Australian In a Walmart

  • Published on Sep 25, 2016
  • The final vlog in my return to America vlog series. Casey Cavebat style BABY.
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    This vlog is part of my return trip to America and my first experience at Vidcon series.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Kathleen Armstrong

    I have that picnic emoji cup! 😂

  • cystic hobnob
    cystic hobnob 5 days ago +1

    I thought I saw you at Walmart! I would've asked you guys to get a picture if I weren't so socially awkward

  • phoenix Cooper
    phoenix Cooper 6 days ago

    Nether thought i would get alchole tips from max

  • Okayest Rob
    Okayest Rob 6 days ago

    Of course Max goes to a Walmart and spends 90% of the time in the cookie/sweets aisle, the soda aisle, and the alcohol aisle.

  • Jamie Koppleman
    Jamie Koppleman 7 days ago

    Who put that dam music on this my god its bad

  • Jack Sullivan
    Jack Sullivan 8 days ago

    Max is going to go NUTS when he sees the prices of dem cards

  • Dustin Malcolm-Todd
    Dustin Malcolm-Todd 8 days ago

    Oreo thins have the best icing to cookie ratio and are hands down my FAVOURITE Oreo

  • Jack Marsh
    Jack Marsh 9 days ago

    Wasnt that first store a publix?

  • Rampage
    Rampage 9 days ago

    6:10 is that idubbz?

  • Clarion
    Clarion 9 days ago

    The only youtuber I've seen reinvest all his earnings back into the channel a.k.a. toy hoarding.

  • Postwar Pryor
    Postwar Pryor 10 days ago

    Complains about size
    Gets nothing but sugar

  • KingCobrai
    KingCobrai 10 days ago

    Not hot enough for you?

  • Nadun Appu
    Nadun Appu 11 days ago

    You should.try some amarican culinary classics...
    Like Mc Donald's
    NY street sold hot dogs

  • Maopa Bibi
    Maopa Bibi 14 days ago

    Your mouth is full of poop..

  • Kevin Terlecky
    Kevin Terlecky 15 days ago

    Swish swish bish

  • Cornhole Jackson
    Cornhole Jackson 16 days ago +2

    Its cheap so we can become alcoholics after our body fails us

  • clean clarence 3
    clean clarence 3 16 days ago

    Just let me drunk all the time and I'll let you see what I can do:)

  • Mittenzi 2332
    Mittenzi 2332 17 days ago

    Hello upside down person

  • Savage_Surfing
    Savage_Surfing 19 days ago +1

    Have u know max, sometimes we Americans can be a little bit of a fatass.

  • Luke Knighton
    Luke Knighton 19 days ago

    Too bad his homeland is on fire, he might have to migrate for the winter 😳

  • basically, a dude
    basically, a dude 19 days ago

    I got diabetes just from watching this

  • june
    june 20 days ago

    0:03 this deadass looks like my 7 year old cousin making a beat on GarageBand on my phone

  • Lucas Cosmos
    Lucas Cosmos 20 days ago

    I wanna try American foods. They're all 100x bigger for like the same price

    • #1 ratbag
      #1 ratbag 17 days ago +1

      Lucas Cosmos yeah you can eat one meal and be set for the whole day. I usually only eat a very small lunch and a normal dinner and I’m set for the entire day. People get so fat because they have no self control and gorge themselves all day and don’t exercise. I appreciate the interest in the food that’s really cool. Just remember that California has great food but it’s fucking expensive just like everything else there.

  • Darth Arkay
    Darth Arkay 20 days ago

    The answer to your question on if we have any sample packs no

  • Arlana Loving
    Arlana Loving 21 day ago

    Do you guys actually eat blobfish in Australia just curious LOL 😭🤣

  • Parker Johnson
    Parker Johnson 21 day ago

    At least America isn't on fire /:

    • Parker Johnson
      Parker Johnson 20 days ago


    • Cool Cucumbers
      Cool Cucumbers 20 days ago

      Parker Johnson, Come on man, that’s just plain rude, people and animals are really suffering down here. Don’t play it so dirty.

  • William Waldo
    William Waldo 21 day ago

    Wait is he really gay? Do i have a chance?

