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  • Mikan A
    Mikan A 10 дней назад +9347

    *tOxINs aRe SToReD iN tHE baLlS*

  • Golden P0tato
    Golden P0tato День назад

    5:13 best fucking part

  • Angela Reynolds
    Angela Reynolds День назад

    Lmao!! Omg! You nearly killed me at the dog 💩 part!!😂

  • Jimmy beans
    Jimmy beans День назад

    11:47 and I quote “is he playing Fortnite “ jack that’s a Xbox 360 controller

  • Madman mak
    Madman mak День назад

    Bowl light is pointless in my opinion it didn't work very well when I had one

  • Christina England
    Christina England День назад

    Jack's disco party. Event happens Feb, 8, 2019.

  • Christina England
    Christina England День назад

    How does jack not have more subs than pewdipie. He's the best channel on youtube!!!

  • Seismotic Gaming
    Seismotic Gaming День назад

    i had a brushbuddy

  • Sassy mc sassy Deadmankingdom
    Sassy mc sassy Deadmankingdom День назад

    The bowl light is a actual
    thing I googled it and you can buy it at Wal-Mart.

  • Jax 101 Gaming
    Jax 101 Gaming День назад

    What are there black things in ur teeth

  • Ethan Shingleton
    Ethan Shingleton День назад

    that begining song tho

  • Oliver
    Oliver День назад


  • Abbey Resendez
    Abbey Resendez День назад

    Its called having bad prostate, when u get up to go to the bathroom a lot.

  • Stupid Channel YT
    Stupid Channel YT День назад

    when i feel sad i watch Jacksepticeye i laugh my head off

  • _S C A R_
    _S C A R_ День назад

    My mom has a slow cooker and the food looks like that .3.

  • maga gameing 123
    maga gameing 123 День назад

    I can't breathe 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Pupdawg12
      Pupdawg12 День назад

      This part is the best 5:11 😂😂

  • Callisto L.
    Callisto L. День назад


  • Mialollara
    Mialollara День назад

    We had bowl light when my mom was pregnant

  • Dylan Goodall
    Dylan Goodall День назад

    the poo trap stole the "theres no substitutes " line from Arnott

  • Myra Beaver
    Myra Beaver День назад

    I used to own One Direction toothbrush Harry Styles is My Bae

  • Neon Nano verse
    Neon Nano verse День назад

    Am I the only one that noticed him say “is he playing fortnite” When that guy was on a Xbox 360?

  • Hayden Browning
    Hayden Browning День назад

    The first 0:33 is all cam than at 0:34 it like he the genral of the army

  • Wild Greninja
    Wild Greninja День назад

    The beginning should be an actual song

  • Levi Kempainen
    Levi Kempainen День назад


  • Levi Kempainen
    Levi Kempainen День назад

    I almost killed my battery because I passed out because I couldn't breath after the beginning

  • Joseph Waltz
    Joseph Waltz День назад +1

    that laugh tho. 8:28

  • Layla Martin
    Layla Martin День назад

    the thing is that ive seen all these commercials before but they were buried deep within my memory for good reason

  • BlackHeart Fakuu
    BlackHeart Fakuu День назад

    That "LAUGH!!" Gets me everytime

  • Commandbaker333
    Commandbaker333 День назад


  • Brianna Enmon
    Brianna Enmon День назад

    And now we just need Jack buying these products and test them out.

  • FellAzzy722
    FellAzzy722 День назад


  • evil onion gaming
    evil onion gaming День назад

    5:12 this cured my depression

  • Kids Good
    Kids Good День назад

    So the ad I got before the video was like ad cap but the second and it had a man farming POTATOES COUNCEIDE I THINK NOT


  • Kids Good
    Kids Good День назад

    The intro I knew it was coming but I still LAUGHed

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master День назад

    Thanks this made my day I broke my computer

  • Jay DarkHeart
    Jay DarkHeart День назад


  • Max D
    Max D День назад

    Jack you should watch Jaboody Dubs!!! He dubs these kinds of commercials and they are hilarious (i recommend Sticky Buddy)

  • stephen roger
    stephen roger День назад

    not sure if coincidence that an add for VIpoo was played in this video

  • puppet circus animation studio's !

    Oh my jack

  • hartgrr
    hartgrr День назад

    You sleep-shit? You shleit?

  • Doc903
    Doc903 День назад

    Trust me, smothered pork chops are beautiful.

  • Dragon of Life
    Dragon of Life День назад

    *I came out the closest!*

  • CocoEarmuffs
    CocoEarmuffs День назад

    poopy party bowl light

  • Three Squared
    Three Squared День назад

    I was holding back tears the entire video. This was great. Your commentary adds so much to the video.

  • Warriorcats 07
    Warriorcats 07 День назад

    1:11 gets me everytime!

  • Bananaboy Animates
    Bananaboy Animates День назад

    L.A.U.G.H DO NOW

  • Aqua Renfraw
    Aqua Renfraw День назад

    I like to slap my nuts

  • WhatiLikeMemes
    WhatiLikeMemes День назад

    5:13 I CANT BREATHE!

  • l BaconPhoenix231 l
    l BaconPhoenix231 l День назад

    The lady with the crock pot sounds like blueface lol

  • Naomi Minniefield
    Naomi Minniefield День назад

    5:09 I'm crying and my stomach hurts from laughing so fukin hard and I can't stop rewatching it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🏷

  • CrAzY Canadian
    CrAzY Canadian День назад

    There is something called a "crockpot" Ever heard of it.

  • Jonah Trujillo
    Jonah Trujillo День назад

    Want another soda secret you son of a fuck!

