What's inside Moto Mods?

We CUT OPEN the Moto Mods!! Thanks to the folks at Lenovo for making this video happen. You can learn about the new Moto Z family of smartphones and Moto Mods, including the Hasselblad True Zoom, Moto Insta-Share Projector and JBL SoundBoost Mods at http://bit.ly/2aQNn9T. #MotoMods

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Автор outro guy ( назад)
i would like the projector one
or speaker

Автор Buzzy Mees ( назад)
lmao i had my first iphon when i was 7 xD

Автор Richard Hacker ( назад)
Out of all 3 mototo mods I wholud have the loud spewqker one

Автор shebbela bella ( назад)
i would like the speaker one

Автор foxyandmangleplays ( назад)
you guys sould. keep it.

Автор Angel Vasquez ( назад)
what's in a JBL speaker

Автор brandon _d777 ( назад)
the speaker one

Автор Tucker Lockhart ( назад)
Why do people watch these guys

Автор Otto dykes ( назад)
i like pie pie pie pie yummy pie pie so yummy in fummy tummy pie pie pie so yummy yummy pie pie pie yummy in fummy tummy

Автор Mirlind LIFE ( назад)
start at 4:14 ***it will help

Автор Hawks_For_Life_45 ( назад)

Автор Kimona Matthew ( назад)
I got my first phone when I was 7 years

Автор Kimona Matthew ( назад)
I have that phone

Автор Rahul Chandra ( назад)
Like to say that Lincoln needs moto mods

Автор Randomosity & Co ( назад)
I wouldn't want any because apple is superior. #appleftw

Автор Jorge Vera ( назад)
I have all of them except the camera, they are pretty good.

Автор JB Gamer Joshua Bryan the gamer ( назад)
I moto phone and moto mods.

Автор Octavio 49 ( назад)
what happens when you cut open Moto mods

Автор Titus Kalka ( назад)
I got my first phone when I was 6 it was a iPhone 3

Автор Daymian Hayes ( назад)
I have the JBL sound boost, and it's amazing. You could buy a better Bluetooth speaker for the money, but what your paying for is the ease of use and portability.

Автор bada33 aiden ( назад)
I was 7 when I got my first phone

Автор Lawrence Caponpon ( назад)
I'm 9 and I have a phone

Автор Noah Battleson ( назад)
I like pie pie pie I like pie pie pie it is so yummy

Автор Noah Battleson ( назад)
Hello moto

Автор B vlogs ( назад)

Автор Malini Chotoo ( назад)
i like the camera the best

Автор the llama squad ( назад)
camera is the best

Автор Lincoln Quick ( назад)
Buy the boy a iPhone with the YouTube money u have

Автор Elevenketchup49 - Minecraft & More! ( назад)
Neglected? I'm 11 & I don't have a phone.

Автор Nicholas Justin ( назад)
Whats inside the EARTH

Автор Nicholas Justin ( назад)
Whats insie

Автор bbranddonnENT ( назад)
Lmao he's wearing yeezys I'm dead

I want all of them

Автор 46highpeaks46 ( назад)
You guys are so cool

Автор suheri ginting ( назад)
what's inside your heart.
from indonesian

Автор vhelma richardson ( назад)
7 choose the projector

what i would to have those and your cutting then up😢😭

Автор JpH03J03 ( назад)
I would want the projector for netflix😂😂😂

Автор silvia abreu ( назад)
How old is Lincoln

Автор Kid Robot gameing and more ( назад)
I like pie

Автор rhyse compton ( назад)
I have had a phone since I was 4 now i am 11 I was lucky on my bday I went to a shop I didn't no where we were going but we went to get me a iPhone 5 for me

Автор Nathan Dorado ( назад)
what's inside a Apple Mac pro

Автор Ryanator ( назад)
Hello motto

Автор Animatowner Paravida ( назад)
I like pie!!!!!

