What's inside Moto Mods?

We CUT OPEN the Moto Mods!! Thanks to the folks at Lenovo for making this video happen. You can learn about the new Moto Z family of smartphones and Moto Mods, including the Hasselblad True Zoom, Moto Insta-Share Projector and JBL SoundBoost Mods at http://bit.ly/2aQNn9T. #MotoMods

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Автор William hayes ( назад)
I watched this on a Moto z play

Автор shawn Kaas ( назад)

Автор Sujal magar ( назад)
nice phone... how much all features mod style?

Автор Bradoc's vlogs ( назад)
I got a phone when I was 5

Автор rayees Shareef ( назад)
Only the projector

Автор R.I.P.D Clash Royale ( назад)

Автор Ryan Jose Pangilinan ( назад)
Can I Have that? :(

Автор Wild Kratt ( назад)
the projector

Автор minvydas mc ( назад)
im 9years old an i have iphone 7

Автор Gordon Yap ( назад)
Why... omg.. my heart drops when the mods got taken apart.. I've been using Motorola since Startac.. and one thing for sure, they are indeed the innovator. They had change many scenes in cell phone history.. after all they were the pioneers. Ever since google took over their Project Ara, i guess they just wan to continue with mods. And there you go they did it n Google still couldn't release the Ara tat Motorola had prototype it. I'm sure more mods with appear soon.

Автор Reaper._.Gaming ( назад)
Someone please tell me what the music is called that was played with the speaker mod?

Автор Manu shetty ( назад)
camera one

Автор Daniel Sabas ( назад)
cool but I really like the camera look a like one :)

Автор Smartness overloaded Only for youtubers ( назад)
Add video what's inside a iPad Air 2

Автор rolando carter ( назад)
im 10

Автор HunterVP_ Servant4TheLord ( назад)
Someone made a channal called "I Like Pie" and the only thing on it is a ten hour loop video of Licoln singing i like pie what the heck lol

Автор Sum burn boy Rising ( назад)

Автор ShotOnTarget ( назад)

Автор Mrbadboy 132 ( назад)

Автор ellah denise mendez ( назад)
I hav a phone 7 years old

Автор Rupusetä ( назад)
do you give me motomod projetor pls👍

Автор Anup Mule ( назад)
First Projector and then the JBL speakers...

Автор PrinceGaming ( назад)
i would want the projector

Автор XAVTee V ( назад)

Автор XAVTee V ( назад)

Автор XAVTee V ( назад)

Автор Kishan Patel ( назад)
JBL speakers

Автор Kareem ( назад)
The camera

Автор nathan callaway ( назад)
can i have one!

Автор Everything Topic? ( назад)
I'm ten and I've only an iPad mini 3...

Автор parashy 10 ( назад)
true zoom because I'm a youtuber

Автор Tezlag Trip ( назад)
I have an Android Moto E 2nd gen

Автор Conball ( назад)
camera one

Автор Miguel Gonzalez ( назад)
the one that takes a picture and the one that makes it bigger for your shows in the one the other one that you can watch louder

Автор The best Channel ( назад)
You should try to cut open a DVD player

Автор Adalia Redd ( назад)
cut open a J b l flip 3

Автор Dennis Zblewski ( назад)
all three of them

Автор JIWAN JYOT ( назад)

Автор Lexianne Chircop ( назад)
I'm only seven and I have a phone 📱

Автор Elliott Devaney ( назад)

Автор George cable Hooyah ( назад)
U can use the camera lense as a pop socket

Автор D Allen ( назад)

Автор TheTrickliner ( назад)
i would have speaker

Автор Christian Kyrmse ( назад)
Projector #ilikepie

Автор Jack Skeleton 2 ( назад)
I like pie

Автор saber samuri ( назад)
this is funny because I have moto

Автор Kaden Grill ( назад)

Автор YUDO RANDOM ( назад)
the projector

Автор Carlos Obeng ( назад)
my first phone was nokia😭😭

Автор Jason Miller ( назад)

Автор FireTail Animations ( назад)

Автор GunsAndClips ( назад)
I'm 16 and im getting my first phone!