  • Ink sans girl
    Ink sans girl День назад

    My grandma has the first one

  • GG
    GG День назад

    Want another soda secret?
    Pour some ginger ale into ur mouth for the same affect as drugs!

  • BirdCorner
    BirdCorner День назад

    All (Or almost all) of what Cathy said is actually legit.

  • BirdCorner
    BirdCorner День назад

    I love the markers falling off the board at L A U G H. So good.

  • Raven Margot
    Raven Margot День назад

    No poops
    No oofs

  • Do U Know Da Way
    Do U Know Da Way День назад

    30 seconds into the video I FUCKING love this song
    L :is for lovers who love one another

  • Dan The Crusader
    Dan The Crusader День назад

    Can we just hold up. Can we please get more of that intro song at the start of these videos? That was beautiful 😭

  • Là͚z̉͢a̰̐r͍̎a͙͒t̙̀h̥̕À̙n̨͠i̙͛m̞͂a̯̔t͎͂i͙̊ȏ̤n͓̊s͟͠

    L is for lovers who love one another A is for ass of which I like to eat U is for u're better then me G is for gay friend that I have H is for happy which I do not feel when you put it together what do you get? put it together what do you get? (put it together what do you get?) what do you get? (what do you get?) what do you get? (what do you get?) what do you get? (what do you get?)- *slams wall putting a hole in it* LAUGH!!!

  • Alexmae6 Lovesmsp
    Alexmae6 Lovesmsp День назад

    Jack you should make a 10 min vid of a song ‘“laugh’’’ ❣️ because I love the little song so far

  • natedds7
    natedds7 День назад

    Do jaboody dubs

  • linkeon 2004
    linkeon 2004 День назад

    Nah it was a 360

  • grace goose
    grace goose День назад

    My friend has a bowl light...😂😂 no joke he put it as his home screen

  • smithajh
    smithajh День назад

    Light up toilet....yes

  • Goldie Golden Glow Butterfairy
    Goldie Golden Glow Butterfairy День назад +1

    Wanna another soda secret you son of a fuck? That had me laughing!

  • The Gaming Spider PL
    The Gaming Spider PL День назад

    He's growing a Kratos beard....

  • Danni
    Danni День назад

    0:23 why do you gay

  • Death Wish
    Death Wish День назад

    Omg the intro Sssoo ggguuuddd im speechless

  • Yassell Sotelo
    Yassell Sotelo День назад

    Go to 12:44 to here it

  • Yassell Sotelo
    Yassell Sotelo День назад

    It my dick in a box?

  • Anxrunner23 Yolo
    Anxrunner23 Yolo День назад +1

    We need another intro like that

  • Skullburner98
    Skullburner98 День назад

    5:11 lost it

  • KnightOfUtube
    KnightOfUtube День назад

    The Sauna Pants sold me the like.

  • Animator_Spamzy
    Animator_Spamzy День назад

    Does Sean know that he's wearing a woman's blouse

  • Shiye Corpus
    Shiye Corpus День назад

    Im pretty sure i had a bowl light

  • brick_brigade
    brick_brigade День назад

    This video has been removed for violating RUclip’s Terms of Service
    Sorry about that. 9:36

  • Nolie Zilla
    Nolie Zilla День назад

    I like how he says I want that one was in the recital video of this it’s funny it’s kind of like me wanting everything.

  • Bryan MacNeil
    Bryan MacNeil День назад

    Please tell me someone is making that song. I love th beat.

  • TheDiamondFox
    TheDiamondFox День назад

    my fav part 0:50 :D

  • Devon Olson
    Devon Olson День назад

    11:50 he playin apex

  • Al Barry
    Al Barry День назад

    Your pet will LOVE it too,


  • JackRoss 1989
    JackRoss 1989 День назад

    anyone noticed how many fillings he got in his teeth?

  • EvAn_KiLlz
    EvAn_KiLlz День назад

    I bought the potty putter!!

  • MoonMoonZeWolfe XD
    MoonMoonZeWolfe XD День назад

    *imma step in that*

  • Annika Young
    Annika Young День назад

    2:24 nevermind bowl light I just want this f-ing music PLAY IT! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • YoungButter Studios
    YoungButter Studios День назад

    Please tell me that intro will be on spotify

  • random roblox m15 player
    random roblox m15 player День назад

    İ GOT NOTHİNG FUCK UR İNTRO İS SHİT AND İDC AND İDC WHY İM commenting this but what ever fuckit dont mind me

  • Midnight Rose
    Midnight Rose День назад

    That recipe for smothered pork chops is actually something I’ve had at home, it’s really good 🤣

  • Avin Arciaga
    Avin Arciaga День назад

    you should use that intro for every jacksepticeyes funniest home videos

  • ari williams
    ari williams День назад

    lmaoooo I love uuu. that intro was wonderful

  • Noodley Cat
    Noodley Cat День назад

    You can get your steamed balls and put them in the dumper. 😂

  • SheIsWxlf
    SheIsWxlf День назад

    "I like to wake up when I take a shit at night time actually..." inspirational quote from Jack

  • shev shev
    shev shev День назад

    we used to own a bowl light, it was truly beautiful

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin День назад +1

    Best intro of all time.

  • Alexander Barilleaux
    Alexander Barilleaux День назад

    L is for Lovers who love one another...

    C4_DETONATED День назад

    pootrapusa wow thats amazing

  • John Christensen
    John Christensen День назад +2

    7:40 - the sad thing is that Jack thinks all these recipes are made up BS, when in all reality, American recipes are just actually this lazy and poorly planned.

  • JackieRonasaurus Gaming & More
    JackieRonasaurus Gaming & More День назад

    Thank you for Zuikeen Englisg

  • Bonnie the Banana
    Bonnie the Banana День назад

    Give one to markilpier