In-Flight Travel Essentials | Zoella

In-Flight Travel Essentials for Long-Haul Flights
Hope you find this helpful :)

Ted Baker Floral Suitcase - http://bit.ly/1HMi4WH
Whistles Rucksack - http://bit.ly/1BVKkA1
Sunglasses - http://bit.ly/1zxcrGv
Frends Layla Leather and Rose Gold-Tone Headphones - http://bit.ly/1CSNWEA
iPhone headphones
Wildfox Eye Mask - http://bit.ly/1BVLkV3
Extra Chewing Gum
Cosy Socks
Samsonite Neck Pillow
Clear Beauty Bags - http://bit.ly/1zvamth
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer - http://bit.ly/18HRE8M
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - http://bit.ly/1Kcciwp
Compeed Blister Plasters - http://bit.ly/1EZRsfH
Zoeva Rose Gold Blending Brush - http://bit.ly/1Bx4cIR
Real Technines Tapered Blush Brush - http://bit.ly/1CSJPrU
Kleenex Tissues
Soap and Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Gel - http://bit.ly/1D69KwW
Boots Handy Wipes - http://bit.ly/1K3WzhT
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Dove Deoderant Antiperspirant Stick - http://bit.ly/1tWAQEG
MAC Turquatic Perfume Roll On - http://bit.ly/1Dp6JW9
Mini Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - http://bit.ly/1KkBDkW
Simple Skincare Wipes - http://bit.ly/1KkBFt3
No7 Beautiful Skin Wipes - http://bit.ly/1HMkVPz
Keihls Creamy Eye Treatment - http://bit.ly/1BVNsMp
Clinique Mositure Surge Extended Thirst Relief - http://bit.ly/1D6azpr
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - http://bit.ly/1KkC4vH
Leaders BioMedia Curing Mask Aqua Dressing
Hydralauron Moisture Boosting Mask - http://bit.ly/1BPEBcw
Leaders Hydro Gel Therapy Patch
Laptop Charger
Phone Charger
11 Inch Macbook Air - http://bit.ly/1z6JAbq
TRXYE Jumper - http://bit.ly/18HUbQq

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Автор Lucy Zhang ( назад)
luv ur hair!

Автор Humairah GAMING ( назад)
Wow This is Really Helpful Thanks

Автор Ellie Clarke ( назад)
Can you do an airport outfit ideas please I'm going to Florida in July and need ideas

Автор Dazzling Yaya 101 ( назад)
hi I'm zoe

Автор Maisie Zink ( назад)
I love how she's like "yeah, if its heavy I just make Alfie carry it"

Автор Julie Angela ( назад)
'More at ease'

Автор Nadia Jade ( назад)
This helps alot! I travel frequently!! And long trips to!! Thx Zoella!!! I can always rely on you xxx!

Автор Diy Girl ( назад)

Автор sabrina zairus ( назад)
hey Zoe !! love you !! muahh =)

Автор Catalina Darnell ( назад)
If you go to 07:30 - 07:33 and listen to her voice it is so funny

Автор ThatsCharxo ( назад)
Do u have the small or medium one?

Автор Melissa Telles ( назад)
Troye would be proud

Автор Emma Bolina-Storey ( назад)
How big was your suitcase and which airline did you go on . Thanks

Автор Immy Smith ( назад)
Business class you get toothbrush and toothpaste

Автор Georgia Wilson ( назад)
Hey Zoe I live in Scotland and I'm taking a huge trip to Australia with my family next week this video rlly helped me thanks soooo much xx

Автор Selena Arnold ( назад)
love your suitcase

Автор Andie Jackson ( назад)
What hairstyle?? I really like it, please do a tutorial on it!!

Автор S ( назад)
"IT HAS FOUR WHEELS.... I don't know why I'm shouting"

Автор Alaina Chacko ( назад)
your hair and makeup is goregeous

Автор Zivile Siaulyte ( назад)
Im going on holidays in 4 days and I LOVE

Автор Madkiller15 ( назад)

Автор Jessica Simons ( назад)
I am feeling really sad at the moment I saw a picture of you and it made me smile so I put on your video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Автор D Gil ( назад)
Do a tutorial on this hairstyle???!