Автор sean Hunt ( назад)
I gave a 6s and I am 10

Автор damen cope ( назад)
I want the speaker

Автор Cool Dude95 ( назад)

Автор Spuds Astro Swift ( назад)
Make it go make this comment get me 1000 likes and I will make it a song

Автор Spuds Astro Swift ( назад)
Let's make it go viral

Автор Spuds Astro Swift ( назад)
I like pie let's make that a song

Автор Jacob Cruz ( назад)
I would want the projector and your videos are amazing

Автор ZubirVlogs Blog ( назад)
Hello I don't really like videos but this deserves a like cool phones 👍

Автор PyroarEX ( назад)
Do what's inside a kindle fire

Автор suited zombie ( назад)
Who wants the Speaker? Who wants the Projector? Who wants the Zoomer?

Автор Averi Woodley ( назад)
I would have the m all

Автор Sprint Phone ( назад)
amazing to see a dad and his son having fun... God bless

Автор Ricky RickHackerBro ( назад)
i get my first phone at age 6 and i'm 8 right now

Автор Jacob Sande ( назад)
What's inside silica gel

Автор Jacob Sande ( назад)
What's inside a Fitbit

Автор Esteban Aldaba ( назад)
What's inside everything

Автор popularmmosislife ( назад)

Автор Nicolas Henao ( назад)
I cant choose i think it could have been the speaker and the projector

Автор Plieallday 4ever ( назад)

Автор eltrobroBlast YT ( назад)
do a what's inside the Moto Z

Автор butterkeks tv !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( назад)
pls bomb what's inside

Автор Montgomery Parks ( назад)

Автор JOSH VLOGS ( назад)
what's inside a Xbox 1 ???

Автор JOSH VLOGS ( назад)
I'm watching on my Moto with the JBL speaker

Автор Myles Kennedy ( назад)
I would take the camera one

Автор Enderman Plays ( назад)
I like pie I like pie I like pie it's so yummy

Автор Jazkade ( назад)
Lincoln is so lucky to have a Dad like Dan. I don't even have a dad.

Автор Jack the gaming channel ( назад)
Lincoln get a screen protector

Автор Jack the gaming channel ( назад)
same one as me and same color with gold rim

Автор Creacher121 Sherrod ( назад)
These nuts

Автор Viizen ( назад)
I'm 6 and I have a Nokia 3310

Honestly though, why are you kids saying your age on this video so much? Seriously...

Автор Katie The Gaming Unicorn ( назад)
I'm older than lincon and I'm stuck with an iPad mini and two used iPhone 4s

Автор IA Vagabond ( назад)
watching on my Motorola Moto Z Play

Автор Cadyn Johnson ( назад)
Whats that phone

Автор Emma Cus ( назад)
I have one

Автор soahib baig ( назад)
never got the phone i am 19 come on

Автор denny widyatmoko ( назад)
whats inside in my mind...

Автор kaleb Hannan ( назад)
that is cool

Автор Pokemon Collectives ( назад)
He is 10 and has a moto z and I have an old Nokia 3310 I am 12

Автор Tempestpancake ( назад)
I got a flip phone when I was 9

Автор kaj rasmussen ( назад)

Автор Kawaiiwolf AJ ( назад)
I got my first phone when I was 7

Автор foxy lover 123 ( назад)
i like pie

Автор Samantha Stanley ( назад)
What the heck you are rich💰💰💰

Автор Rylan Musclow ( назад)
I like pie to

Автор partyrock withfriends ( назад)

Автор Alex Estrada ( назад)

Автор Tomas Bielcik ( назад)

Автор What Will Happen ? ( назад)

Автор Dina Schager ( назад)
I like pie pie pie I like pie pie pie I like pie pie pie it's so good

Автор hamza hashem ( назад)
i would pick the projector because I can watch a big screen on the cealing while I am on my bed

Автор Lorena Egan ( назад)
i would want the jbl

Автор Steven Narine ( назад)
Sooooooo pie song?

Автор Jordan Carlson ( назад)

Автор Mohamed Alaa ( назад)
what's the name of back ground music in 5:08 second,please?please

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