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  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • LAUGH!
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  • PushingMango929
    PushingMango929 23 minutes ago

    Loved the song!

  • Rainbow Dash Gamer

    04:57 Relatable man!

  • Julie Foster
    Julie Foster 5 hours ago

    Make a song of it makes me happier

  • Dire Wolfgaming
    Dire Wolfgaming 6 hours ago

    LAUGH is good for you Jack

  • Perhaps Perhaps
    Perhaps Perhaps 6 hours ago

    Roses are red
    Yes, that's true.
    Violets are violet,

  • TBCrazy
    TBCrazy 7 hours ago

    This is definitely the funniest episode of jse funniest home videos

  • Jessa Dela Cruz
    Jessa Dela Cruz 7 hours ago

    fisrt video was toilet and talking about toilets i need to go and do my work at the toilet XD im not joking i need to poop

  • Blooper Dooper
    Blooper Dooper 9 hours ago

    Jesus I had one of those toothbrushes when I was a kid...

  • Tdm100 1234
    Tdm100 1234 10 hours ago

    Why you bully the board

  • Tiffany Rae
    Tiffany Rae 11 hours ago

    That intro was everything! 🙌💕

  • nova blossom
    nova blossom 13 hours ago

    I had a lady gaga toothbrush

  • Trenton Tyra
    Trenton Tyra 16 hours ago

    I love the beginning of the video, put him in America Got Talent 😤

  • Keagan Kalbfleisch
    Keagan Kalbfleisch 16 hours ago

    5:12 I was doing pretty well at trying not to laugh until that part 😂😂😂

  • DJCalvin93 //Wowgaming
    DJCalvin93 //Wowgaming 17 hours ago

    My mom can cook food under five minutes

  • Zarvix Gaming
    Zarvix Gaming 17 hours ago

    Those crock pot meals are actually legit! I've made tons of soups, ribs, pulled pork, etc in crock pots. It is great to start before work so when you come home the meal is done! It doesn't burn because it cooks nice and slow!

  • Boi
    Boi 18 hours ago

    I love the beginning song

  • Dylan Jester
    Dylan Jester 18 hours ago

    Jack:bowl light changes colors green white and have we mentioned orange
    Me:who noticed he used Irish colors

  • Gamerwarrior 82
    Gamerwarrior 82 18 hours ago

    WE ARE........................................LAUGH!!!!!!!!!

  • metzeri benitez
    metzeri benitez 19 hours ago

    Just dump and go tuats how i do it in the mall restrom

  • Isabelle DeMoss
    Isabelle DeMoss 21 hour ago

    Dude,it’s just cream and mushroom soup.

  • Andrew Williams Vlogs And Games

    Make a new channel that is just powerhour

  • Steph.hehe
    Steph.hehe 22 hours ago +2

    Amazing singing at the start Sean 😂

  • Sherbert Cupcake
    Sherbert Cupcake 22 hours ago +1

    The intro at speed 0.25 is actually really creepy and demonic sounding

  • Napcola
    Napcola Day ago


  • Emmanuel Aguazim

    jack not to be rude but people do go to the sauna te sweat out stuff

  • Napcola
    Napcola Day ago

    6:33 My mom makes the exact same thing except for with chicken. Same brands and everything. It’s really I promise it’s always been my favorite! 😭😭😭
    EDIT: I’ve had a roast made in a crockpot with Dr. Pepper and it’s really good too!

  • Jane Hrouda
    Jane Hrouda Day ago +1

    I'm watching a play list of these and I'm now laughing so hard my ribs feel like they want to jump out of me and run away!

  • Slayer5554 Live
    Slayer5554 Live Day ago +1

    Anyone else think jack would be an amazing dad?

  • Eiraphemia Kuze
    Eiraphemia Kuze Day ago

    M is for major depressive issues!
    E is for everyone always leaves!
    M is for mental instability!
    E is for eagerly awaiting death!
    S is for someone please love me!

  • Chibi Plutia
    Chibi Plutia Day ago

    When it's obvious that Jack has never cooked a meal in his life.

