Rand Paul Questions Betsy Devos on Fixing the US Education System

  • Published on Jan 19, 2017
  • Senator Rand Paul talks with Betsy Devos about how she plans on helping fix the US educational system and about her stance on voucher programs.
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    A Short Bio on Rand Paul
    Senator Rand Paul, M.D. is one of the nation’s leading advocates for liberty. Elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010, Dr. Paul has proven to be an outspoken champion for constitutional liberties and fiscal responsibility. As a fierce advocate against government overreach, Rand has fought tirelessly to return government to its limited, constitutional scope.
    A devoted husband and father, Dr. Paul and his family live in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where Rand owned his own ophthalmology practice and performed eye surgery for 18 years. As a hard-working and dedicated physician--not a career politician--Rand Paul came to Washington to shake things up and to make a difference.
    Dr. Paul has been married for 24 years to Kelley Ashby Paul of Russellville, Kentucky, and together, they have three sons: William, 21; Duncan, 18; and Robert, 15. He regularly volunteered to coach teams for each of his three sons in Little League baseball, soccer, and basketball. Rand and Kelley are both devout Christians and are active in their local church.
    Rand is the third of five children born to Carol and Ron Paul. He grew up in Lake Jackson, Texas and attended Baylor University. He graduated from Duke Medical School in 1988. Dr. Paul completed a general surgery internship at Georgia Baptist Medical Center in Atlanta and completed his residency in ophthalmology at Duke University Medical Center. Upon completion of his training in 1993, Rand and Kelley moved to Bowling Green to start their family and begin his ophthalmology practice.
    In 1995, Rand founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic, an organization that provides eye exams and surgery to needy families and individuals. Rand is a former president and 17 year member of Lions Clubs International, which is dedicated to preserving sight by providing eyeglasses and surgery to the less fortunate around the world. In recognition of his outstanding and sustained efforts to provide vision care to Kentuckians in need, Lions Clubs International has awarded Rand many of its highest commendations.
    A large part of Rand's daily work as an ophthalmologist was dedicated to preserving the vision of our seniors. In 2002, The Twilight Wish Foundation recognized Rand for Outstanding Service and Commitment to Seniors.
    During his free time, Dr. Paul performs pro-bono eye surgeries for patients across Kentucky. Additionally, he provides free eye surgery to children from around the world through his participation in the Children of the Americas Program. Most recently, he traveled to Guatemala on a medical mission trip with the University of Utah's Moran Eye Center. During the week over 200 patients, many of them blind with cataracts, had their vision restored by Dr. Paul.
    Dr. Paul's entrance into politics is indicative of his life’s work as a surgeon: a desire to diagnose problems and provide practical solutions, whether it be in Bowling Green, Kentucky or Washington, D.C.
    Randal Howard "Rand" Paul (born January 7, 1963) is an American physician and politician from Kentucky. In office since 2011, Paul currently serves in the United States Senate as a member of the Republican Party. He is also a trained ophthalmologist, and is the middle son of former U.S. Representative and physician Ron Paul of Texas.
    Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Paul attended Baylor University and is a graduate of the Duke University School of Medicine. Paul began practicing ophthalmology in 1993 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and established his own clinic in December 2007.
    Paul has been considered a supporter of the Tea Party movement, and a vocal critic of the Federal Reserve System. He has opposed NSA mass surveillance of Americans and supports reduced government spending and taxation. He describes himself as "100% pro-life" and has cosponsored legislation for equal protection of the right to life from conception. Paul officially announced his candidacy for the 2016 U.S. presidential election on April 7, 2015.

