mega ice breaker

  • Published on Jan 13, 2013
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  • Canatowtu
    Canatowtu 3 days ago

    WTF youtube???
    Why are you auto playing me this?
    I've no interest in boats, ships, sea, engineering or even ice (not even in a drink, it hurts my poor teeth).

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy 3 days ago

      It show in my recomended

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy 3 days ago +1


  • freeman239
    freeman239 6 days ago

    Women are calmer under pressure than men? Any married guy will tell you otherwise.

  • noah
    noah 9 days ago

    120 million for some reason sounds cheap. A f 22 costs almost 400 million and a b2 bomber costs a billion.

    • Martin Smallwood
      Martin Smallwood 9 days ago

      F22 is roughly 200 million in today's dollar and a B2 about 750 million.

  • Bingo Hall
    Bingo Hall 13 days ago +2

    I nearly fell over about the part company wants women operating the cranes because they better under pressure.
    That's a big pile.
    Women do make good crane operators for repetitive tasks as they typically have better fine motor skills are more patient and as a result are better suited to tedious tasks.

  • Francois Labelle
    Francois Labelle 14 days ago

    So Russia getting their ships built in Europe...since they are incapable of building their own ships! What about Sanctions? Why are Germany building ships for the Russian international warmongering fucking mafia?

  • Matt Webster
    Matt Webster 15 days ago +1

    A very interesting video. Thanks for posting for us all to see. 👍

  • Pitis86
    Pitis86 16 days ago

    6:04 polluting right in the north pole

  • CamiemEngineer
    CamiemEngineer 20 days ago +2

    ALERT ! ALERT ! High speed UFO Alert at 18:58. Or was that UFO just making a cameo appearance like Alfred Hitchcock?

  • gingataisen
    gingataisen 21 day ago

    LEGO® with life-size blocks.

  • Gregory Doyle
    Gregory Doyle 21 day ago

    Preserve the natural state of the frozen wilderness...

  • Gregory Doyle
    Gregory Doyle 21 day ago

    Maybe like a super cat twin hull... and then no breaking the ice sheet all the time...

  • Gregory Doyle
    Gregory Doyle 21 day ago

    Why not go over the ice sheet when it increases in thickness...

  • Byzantios1
    Byzantios1 25 days ago +2

    Hol up. Didn't Al Gore say the icecap would be melting. Why then they be investin' all this money an sheeeit?

    • austrorus
      austrorus 21 day ago

      Al Gore said many things....

  • Leonard NII BOYE Mettle


  • Dindo Nuffin
    Dindo Nuffin 26 days ago

    *Thumbs down seen this all before time to get a new video son!!* ITS NOT your the video

  • Dindo Nuffin
    Dindo Nuffin 26 days ago

    *Thumbs down seen this all before time to get a new video son!!*

  • 곽영구
    곽영구 28 days ago


  • Purple Hippo
    Purple Hippo 29 days ago

    North Pole my ass

  • John Chambers
    John Chambers Month ago +1 we have a clear case of colluding with the Russians, but Robert Mueller and his lap dog Weissman are nowhere to be found!

  • mike cafano
    mike cafano Month ago

    The Germans make machine!

  • Константин Ермолаев

    На видео ни одного российского инженера не было и управляющий не россиянин.
    Неужели наши там только рабочие и материалы?

  • Comic Book Guy
    Comic Book Guy Month ago

    women better crane operators? Sounds German *social* engineering

  • Mr.Doorbell Lmao
    Mr.Doorbell Lmao Month ago

    this shit made my cock go nuclear

  • Peter Gruhn
    Peter Gruhn Month ago

    Stress is not measured in tons.

  • Charlie Bowman
    Charlie Bowman Month ago

    not with russians.

  • Jean Roch
    Jean Roch Month ago

    Nice documentary but maybe check your facts before making bold claims like "first ever cargo icebreaker". Ships like Sevmorput have been around for a long time, and Sevmorput in particular is nuclear-powered. Just sayin.

    • Peter Gruhn
      Peter Gruhn Month ago

      It's better to just disbelieve most things you hear on this kind of show.

  • cnvseshu
    cnvseshu Month ago

    I just wanted to say that you have the best things 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  • spoke1183
    spoke1183 Month ago

    Very unhealthy work environments.

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    hayder alrubaiai Month ago

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  • Andy Hay.
    Andy Hay. Month ago

    Total waste of money and time. Just had to wait a year or 2 boom no ice.

  • WingedBull1
    WingedBull1 Month ago


  • robert deldge
    robert deldge Month ago +2

    Remind me to bring one of these next time I try and talk to girls. 😏

    RIOMACK11 Month ago +2

    Seems like like a waste not putting in a nuclear power plant into this ship would save immensely on gas costs and wouldn’t pollute the air.