Автор Niamh Murphy ( назад)
I am going to Singapore and you can't have chewing gum

Автор Linda f ( назад)

Автор Paula Horton ( назад)
what would u take if u went to lodon for at night with girls

Автор Delia Mac ( назад)
i love your hair in this video❤️

Автор holly cockrill ( назад)
Please do a tutorial on your hair💗 (this hairstyle)

Автор Mary K ( назад)
Do you have any idea where online could I get this toothbrush? I love it, and it looks really handy. Unfortuantelly, as I don't live in UK, I don't think it is possible for me to stumble upon it somewhere around here. Also, the blister thing - totally agree, have the same problem :/

Автор Caitlin Byrne ( назад)
Hi Zoe, could you please do a tutorial on your hair in this video, I love it so much. Thanks

Автор Ameline Says ( назад)
you dont need a blanket, i think most airlines provide those.

Автор Niamh Goldie ( назад)
What type of laptop does Zoe have I remember her saying but I've forgotten

Автор Zoe Hamilton ( назад)
I'm going to Berlin from NYC and this has been so helpful!

Автор Donuts_Forever ( назад)
2 headphones. I can relate

Автор Emzy Wemzy ( назад)
Can you do another primark haul❓😝

Автор Hey it's Mish! ( назад)
I never thought about packing cozy socks for a flight... 

Автор Ahlani & Friends ( назад)
those are nice black and blue headphones lol

Автор Kaitlyn Lim ( назад)
hair tutorial for this please! ☺

Автор Andrea Garcia ( назад)
Haha! Love the part when you said 'Sweaturr' !! You're gorge💘xx

Автор MoreJamie ( назад)
does anyone know where i can find this suitcase for cheaper? or even just a suitcase with the same setup/sections on the inside as this suitcase.

Автор Kawaii Unicorn ( назад)
Love your haircut!

Автор Zara Mueller ( назад)
That suitcase is prettier than me😂

Автор elenitam13 ( назад)
I'm so sad this suitcase isn't sold anymore. I love it.

Автор Janaloves beauty ( назад)
I have an exam tomorrow but i cant stop watching this video of you zoe it makes me so happy

Автор Charlotte Dart ( назад)
This helped me so much going on a plane for the first time in a dew weeks and was really stuck of what u can and can't take on the plane thanks zoe :) xxx

Автор MiRandom ( назад)
Makeup tutorial please! (:

Автор Zella Boor ( назад)

Автор faye harper ( назад)
I am terrified of flights but now that has made me feel so much better I am going to Florida in 5weeks and I am really scared Ohno xx

Автор tyla moore ( назад)
Zoe I wished I was as confidence as u xx plz help

Автор aliciaame22 ( назад)
what does TRXYE stand for

Автор ITZLUCI xox ( назад)
I have 2 pairs of head phones I have the same issue

Автор Monica Ahmed ( назад)
I'm from Manchester please follow my Instagram Mcrfashion_makeupbook it would be highly appreciated

Автор Isla Gray ( назад)
Yesterday I flew back from Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Автор Heyo yolo ( назад)
Do Americans really say sweater like that!? I hope I don't sound like that ☺😂🙊💜

Автор Laura Ibáñez ( назад)
Zoe please make a tutorial of your hairstyle 🙏

Автор Chloe McKenna ( назад)
zoe i have the exact same laptop! xx 

Автор Kristýna Filipová ( назад)
good job w your eyebrows here x

Автор vsaldc ( назад)
/Please Check Out The Video I Just Uploaded!♡
/Like And Subscribe♡
/Thank You! ♡ xx

Автор Mya Shand ( назад)
You where amazing in the comic relif bake off

Автор skyeline ( назад)
Love this video

Автор Maisie Farnaby ( назад)
Hi zoella, how do u import a photo of ur self on your account as your profile pic thank u and love your videos you are amazing 😍👍

Автор Sneha P ( назад)
Pls do a tutorial on your hair
You look so pretty

Автор Molly Jones (695 лет назад)
Can you do a hair tutorial please it looks so pretty xxx

Автор speedygonzalez68 (1551 год назад)
I would REALLY love to meet you in person! I watch all of your videos, I have your book!