Comments • 145

  • NoFakesHere
    NoFakesHere 2 months ago

    she ducked the question entirely... what is a heiress of Amway doing with education anyway

  • Randy Boone
    Randy Boone 11 months ago

    there are no good schools or bad Schools they're only good teachers and bad teachers this is the United States of America and we are not even number one in education but our teachers keep the many more money for what.. is every American born citizen not the same as a child they all deserve a decent teacher actually enjoys teaching children if you don't enjoy it maybe we should fire them all and hire people out of college and give them jobs. you should remember that teacher soon the next time you try to strike during school and not summer time I know I've walked the picket line with teachers and they told me the truth it was all for money and hear our Township Michigan. and Miss winners you are terrible teacher I think you hate kids.. although mr. Berg mr. Russell and mr. McGee and the science teacher you teachers were like professors in college you are awesome we didn't mind children telling you the lease anchor to get formation off of TV. apparently in America children good study with MIT and any other college in the world with latest scientific data. and thank you 9th grade English teacher to teach me a great lesson in life. it's f*** you Miss Smith I hope you burn in hell as well as a few teachers quite a few teachers in Huron schools Huron School District Michigan. in my ninth grade math teacher as well God bless you mr. Rosso in your afterlife. and paint Smith in here on Junior High please keep your eyes out the 7th graders tits since back in the 80s you actually mentioned it I'm sorry male teachers you are so distracted by the 7th and 8th grader girls without bras how did you teach yourself to nipples. what the f*** is wrong with the teachers keep your dick in your own pants Hank Smith sayings teacher remember my sister she's dead a******and you military f****and f***** her as well.

  • Jose M Solis
    Jose M Solis 2 years ago

    So we have school buses?...oh ok, that explain the big yellow ones. Is that safe?

  • An anomaly of the collective unconscious

    What the hell is that softball bs question? Who gives a shit!? If its a success then its a success. What is she going to do to help the failures, and how is she going to keep the successful schools good? Its a shame on display for American voters.

  • S H
    S H 2 years ago

    I think the voucher program is great. AZ uses it and you can research public schools and find one that rates good for your children. Then you can take your kid to a school you like instead of the one forced upon you. If your kid is not doing well and getting in trouble you can also remove them from the school and send them to a new one to get them back on track. What is wrong with this?

  • S H
    S H 2 years ago

    I need a better explanation of why everyone is against the voucher program. What is wrong with school choice? Why can't someone in a low income community take their kid out of some terrible gang filled, drug filled school and go to a better one? It will force schools to get better or close. There will never be less of a need for teachers because there will never be less students. It will force all teachers to do better because schools will require a higher standard of educating in order to draw students in. Seems to me she's for the kids and everyone against is for the teachers. Doesn't make sense.

    • S H
      S H 2 years ago

      Also, the federal government is only responsible for 10% of funding to public schools so it's handled more on a state level anyways, which is how it should be.

  • Cerbyo
    Cerbyo 2 years ago

    So Rand was one of the 50 that voted her in? srsly?

  • Cerbyo
    Cerbyo 2 years ago

    Rand my boy, whAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? "Rand Paul Questions Betsy Devos on Fixing the US Education System" what part of that conversation told us how she's gonna fix the US education system? All I got out of it was that giving kids scholarships and funding leads to success.....
    Well open ur fucking brain, cause not all kids can have scholarships and funding. So if ur solution is to give them all scholarships.....and u want to privatize the system....and there's no money for scholarships....!?!!!?!?? God damn Rand.....wtf is this shit. Ur not supposed to be a lackey. I kno you gotta make friends and all but....this is bullshit

  • wishy805
    wishy805 2 years ago

    I hoped that Rand would have opposed this. He knows better, but I guess he can't turn his back on the party.

  • Max Freedom
    Max Freedom 2 years ago

    Easy Fix: Liquidate the Entire federal government.
    Problem solved.

  • Christian Schmit
    Christian Schmit 2 years ago

    Way to go Rand! Hard hitting!

  • My Views
    My Views 2 years ago

    She never answered the question at all.... Cuz she's not looking to fix public schools.......

  • My Views
    My Views 2 years ago

    A wolf in sheep clothing smh

  • CSC Unit
    CSC Unit 2 years ago

    Lol. A black dude at her right and a mentally disable at her left, what a coincidence... Soo staged.

  • KAS
    KAS 2 years ago

    Rand, don't be an ass man, don't vote for her. Her family may have donated a lot of money but that doesn't qualify her for this role.

  • Noelia Jaime
    Noelia Jaime 2 years ago

    Betsy Devos is an incompetent fool and is dishonest(No surprise there)Money doesn't give you brains.The only reason she's there is because she donated MILLIONS to trumps campaign.It just keeps getting worse.Get we get any lower?