  • DrDalek
    DrDalek Day ago

    Holy crap at 4:08 I laughed so hard

  • Have A Drink
    Have A Drink Day ago

    damnit i was expecting a bass drop but it was just LAUGH

  • Say furries are best and you'll grt a like

    Or you can just go to a restaurant for cathy

  • Just Be Still
    Just Be Still Day ago

    The poop one is funny

  • Animalistic122
    Animalistic122 Day ago

    Want another soda secret Clifford?

  • Lord Cabbage
    Lord Cabbage Day ago

    Dude do you know what crock pots look like... like dude they always look like garbage but still taste good

  • Boda Cious
    Boda Cious Day ago

    what do i get? i get failure. :'

  • BerriesAndBooks
    BerriesAndBooks Day ago

    L is for Lovers, who love one another!
    A is for Ass, of which I like to eat,
    U is for Ur the only one for me,
    G is for the only, Gamer I see!
    H is for Happy, I always feel it,
    When you put it together, what do you get?

  • NicolePlayzGamez 2007_11


    xxEMOxLIZZARDxx Day ago

    I'm not going to lie, the crock pot meals ACTUALLY look good and I really want to try some of them.
    The poop trap makes it look like the dog ate a condom and it's slowly being pooped out.

  • Olici
    Olici 2 days ago

    At 2:25 what is that music?! I need it in my life

  • Marko Krstić
    Marko Krstić 2 days ago +1


  • Felicity aka The Skipper

    Don't use the sauna pants, use what I call "foot pads."
    How they work: put the bead pouch on the sticky pad, put it on your feet. Wear socks while you sleep. The following morning, when you wake up and take off those pads you can see what was in your body.

  • Xco Productions
    Xco Productions 2 days ago +2

    Robin just has so much fun editing!

  • Agent Texes
    Agent Texes 2 days ago

    12:30 I'd lick her sauna pants clean.

  • Gwen Au
    Gwen Au 2 days ago +1

    nice intro jack

  • That 0ne Kid
    That 0ne Kid 2 days ago

    Women: my son was always afraid to go to the bathroom in the dark
    Jack: So he shits his pants in bed
    Me: *spits out water start laughing for 5 minuets straight

  • The super potato Yt
    The super potato Yt 2 days ago

    6:32 when u get a crockpot in don’t starve

  • fernando olvera
    fernando olvera 2 days ago +1

    Youre lookin a lil irish there wit your red hair there jackaboy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jhope Is your only hope

    5:12 is my favorite part

  • kitty drama 19
    kitty drama 19 2 days ago

    7:47 I laugh every time

  • WolfiMcNarwhalson
    WolfiMcNarwhalson 2 days ago

    00:05 me: ???????????? What the f**k

  • Treymarr Faucie
    Treymarr Faucie 2 days ago +1

    15:19 why would anyone get that? it looks like they got a backwards boner on their ass!

  • Treymarr Faucie
    Treymarr Faucie 2 days ago +1

    12:45 when my 3 year old sister opens up a bonus pack for her my little pony toys

  • Treymarr Faucie
    Treymarr Faucie 2 days ago +1


  • Treymarr Faucie
    Treymarr Faucie 2 days ago +1

    4:09 KAMEHAMEHAAAAAA!!!!!!

  • Treymarr Faucie
    Treymarr Faucie 2 days ago +1

    sleep shit i've done that before😂😂😂

  • Treymarr Faucie
    Treymarr Faucie 2 days ago +1

    ass which u like to eat? the fuck?

  • Night Star
    Night Star 2 days ago +1


  • Deandra Hurt
    Deandra Hurt 2 days ago

    Are you sure you are ok?

  • Bon Bon Plays
    Bon Bon Plays 2 days ago +2

    . \
    . /

  • Tyronetbonejones
    Tyronetbonejones 2 days ago

    A- is for ass of which I like to eat😂😂

  • arowyn mulhearn
    arowyn mulhearn 2 days ago


  • magoo felix
    magoo felix 2 days ago

    OMG my computer was closed and this video started playing i got so freaked out XD IM LAUGHING SO HARD

  • The Prosperous Pimple

    I actually used to have a potty putter. It was thicc

  • Tinou- Taulus
    Tinou- Taulus 3 days ago

    65 dollars fro sauna? Come to Finland here is more saunas than cars and you can go to sauna whenever you want

  • BrePanda :3
    BrePanda :3 3 days ago

    Same my dude

  • Peyton Campbell
    Peyton Campbell 3 days ago

    5:10 I've never laughed so hard

  • Eva Mudro
    Eva Mudro 3 days ago

    okay is it weird that I've had the bowl light, bacon wave, and kathy's product? Not to mention the singing toothbrush?

