Samsung Packed 33 Million Pixels Into This!

  • I've never seen an 8K TV up close until now at #CES2020, and #Samsung's made theirs mind-blowingly sharp and vivid. There's so much to see!
    QLED 8K TVs:
    The Wall:
    The Sero:
    MicroLED Technology:
    Adaptive Picture:
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    #Samsung #CES2020

Comments • 80

  • Greg Salazar
    Greg Salazar  Month ago +43

    Better late than never! 😅 This was our first time working with Samsung - and actually my first time ever on the CES showfloor!

    • VariantAEC
      VariantAEC Month ago

      @Greg Salazar
      Did they tell you how many speakers are in the TV? Additionally how exactly do you think the AI can understand what is happening in the off-screen spaces without any pre-encoded information to work with, did they explain any of that?

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  Month ago

      @VariantAEC It actually isn't "stereo" by nature of the speaker setup in these TVs. And it sounds a heck of a lot better than an L/R setup.

    • VariantAEC
      VariantAEC Month ago

      AI audio?
      SS: [Describes how stereo audio works]
      Me: amazing -_-

    • The font of all garbage
      The font of all garbage Month ago

      @facial supremacy damn right

    • facial supremacy
      facial supremacy Month ago

      Lookin good, Greg. Absolutely oozing with professionalism here.

  • Patrickisnt
    Patrickisnt Day ago

    Greg, if you're getting into formula 1 you should also take a look at MotoGP!

  • John Amadi
    John Amadi 13 days ago

    Ah 5g

  • sujoSrW
    sujoSrW 16 days ago

    me thinking 4k is the new, high class thing:
    literally no one:

  • RomanNumeral04
    RomanNumeral04 29 days ago

    If anyone bought the keys from grey market vendors (like urscdkey or scdkeys), have you ever experienced windows deactivate after some period of time due to the keys going on the MS's blacklist?

  • Hyoroemon Meto
    Hyoroemon Meto Month ago

    watching in 480p youtube

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    Technology is plateauing.

  • Vinny Nguyen
    Vinny Nguyen Month ago

    Maybe Intel GPUs may be enough for 8k gaming

  • Iron-Bran
    Iron-Bran Month ago +1

    Honestly in my opinion I think a lot of these TVs are unnecessary. Think about it, you go to these stores and conferences and you see STUNNING visuals and colors POP and everything is crazy sharp. But that's because they took that footage specifically for that tv. It would be useless for a normal person to have. TV shows arent shot in 8k resolution and they color grade their footage differently than the stock instore footage. So you end up paying loads of money for the same quality of something you could get at a lower price

  • PIGG Radio
    PIGG Radio Month ago

    Hello Greg.
    New subscriber here. Really enjoying your content, I like your presentation style. Cheers!

  • Chemy Torres
    Chemy Torres Month ago

    I don't watch TV and I want the flip one

  • KimiDesu
    KimiDesu Month ago

    Looks like you really upgraded to a full tech journalist now. Congrats!

  • James
    James Month ago

    Got a KICK ARSE ebay sory about a return/loophole and ripped off issues... still exists. How do I contact you?

  • Cedric Crawley
    Cedric Crawley Month ago

    That thing looks insane... Hopefully one day I'll make it to CES

  • Eriko. Oy
    Eriko. Oy Month ago

    What are you talking about? I can see the pixels Kappa

  • Frank Jeuring
    Frank Jeuring Month ago

    Yet another misleading thumbnail image.... 😑

  • Goldenhordemilo
    Goldenhordemilo Month ago

    how high can it go using DSR 16K

  • ezar howard
    ezar howard Month ago

    Unnecessary technology. An 8k TV that size serves no purpose in the real world.

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony Month ago

    Hell yeah another person whos into F1, i got into it mid season last year, hella badass huh😀😀👍

  • Søren
    Søren Month ago +1

    Lol that rotating tv is such a bad gimmick.

  • Zinou TheBeast
    Zinou TheBeast Month ago

    Science studio .... Salazar studio .... lets go with Greg Slazar seems decent

  • P J
    P J Month ago

    PC sniffes at 8k/144hz gaming.. next gen consoles finally can handle 1080P@120FPS High/Ultra..