  • Adam
    Adam 2 years ago +2

    Rand Paul should be ashamed. You sold out our country by allowing this woman to pass committee. You are a fucking cowardly sell-out. Go to hell.

  • benjamin S
    benjamin S 2 years ago


    JONNIE TRUTH 2 years ago


  • Patrick Booth
    Patrick Booth 2 years ago +2

    blah blah blah. vote no on her

  • Comicbookstoreguy177
    Comicbookstoreguy177 2 years ago +4

    Are the schools doing a shit job or is their clientele? Funny how the schools in affluent communities aren't doing so poorly.

    • Comicbookstoreguy177
      Comicbookstoreguy177 2 years ago

      trexx63 due to having better parents...imagine that

    • trexx63
      trexx63 2 years ago

      The fact remains, their kids tend to come into the school system better prepared.

    • James Melton
      James Melton 2 years ago

      trexx63...Wealthy people certainly have more resources. I'm not sure that they have more time, though maybe wealthier families can afford to keep a parent at home to help with preschool education.

    • Comicbookstoreguy177
      Comicbookstoreguy177 2 years ago

      trexx63 yes yes and yes. For fucks sakes someone who finally understands. The clientele at the inner city schools are different.

    • trexx63
      trexx63 2 years ago

      Wealthy people have more resources especially time and they spend more of it on their kids. They also produce higher quality school aged children with a knowledge foundation. For example kids from more affluent neighborhoods tend know their basics prior to entering the school system. They're versed with fundamental knowledge such as knowing their colors, what is up, what is down, inside from outside, etc, whereas poor folks tend to produce low quality students that go into the system with much less. They take more effort and school resources just to get them to baseline basics.

  • PhilmoeSlim
    PhilmoeSlim 2 years ago +2

    So two immigrants get into their expensive ass private schools and she raves about how two people got scholarships......two....there are a shitload of public schools that need help where is the help for the rest of the students.

  • TotalBogie
    TotalBogie 2 years ago +1

    sometimes I admire Rand Paul for his skepticism even against his own party. ...I did not have the opportunity here. I couldn't conceive of a more softball line of questions.

  • Diogenes Laertius
    Diogenes Laertius 2 years ago

    What a crock uh shit.

  • Fenderslasher
    Fenderslasher 2 years ago +3

    Trumpies always talk about the success of others while they have no experience.

    • n2esn
      n2esn 2 years ago +1

      typical ignorant conservative response

    • James Melton
      James Melton 2 years ago

      Yeah, meanwhile lefties try and suck the earnings of successful others without gaining useful experience themselves.

  • Specklesnout Bear
    Specklesnout Bear 2 years ago +3

    Ugh DeVos cliches and platitudes aren't working. SO FAKE!

  • Dominic Schatz
    Dominic Schatz 2 years ago +12

    Betsy Devos more like Betsy Devoid of intelligence am I right.

    • James Melton
      James Melton 2 years ago

      Linda.....You liberals are taking your demise really well. Maybe you guys should pointlessly hold up some more confirmations to make you feel like you have some power despite losing the presidency, senate, and house.

    • James Melton
      James Melton 2 years ago

      No..... I think she would have you beat on the intelligence front. Am I right?

    • Linda Ciccoli
      Linda Ciccoli 2 years ago

      Dominic Schatz You are correct sir.

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 2 years ago

    Gets asked a question about how to help public schools, immediately goes into robocall mode about charter and private schools.

  • Donald Berry
    Donald Berry 2 years ago

    Rand is one of the best "middle people!" 1. We can all select successes among many failures. I love to hear about them, but they are among the minorities in these situations. 2. GEE! You mean TRUMP was WRONG about immigrants? Not ALL are here to commit horrendous crimes?! They want to raise good and productive children in good families" Way a wonderful surprise?! Think about it!!

  • lisa j
    lisa j 2 years ago +4

    What happened to the Rand Paul I used to know🤔

    • James Melton
      James Melton 2 years ago

      Nothing, He is as ideologically pure as ever. Maybe you changed.

  • Ethan Reilly
    Ethan Reilly 2 years ago

    Conservatives and liberals have become almost synonymous with each other now days. Rand calls himself a conservative but he's really a libertarian, with a small l.