    • Rik Langham
      Rik Langham 13 days ago


    • Gavin Turnbull
      Gavin Turnbull Month ago

      The carbon debt created by building these monsters and the global transprotation of crap from one nation to another ... must make the ice breaking a lot easier! Maybe not even necessary.

  • Scooter 183907 a
    Scooter 183907 a Month ago

    Don't bullshit us mate""",,,,, a switched on mother fukker would use the depleted uranium to make a shit load more money,,, and the way the earth is,,,,, how it looks,,, the actual real size,,, history ,, inventions, everything,,,,,, HOWZAT,,,,,

  • Toady Home
    Toady Home Month ago +6

    The reason women keep their cool better is because they have no idea of the ramifications of what they’re doing. XD

    • Toady Home
      Toady Home Month ago

      I’m brave, let em Come. Smarter than them too.☠️

    • sean mal
      sean mal Month ago

      Dude some women is gonna kill you dude


    😎 giant Cargo ice breaker submarines 😎

  • oldodger gray
    oldodger gray Month ago

    Very poor audio

  • glenn lbs
    glenn lbs Month ago


  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee Month ago

    these things make fuckloads of pollution. we should just make most of our products in our own countries. china has 5 new ships coming out. they make so much pollution that quite honestly i think its something all of the worlds cars combined x2 annually, per ship. think about that for a moment.

  • Steve Sims
    Steve Sims 2 months ago +1

    Global warming makes for a bad investment . Just sayin

  • Flatdog Sound & Light
    Flatdog Sound & Light 2 months ago

    How much pollution it makes ?

  • Drew w
    Drew w 2 months ago

    $120 million ship.... says it takes 4.5million man hours to build..... that works out to about $26.66 per hour of labor... and that’s WITHOUT factoring in any raw materials, shop supplies and electricity etc... to build... sounds like somebody got a steal of a deal!

  • Matti Suutarinen
    Matti Suutarinen 2 months ago

    llllllll this is unbelievably interesting too. google fakehatecrimes and be amazed how many fakes there are

  • Wesley Scott
    Wesley Scott 2 months ago


  • Jacob
    Jacob 3 months ago

    smokes blunt at 14:59

  • ItzSplixxxt
    ItzSplixxxt 3 months ago

    An iceberg is a pretty good titanic breaker

    AYE OK SURE 3 months ago +3

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHA "Women are better under stress"
    Funniest thing I have ever heard.

  • badlandskid
    badlandskid 3 months ago +2

    2 minutes in and already my BS detector is in the red. Dramumentary alert.

  • Grey Gibson
    Grey Gibson 3 months ago

    Has anyone considered what happens when big ships are breaking up the polar ice cap year round ? Sorry, I forgot. It's Russian.

  • Dawid David
    Dawid David 3 months ago

    45:16 she is hot :)

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 3 months ago +4

    Women keep their cool under stress better than men?Hahaha..!! Nice try

      AYE OK SURE 3 months ago

      @Jesus Christ No its not and your clearly a virgin, same as your mum Mary lol

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 3 months ago

      it's true

  • WhO tOoK mY fUcKiNg brEaD

    Well there’s an ice breaker for you

  •  3 months ago

    all the same type of steel makes it easy for paper work too.

  • Jeff Jansen
    Jeff Jansen 3 months ago

    Russia thinks it owns the North Pole. LOL

    • Jeff Jansen
      Jeff Jansen 2 months ago

      @Julia P. Canadian LIDAR mapping done last year shows a different perspective , won't be any resources removed any time soon.

    • Julia P.
      Julia P. 2 months ago

      Not North Pole, but significant part of Arctic. Exist rules, if Russia will proof that Lomonosov Ridge as example is continues part of Russia, most of Arctic officially will be Russian. More than 20 years ago Russia already applied for that in UN, but UN asked about more proofs and investigations, so Russia sent submarines, made photos of all that underwater territories, investigations and applied again in 2015. Several weeks ago submcommission of UN confirmed that geologically this part of world (1,2 millions of is part of Russia... :)

    • Jeff Jansen
      Jeff Jansen 2 months ago

      @Vladimir G Take that up with Trump. LOL

    • Jeff Jansen
      Jeff Jansen 3 months ago

      @Vladimir G There is some wishful thinking, dream on. LOL

    • Vladimir G
      Vladimir G 3 months ago

  • Chris Merkel
    Chris Merkel 3 months ago

    The tie down Bollard Test was great 6 hours at full power Awesome! Great documentary Thanks!

  • Crusader_ Militum
    Crusader_ Militum 3 months ago

    Made in germany.

  • Excavator Video
    Excavator Video 3 months ago

    wow ice boats :)

  • J
    J 3 months ago

    It's Russian?