Автор Elizabeth Osta ( назад)
my must have is water

Автор Georgia McDonald (698 лет назад)
please could you do a tutorial on your hair!

Автор cinnamoncakestudios (1968 лет назад)
Oh, and I LOVE your hair

Автор cinnamoncakestudios (1992 года назад)

Автор ItsJustAli ( назад)
I have the same travel sickness tablets as you :-)

Автор Giulia Sartorelli ( назад)
holy moly, i've been asking you about this whistles rucksack for weeks, THANK YOU GOD. i mean zoe.

Автор VanillaCupcakes13 ( назад)
What makeup are you wearing in this video?

Автор VanillaCupcakes13 ( назад)
Here are a couple links to the neck pillow if anybody was wondering :)



Автор VanillaCupcakes13 ( назад)
I'm exactly like you. I get very anxious if I don't have everything that I might need when I'm leaving home so I stuff a bag full of stuff to make me feel comfortable! 

Автор Aleyna Pebbles ( назад)
You look so young here <3 (Good thing) :D

Автор MythicalSoccerBeast ( назад)
I would lose half of that stuff!

Автор Frances Melville ( назад)
they now have earphones and eye masks combinded

Автор Raven Lockwood (3 года назад)
I am going to three different countries for holiday in the next few months so this is legit helpful thanks ohhhhhhh and ur beautiful

Автор lilypop! (177 лет назад)
love this vid

Автор Aastha Jain (214 года назад)
I so need that lip shade!

Автор Twat Waffles (729 лет назад)
Please go check out my youtube!!!

Автор anna bower (1712 года назад)
Your makeup is PERFECT here

Автор BenMorrisWA ( назад)
for a long haul all I have is a backpack, That is fine for me

Автор Tall Tayles24 ( назад)
Omg I love ur skin tone it's fabulous

Автор Sherome Siva ( назад)
like if you think she is amazing 

Автор maisy & mia ( назад)
youre funny Zoe, but i was wondering (dont know if i spelt it right) if you could do a shout out video for beginners as ive just started a channel, so if you could do that i would really appreciate that! xx 

Автор masyitah azam ( назад)
Love your lips

Автор Joolia Gilvey ( назад)
omg u r so pretty and very helpful

Автор Delaney Darby ( назад)
I needed this so bad for my long school trip to Italy🙌perfect

Автор Lilly Ehret ( назад)
Can I just take your makeup from your face and put it on mine?

Автор Lilly Ehret ( назад)
You are SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL in this video!! Could you please do a video about this makeup and hair? And does anybody now what lipstick she's wearing?

Автор NatasjaStilund ( назад)
Can you take such a big suitcase with you inside of the plane, to like sit with??

Автор Eve Tilley ( назад)
Do you have your rucksack, carry on suitcase & a suitcase for clothes or whatever? Does Alfie have it?

Автор Amelia Chloe ( назад)
I loved this video 💜
Has really helped me know what to take to America 💁
Love you lots zoe 💗

Автор _xo.caitlyn.xo_ ( назад)
this is my laptop screen because i love u 

Автор Erika XoX ( назад)
I like to take CLOTHES on a plane so that im not naked lol

Автор Millie Moo ( назад)
I love u 💕💕

Автор Anna Kenny Byrne ( назад)
Hi Zoe I'm a new fan I just bought your book it's good so far I was wondering if you could email me or something I would like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind I think your a great person lots of love Anna 😘😘

Автор Steph Garbutt ( назад)
i love that ted baker bag its so pretty

Автор Karolina Wojciechowska ( назад)
Hi Zoe, what program do you use to edit your videos for youtube? 

Автор Emily Wilsøn ( назад)
I'm traveling all around Europe this summer for over 2 weeks all the way from America and this has helped me out so much. Dont think i would be as calm as i am now. Thank you zoe x

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