  • Jackie B
    Jackie B 2 years ago +1

    What a fucking kiss ass

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln 2 years ago +3

    yea.... let's privatize schools, because private prisons work so well.

  • XxxX XxxX
    XxxX XxxX 2 years ago

    Devoid will be a good cabinet pick

  • Sara Canet
    Sara Canet 2 years ago +7

    If Mrs. DeVos is so greatly interested in the future of our children, then here's a thought: instead of pumping $200M into the Republican Party, why doesn't she focus on the children from her home state in Flint who have been lead poisoned and are facing serious development problems as they grow? Oh wait.... she had NO CLUE what the IDEA Federal program is. Nor does she understand the difference between growth and proficiency. This woman is an absolute disaster.

    • James Melton
      James Melton 2 years ago

      Sara's point didn't need shortening or clarifying you conceited dipshit, you can't polish a turd. Besides it was just a recycled Democrat talking point and therefore politically motivated as well as socialistic. You democrats always think that your nonsense policies are simply misunderstood. No they are running the US into the ground...... Donating to elect Republicans was more important at the point Devos was doing it. Now that the Republicans hold the White House, the Senate, and the House (dam that sounded good), or to put it differently: Taken out the trash; the elected officials can go about decentralizing the education system and sending the administration of the public schooling system back to the individual states. After all, you American's are quickly sliding into the dumbass category when compared to the intellectual levels of students from most other OECD countries like beautiful NZ.

    • μελετώ
      μελετώ 2 years ago +3

      Here's a shortening and clarifying of Sara's point, since you seem to be critically lacking in the comprehension department.
      Instead of donating a combined total of $200 million to the Republican Party, across all of her years. why didn't DeVos simply donate all of that money towards funding charter schools under her direct management while she was in charge of Detroit's charter schools?

    • Idk Idk
      Idk Idk 2 years ago

      You sound like you have no idea what you're talking about. Go use more hyperboles and extrapolate conclusions from sound bites.

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important 2 years ago +5

    He might as well have phrased it, "what success stories can you cherry pick from the large population of students? because you and i know we love the 0.1%"

  • Baron Ungern
    Baron Ungern 2 years ago +52

    By far the worst of Trump's cabinet picks

    • whiteknight
      whiteknight 2 months ago

      NoFakesHere fact the department of education doesn't run a single school or pay the salary of a single teacher that is done local level of government.

    • whiteknight
      whiteknight 2 months ago

      NoFakesHere it is a fact that student loans have caused tuition prices to rise beyond inflation, college tuition prices didn't rise so inordinately until the 1980's right after the creation of the department of education and the implementation of the student loans program in the late 1970s under the carter administration. Just look the price of college tuition overtime since the 80s compared to inflation, college tuition didn't start rising until after student loans were implemented.

    • NoFakesHere
      NoFakesHere 2 months ago

      +whiteknight those aren't facts those are your opinions.. to say the dept of education does nothing for the US education is absurd....they do handle loans and grants but that has nothing to do with the price of tuition at a private college

    • whiteknight
      whiteknight 2 months ago

      NoFakesHere the department of education costs 50 billion a year, it does nothing good, it doesn't tune a single school or pay single teacher, the department puts mandates on school districts such as no child left behind and others that don't help educate children and cost schools. The department runs and manages student loans and other financial aid programs that distort the price of college level education and above to where the price of college level education is increasing faster than inflation. On top of all of that the department of education is unconstitutional

    • NoFakesHere
      NoFakesHere 2 months ago

      +whiteknight can you back this up with some facts

  • cHriiSzbEe
    cHriiSzbEe 2 years ago +2

    There's a black kid in the stance! He does not look like he wanna be there.

  • Julian Röth
    Julian Röth 2 years ago +15

    "hey betsy, why don't you take 5 and tell us how great you are?" not even making an effort...