  • Kepler
    Kepler Month ago +1

    I want that rotating monitor for a huge format comic reading display

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama Month ago

    Glorified ad.

  • Samdaboss Gaming
    Samdaboss Gaming Month ago

    I guarantee the comments are saying : “Me HeRE wITh mY 720p mOniTer/tV”

  • Dmitry Rudoy
    Dmitry Rudoy Month ago

    They should have called the wall TV "Parlor Wall", as in Fahrenheit 451

  • EthanDog
    EthanDog Month ago +3

    Could you see "The Wall" replacing movie theater protectors in the future?

    • Tom R
      Tom R Month ago

      those "tiles" have been around a while ( work in a trade show related industry and have built with them) and I have never actually seen the 8k tiles, but the 4k and 1080 ones have been around for a while. I think the 8k limitations were just something to drive them. The 1080 tiles where over $600 each and the 4k Where close to $800 each... Short answer I'm sure a 20 ft (Tile 12X12 inch) screen in 8k would be a butt load of money... maybe the price will drop in the future.

    • Psilocybe Cubensis
      Psilocybe Cubensis Month ago +1

      Only the one's is major, rich cities. Maybe a few years to a decade from now though.

  • WikiForce
    WikiForce Month ago

    I hate samsung, they are overpriced.

  • cryohellinc
    cryohellinc Month ago

    Meanwhile living in a third world I can only dream of this.

  • David Cole
    David Cole Month ago

    Didn't you change the name of your Channel?

  • freak777power
    freak777power Month ago

    I find 4K useless let alone 8k, in fact all of that is so useless that I switched to CRT for gaming and it is the best thing I have done. No 8k tv beats CRT Sony 21” Monitor

  • Bjørn Bentsen
    Bjørn Bentsen Month ago

    Sorry Samsung... First off all "Qled" is just a glorified LED.. nothing like "OLED" wich is much much better then "Qled" I would never advise any 1 buying a Samsung tv atm.

  • The Shape
    The Shape Month ago

    Dell already has an 8k 32" monitor needing dual displayport cables. Unless you have sli turing based Titans you are not playing much on it.

  • fajar adi Pradana
    fajar adi Pradana Month ago

    Dat auto rotate screen is awesome!

  • Linden Arden
    Linden Arden Month ago

    for what I've heard The wall is not really microled

  • JoTech
    JoTech Month ago +1

    0:37 That Monkey is trying to say high in 8k Greg! Haha. Seriously those 8k tv's are insane. Can't wait to size my own tv for home theater.

  • Crash Gaming
    Crash Gaming Month ago

    You missed the LG REAL 8K boot because Samsung is sponsoring you ?!
    How lame...

  • Duncan
    Duncan Month ago

    And here I was think CES was pointless this year, this is some seriously interesting tech with a lot of potential, especially the modular screens.

  • Mike A
    Mike A Month ago

    Aliens crashed in Korea and are now working at Samsung.

  • Betroz
    Betroz Month ago

    No point in getting a 8K TV when there is almost no content available in 8K yet. Most content are in 720p, 1080p and 4K rez and will be for some time.

  • Braheem Hazeem
    Braheem Hazeem Month ago

    8k definitally has a purpose on a huge ass tv like this, but I think for the standard user with a 60-80 inch tv, 4k is just fine and you aren't going to see any difference.

  • thesilviu silviu
    thesilviu silviu Month ago

    Hopefully in the near future I don't have to paint my walls again and again and again...

  • Cj Concepcion
    Cj Concepcion Month ago

    QLED (VA) vs OLED vs Nano-IPS

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO Month ago

      What's your point???

  • Ionut Cosmin
    Ionut Cosmin Month ago

    ya ill watch from my phone cuz i love the audio delay from samsung tv to phone. its your job and i love most of your stuff but this is bunch of tech thats not gonna get used for a long time. and isnt even that great now to begin with. this is just corporate shit to show which dick is bigger. isnt about consumers. they cant care less

  • Nik
    Nik Month ago

    And where the hell do you expect to get 8K content? Don't even think about streaming it.

