk bout y'all, but when they were talking about the Mags, I was peepin at them new balances

Автор Aidan Fox-Bailey ( назад)
We need sneaker shopping with logic. That would be so lit.

Автор zach zimmerman ( назад)
Does anyone know how he laced his pharrells like that at 6:58

Автор Jaya Harris ( назад)
did y'all know that they got da same Jordans as me.

Автор Nathan Garza ( назад)
3:18 offset call ginger peanut putter I'm ded

Автор ItZ FitZ ( назад)
6:55 oh yeah dat way

Автор That Guy ( назад)
Do sneaker shopping with lil yachty next

Автор David Goldfeld ( назад)
If you put these guys and future in a room you wouldn't know the difference

Автор XXX Tentacion ( назад)
why tf is McDonald's sponsoring this

Автор T-top Okunola ( назад)
Quavo a funny ass nigga

Автор Young Moses ( назад)
Lmao they adding ad libs each time the other one talks funny as fuck

Автор sabrina taylor ( назад)
They talked about Jordan's the whole time then didn't know what the Nike mags are WHAT? 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

Автор blvck iverson ( назад)
Migos goofy as hell

Автор Matim Allah ( назад)
i expected to see a whole lotta dabbin before I watch the video

Автор Price Diggs ( назад)
He talking like he black

Автор Lilly N. ( назад)
Them blue joints at the end tho! Not sure if they were Takeoff's but they mos def stood out than the rest in my opinion.

Автор auto master ( назад)
What a song in the beginning?

Автор 2J oneH ( назад)
I hate this generation

Автор theArchive1O ( назад)
lmaoo my mom gave me taxis when i was 3
she actually found the lul toddler size taxi and gave me one of them of the pair lmao

Автор KaTheKing ( назад)
4:35 what the hell

Автор Ferm Grip ( назад)
What Eva U do... jus plea done star wrap in. Plea ba B bay be PLEASE! ha

Автор tdmbro2 ( назад)
Don't even like these guys music but they chill af in person and they seem like genuine good people

Автор Josua Groß ( назад)
Can someone tell me the name of the Instrumental at the start? sounds so dope

Автор Esther Tunde ( назад)
which one is migos

Автор Aiden Sturrup ( назад)
migo forever

Автор Gaming rule Coco ( назад)
U can see people stalking them

Автор Charlotte Bayliss ( назад)
I find Quavo extremely attractive

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