  • MrBanausos
    MrBanausos 2 years ago +1

    This is a scam waiting to happen. If all education is privatized then prices will go up and only the rich will afford a good education. That's all the right wing rich does. They artificially raise prices, stagnate wages and the shareholders steal everything. It will be exactly like big pharma. Even if it's a system of charter schools, vouchers, and scholarships then the shareholders will still steal everything while the working poor don't even get the bare minimum. DeVos is shareholder of these private schools. She's trying to steal your freedom of equal opportunity

    • MrBanausos
      MrBanausos 2 years ago

      +Lovely Lisa
      you're right

    • lrtx82
      lrtx82 2 years ago +1

      MrBanausos I have a bunch of 'cough' Republicans on my Facebook and it's pretty sad that the majority of them are families with children. Most aren't wealthy. Just normal, middle class folks. In fact, one is a teacher who recently just became married. It's a mixed marriage. They have 4 kids between the both of them. Gonna be expensive sending all 4 kids to private schools if that happens. Voting for Trump, they voted for this lady.

    • lrtx82
      lrtx82 2 years ago

      MrBanausos and so many people wanted Trump for president...

  • ThisIsTurok1
    ThisIsTurok1 2 years ago +12

    Mumboo jumbo! Mumbo jumbo! Mumbo Jumbo!

  • tallswede80
    tallswede80 2 years ago +54

    Trump should have fuckin' asked Rand to be in his cabinet.

    • SuperDougie M
      SuperDougie M 2 years ago +3

      Exactly, Its all about Trump and how good he can look to his ego. Rand Paul is to Strong for Trumps cabinet. They would butt heads for sure and Mr. Trump retaliates without much reason except triumph for the ego and to ruin an opponents sense of self worth.

    • infinitude
      infinitude 2 years ago +19

      Nope Trump doesn't want anyone who doesn't kiss his ass.

    • zomcom11
      zomcom11 2 years ago +12

      Mark Dingo Nah, Trumps too egotistical

    • Mark Dingo
      Mark Dingo 2 years ago

      tallswede80 he will at some point

  • Aidan
    Aidan 2 years ago +2

    1:49 look to the right with the guy with glasses sorry It's wrong to laugh at a retarded person but I'm dying rn

  • Ellaine Anderson
    Ellaine Anderson 2 years ago +13

    This lady is self-righteous and clueless about anyone out of her social circle. Pretending to be compassionate. The 'right' school. Yeah, it would be great if everyone could go to private school. But a voucher is not going to help most.. Are busses going to pick them up?

    • S H
      S H 2 years ago

      You have a choice? Your kids can stay at the same school? They don't have to go to a different school? Take them to school even if it's early? People in low income communities don't have to send their kids to schools that rank lowest in the country anymore?

    • Dystopian Outlook
      Dystopian Outlook 2 years ago

      Backwoodsboy405 She probably WORKS you fucking idiot.

    • μελετώ
      μελετώ 2 years ago +2

      In Japan and South Korea, 2 of the top 3 countries in the world when it comes to quality of education, there is no difference between a public school and a private school, besides how much money you pay for one or the other. Every single student that graduates from a public school in Japan or South Korea does so equipped with the same tools and knowledge that a graduate from a private school does.
      The problem is not with the idea of public schooling, nor will privatizing education do anything to solve it.
      The flaw lies fundamentally within the entire system of American education, whether public or private.
      Public school teachers are vastly underpaid in comparison to other jobs which hold similar gravity in the American social structure. Doctors and healthcare personnel are paid in accordance to how highly valued their services are, which is extremely highly. Lawyers are paid in a similar vein. Why, then, are public school teachers, the first, last and only hope of disadvantaged children, not paid a similarly large amount? If public school teachers had their salary, say, doubled on average, and the requirements to become a public school teacher included a master's degree in the subject they wished to teach as well as a degree in teaching, then job competition would become far more fierce, thus producing far better teachers due to the increased competition.

  • Ellaine Anderson
    Ellaine Anderson 2 years ago +1

    Schools (example) are just like a public business. What will make or break a restaurant or any other is Management! The same reason one restaurant will fail and another from the same chain, succeed. Get a good principal and staff and they will succeed. There are so many people working in our schools that don't even LIKE children, and the kids know!

  • stevemcgee99
    stevemcgee99 2 years ago +2

    Man, what the fuck is wrong with liberals?