  • pooper12
    pooper12 Month ago +1

    the human eye cannot see no more than 720p

    • Tom R
      Tom R Month ago

      Is that per eye?

  • Stefan Etienne The Verrge Representative

    The human eye can't even see more than 240p.

  • Gamevet
    Gamevet Month ago

    What, no 8K video? :p

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf Month ago

    Very nice but so expensive right now. This will be the thing to wait for though in the future when the prices come down. I looked at a display model at a best buy store in Texas and it was a 50 inch Samsung and it was 8,000 dollars and of course it was 8k. To be honest I would take a 4k tv anyday though and there prices will drop way off as these new 8k models start to sell.

    NISCHAL TIWARI Month ago

    Samsung wall, the TV barney has

  • VariantAEC
    VariantAEC Month ago

    MicroLED or as Sony calls it Crystal LED displays that can be made to order have been a thing for a while now.
    [Spelling corrections, I sneezed]

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO Month ago +1

      2012 was when Sony showed off CLEDIS (Crystal LED)

  • sean
    sean Month ago +2

    5:58 Instead of having triple monitors with bezels in between or a really big curved gaming monitor I hope one day we will be able to buy 3 of those panels and stick them together to make one big one.

  • err0r0b0
    err0r0b0 Month ago +1

    In a few years, porn will be really nasty..

  • Dext
    Dext Month ago +2

    They don't even make a lot of true 4K content yet. So it really is pointless to even worry about 8K. Most stuff is shot in 2K because of the cost to do CGI effects in true 4K.

    • Tom R
      Tom R Month ago

      4k porn is almost non-existent, whats the point of having 8k and do you really want to see that much detail

    • Dext
      Dext Month ago

      @PSYCHO nope.

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO Month ago

      Not true. Most stuff nowadays is shot in 4K or MAYBE even 8K BUT the D.I. is mastered in 2K.

  • jose 7tech
    jose 7tech Month ago

    thats cool shit right there

  • xxxBeijamin Arrolaxxx

    this guy's head is huuge

  • J453
    J453 Month ago

    8K tv but barley any 4K content.....and average internet speed is 25Mbps

    • Tom R
      Tom R Month ago

      so I can watch the buffering circle in 8k on porn hub?

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO Month ago

      Average is around 50Mbps now in the U.S. last time I checked.

  • Lucas's Technic Corner

    guys... samsung invented stereo audio. This is revolutionary...


  • Ethan Gallagher
    Ethan Gallagher Month ago

    I think all of that is really cool but personally I think the Sero is really gimmicky.

  • Bobzillaaaful
    Bobzillaaaful Month ago +1

    only 1000 payments of $1000 ! :D

  • Julien Johnson
    Julien Johnson Month ago

    3 ppl came extra early just to dislike must be the ppl from facebook market

  • Joe Doing Random
    Joe Doing Random Month ago +14

    Holy crap, they finally made a TV for those with vertical phone syndrome!

  • Benjamin Rabe
    Benjamin Rabe Month ago

    Thanks for showing the video I’m hooked on the 8 k tv 📺 naw I hope I start to build a home soon to put that tv in

  • Killertruth186
    Killertruth186 Month ago

    Sound like Samsug should change their slogan to, Technology Tomorrow.

  • cameron williams
    cameron williams Month ago +4

    CES 2020?? how long was this video in review?
    No worries Greg we love your content

  • KillerReign _
    KillerReign _ Month ago +2

    That rotating tv looks great but irl I don’t think I’ll ever use it. It’s more of a gimmick I’ll probably use to flex if anything.

    • Tom R
      Tom R Month ago

      is that really flexing? Wouldn't having a person that comes in pulls out your testicles, washes, dries and then puts them neatly away .. that's flexing, What you don't have a personal ball washer?

    • KillerReign _
      KillerReign _ Month ago

      @Tom R Depends on the person, Im not the type to by things to show off but things that I can actually benefit from

    • Tom R
      Tom R Month ago

      my TV is already horizontal - seems very gimmicky (would you buy it for that feature alone)

  • theldun1
    theldun1 Month ago +3

    Just more toys for the rich.. yay........