Автор Pokemon Card Collecter ( назад)
I got my phone at 8 years old

Автор Leo Todd ( назад)
everybody knows what pie is !!! why is it so yummy ??? I love pie! I Love Pie! I LOVE PIE ! it's so yummy ! i know but do you like pizza??😋😋😋😋

Автор Leo Todd ( назад)
everybody knows what pie is !!! why is it so yummy ??? I love pie! I Love Pie! I LOVE PIE ! it's so yummy ! i know but do you like pizza??😋😋😋😋

Автор Omar Messouak ( назад)
I have a question for you if you would choose what would you cut
Your son or your daughter

Автор Omar Messouak ( назад)
I have a phone and I'm 7

Автор Bharat Patel ( назад)
Lincoln take your dads phone and put in the trash

Автор Akani 6886 ( назад)

Автор LoopTube ( назад)
Money wasting fools. Still love your vids tho. Lol

Автор Ayyan Ashfaq ( назад)
I'm 11 and I don't have a phone

Автор K Steimle ( назад)
my mom used to work for Motorola

Автор Henry Phillips ( назад)
How do you make an electric skateboard

Автор Lamborghini lover ( назад)
wow first phone am ten and i got a phone at 7

Автор Nicholas Garcia ( назад)
The projector

Автор Luke Stefani ( назад)
i would have the projector mod out of all of them

Автор Graciela Rosales ( назад)
How old is Lincoln

Автор Rudewild2boyz Playz ( назад)
I have the Moto z froce

Автор Skating dude Frankie ( назад)
I am 7 and I have a phone

Автор Angel Avila ( назад)
wow lincon

Автор JAMES HALL ( назад)
He's only like ten years old

Автор Maryland Bassin' ( назад)
10 is not long

Автор Jj Vb ( назад)
flip phone 😂😂😂

Автор Kyle Uy ( назад)
Pls. Make a video about what's inside a Fitbit

Автор Pulse Rifle Gaming ( назад)
a 10 yr old with a phone wtf? i got one when i was 16 lol

Автор Sunita kulkarni Kulkarni ( назад)
best watch Abc song with music vaibhav laxmi Puja in Marathi s music jhakaas recipes senorita's kitchen watch.

Автор Buechler Kids ( назад)

Автор TDM fan 2.0 ( назад)
Their just made with a mother board and a battery

Автор PJ Shelton ( назад)
Like I pie pie pie yummy some pie/ fee gooleg good fee fee fee A Joj

Автор Brattychicken 1122 ( назад)
what's Lincolns number

Автор Max mlg Playz ( назад)
I'm 9 and I have an iPhone 6s

Автор Adrian Arencibia ( назад)
for me i should'nt aloud him use a phone but im just saying 😐

Автор Tyler Bach ( назад)
What's Inside A 3d Printing pen!? (get lincoln one too, they're fun!!!

Автор mudkipz ( назад)
im 10 and i have my phone all the time.

Автор Josh Abernethy ( назад)

Автор JACOB HUGHES 1029 ( назад)
I upgraded from a iPhone 4s to the 7 plus

Автор DucksterKing ( назад)
Cut open my brothers iPhone 6s Plus

Автор kiwi potato ( назад)
moto z saved by Lincoln :)

Автор Graeme Reinhart ( назад)
I don't have a phone and I'm 11 tomorrow so yeah btw ik I'm not getting a phone tomorrow and I'm in mexico

Автор Dhruv Dhiman ( назад)
sooo cute boy
I will always be giving a thumbs up

Автор Bro Perfect-Sports Trick Shots! ( назад)
I'm 9 and I got mine when I was 6

Автор Non Ya ( назад)
Lucky guy. I'm getting my Moto Z Play on Wednesday.

Автор Lucky The Orange Cat ( назад)
This channel is very dumb, breaking inside expensive items like phones, and they sell the stuff thats not worth anything anymore, Give these stuff to the poor and not broken ones.

Автор lien fung ( назад)
I got my iPhone when I was 8

It was a iPhone6+

Автор Stephen Reilly ( назад)
con grats linkonf

Автор Quintin Castillo ( назад)
Watch Lincoln drop the phone

Автор Maximus Van Eyk ( назад)
lol Lincon saved Dan's phone XD

Lincon: Da Da Dad
Dan: what?
Lincon: phones on there!
Dan: oh

Автор Kees F ( назад)
I want the camera and speaker

Автор outro guy ( назад)
i would like the projector one
or speaker

Автор Buzzy Mees ( назад)
lmao i had my first iphon when i was 7 xD

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