  • Norawhall
    Norawhall 3 days ago

    I legit had a bowl light. It broke a good year or two later. But it was.... a thing.... that happened.... yeah.

  • Merrick Allen
    Merrick Allen 3 days ago

    Can you put a poo trap on the Hound from Game Of Thrones?

  • Adhithya Karthik Ram
    Adhithya Karthik Ram 3 days ago +1

    nature:ass is for shitting.
    (during the part of the letter 'A')nature:am i a joke to you???

    edit:500 likes for more

  • Potato_Frits
    Potato_Frits 3 days ago

    i think this is not yellow

  • Foxy Playzz
    Foxy Playzz 3 days ago

    My dad had A bowl light lol

  • Pokemon Masters 66 pro

    Sans is back in the first advert

  • littytrash
    littytrash 3 days ago +1

    Omg legit just watch the whole thing on x2 speed

  • the king of youtube 76

    plez do RUclip civil war remastered(voice over)

  • djbuddymaster
    djbuddymaster 3 days ago

    My sister has that tooth brush

  • hello x_x
    hello x_x 3 days ago +1

    Jack: “what do you think spider loof
    Spider loof: “I think your [email protected] stupid

    I died this is so funny

  • DSMK Nuclear
    DSMK Nuclear 3 days ago

    Quote of the year “YES ITS FUCKING PINK,IMMA PISS SO HARD”-Jackspedicy 2

  • Sammymoo
    Sammymoo 3 days ago

    I stopped watching jack a while ago now I’m back and I remember him getting the little Spider-Man thing a couple years ago

  • J N
    J N 3 days ago


  • Bulba fett
    Bulba fett 3 days ago

    Not even joking the song in the beginning is literally my most favorite song ever

  • SukiSakura Warrior
    SukiSakura Warrior 3 days ago +2

    Jacks new song! Its all over the internet!! ITS GOING VIRAL!!! ITS SO AMAZING!!!! XD

  • Desss
    Desss 3 days ago

    I used to have a toothbrush that sung hannah montana

  • Lexi Baldwin-Money
    Lexi Baldwin-Money 3 days ago

    Tbh I loved those musical toothbrushes when I was little?😂 my sister had a One Direction one and I had a Hannah Montana one. It played for two minutes, so we'd just brush our teeth until the music stopped. Or... We'd just hold it in our mouth and not actually brush our teeth lmao

  • Space Shot
    Space Shot 3 days ago

    4:08 i died laughing the first time i saw that, Good job Sean, good job!

  • iDrinkBleach
    iDrinkBleach 3 days ago

    Dogs can see blue and yellow fuqer

  • Ruby Queen
    Ruby Queen 3 days ago

    My brother has one of those bowl lights

  • Nicola Hurst
    Nicola Hurst 4 days ago

    I wake up to go to the toilet 0 times per night

  • random doggo
    random doggo 4 days ago

    I have the bowl light

  • oiva h
    oiva h 4 days ago

    Sauna pants..... as a Finn I am disappointed

  • blottz
    blottz 4 days ago

    ITS PINK!!!!

  • Oh Mya Days
    Oh Mya Days 4 days ago


  • Valerie Buitrago
    Valerie Buitrago 4 days ago

    Lol, I was drinking water while watching the dog one...….. bad choices I make...

  • TackledGoat 6739
    TackledGoat 6739 4 days ago

    Jack the rootbeer is for the sweetness some recipes require it

  • Twisted Lavender
    Twisted Lavender 4 days ago

    Eat a$$ and love dick? What the hell is he thinking?

  • Devine Bernstein
    Devine Bernstein 4 days ago

    I bought that tooth brush as a kid

  • Alexander hyatt
    Alexander hyatt 4 days ago

    Jack keep the theam song

  • Lacey King
    Lacey King 4 days ago

    I had a 1D toothbrush in like 2013