  • Mr Smile
    Mr Smile 3 months ago

    Use 40 mm Canon to break ice

    • Julia P.
      Julia P. 2 months ago

      Russia not so long ago successfully tested 30kw laser for icebreaker, it is prototype. Now working over 200kw version. Laser have system which detect points of tension or rifts in ice and concentrate beam on it.

  • Bird terd
    Bird terd 3 months ago


  •  4 months ago +2

    Wonder why they couldn't make it nuclear? I'm guessing private corporations aren't allowed to own an be responsible for it. Maybe for the best however both USA and Russia's Military Industrial complexes act as icebreakers for major oil corporations by destroying any resistant "insurgent" obstacles.. Then we occupy all these countries not, not to protect the homeland and the American tax payers who spend half their tax dollars to act a privatized security guards for the corporate conglomerate globalists who do not even pay taxes..
    My point being.. It's much more economically and environmentally efficient to reduce our carbon footprint significantly.. Let's stop BS ourselves we are not fascists... We are just nicer people than the Germans were..
    The taxpayers actually get screwed for all of this to be kept secret.. We could actually get some of our money back if these multi billion dollar corporations actually pay for the millitary to protect them and we could also start providing a service in converting and maintaining A new class of nuclear powered commercial Mega-ships and the government can reduce the taxes.. We already sell weapons around the world that private corporations like Boeing and Lockheed builds.. Doesn't seem very capitalistic to me when... USA is actually the biggest socialist country in the world and it's the wealthiest.. Unfortunately we are overrun by "Too Big To Fail Monopolies" run by Oligarchy families.. Instead of socialized health care for all like every country in Europe and also better assistance programs to prevent society from decaying further and being costlier in the long run..
    Instead.. American tax payers are literally blackmailed by our "Capitalist" spawned corporate conglomerates that parent the major fake news outlets, internet companies, and weapons production.. all under one giant mega monsters.. It could actually work if we accept we socialized everything, for to benefit everyone instead of the 1 percenters.. Capitalism would work also.. If we had true capitalism! It could also work great if we actually had a true democracy. A truly free and open election because in the end... we need "actual defensive military instead of offensive" police, we need roads, bridges, fire department, regulations to protect the environment, and consumers and social security for children, elderly, and people with disabilities..
    I despise the political debates.. People like Bernie will never win because we have an election system setup where money is the almost always the decider and of our wealthiest, citizens are over worked over stressed, .... Nevermind.. I can't believe I went on that tangent commenting of Cargo Icebreaker Ships without nuclear reactors... My apologies.. It's also a Russian Ship.. I'm not too convinced about the Russia "socialism debate" also.. If you look at World War 2.. USA had perfect timing going into war... It was ingenious in a way by Roosevelt.. He waited until every European country fought until all their wealth, resources, energy.. was on empty... Then we came in using and only use up a quarter tank.. yet we reap 3/4th of the spoils of war.. Russia was on empty.. they sacrificed everything and they didn't have much of a bargaining chip when Germany collapsed.. Damn.. even Putin Russia has public healthcare

  • Curiosi Tea
    Curiosi Tea 4 months ago

    Interesting, but I'm pretty sure some facts are a bit off.

  •  4 months ago +2

    Titanic biggest mistake not ICE Proof

  • shane roberts
    shane roberts 4 months ago

    Full return.. better hold that receipt

  • Chuck P
    Chuck P 4 months ago

    at 7:18 see the face of evil! lol!

  • Psalm 144:1 Romans 13
    Psalm 144:1 Romans 13 4 months ago +1

    I know Russia has some of the strongest and hardiest equipment but I believe America is building more icebreakers

    • Julia P.
      Julia P. 2 months ago

      No, US have only two week and outdated icebreakers, one of which not working. Russia have whole fleet of the most powerful and large nuclear icebreakers. Even more, right now Russia is building 3 nuclear icebreakers of new project, the most powerful and large on planet. In plans to build 12 of same project in next years. Also Russia almost finished from scratch new giant shipyard, one of the largest in world, where will build else one new project of icebreaker, really monster (that why country was forced to build this new shipyard), much more powerful than most powerful American aircraft careers. In plans 3 icebreakers of such project. Not so long ago Russia built floating nuclear power station to work on north. Also month ago Russia started to build unique project of first in world nuclear powered autonomous arctic station. It is something between icebreaker ship and scientific base. People can live on this ship-station autonomy up to two years.

  • gamer Curak
    gamer Curak 4 months ago +1

    Anoyng watching ath 2019 like if you agre

  • Bi
    Bi 4 months ago

    WTF with your music choices @ 14:00 and kinds also, all the other places...hate trying to pay attention to what someone is saying while that really way too loud music was playing...lost me at 16 min....