I Faked Going To Coachella...

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Someone plz count & comment how many times I say "Coachella"
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    trying to pull my life together! ruclip.com/video/KDF_MJXNoU8/video.html
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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  Month ago +10927

    ALL THE STORIES ARE STILL AVAILABLE ON MY HIGHLIGHTS ON IG!! You HAVE to see how hard I went haha. I had friends inside the festival pretending to talk to me on my story like... sis I went IN hahaha. Go check it out, and while youre there, check out all the COUCHELLA pics!

    • Nayreeya mitchell
      Nayreeya mitchell 9 days ago

      I really sat there and was thinking "why dont I believe she'd be there?" when I saw the photo.

    • Arabella Mhay
      Arabella Mhay 21 day ago

      Gabbie Hanna what is the name of you intro maker because I really like it please please hope you reply.

    • slime
      slime 22 days ago

      you are literally the only youtuber who doesn't auto tune, good for you

    • Tina H
      Tina H 25 days ago

      Gabbie Hanna you said in the description if someone could count how many times you said Coachella. You SAID Coachella exactly 55 times. does not include other people saying it or if it was written in the video. Only counted when you said it.

    • Mel Rox
      Mel Rox 25 days ago +1

      I really thought you were there Gabbie. Awesome pictures. Lol

  • Amber Burbo
    Amber Burbo 5 hours ago

    Bruh the blue wig omfg 😍

  • Lea De León
    Lea De León 10 hours ago

    April 19th was my 13th birthday!! 😁👍🏼

  • Candace Gilbert
    Candace Gilbert 17 hours ago

    Hahahha I've thought about doing stuff like this. Photoshop is magical. Lol. Anything is possible.

  • Evane uwu
    Evane uwu Day ago

    When she did the "posting day 2 photos" i had noticed her d.a.r.e shirt and realized im graduating dare in 8 days- wtf

  • Franck JULIEN
    Franck JULIEN Day ago

    Beautiful liar !

  • Jamie Sparks
    Jamie Sparks Day ago

    This was hilarious! Good job x

  • Lia Marr
    Lia Marr 2 days ago

    ur a good singer

  • Mayar Rwash
    Mayar Rwash 3 days ago

    Somehow I have 'the same mindset, if i have the opportunity to go to Coachella. Gr8 job Gabbie💓💓

  • Mildew
    Mildew 4 days ago

    Gabbie Hanna queen slobbering on children with her lardfilled nose

  • Paulina Gonzalez
    Paulina Gonzalez 4 days ago


    DARKB1KE 4 days ago

    Pathetic. Get a life.

  • Mariah Poff
    Mariah Poff 4 days ago

    *My bf walks in when I'm around **12:26*
    BF: "Hey she found someone with a bigger nose than her, or is that her dad?"

  • Ivoree S
    Ivoree S 4 days ago

    That twerk at the end. 😍😍😍😍

  • Russell Davis
    Russell Davis 4 days ago

    Jesus you do so many takes that I guess holding basic conversation takes a lot of effort on your part. .

  • Miroslav Kašpar
    Miroslav Kašpar 4 days ago

    Nice video. But no way you are introvert :D:D.

  • lasse jensen
    lasse jensen 5 days ago

    You are so fucking negativ.

  • m x g i c . d e m o n


  • Riley Chappell
    Riley Chappell 5 days ago

    She said coachella so many times it sounds weird now lmao 😂

  • Stacey Tobin
    Stacey Tobin 5 days ago

    It makes me so glad to see gabby getting progressively happier

  • cathkails
    cathkails 5 days ago

    Dat aysh. LMAO. 14:53

  • Deni B.
    Deni B. 5 days ago +1

    Costs for 1 like

  • Mia Moon
    Mia Moon 5 days ago

    Those wigs actually look so good on you!!

  • Kellsey Yova
    Kellsey Yova 6 days ago +7


  • unicorn poop
    unicorn poop 7 days ago

    You did dare wow

  • Bianca Rice
    Bianca Rice 7 days ago

    this was posted on my birthday

  • JennyApostolos
    JennyApostolos 7 days ago

  • Gamer Girl Studio
    Gamer Girl Studio 7 days ago

    they look fake gabbie

  • Jamison YT
    Jamison YT 8 days ago

    love that shirt in the start when your talking about coachella.

