The Real Reason Silver Has Been Underperforming

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • A strong headline GDP release last Friday may bode well for silver demand, said Will Rhind, CEO of GraniteShares.
    Rhind said that one reason silver has not performed well is due to China’s lower than expected demand, but with GDP numbers showing strength in the U.S. economy, this trend may reverse course.
    “Part of the reason why silver hadn’t really been doing much is that we expected China to ease and that would be positive for the silver market in terms of stimulating demand, but of course that has slightly changed a little bit with China [focusing] more on reforms rather than outright easing,” Rhind told Kitco News.
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Comments • 18

  • Trey Caldwell
    Trey Caldwell 4 months ago +1

    Trying to apply logic to a manipulated market seems silly to me. It goes up if they want it to go up. Period. It has nothing to do with the "price of tea in China" or whatever real world force you think might be responsible for moving the price.

  • Fredex
    Fredex 4 months ago +5

    These people got to know that it is all rigged. All their talk and analysis is just noise.

  • M Colwell
    M Colwell 4 months ago

    28 comments but only 6 show, something fishy

  • ewmism
    ewmism 4 months ago

    lol Bullshit !! Very few interviewers speak about market rigging/rehypothication!

  • Gavan Hillebold
    Gavan Hillebold 4 months ago

    Gold & Silver paper Derivatives are way oversold in comparison to real physical supply. They manipulate the market

  • Denmark Fidelio
    Denmark Fidelio 4 months ago deliver the spill about Silver being a disaster then lean into your panelist to talk up whatever metal it is for the day... every interview is the exact same/ different person...

  • Jethro Brown
    Jethro Brown 4 months ago +5

    Its all fake, Gold and Silver has to be manipulated to prop up government fiat currencies. Buy as much as you can before this debt bubble pops, just make sure you can hold what you own.

  • lowbloodprsure
    lowbloodprsure 4 months ago

    Inflation formula has been changed over and over. Wake up morons.

  • Jackie Bridges
    Jackie Bridges 4 months ago +4

    my gut saying Alot going to look outstanding for precious metals from 2020 through 2023 no one could talk me out of my silver and gold at this point I so know metals are going to make a huge move up that will make people wonder why they did not stack. it's going to be very interesting next three years. put your seat belt on for the fun ride...

  • C Joe
    C Joe 4 months ago +1

    Here is a shocker. Silver and gold has not been underperforming. This is the true market value. (And yes, the ability for market forces to manipulate dictate market value too.)
    Performance is a matter of perception, not reality. Think about it.

  • Tom Yum
    Tom Yum 4 months ago

    Is there real value for palladium?

  • Andre De La Fontaine
    Andre De La Fontaine 4 months ago

    JPM bodes ill for silver irrespective of GDP.

  • Dan O'Neill
    Dan O'Neill 4 months ago

    Thanks !

  • Cristian Molina
    Cristian Molina 4 months ago +1


  • Leonard Gomez
    Leonard Gomez 4 months ago +11

    Supply and demand. Do not apply to silver and gold 🤔

  • Pl CK7_0_7
    Pl CK7_0_7 4 months ago +3

    My favorites are Barrick and Newmont

  • Rod Brumley, Sr. USMC Lt. Colonel ret. Semper Fi

    Why don’t you show the comments???

  • MAsonTRIX
    MAsonTRIX 4 months ago