  • Achromaniac
    Achromaniac Month ago +1

    1:17 Note Squad! Yeet!

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 Month ago +1

    Samsung is doing a lot of cool stuff. The only thing I can't think of a particularly practical use for is the Sero... Although all the content I watch is 16:9 landscape, so maybe there's an audience who watches a fair mix of landscape and portrait stuff. Practicality concerns aside though, it's cool. But I'm more interested in the high resolution and panel displays

    • Killertruth186
      Killertruth186 Month ago +1

      @DoctorX17 Yeah, now that you had mentioned it. I do as well.

    • DoctorX17
      DoctorX17 Month ago +1

      @Killertruth186 yeah, probably. Or at least the connection between the base and panel. I'd be really instead in seeing how that works

    • Killertruth186
      Killertruth186 Month ago +1

      Same, but I think the rotors on the rotating panel would be the first issue that the panel would fail.

  • Marco Lukas
    Marco Lukas Month ago +4

    The real problem is scaling problems. Very very sadly my old favorite games and classics wont support 4k better yet 8k pixels on those 49inch monster monitors.😔

    • Robert T
      Robert T Month ago

      Duncan . So yes, yes they are.

    • Duncan
      Duncan Month ago

      @Robert T Nvidia have had it in control panel for a while and AMD just added it to the 2020 driver suite.

    • Robert T
      Robert T Month ago +1

      Aren't the GPU manufacturers updating their drivers and such to support scaling to these resolutions? You can't play the game at 8k, but you can play the game at 1080 scaled to 8k.

  • Eskimonster
    Eskimonster Month ago +1

    i realy like the idea of tile tv´s

  • XpodX
    XpodX Month ago

    Nice video bro. Excited to get a 8k monitor and tv someday

  • JB2
    JB2 Month ago +15

    TV tiles seem like a good idea, I can imagine the versatility of such a design.

  • Nate Randall
    Nate Randall Month ago +14

    I just can't wait for the day when a single consumer GPU can happily and easily game on an 8k tv/monitor. It was mind boggling for me when 4k gaming became really feasible.

    • KimiDesu
      KimiDesu Month ago

      Jeff Suttles I’m glad you mention e-sports and gamers stifling monitor innovation. We will never get to 8k IPS in the PC space (for cheap) because everyone just accepts using 1080p TN panels. I’m an artist and I wish I could have an inexpensive 8k IPS panel. I hate seeing pixels.

    • Jeff Suttles
      Jeff Suttles Month ago

      With AMD dragging their feet over the last ten years and Nvidia having no competition on the high end, I don't ever see that happening even if someone would be willing to pony up $10K for a single 8K 60+ FPS capable GPU. Plus we have too many people into e-sports games that hate on high res graphics. Low demand means no motivation for GPU development.

  • Lon6ly
    Lon6ly Month ago

    Idk if it’s just me, but at the very start the light from the screen made your face look like it was playing in 720p

  • Patrick Williamson
    Patrick Williamson Month ago +9

    Would love to have a 8K TV without pulling out a Loan to buy it. Haha

    • Patrick Williamson
      Patrick Williamson Month ago

      @Final Phantasma yea most content is still 1080P at this time anyways.

    • Final Phantasma
      Final Phantasma Month ago +2

      Better off waiting until the resolution is better supported. Though I’m curious how it would play with 4K streaming since 8K streaming is a few years out.

  • Braden Hill
    Braden Hill Month ago +43

    Samsung: how many pixels do you want?
    Greg: YES

  • XpodX
    XpodX Month ago

    It's 33,177,600

    • XpodX
      XpodX Month ago

      @Greg Salazar oof. I hear ya. You're more of a successful RUclipr so you know how to put stuff, i just like more exact 👌 thanks for replying

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  Month ago +3

      I'm aware. It's called rounding.

  • Rudy
    Rudy Month ago +1

    bro, just use 4k and DSR up to 8k. duh

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