  • MzPanda's Kute Ztuff

    Um where is the link to these wigs? ?

  • Zenke Enslin
    Zenke Enslin 8 days ago

    When Gabbie sang *Medicate* I got chills.... She is so good at singing🌈❤

  • Deanna Hammitt
    Deanna Hammitt 9 days ago +1

    I 100% questioned Gabbie being at Coachella on Easter. It did not seem like her at all. I feel so much better knowing that this was how she spent her weekend.

  • Anela K
    Anela K 9 days ago

    I want more cleaning videos 🤗

  • Blue Moon Slime
    Blue Moon Slime 9 days ago

    I legit thought u were there wth

  • Nayreeya mitchell
    Nayreeya mitchell 9 days ago

    I had a sneaking suspicion! sjsk

  • Ashley Palmer
    Ashley Palmer 9 days ago


  • Marina Morgan
    Marina Morgan 9 days ago

    Why does the guy look like Kian’s twin!

  • Caleb Gibson
    Caleb Gibson 10 days ago

    Uncensored vid plz 😂

  • Jack-Bryan Murphy
    Jack-Bryan Murphy 10 days ago

    that nose LOL

  • Beauty Qlean
    Beauty Qlean 10 days ago

    With all this effort, you should have just gone

  • Omar Gutierrez
    Omar Gutierrez 10 days ago


  • Eli DaOpp
    Eli DaOpp 10 days ago

    your nose looks like my doorknob

  • Hailey Fisher
    Hailey Fisher 11 days ago +1

    17:40 I did dare when I was a kid and I still have the shirt

  • Brooklyn Hart
    Brooklyn Hart 11 days ago


  • That Guy
    That Guy 12 days ago

    Wait what was in the golden egg

  • JohnPRiosa
    JohnPRiosa 12 days ago

    You still can't sing. Not a shocker

    • msnoahxlukefan
      msnoahxlukefan 10 days ago

      She sounds good, grow up and get a hobby dude.

  • Aracely Placencia
    Aracely Placencia 12 days ago +9

    My question is

    What was in that golden egg?

  • XxGacha PotatoxX
    XxGacha PotatoxX 12 days ago

    She should’ve SANG at coachella!

  • Northern Downpour
    Northern Downpour 12 days ago


  • *gay Silence*
    *gay Silence* 12 days ago +1

    The beginning just spits major *tea vibes*

  • DJ S
    DJ S 12 days ago

    Oh wait... nvm

  • DJ S
    DJ S 12 days ago

    Do a video where you fake being pretty!

  • xo lana
    xo lana 12 days ago

    I needed that speech at the end thanks Gabbie

  • abram garibay
    abram garibay 13 days ago +1

    fuck coachella

  • Audrey Bartel
    Audrey Bartel 13 days ago

    Yo that D.A.R.E shirt in reactions day two 👌

  • Omar Tello
    Omar Tello 13 days ago +22

    14:56 Damn camera guy what u doin? Keep that camera up...😂😂😂

  • Omar Tello
    Omar Tello 13 days ago +4

    Take a shota everytime Gabi says "Coachella"....oops wait you Will get drunk...

  • Hannah McKale
    Hannah McKale 13 days ago

    Dat ass tho

  • Lily-Rose Guerin
    Lily-Rose Guerin 14 days ago +2

    Your editor did such a good job omg

  • Nana Amma
    Nana Amma 14 days ago

    Coachella is dirty and nasty seriously people shiting,vomiting, druggies all over just like hell. Not fun 😬😬😬😬

  • YoshiTheLyric
    YoshiTheLyric 14 days ago +1

    Why did gabbie keep blacking her cleavage out?

  • Piper Allyson
    Piper Allyson 14 days ago

    14:41 you have me goose bumps

  • Lets Finn
    Lets Finn 14 days ago

    I want these wigs 😍

  • risha rattan
    risha rattan 14 days ago

    U look like a 38 year old

  • Ashcheecks
    Ashcheecks 14 days ago

    She totally looks like a the cartoon character from the goofie movie 💜

  • Bronwyn Hennink
    Bronwyn Hennink 14 days ago +2

    Doesn't gabbis camera man have a girlfriend?

  • Noah Pena
    Noah Pena 15 days ago +2

    23:19 “damn” yes very much damn..