  • [Insert Name]
    [Insert Name] 23 days ago

    Am I the only one listening to the music

  • Amelia Rouleau
    Amelia Rouleau 24 days ago

    why do all these foreign youtubers go to the scum of america first and judge it so much

  • Jara cxd
    Jara cxd 24 days ago

    Meanwhile in México a 750ml of asolut is 237 pesos = 18.03 AUD

    • #1 ratbag
      #1 ratbag 17 days ago

      Jara cxd I’ve been to mexico a few times for a vacation and alcohol is really cheap there. Weed and cigars are pretty cheap to but the weed wasn’t that high quality from the people I got it from. It’s a shame mexico is in such a bad state right now because it’s a beautiful country and the people I’ve met were so friendly and so awesome to hang out with.

  • Charlie Mcbreen
    Charlie Mcbreen 24 days ago

    Half the video max is just saying “ the fuck is this”

  • Mr. Oof
    Mr. Oof 25 days ago

    Bigger product equals more diabetes

  • nina bellone
    nina bellone 26 days ago


  • ALEX99X
    ALEX99X 26 days ago

    Goes to America
    Goes inside like 3-4 Walmart’s
    And leaves back to Australia

  • 68 Miles
    68 Miles 28 days ago

    Why do max and ian look like the columbine shooters

  • Jayden Yates
    Jayden Yates 29 days ago

    what fanta do they have if they don't have Orange

  • The neOn Mudkip
    The neOn Mudkip Month ago



    Shoe city? Nah I ain’t heard of that I prefer


  • Flahufflepuffs
    Flahufflepuffs Month ago +1

    When he pick up the peanuts I thought he said that is my nut in a can

  • Abigail Pritchard
    Abigail Pritchard Month ago

    America is a weird place lol

  • Goddess Of Death
    Goddess Of Death Month ago +5

    The rotting meat reminded me of hot pockets

  • happy harry678
    happy harry678 Month ago

    6:43 what's keemstar doing in walmart

  • Allen Higgins
    Allen Higgins Month ago

    This guys an asshole

  • ag.floats XR
    ag.floats XR Month ago

    Well aussie dollar is worth more AND minimum wage is way higher.

    • #1 ratbag
      #1 ratbag 17 days ago

      ag.floats XR the Australian dollar is worth less though. 1 Austrian dollar is worth as much as 69 American cents. What are you talking about? A simple google search would’ve prevented you from looking like a dumbass lad. So that minimum wage increase doesn’t mean shit since you make around the same amount as an American with the conversion rate and minimum wage in America varies from state to state and constantly changes. Also the standard Australian work week is shorter than the American work week so they make more per week. In Washington state the minimum wage is actually MORE than the Australian minimum wage and they work longer making more money. Think with your head lad

  • Izabella Odom
    Izabella Odom Month ago

    This is what we do for fun here in America, especially in the rural south. Literally all we do is go dick around in walmart because there's nothing else to do.

  • GG Random
    GG Random Month ago +2

    wow he flew to America just to go to walmart

  • pickle nig
    pickle nig Month ago


  • carlos de leon
    carlos de leon Month ago

    I love the piano tune at the beginning

  • xMotoHooniganx
    xMotoHooniganx Month ago

    Love those big cheesy balls lol

  • Auzz
    Auzz Month ago +1

    Are those the sacred plastic bags?!?!

  • Orange Executions
    Orange Executions Month ago

    8:37 if you watch the eggnog jog the grass is a lot shorter in just 3 months

  • MouldyMilo
    MouldyMilo Month ago

    You can do drifts on Australian trolleys

  • Marlene Lira
    Marlene Lira Month ago

    A paleta payaso lol 😝

  • SynthetiSam
    SynthetiSam Month ago

    I'm just going to point out that I'm surprised by those prices for booze. And I'm American. But I live in Oregon where all booze costs like twice as much. And you can't buy it in a walmart.

  • Yeetos Cheetos
    Yeetos Cheetos Month ago

    I’ve never been in a fucking Walmart our stores aren’t that fucking advanced yet

  • Goofy Lizard
    Goofy Lizard Month ago

    Take him to Sams Club

  • J W
    J W Month ago +1

    The thing about America, nothing is limited.

  • Ghost Galaxies
    Ghost Galaxies Month ago

    I've lived in america my whole life and not until today I found out that walmart sells booze

    • #1 ratbag
      #1 ratbag 17 days ago

      Ghost Galaxies Im pretty sure it might vary from state to state just like guns and tobacco products

  • Just a person
    Just a person Month ago

    This isn't really fair because even americans know walmart is trashy.