  • ltlblugrl
    ltlblugrl 2 years ago +74

    Very disappointing. This line of questioning makes no sense. You comment that you are a fan of public schools, but she's not going to help them at all. Additionally, she's just not qualified - she didn't know the difference between growth and proficiency. Why didn't you grill her? Maybe you don't even want a federal level involvement in public education at all, so maybe it's not that important to you, but you should at least check her competency for the existing educational system with your line of questioning. That's what we've come to expect of you - a good grilling of potential cabinet appointees. I'm not a fan of Franken, but he did a great job in that regard.

    • v parez
      v parez 2 years ago

      weedwak I think you dont really need education at all in the US.

    • weedwak
      weedwak 2 years ago

      ltlblugrl Well, the Feds shouldn't be involved in education in the first place. They never were until a few decades ago, and it was disastrous.

    • d4n4nable
      d4n4nable 2 years ago

      What? I fully support eliminating the department of education. How does this equate to bulldozing public schools?
      Btw, Massie is the best congressman in the US at the moment. :)

    • Cerbyo
      Cerbyo 2 years ago

      +d4n4nable On the day that Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the Secretary of Education, House Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) introduced a short bill to abolish the Department of Education. "The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018."
      GG son. Go look it up. "She doesn't want to bulldoze public schools" ....you were saying?
      Be sure to lookup what abolishing the department of education means before you jump to more stupid conclusions.....I get the feeling it will be a good shock to ur balls....or wherever you keeping ur gullibility these days.

    • trexx63
      trexx63 2 years ago

      There's two camps. One needs button pushers that know how to run a system and comply, period, and the other wants free thinkers that will question the system, test the system, figure out how to replace it (the system) with a better one.

  • Umm Yeah
    Umm Yeah 2 years ago +8

    People don't know this about Betsy DeVos, but her and her family have really helped Michigan out. I grew up in the city of Grand Rapids and for the first few years of my lifetime it was a dying city. Then her family donated a lot of money, started art shows which brought in a ton of visitors, funded craft brewery's( now the city is Beer City USA) and reached out to the poor.
    I just wanted to say this because she has been getting a bad rep lately and people don't understand how much she has helped out.

    • μελετώ
      μελετώ 2 years ago

      I liked the part where you didn't even bother checking the source to see whether it was valid for yourself or not. Have you heard of this thing called polite discourse? Evidently not.

    • James Melton
      James Melton 2 years ago

      μελετώ.....Yeah i'm sure you provide very neutral, non liberal biased resources to prove your points. Why can't you lefties just stop polluting the political discourse of the US and move to South America? It's what you are trying to make the US anyway. Just go and live there please. There you can live in your gender neutral, socialistic, $50 minimum wage paradise, or maybe everyone can just get equal pay. Gardeners can get paid the same as doctors because they are working just as hard right?

    • μελετώ
      μελετώ 2 years ago

      Hope Academy is simply the worst of the offenders when it comes to DeVos' track record during her time in Michigan. If you wish to read the full study, you can find it here: credo.stanford.edu/pdfs/MI_report_2012_FINAL_1_11_2013_no_watermark.pdf

    • GruberRuber
      GruberRuber 2 years ago +2

      You can't just bring up one school out of the many charter schools that were under her. There's a lot to criticize about her, but this is just a dumb argument.

    • μελετώ
      μελετώ 2 years ago

      Why did one of the charter schools under her direct purview, Hope Academy, rank in the first percentile (below 99% of all other charter schools in the nation) then?

  • djw1627
    djw1627 2 years ago +29

    What kind of school has a teacher that can't answer students questions? Sounds like how you dumb down the population!!

    • James Melton
      James Melton 2 years ago

      TehFlush.... Exactly right. We have way too many mentally poisoned young liberals who place feelings above facts. We gotta send the administration of education back to the states and keep Washington propaganda out of it altogether.

    • TehFlush
      TehFlush 2 years ago +2

      ApophisApril132036 public schooling is a propaganda machine you idiot. That's how it has historically been used. And guess what political affiliation most college kids have?