  • Spill the Tea
    Spill the Tea 15 days ago +19

    You should dye your hair the color of the blue wig luv u💕💕💕

  • blake davis
    blake davis 15 days ago

    Ok content

  • Emily Frantzen
    Emily Frantzen 15 days ago +1

    Ummm question

    Who's Coachella?

  • Katie Bessey
    Katie Bessey 15 days ago

    So i am insane and for some reason counted how many times you actually said Coachella in this video..... i got up to 54 times 😂😂😂 i love you so much

  • Grace Whiteley
    Grace Whiteley 15 days ago +1

    Ok her body oh my god goalsssss!

  • Yoselin Mora
    Yoselin Mora 16 days ago

    15:07 what?

  • Yoselin Mora
    Yoselin Mora 16 days ago

    Those apartments behind you (11:25) are like two streets were my cousins live

  • Yoselin Mora
    Yoselin Mora 16 days ago

    My cousins live in watts

  • Diane Marin
    Diane Marin 16 days ago

    Okay but why is no one talking about the booty zoom

  • Patiee 08
    Patiee 08 16 days ago

    Gabbie: *Twerking*
    Guy: “Daummm “

  • j00ce 4u
    j00ce 4u 16 days ago

    These hate comments are getting creative lol 🤟😂

  • BuckTown Marri
    BuckTown Marri 16 days ago

    Gabbie is so beautiful I love her personality ❤🥰🔥

  • Meg and Shay
    Meg and Shay 16 days ago +1

    Reviewing Coachella outfits: ruclip.com/video/tMZ72m2r2FA/video.html

  • The Valerie Lorenzo
    The Valerie Lorenzo 16 days ago +1

    I would have never known 😲

  • Anthony Munoz
    Anthony Munoz 17 days ago

    Oh you faked going to Coachella like you faked your scars ricegum did to you 👍

  • max damage
    max damage 17 days ago

    How do you do that, Gabbie? Finer with every video? Seriously? You're quickly approaching critical hotness!! Lol! Stay you, always! I LOVE YOU, GABBIE!!!

  • AestheticPsycho 3
    AestheticPsycho 3 17 days ago

    When you were posting the pics, I actually thought you were there. I'm shook. But god you're an amazing person and singer. Love you Gabbie

  • Tracy Wood
    Tracy Wood 17 days ago


    • max damage
      max damage 17 days ago

      Because the Easter bunny is from hell and wants to eat your face....

  • Krystel
    Krystel 17 days ago

    Wait you can twerk yasssss

  • Daniel Vlach
    Daniel Vlach 17 days ago +1

    Such a huge nose

  • m s
    m s 17 days ago

    subscribed 💓

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 18 days ago +3

    LOVE THE PINK WIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adriana Evanoff
    Adriana Evanoff 18 days ago +1


  • GingiLikesToDraw
    GingiLikesToDraw 18 days ago +2

    I knew that yellow hair was suspicious. 👀

  • Jade Mcgarrity
    Jade Mcgarrity 18 days ago

    I literally saw you post and said “really? Gabbie I’m surprised girl” cause ik you hate it sm lol

  • CS-GO Cheaters
    CS-GO Cheaters 18 days ago

    I'm the smart one. Never had IG acoount and i'll never need this sh.t.

  • Floriansis
    Floriansis 18 days ago +1

    I hate heat. I live in pa and winter In pa isn’t that cold but winter my happy weather. That’s why I hate Coachella and summer.

  • Asha -the unicorn- Elijah

    I remember thinking "Gabbie??!! At COACHELLA??" when I saw those photos

  • Push Mak B
    Push Mak B 19 days ago

    Kyle is hot 🥵😂😂😂😂
    ❤️❤️❤️ all the way from 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦!

  • Hailey Johns
    Hailey Johns 19 days ago

    I love the message that your putting out. love ya :)

  • Jojo
    Jojo 19 days ago +9

    I've lived in Watts my entire life. I looked forward to events like this when I was younger and am forever grateful for the volunteers that made them possible. Thanks 💚

  • kygooo2020
    kygooo2020 19 days ago

    You shouldn’t want to go to Coachella! The founder is an awful, awful man, just look it up

  • alex james
    alex james 19 days ago

    me: *watching this video*
    adobe:*shows photoshop ad*
    me:*turns off phone and goes and hides in my bedroom*