    • Jarnauga
      Jarnauga 2 years ago

      As a german student of Philosophy and History and an advocate for critical thinking i have to agree that the Socratic way of Teaching is maybe the best there is. Because it does not tell you the answer, but helps you trough more questions to solve the problem and find the answer yourself, which is more effective.
      That said, I do not think it is the right way to simple go with this way, but i would say its better than the "normal" way nowadays. At least when it comes to critical thinking and building up the capability to think for yourself, which should be ne main objektive in education. Its not so effective when it comes to preparing for the Job-Market, but that should not be the main concern, partly because that should come after school, when you learn a trait or go study further.
      But I believe that like with most things, the middle way would be the best. because only the Socratic way has also some problems, and some things are better thought through a more frontal teaching. Also the Socratic way can not cover the same amount of Topics in the same time, its just slower, but more intensive and engaging.
      I thing a mixture would be best. Also the Socratic way of teaching requires much better teachers than the regular way. Not that it is a bad thing, just something to consider.
      And lastly, even though DeVos seems more competent here than in other parts of her hearing, I don't think she is fit for the Job. First of all because the way things are thought have nothing to do with private or public schools. You could just introduce that way of teaching into public education. Actually that would be much better, because otherwise its more of a gamble wich private school follows what kind of education and what do they teach. I simply can't understand how someone who believes in Creationism is even considered for that position. It is ridiculous. She is right about that one private school though, but i don't thing the answer is, let just every private school decide what they teach....

    • Diogenes Laertius
      Diogenes Laertius 2 years ago +4

      Yes and all the time feeding propaganda. Private schools are propaganda machines.

    • Forest Clevenger
      Forest Clevenger 2 years ago

      Might want to ask a teacher about how to show possession when using collective nouns.

  • Smile it's free and it will make someone's day.

    Ok so maybe it's me but does anyone find it strange the world Economic leaders are meeting in DAVOS Switzerland the same time Betsy DEVOS is getting a public job interview. Have the Simiulated program we live in really stooped this low in the propoganda world.

    • Smile it's free and it will make someone's day.
      Smile it's free and it will make someone's day. 2 years ago +2

      because that's what people that work for the NSA do disinformation the more confused the population is the better they can control people.

    • Lucy Yorky
      Lucy Yorky 2 years ago +5

      Wrong Sanders didn't get funded by your soros. Why do you want to paint fiction

    • kwazooplayingguardsman
      kwazooplayingguardsman 2 years ago

      Smile it's free and it will make someone's day.
      and one of ghe biggest business muguls is soros, named by multiple countries as an economic criminal, and he funded sanders
      i think that's abit more discouraging that what a location's similarity in name to a person.

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder 2 years ago +9

    you're a huge fan of public schools? unlike your father, apparently the public indoctrination centers were successul for you.
    what a disappointment you are, Junior.

    • Fox Mulder
      Fox Mulder 2 years ago

      +Thanks for Being a Useful Idiot
      yes, 'cause the unconstitutional Dipshitment of Ed Sec. is gonna be able to unconstitutionally mandate a theocrtatic 'christian public school system'.
      you do know that Dipshit Ed's only been around since Carter in 1980, and public indoctrination centers in Murica are funded by your local property tax, and has ALWAYS been a state function, right?
      sarcasm only really works, if you're quipping about an actual reality, from an actually informed position.
      none of which you've demonstrated.
      just keeps making the argument for me: public indoctrination centers have successfully multi-generationally dumbed down the Murican populace, purrrty fucking well.
      _"They literally have Kool Aid flowing out of the drinking fountains."_
      and, looks like you've been drowning in it.

    • Thanks for Being a Useful Idiot
      Thanks for Being a Useful Idiot 2 years ago +4

      Public indoctrination centers - right - as if the Christian evangelical schools she wants to replace the public schools with have no indoctrination at all. They literally have Kool Aid flowing out of the drinking fountains.

    • Fox Mulder
      Fox Mulder 2 years ago

      +Andrew_Owens that's nice dear. you're still a #StateTheistCargoCultist.

    • Andrew_Owens
      Andrew_Owens 2 years ago +8

      My best friend and I went to public schools. He got a master's degree from Oxford and is a published author and professor. I've worked at Fortune 100 companies. There is nothing wrong with a public school education.

    • Iamindy33
      Iamindy33 2 years ago +2

      Not an argument